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#Mind, #Imagination and #Intelligence

The word ‘mind’ exists because we perceive human bodies with heads that appear to ‘think’.  We call this process of thinking, the workings of the mind.  According to our beliefs, the human mind observes, comes up with ideas and thinks about things.  It also imagines and dreams when asleep.  Because of this definition of mind, we are confusing ourselves as to what is actually us, what is the body, and who is doing what.  We are interacting with a body that has a brain.  The brain translates data we refer to as the five senses.  Our consciousness perceives this data via the body.  Our consciousness in this context is our awareness.  Not our attention.  Our awareness.  If we focus our attention on something, we appear to lose awareness of ourselves.  This is called ‘being in the zone’.  Most of us are not paying attention.  We are just vaguely aware of our ‘lives’ as if our subconscious mind was observing, not our actual selves, our actual intelligence.  When we actually pay attention, we lose awareness of ourselves for that period of time.  We become completely aware of what we are paying attention to.

When we pay attention, we are bringing the attention of our actual mind, ourselves, as an intelligence to whatever it is that calls to it.  When we are in a state of fear, we are paying more attention to our situation.  We are the observer who is just aware of our experiences, but not consciously aware.  ‘Back of the mind’ aware.  To bring something to conscious awareness, we have to pay attention.  Otherwise we forget and it is a passing thought through our observations, our ‘mind’.  If we watch our ‘mind’ and let thoughts just come and go without paying them attention, just being aware of them, then we are observing them with the ‘back of our mind’ and will not remember.  We will not be conscious of what we just thought.  So if these passing thoughts are due to beliefs we hold, then we are not becoming consciously aware of those beliefs because we are not paying attention.  We need to be ‘mindful’ and consciously watch what passes through from our ‘subconscious’ in order to figure out what beliefs are controlling our behavior.

We are stuck in habits of interaction due to beliefs which we have accepted.  We act in a certain way to express these beliefs and we do so in an automated way because we are not paying attention.  If you observe your every interaction and desire and really look at what you are doing or what you feel like you want to do, you will realize that your response to the interaction has already been scripted out.  You can feel what you are going to do and you just unthinkingly do it.  When you feel an urge, you can check your imaginative mind and actually see, in your imagination, your mind’s eye, what action you feel like carrying out.  This is due to what you were thinking in response to something.  You can trace this urge back to the cause and think about why you have this response within you.  If you don’t do this, you are just reacting in an unthinking way.  If your beliefs are working FOR you, not against you, then this is ok.  If you are not happy, if you are not aligned with your spirit, then they are not working for you.  You need to identify and change them.

Your imagination is a great tool.  But only a tool.  It is easy to get caught up living within your imagination and never taking action on anything.  Taking action brings your thoughts into reality, a real experience.  An experience that has consequences.  People avoid consequences by staying completely in the imagination, which we identify as the ‘mind’.  When you die, your perception of a body disappears and you are stuck in your imagination.  Creating a body within your imagination and having imaginary interactions with ‘others’.  You have an actual body or self which is an expression of your spirit.  This exists independently of physicality.  In your imagination you are cutting yourself off from your ‘spirit’.  You are the spirit of your self,  it is the expression of you as an intelligence.  You can feel it when you are excited about something.

The disturbing part about us as consciousness, as beings who are an intelligence expressing, who are consisting of quantum energy currently entangled with physical energy, is that we do not consciously understand how we work.  We spend our lives here dissecting the human body to understand, but we are not the human body.  The human body is being used to reconnect us to reality becaus, unbelievably, most of us are lost in the labyrinth of our imagination.  We are lost in a dream in which our intelligence and spirit are not participating.  This is dissociative psycho speak because we are the intelligence and our spirit is us feeling our own expression.  But we use the word ‘my’ mind or spirit as if we own it.

We, when not incarnated and not in ‘heaven’, are akin to a human being asleep and dreaming.  Our actual selves are inert.  Only our awareness is imagining or aware of the physical energy responding to our thoughts and beliefs.  We are not consciously aware of this dream.  Just as a human being is not lucidly dreaming.  The urge to lucidly dream is probably the urge to become consciously aware of your actual self and reconnect with reality.  We are carried, in this ‘dream state’, by the energy of physicality in an unthinking state.  Our imaginative ‘interactions’ are habits, pre-written scripts in physical memory according to beliefs.  Nothing will wake us up so that we can become consciously aware of ourselves unless someone helps us.  This human life is someone helping us.  The body reconnects to a reality and recognition that we have bodies, ourselves which interact, and are not minds.  We are not our imagination.  

