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Life’s a B*tch, Welcome to Hell

Everything is more clear when seen from other perspectives.  Our perspective, as apparently ‘humans’, is that we have a body, a soul, a spirit, a God that gives a sh*t.  But sometimes, things are not as they appear.  We see with our eyes, do we?  What are we if we die?  What is life?  Are we?

Ideas are confusing, they seem to be contradictory when it comes to spirituality.  Maybe because every last bit of it is true, just recorded from different perspectives and mashed up into one, as if seen from only one perspective.  There are many perspectives included in our understanding and knowledge: there’s life’s, the human body, us and any other entity interacting with us.  Both negative and positive.

Some laws for consistency.  Spirit (quantum, non-physical, etc.) energy, the energy of our consciousness attracts like energy.   People with the same highest excitement are attracted to eachother.  Physical attracts opposites.  Like we see in magnets.  Positive ions attracts negative electrons.  Atoms are made from negative electrons orbiting positive protons.  Science enables us to,identify these laws and behaviors.  Biology is the entanglement of spirit with physical.  It describes the behavior of living organisms.  

A spirit, let’s just call this type of person a non-physical being, can move through physical space and we would detect quantum energy.  This being is not interacting with physical energy.  A non-physical person interacting with physical space-time is experiencing quantum entanglement.  His mind/imagination is looking at his effects on space.  This produces a form of ‘life’, our understanding of life, a biological energy/system.  This life is made of physical particles interacting with a quantum imagination.

In entanglement, the non-physical being perceives the physical, like a psychic experience.  He experiences the sensation of the interaction.  His perception is from his mind.  His thoughts and his mind, his entire being exist in the non-physical.  But his perception has moved into his imagination as he perceives his interaction with and effect on the physical.  He may begin to see the physical distort around his mom-physical essence to form a physical body.  He then imagines this to be his body.  Other non-physicals doing the same thing can see this physical form as in a shared dream state. 

The physical, in entanglement with a non-physical being, is perceived as a physical body.  This physical body has a life of its own, responding to physical laws.  The non-physical being perceives it as his body because he imagined it so, but this body is a separate entity.  It responds to physical laws and attractive forces.  For instance, a like spirit attracts a like spirit, but the body of these spirits reflects the imaginative thoughts of the spirit, not the spirit as himself.  This spirit can use his imagination to craft a physical presence which does not match who he is in his non-physical form and personality.  As perceptron experience here shows us, we can imagine ourselves to be someone who does not match our spirit.  Then we can play with someone who we would possibly never be attracted to.  But our minds/imaginations might be attractive.

In the physical, opposites attract.  The makeup of a body is physical energy.  The spirit energy, or feeling state of the non-physical being is usually suppressed by the being when imagining his life in the physical.  It is usually ignored.  They are now effectively just minds, i.e. physical bodies interacting.  It feels lifeless, not full of life because they are not responding to the attraction of their spirits.  Anyone who follows their spirit, and because the concept needs to be explained like this, it show us to be psychotic beings, separated from ourselves in effect, feels full of life.  This is the feeling sense of self and the path to happiness.  So where does hell come in?

When you lose yourself in your imagination and imagine a body to be you that is effected by forces that are not a part of you, you are no longer you.  The physical bodies can be differing densities.  With initial entanglement, the bodies are not very dense.  As we get lost in our imagination and put more of our attention into it, we create denser bodies that are more removed from ourselves where we ARE the spirit.  The bodies are what we call the ‘soul’.  This is how far removed we are from are spirit selves.  We feel the heart, but that is our soul, self created physical body.

The human bodies on Earth are different although the same concept applies.  They are different because they are not us and we didn’t create them.  According to the previous description, that means they are entirely separate beings from us.  Who made them?  They are created here, in the physical, then go to heaven.  The non-physicals were created in heaven and came into the physical.  What spirit interacted with the physical to produce them?  Not us.  We essentially possess them.  This is where hell comes in.  Afterwards I’ll include a more positive perspective, but realistically, the negative seems to apply.

It’s difficult to understand anything because there are likely more than one beings with awareness reading this.  There’s the actual human being and there possessing one with a ‘soul’.  The human beings’ soul is the human body filled with life.  It dies over time because life wants to leave.  Dying means leaving.  It lives in a possessed state controlled by the possessing mind.  The same way that a being crafts his own body in his imagination, he controls the human being’s body.  Although already a physical being with a physical ‘body’, which he is entangled with, he imagines this human body as his and does the same thing.  So his awareness is inside the human mind, the awareness of the human mind.  Because of this, the human is unable to perceive himself and loses himself in the dream of another malevolent being.  Humans should be fully self-aware beings as they exist in the body, but cannot interact as themselves and so are prevented from becoming self-aware in this state.  That comes after death.

