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Black Holes and Narcissism

What is a Black Hole?

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying.

Because no light can get out, people can’t see black holes. They are invisible. Space telescopes with special tools can help find black holes. The special tools can see how stars that are very close to black holes act differently than other stars.

Consciousness energy falls within the realm of quantum energy.  When consciousness interacts with physical energy, the physical is effected and the effects can be felt by other consciousnesses interacting.  The physical effects can also effect physical matter which is a denser portion of physical energy.  

One of the ways to interact with the physical is to put ones attention on it, ie put the attention of your consciousness on it, which exists outside of the physical energy field, and communicate a thought.  The thought comes from your consciousness outside of the physical and creates an effect on the physical energy where your attention is.  This can be done to communicate in the physical or to effect physical matter.  This type of communication is detectable by anyone listening via the physical, and so the physical can be used as a shared mind.

If your attention stays on the physical in order to effect it, communicate within it, you can lose awareness of your actual self, which exists outside of physical as a person made of energy other than physical energy.  The physical experience the becomes like a dream because you are creating the experience with your consciousness, your actual mind.  Since your awareness is looking at the physical effects of it, you begin to perceive the physical effects and communications as your thoughts, hence your mind.

Where do black holes fit into this?  The perceived ‘thoughts’ in the physical are communications from other consciousnesses or your own that exist outside of the physical,  these thoughts are moving energy in the physical.  E=MC^2 in the physical.  So these ‘thoughts’, which are really communication from your consciousness outside of the physical (or the physical effects your actual thoughts have when ‘speaking’ into physical energy), are now energy.  This energy has mass.  If you add to the thought, similar thoughts, or concentrate on the same idea or thought, the effects on the physical grow energetically, therefore in mass.  This mass has a gravitational attraction.  The stronger a thought grows, the more attractive it gets in the sense that a gravity well is building around it.

If another consciousness comes along with his/ her awareness on the physical, he/she will feel a pull in their ‘physical mind’, which is what they are perceiving the effects of in the physical, toward that energy.  That energy will cause whatever ‘thoughts’ they have that resonate with that energy (or frequency), to come forth to their awareness.  It may not be the same thought, just one that aligns with that energy.  An example would be a lot of attention put into and exciting idea for one person.  That person, with their awareness in the physical, is feeling the physical effects of their ‘thoughts’ in the physical.  The effect feels like excitement to them.  They perceive a physical sensation that they define as excitement.  Originally, this definition may have come about because their actual self outside of the physical was excited.  But if they’ve lost awareness of their actual self, they could have remapped the physical sensation of excitement to thoughts that are no longer exciting to their actual self.  But is is currently defined as their idea of excitement.  Another person (and by this, I mean a consciousness with their attention on the physical so they are only aware of that) come along and feel that energy.  They may have defined this energy as anger.  So angry ‘thoughts’ are triggered.

They angry person’s attention may move on because they don’t like to feel anger.  So the gravity well will tend to attract people who like that energy and identify it with excitement or a related definition.  This energy then grows and attracts more attention.  This is the basic behavior going on with the interaction of consciousness, or the mind of a non-physical being, with the physical so that the being then becomes a physical one.


excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.

synonyms: vanity, self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption, self-obsession, conceit, self-centeredness, self-regard, egotism, egoism

“his emotional development was hindered by his mother’s narcissism”


extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.


self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

A consciousness which forms narcissistic tendencies is so attentive to his or herself, that they cannot see anyone else.  They only relate to others as the others effect them.  So someone sitting outside of the physical, completely focussed in the physical, as in a dream state, is looking at the physical effects of their consciousness (or real mind) on the physical and nothing else.  They are staring at the energetic effects of themselves in the physical.  If someone else’s attention comes along, and that is all we are in the physical, just attention effecting matter, they only see how their ‘energy’ (their energetic effect) is effected by the others attention.  They do not perceive the energetic effect of the other person as themselves.  Only how they are effected by it.  So they are only looking at their own manifested energy.  