This human life is as close to reality that anyone can brings us.  If we don’t use it to reconnect to our actual ‘body’ (self identification/expression), ourselves as an intelligence expressing its spirit, then we will plunge back into dreamland upon death.  Actual people, beings, intelligences can try to communicate with us in our dream state, and they do that here, with humans when they are dreaming.  But we just incorporate that into our dreams without understanding the interaction.

This human life ends.  The rest is eternity.  The choice is now.  Ther’s so much information being flooded out there regarding mindfulness.  Ther are also,those who want the dream to continue and they feed off of those dreaming.  They have an interest in corrupting awareness of the truth.  Keeping people asleep and locked in their Storytime, imaginary selves is their agenda.  This includes the warping of the concept of mindfulness.  Watch and understand your thoughts and actions.  Your actions show your beliefs.  You can’t imagine this away.  A human life is precious.  We just need to make the most of this opportunity.


Givers, Takers and Users



Mother Theresa is a famous giver.  A giver is someone who has as part of their defining character, the desire to give of themselves to others.  Not to give a material thing or favor in exchange, but give in return for nothing.  And what they are giving is supportive energy in response to a need.  Her definition of love could be redefined as subservience.  A more functional definition of love would be defined by its expressions:  respect, self-respect, an involuntary smile or hug, for instance.  

If you give in response to a need and the need never diminishes or goes away, then the giving is detrimental to the thriving of life.  Life is the expression of consciousness.  The giving has the effect of enabling the need to continue and thrive.  The need is a feeding. As in feeding off of Mother Thersa’s life energy as she gave.  It was voluntary in her case, but after her death, the need remains and looks for another to supply it with giving.  This leads to involuntary giving through the use of threats and force, like laws and government.  So life diminishes. 

This is the effect that continued ‘selfless’ giving results in.  It is actually the result of selfishness because the giver gives to feel good and experience a sense of self-worth and value.  But before the act of giving in this way is implemented, the giver should consider the ramifications of his or her actions on the well being of those effected.  If overall negative, which, in this example it is, then the action should not be taken.  Thus the practical concept of ‘you must give to get’.  This idea supports the diminishment of need, supports independence and self-reliance and an honest exchange of giving.


Takers are the ones who are there to receive the consequence of free giving.  They don’t grow into self-reliance, they just grow into an expectancy of receiving.  They are supported by force which actually diminishes the ability to give.  The force can be through gangs, violence and government.  They grow in power in order to establish security for themselves.  They know those who produce are always naturally inclined to produce and will continue to do so.  This inclination is fueled somewhat by the sense that this life is the only opportunity they have to experience themselves.  If they could consider the ramifications of their desire to produce and its consequence of supporting a thriving community of takers, which in essence are like a cancer, then the highest and best good course of action in support of life would be to starve the cancer.

This makes more sense in a conceivable way, if we take the perspective that this life we are living at the moment is not Life itself.  It is a transition for those who teeter on the brink of hell, heaven or non-existence (a state of unawareness of themselves).  Heaven is actual Life where we live as ourselves, not as beings interacting with Earth bodies in order to simulate life.  Hell is for those who know they have violated life and should be punished.  Their guilt takes them there as their state of mind.  Unawareness is essentially going to sleep after you die because you are tired of your experience of existing.

Earth is a place that offers the opportunity to transition out of ‘limbo’ or hell and regain our sanity in order to start living again as sentient beings in ‘heaven’, a state of mind where we absolutely accept ourselves even if we don’t like or love ourselves.  It means we recover our recognition of ourself, our actually bodies and the reality that we exist in. Earth is essentially a place for therapy.  The only reason to be here is to receive therapy or give it.  To regain sanity or help others to.  This is not ‘living’.  This is recuperating.  So every action we take should be taken with the idea in mind that it should support the well-being of our mind and soul and the souls of others.  This ensures the ending of our incarnations here so we can move on and begin living.

Takers cannot move on.  They are essentially dead beings who have relinquished their desire to take responsibility for their own existence and live off of others.  And by others, I mean other consciousnesses, other beings, the life force of all living beings.  They will take as long as there is a giver.  And if the giver leaves, they take by force until they kill the host like a cancer.  Once they die, they may be recognized as a demonic entity that takes from a human life.  The human experiences this as a demonic hate filled consciousness plaguing his or her mind and body.  This demonic entity was essentially created and supported by those who ‘give’ of themselves without regard to consequences.


Users do not take directly.  They take advantage of what the takers are doing.  Like vultures or scavengers.  They may use the takers by enabling them to take so they can benefit.  Examples would be politicians.  They use takers by riling them up to give themselves permission to create laws that enable them to thrive.  They thrive through the support of the takers.  Takers consume, users enable them to consume.  Givers produce.  It is a system of dependence and need where the dependent and needy are in control by force.  The producers are of the mindset where they want to create to fulfill their enjoyment of life.  This proclivity keeps them creating.  Just as an artist feels compelled to paint or sculpt.  Artists are a type of producer.

So the takers and users now live in a world where they have beautiful music to listen to, beautiful art to look at, marvelous technology to play with, food to eat and a beautiful planet to thrive on.  All without giving one thing.  They receive the contents of their life and give of themselves nothing.  They may give as an exchange where they also receive.  But the beneficial rule is to first give without expectation of receiving in order to get.  It is this mindset that can grow into a strong, self-reliant person.  Otherwise they will remain as people who feed off of others and life will diminish.

Changing ones perspective to recognize our lives here as a mission to get our minds and soul selves back into a functional state, will result in a more effective life.  One where we free ourselves from incarnation here and go on into the real society with our real bodies after our experience with these bodies is over.  This is therapy, not life.  Earth is a replication, or better yet, simulation of how life works in reality.  This is not reality because these are not our bodies.  We are looking through these bodies in order to reconnect with ourselves and become able to function with our actual bodies after the death of these Earth bodies.  Everything we experience on Earth represents society and interactions that exist outside of Earth.  Society, users, takers, wars, families, loves…all of it.  If we can reconnect with our actual identities, not the ones we make up with our imaginations here on Earth, but our actual ones, the ones that align with our spirit, then we reconnect with reality again.

People are in the situation of having to experience the trying, tedious life on Earth because they lost their connection to reality.  This happens when you, as a consciousness, as a being rejected yourself in some way.  The essence of who we are, as the energy of consciousness, interacts with physical space, becoming entangled with it based on our thoughts, minds. This is quantum physics, the physics of consciousness as it interacts with physical space.  If we deceive ourselves because we reject a portion of ourselves and cannot be honest, this forms a belief.  Our thoughts effect our perceptions in the physical.  Our deceptions come from our imagination.  Our thoughts based on our imagination, not reality, thoughts about ourselves, begin to take on a life of their own as beliefs are formed and our perceptions are changed.  We no longer recognize ourselves and forget who we are.  We lose touch with reality and become lost in our imagination.  This Earth life brings us back to reality, which sucks for many.  And some choose to sleep in their imagination instead.  More on this in a later post.

The #Helios Realm From An Additional Perspective

From Tom Filsinger’s Insightful Posts at http://tomfilsinger.com/helios-7-second-realm/

A note:  I think it would be of value to all who participate to add your own perspective in order to build a more complete picture.  These are my thoughts I’d like to add.

There are several different “realms” of consciousness each relating to the “field” of energy in which consciousness operates. As stated previously, humans mainly perceive “reality” via the third realm, which corresponds to day-to-day consciousness as we know it…

We are curently perceiving reality in the physical universe which can be manipulated by the quantum energy of consciousness to create physical creations.  This includes everything from a hammer to a planet or any other astronomical object.  The astronomical object may be created more directly with us as consciousness interacting as ourselves in the non-physical.  For a hammer to be created, our consciousness imagines it, then we use our physical forms here to create it.  Since we are currently expressing as physical creatures, we need to use force and will to create.  As non-physical forms, entities, we create more directly with thought.