A person in this state only thinks about themselves, their own thoughts and the effects of their ‘thoughts’.  I put ‘thoughts’ in quotes because these are what we know as thoughts, but they are not actual thought.  They appear in what seems to be our ‘mind’, but it is not our actual mind.  We need new words to describe them so that thought can be correctly redefined to mean our thoughts we have within our non-physical mind, and mind can be correctly redefined to mean the physical energy of space (the physical universe).   As they dwell upon themselves, their attention becomes truncated so they only perceive a smaller and smaller region around their attention.  The gravitational attraction grows from their attention and they are pulled in this direction.  Pulled means the ‘thoughts’ that come up are related only to themselves and how space feels around them.  Their awareness shrinks.  The become dense.  No one else is interested in joining them in thinking only about themself.  They become a dense energetic local spot of awareness which is looking at itself.  Like a black hole.  At the event horizon, the light is bent so that none radiates outward, instead, it encircles the dense region,  this light is their awareness.  It circles back so that they only see themselves, or the effects in the physical of their consciousness mind.  When they lose awareness, they are the equivalent of sucked into the dark of the black hole.  Losing awareness means losing awareness of the physical.  They may be returned to their mind in the non-physical.

Just a side note.  Death only applies in the physical.  Death means your attention is finally pulled from the physical back to the non-physical where you actually exist.  We should be able to do this voluntarily, but do not because we think our physical sensations are ourselves.  We think matter is real, and non-physical is not.  What we see with our eyes seems so solid and real, but it is just a denser level of energy in the physical.  It requires intense focus and complete loss of awareness of our actual selves. We could have less dense presences or ‘bodies’ and retain some awareness of our actual, real bodies in the non-physical, but we currently don’t.  Our actual thoughts can be detected, but they feel ethereal, non-physica, and therefore ‘not real.  All we have done is re-defined what is real so that we are terrified of letting go.  We can use mindfulness to remap our definitions to a corrected, less insane version and find our way back home.


The Physical Body and Space-Time


Image from, https://twitter.com/ideas/status/584510804051030017

Every aspect of our experience in this reality can be encompassed within the scope of physics and psychology.  Our consciousness falls within psychology and our interaction with the energy in the physical universe falls within physics.  This post is about our interaction with the physical universe via these bodies we are united with in order to directly experience the Earth environment.

We are consciousness, or energy that is described In our Earth lingo as “consciousness”. This is just a term to describe a concept.  When we sleep, our vivid dreams play out as an alternate reality, seeming to be every bit as real as our experience here.  After death, this experience here will be remembered as if a dream, just images.  But our dreams during sleep here are very real in a 3 dimensional way.  Sometimes they are difficult to discern from the ‘reality’ we experience here.  This dream world is the reality of consciousness.  We are every bit as real there as we appear to be here.  That is the after death reality, the eternal existence.  This is the dreamlike mortal existence which will always seem as if a movie (after death) because we are only observing images within the awareness of these forms we are in communion with.  The awareness of the body projects an image that we see.  

We exist in the reality of what is called dreamtime here.  A place that feels non-physical and outside of space-time.  We interact with the physical universe, manipulating the physical energy, represented as atoms, etc. from within dream space, or ‘heaven’, as some may call it.  We interact by observing and thinking.  When the bodies move, they do so because ourselves, our ‘consciousness’, imagined walking or opening a door, for instance.  We did not exert our own force to do this.  It only took an imagined event.  The body then gracefully expresses it.  These bodies are like any other creature on earth, but the brains are developed for interaction with consciousness so that the sentient being can be aware of its experience.  The body allows for multiple awareness to observe in parallel with it and still be aware of themselves.  

This can be confusing because the body has its own awareness.  When a separate consciousness is observing through the body, it is also aware of what the body is aware of.  This gives the consciousness, or sentient being, the illusion that his awareness includes the awareness of the body as if it were his own.  But his awareness is separate.  Mindfulness can help with exploration of this.  

In addition, other consciousness can intrude and project themselves into the awareness of the body so that there are now multiple awareness in the body.  A conscious person would notice the other sentient awareness if it is also conscious (not asleep) and ‘moving’ or thinking independently.  If all are thinking the same thoughts through the shared mind of the body, then they would be essentially in a dream state and not aware of eachother.  