The fourth realm is a lower realm as matter becomes more dense. Rather than the ephemeral spiritual realms (second realm and Helios Realm) the fourth realm operates on a downward spiral towards instinctual modes of perception as experienced by animals. Humans, as animals themselves, are influenced by these kinds of impulses…

A less dense form of matter is created when we, as non-physical beings (our ‘actual’ forms from this perspective which are made of energy different from that of the physical universe, we call non-physical), interact with the physical universe by putting our attention on it.  This begins a vibrational resonance of  physical energy in response.  The vibration is in response to our minds.  What’s manifested is due to our actual thoughts.  The manifestation of our actual thoughts can be perceived by other beings paying attention in the physical.  This is the shared mind in the physical.

Our ‘spirit’, the essence of who we are, at this level, is ‘ethereal’.  Our consciousness consists of the expression of our spirit.   The human form is a creature of Earth.  A life form created by consciousness (a much more aware being) interacting with us.  What we perceive as ‘life’ is the energy of consciousness.  Something that contains a ‘soul’.  A purely physical creation, some thing created in the physical using physical means, such as a human form building a robot, is ‘soulless’.  Our consciousness energy is integrated with the physical form in order to perceive with the five senses.  The body has a physical presence, we do not.  We are interacting with it.  Someone else created the form, we influence it.

The third realm, which predominates in humans, is guided by the DIRECTING FORCE  (roughly analogous to will)  which is subject to innate THOUGHT PATTERNS. Starting in childhood the directing force “expands” its identity to become the LIMITED SELF, or our personality as we know it.

Our concept of how human thought works is not clear because it is more complex than the current beliefs.  Non-physical souls looking directly into the physical, without a human form, can lose themselves as if they are in a dream.  They manipulate physical space from non-physical directly.  Our non-physical selves are manipulating physicality using the human form.  So they are a less dense physical influence.  These beings can interact with us since the human form expresses the energy of consciousness.  Any consciousness.  This means that another being can interact with any of us and the human form will be expressing both them and us.  We wouldn’t know this unless we were very mindful and aware of ourselves.

Also, their physical expressions can be felt by us.  We would feel it as emotions, physical pain, or the presence of a being.  This level of physical expression is where the ‘Demons’ live.  They are the entities that plague the human experience, resulting in much of the suffering humanity experiences.  We cannot not feel their emotions if they are intentionally interacting.  We can mistake it for ours and be plagued by depression or something we have no reason for, or we can learn to ignore it once we recognize it as not our own.  We can only control our own thoughts, not someone else’s expression.  

This is where the incessant mind chatter comes from.  These beings.  Their thoughts feel very physical.  Our thoughts, as humans, feel ethereal.  We exist in the non-physical, but are experiencing a very physical existence here.  The others lost in their dreams are acting out their dreams sometimes by influencing humans.  They can look through our eyes and see themselves as us.  This would mean there is a being acting as if he is you, having emotional responses, and you would feel dense, physical energy within you.  A human unplagued by these beings should feel very light and move very easily.  If movement seems forced, then there is denser energy around you.  All of our energetic effects are within the human form, not the physical space within and around it.

Our limited selves are created by the stories we tell ourselves.  We create an idea of ourselves which becomes our personality.  A real human naturally expresses without thinking about it.  Meaning the body just seems to move without us thinking about it because it is expressing our consciousness.  Our arms move without thinking because we had an impulse to reach for something.  If you imagines the arm to move, this would be another being looking through you, imagining itself to be you and thinking about the arm moving.  If you imagine your form, this would be someone else who has to work hard to imagine itself as you.  Mindfulness can help to recognize this.  One of these beings may be reading this, thinking it is you because it is possessing you, dreaming itself as someone else and acting itself out in your life.

This is why humanity is so messed up.  Why the same explanations do not apply to everyone, and why there is so much suffering.  The humans are suffering.  They are the ones with all of the explanations for how to be loving and happy.  These explanations are for the beings plaguing humanity that are asleep.  They are the ones in an illusion.  We, the humans are the ones in a very real experience because this is our form, our experience, our world we are directly perceiving.  They are looking at our minds and perceptions and trying to make it theirs.  All of the chanellings, like Abraham Hicks, Bashar, etc, are for these beings to get them to understand they are asleep.  The Bible, affectations for God, we are suffering material are for the humans bearing the burdens of these beings.  That is why the term ‘human spirit’ exists.  The humans are the positive human spirits uplifting these negative beings.  They are negative because they are running from themselves into the physical to create a new persona.  This is done to escape the pain of their ‘soul’ selves that hurt from self-hatred and betrayal of self.  They react emotionally only to feel better.

This is where the concept of hell comes from.  In order for them to leave their dreams state, they need to be able to face themselves, or be themselves once again.  That means a ‘life review’ where they understand what they have done to hurt others which hurt themselves.  This is why religion exists.  Why suffering exists.  Why Earth can feel like a prison to those burdened by these beings.  There is no motivation for them to stop plaguing humanity.  So much effort is being put forth now to understand reality via mindfulness, actual explanations via Bashar and quantum physics, etc.  it’s an attempt to correct the misconceptions of how reality works to,these beings.  Otherwise, an unplagued human is directly connected to their own heart, intuition and energy.  These beings block us from feeling our own energy.

I’ve deviated a bit from the initial topic, but that’s how it goes.  Follow where the subject leads.  I think Tom has great insights at his website.  It triggers pathways of thought, such as my deviation here.  Please contribute your own understanding.

Storytime You

“I don’t believe in bedtime stories…” from the new Peter Pan

If you are not aligned as your true self, then you are living a bedtime story.  A story you are creating within your imagination.  Aligned as true self means you are not consistent in mind and soul body.  If you were, you would be at peace and having a joyful experience.  This would be because you are listening to your spirit, your deepest desires and following them.  Otherwise, your mind is doing its own thing regardless of what you feel in your heart, your connection to your spirit and soul body.  

The mind does its own thing when you, the intelligence doing the thinking, are cut off from ‘source’, from your soul body, essentially the rest of your mind and its connection to consciousness and the energy of life.  This connection allows you to receive data, information intuitively.  There very little need to think, figure out or mull over things.

Here, in these bodies, most of us are ‘cut off’.  We can be connected while our awareness is focussed on these bodies.  We are cut off due to our own efforts.  And the dream, or story, we are creating is more of a nightmare.  If you are not in love with your life, experiencing the joy of being, you are cut off.  This dream is a negative experience.  This applies to just about all of humanity.

We are desperately creating stories in our mind as we try to ‘figure’ things out and make ourselves feel better.  After all, we are supposed to be joyful beings.  And our minds are in overdrive, compensating for the detachment from our connection to life.  If we turn our minds off, and say, ‘I don’t need to create a story anymore’, and just start observing our experiences, you may just realize a few things.  We are insane, life here is absurd and a lot of effort goes into thinking our lives into being.  Just let life come to you.  Observe it.  Understand why that experience happened, all in observation mode. This is the point of mindfulness.

If you really pay attention, you will observe that before you do anything, you have already scripted, in your mind, what is about to take place.  How you are going to act, feel or speak.  You have set a pre-determined pathway that you just follow mindlessly.  There is no spontenaity.  Your joyful existence is spontaneous, not thought through, and synchronous.  Letting go of your mind’s bedtime stories allows you to experience this spontenaity once again.  This feeds your spirit.  Paying attention to your spirit leads you back to your actual soul self.

Most beings on Earth are receiving help of some sort from others who are trying to help you reconnect to your spirit and start expressing as your true self.  That is what the ‘follow your highest excitement’ is all about.  If you feel yourself moved by anything, express it.  Don’t hold it within in order to ‘compose yourself’ or present yourself as a particular persona.  This is your tragic story of yourself.

There are not a lot of people following their spirit, or highest excitement, because that would completely disrupt society and families.  We are caught up in the stories of morality, obligations, duty and fear of expressing ourselves honestly in case of rejection or offense.  For each person that suddenly just starts following their spirit, there may be initial chaos in their lives.  Their families may be effected in what appears to be a negative way, but following joy is never negative.  Every single person benefits from the company of a joyful person.  A parent may be inspired to leave their family for something else and their kids would benefit because their parent would be demonstrating to them what life is about – following your joy.  And they would no longer have to be under the thumb of an unhappy person.

We are not on Earth because this is what life is.  Not because this is the only experience to be had and when we ‘die’ we are ethereal ‘spirits’ that float upward to ‘Heaven’ and simmer in eternal bliss.  The ‘spirits’ are actual beings that are individuals of a different energy state and are blissful because they follow their joy.  If you deny yourself your ‘spirit’, your joy, then when you ‘die’ by detaching from the human body, you will still have your story obsessed mind trying to figure out how to find happiness.  You will be caught up in your imagination, still cut off from your spirit and the energy of life. 