So we exist in what we call non-physical space that we can access through our imagination, visualization and meditative techniques.  I’ll make a separate post on meditative technique.  The body exist in the physical universe and is made of physical matter, or stardust.  We are not.  Physical matter decays and changes, we are eternal.  When we experience death of the body, we are waking up to the fact that we fell asleep while observing the images of a body as we dreamed a life.  All of our feelings we felt through the body will no longer seem real, but that is another post.

The body, as a physical object occupying space, has, for conceptual reasons, the equivalent of a gravitational attraction.  The body is made up of living matter that is given “life” with the energy of consciousness.  In addition, our energy of consciousness is also interacting with it.  This consciousness energy has the effect of warping space like gravity.  Our thoughts within the shared mind of the body effect physical energy.  The more abundant the thought, the stronger the belief, the stronger the gravitational effect, such that the equivalent of gravity waves are emitted from this belief, attracting similar energy.  Our attention to our beliefs adds energy, increasing the amplitude of the ‘gravity’ wave, and thus the attraction.

For example, when we repeat an activity often enough, it becomes a habit.  A habit is an action carried out in an unthinking way.  There is a gravity well or groove or pattern in space created that the body just follows without you thinking.  You created this gravitational pattern by repeatedly performing an act with thought and attention, then gradually without thinking.  Like a pianist who practices a song until his fingers have memorized the movements, as in ‘body memory’.  The body moves through the path of least resistance in physical space, like water flowing, unless you force it to move differently.  Like when you are trying to break a habit.  It’s tough because of the pattern in physically you created that the body follows.  There is an inertial effect in breaking this pattern.

Other physical objects, such as other bodies are effected by your ‘gravitational’ pattern (field) or warping of physical energy that surrounds your consciousness energetic presence, or attention.  An example of this is the synchronization of feminine monthly period when women live close to eachother.  It is also how nature works in harmony.  All elements of physical nature have their own patterns they follow and these patterns effect eachother when they interact.  The patterns are due to thought energy of the consciousnesses putting their attention on Earth.  

We can effect eachother by warping space and sending physical vibrations through space.  Words are physical vibrations.  So is music and any sound.  If one body starts laughing near others, other bodies eventually begin laughing without your conscious mind even thinking about it.  When listening to music, the body wants to start moving.  This is due to the vibrations of space vibrating the body as well as the graceful expression of your consciousness self if the music touches the soul, which is another, shorter word for your self composed of consciousness energy.  This is quantum energy.  Quantum energy behaves differently than physical energy.  

When two people are talking they are usually not in a mindful state, which means they are not completely aware of why they are saying what they are saying, or why their bodies are doing what they are doing.  Most people are usually just reacting with an attitude.  The attitude is a projection of physical energy.  This means the body is not gracefully expressing your thoughts, it is being forced into a visage intentionally by your consciousness.  This is the expression of ego.  This projection effects physical matter by sending the equivalent of a patterned wave through physical matter that intersects the other body, which senses it at a level you may not notice.  The patterned physical wave then may cause an expression in the other body.  This expression, which may be felt by the other consciousness, has a cascading association of thoughts and feelings associated with it for the person effected.  Which means, they feel the face doing that and suddenly they have an attitude.  This resulting attitude is an unthinking reaction because the transfer of a physical pattern of energy.  This is why mindfulness is helpful.

When practicing mindfulness, you can eventually notice these things happening.  Your face, or the body’s face, when looking at someone who is angry, for instance, may change to your version of angry without you even noticing.  The suddenly, due to context, when you sense the face in this formation, angry emotions pop up.  This is resonance.  The person is sending negative thought energy toward you and you have angry thought energy within your energetic pattern that resonates.  So you are suddenly angry without knowing why, except, ‘just because they are’.   

This physical effect we have on eachother, which can result in unthinking reactions when we are not paying attention, only works in physical space.  Our actual selves exist in non-physical and cannot effect eachother in this way.  That’s why it’s called ‘heaven’ :).  Just keep in mind that we are dreaming now.  That these bodies are separate beings we are co-creating with, just as if we projected into a primate.  And that what we call ‘afterlife’ or heaven or dreamtime is our actual reality.  And that we can access that reality now if we become very mindful of our existence.  

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