This Earth life is meant to enable us to recognize ourselves by actually seeing the expression of our mind and feeling the spirit of our soul selves.  We can use this life to realign our minds with our heart.  This denser body is actually a more spiritual experience than the state we are in without these bodies.  The physical energy, vibrations, resulting from the interaction of our consciousness, thoughts, mind with physical space is buffered by the bodies.  We express the energy as physical experience, such as tears when crying.  Without the bodies, we would not know if we were crying unless someone looked at us and knew what that physical energy represented.  This after death state applies to all who are not aligned with their true self because the self they are then experiencing is their false, story time self.  A self consisting of their awareness looking at and experiencing the physical vibrational energetic effects of their thoughts instead of their actual soul self.  This means they are not aware of their actual self that consists of energy not of the physical universe.  Like a diver using a remote diving device in a virtual reality kind of way, who is aware of the underwater world and his interaction with it, but forgetting his actual body exists outside of the water.

All of the material things to interact with on Earth are created to distract us from the realization that we are not happy, not living in joy.  We are now creating virtual reality devices to runaway from this false reality, which we are in because we have run away from our actual, honest-to-God true self reality.  So we can lose awareness of this reality, while living in it.  The only saving grace, and this is for our benefit, is that the body eventually dies.  This is essential.  Otherwise we would be stuck in our nightmare for eternity, never finding our way back home.

If you are suddenly moved by your true essence, your spirit, while experiencing something, there may be another person, being, there aligning with you in support of your reconnection to joy.  They would be unseen by you because you are focussed externally into this material world.  But you could perceive them by going inward and using your consciousness, which can sense beings that are interacting with you, but exist as their actual self outside of physicality.  The part of you they are interacting with would be your actual self exisiting in the same non-physical reality as they are.  You are just not aware of it.  Follow this energy and see where it leads.  

Thoughts on Law of Attraction

Our thoughts create our reality.  For some reason we don’t say that or understand that to mean we create our own reality.  ‘We’ makes it seem ridiculous.  Or ‘I’.  Our thoughts do.  So our thoughts are not us.  Or my thoughts are not me.  If you could say that in your head without a mental smirk, then it’s true.  How about ‘my thoughts are me’.  Sound ridiculous or have resistance to the idea?  Then it’s not true for you.  You can try to make it your truth by programming yourself.  One technique is to repeat something over and over with positive ‘feeling’ until you believe it’s true.  Programming yourself this way, by eliminating an existing truth, one that is not obviously harmful, is a dangerous game to play.  Like a blind mind groping it’s way in the dark and making bad guesses on where to go based on what other blind minds are saying.  It’s better to stop everything, lay down and cease your physical expression while you listen to yourself and learn what’s already there.  

Answer, for yourself, from your own ‘mind’, better, your own heart, questions like,

Who are you?
Why are you here?
What are you afraid of?
Why are you running away?
Do you trust yourself?
Is this you asking the questions?

Do you believe in God?  See, http://bit.ly/1Mhh3od
Listen without judgement or expectation to whatever feelings, images or ideas pop up into your head.  Act as if God is answering because, most likely, you don’t trust yourself.   If you feel fearful at the idea that it is you answering yourself, as if you are someone else looking at yourself, then see it as God.

We are currently experiencing a very limited awareness.  This kind of awareness works for those running away from themselves.  You can focus your attention into a very dense reality and pretend you don’t exist, except as this person you are.  But then you have to die.  But then what happens?  Do you go to Heaven?  Why are you giving yourself the experience of denial of self only to die.  An experience of facing non-existence?  There is a reason for everything you do.  This is not a joyful state.  Anyone in this state is detached from themself, as in unable to feel a sense of their own self that exists as ‘spirit’.  When the ‘spirit’ moves ‘you’, that is the actual life, the actual being which is you, your actual self.  And it feels so far away.  And it’s seldom ‘moved’.  Any other sensation you feel, especially through these bodies (http://bit.ly/1Nh1dvy ), is the sensation of the vibration of physical matter.  The physical universe is ‘energy’ that is unlike the ‘energy’ that we are made of.  Like the difference between quantum physics and Newtonian physics.  We are quantum, vibrational energy is Newtonian.  We are not made of vibrational energy, we just effect it with our consciousness and feel the effects.  We can take our attention off of this vibrational space time energy and stop feeling the effects, but we have to recognize ourselves to do it.

We are all ‘connected’.  Not because we are the same mind or energy.  Physical space is our shared mind (see http://bit.ly/1Id7Dvn).  The energy of space vibrates with our communications and we feel eachother’s effects through this medium.  We are connected In this way.  We are also connected through the ‘heart’.  This means, if you listen to your heart, that the word ‘heart’ is referencing our true self.  Our ‘spirit’.  We are able to communicate through ‘spirit’ which keeps us connected.  We do this through our imagination since we are completely disconnected from our sense of actual self.  We do not feel our own ‘energy’ at this state of unawareness.  But we still have our minds.  Because no matter where you go, there you are.  You are the awareness, the intelligence, the mind.  But you can’t feel yourself.  So we have the imagination, which is our mind connected to spirit self. 

The imagination is real.  If you are imagining things and elements or people within your imagination begin to move on their own, as when you are dreaming, then that is real interaction at the spirit level.  You interpretation based on this level of unawareness may be skewed, but the interaction is real.  You can use this tool to connect with someone or reconnect with your spirit, actual, self.  

Your ‘heart’, or ‘soul’, or ‘spirit’ has desires, especially when in need.  It is calling out.  These ‘desires’, or needs of the spirit, are heard and answered.  If you are not attuned, you may miss the answer to your ‘call’.  You may not even be aware that you, the ‘spirit’ is calling.  The mind can try with purpose to have a ‘desire’ fulfilled, but the mind’s desires are not answered.  They are not your desires because it is the physical shared mind, not your actual mind found within the imagination.  The Law of Attraction only works with the call of spirit whether you are aware of it or not.  It does not work with the mind.  The desires of the mind require work, effort, planning, manipulating and time.  All within the laws of physicality, E=MC^2, where shared mind ‘thoughts’ are just vibrational energy. 

Try an experiment.  Lay down and daydream by letting go of your ‘thoughts’, or your attention on the shared mind.  Just observe what comes up.  If you sense or ‘see’ a presence or image of a being, then that is real.  A real communication at the spirit level.  You are always connected to people you love at the spirit level.  This is a way you are able to communicate.  They are not present, as in actually there, it is just real thought communication, as in psychic communication.  So you are never alone.  You always have the ability to connect to someone at any level of density, or reality, if they are aware or paying attention like your are at that moment.

One drawback is that if you are currently in a negative state of being, which most people here are, because we are running away from awareness of ourselves, then the energy which you cannot sense, is negative.  This effects how people appear to you in dreams, in your imagination.  Your negative energy, which you can verify by just observing how you act and think about things without purposefully manipulating your awareness of it, will mean people appear to you as scary images.  This is because you are looking through the filter of your own energy.  Even a positive, joyful being will appear scary.  This produces fear.  You are only afraid of yourself, never anyone else.  If you face any scary images even as you experience fear, you will be rewarded.  You only fear yourself, that is why you are running away.  Many of you probably have guides helping, see http://bit.ly/1w9sJWk.

Our fear of ourselves makes us seek unawareness while still ‘existing’.  That brings us to Earth.  Our history and civilizations reflect suffering.  We are in a state of self- imposed suffering.  We create concepts like heaven and hell to describe ourselves, our state of mind.  We desire to return to being our actual joyful selves (heaven), but are trapped in a state of fear and hatred for ourselves (hell).  Earth is the experience of hell.  A manifestation of our state of mind.  Killing, being killed.  Dying, losing loved ones forever.  Emotional hell and physical hell.  All experienced in our own self-flaggelation.  Tons of help from spirit is sent our way through spiritual teachings, chanellingd, our dreams.  But we need to decide we are done suffering in order to be receptive to this help.  Listen to your inner self.  If you feel negative emotions, but are optimistic and feel like you have a positive ‘spirit’, you may be working with a guide.  In order to go to heaven with this guide, you need to align with the spirit you feel.  The highest joy you feel and follow it.  

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