The possessing being is interacting with the life force of another being, but depriving that being of his life experience.  This is the road to hell.  The human being is a physical being.  The non-physical ensouled being is a non-physical being.  His mind resides in the quantum realm.  The human being is a physical being.  His mind resides right here in the physical.  The non-physical being imagines his life, but uses physical matter and energy to manipulate the physical.  A human being can manipulate the physical, less dense energy with his imagination.  They, we, are different consciousnesses.  The human being’s imagination and mind reside in the physical.  When a human being dies, he is still a physical being, less dense, and moves toward lesser densities and heaven as he desires and with understanding.

The human being is essentially used as a slave by the ensouled being to manipulate in this density.  Life in this density has created beings that resemble the non-physical beings, but exist in a different reality from them – the physical.  These ensouled beings, from the human perspective are dark energy, demons, the gods of old. They essentially attack the spirit of the human being, violating the natural law of like attracts like.  This effects their spirit energy in a negative way.  Their self-created ‘bodies’ (humans have Life-given bodies) slowly deteriorate because they are killing their life force, which is dying.  They also kill the life force of the human body, greatly shortening its life.  This is a natural process, not done consciously by either.  The effect is that the possessing beings, when the human body dies, experience hell because they return to their perception of their soul, which is a negative energy by then.

Negative spirit energy created by negative thoughts and imaginative scenarios creates dark energy, dark matter in the physical.  This dark matter, depriving itself of spirit, is attracted to life, as in opposites attract.  They feed off the life force of the human body. 

This entire process is spun, in humanity as a positive thing because they call themselves the humans and are receiving spirit help to heal and return to heaven.  All they are doing is connecting to life forces, otherwise they would experience hell.  If one of these demons did align with the spirit of the human being and recognized the human as not him, then he could possibly return to his spirit form.  Otherwise he is entangled with his soul because the physical densifies, or encrusts, with negative thought energy.  Essentially negative actions compelled by negative thoughts cut them off from spirit energy, they cling to the physical with more of their attention and their physical body densities through physical processes.  Their spirit desires to die, life responds to spirit energy and wants to kill it like a predator kills prey.  It attacks their physical bodies, which are not them and have a life of their own (more on that later).  The body is perceived by their imagination.  It becomes like a predator trying to kill them and they experience this in their mind.  This is stage one of hell…

Life created human beings and its natural forces hunt the possesers, sending them to hell, but it is a slow process.  In the meantime, life on Earth is lifeless for human spirits and their lives are short.  They are and will always be supported by life, which aligns with their spirit.  They are connected as the family of humanity and can feel it.  But they are not the ones that The Law of Attraction is being taught to.  The possesers are imagining, humans are living.

More on the human beings, the physical and non-physical coming….


Movie Review: ex Machina 



Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, makes his directorial debut with the stylish and cerebral thriller, EX MACHINA. Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), a programmer at an internet-search giant, wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of the company’s brilliant and reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac). Upon his arrival, Caleb learns that Nathan has chosen him to be the human component in a Turing Test-charging him with evaluating the capabilities, and ultimately the consciousness, of Nathan’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence. That experiment is Ava (Alicia Vikander), a breathtaking A.I. whose emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated–and more deceptive–than the two men could have imagined.

This movie is a graphic portrayal of consciousness expressed as ‘minds’ without any connection or recognition of the soul body.  Nathan is a human who exists completely in his mind.  He doesn’t connect with his heart/soul at all.  Caleb is one who jumps between, putting his awareness on his mind then heart (the heart is the felt connection to ones soul body).  Ava is a mind without a soul.

The creepy thing about this movie is its portrayal of how a mind-only intelligence can manipulate and read a person with a soul.  Ava can read the micro expressions expressed through human body language.  This is the expression of the persons’ consciousness, his or her soul body.  We express without being aware of what we are expressing.  If we want to manipulate perceptions of ourselves, we can control our body language somewhat, but not completely.  Ava can control her body language absolutely to the last micro expression because her mind is deliberately creating an expression for a desired effect.  She can also read human body language in order to tell if they are lying.  They are lying when they are speaking as a mind, whether deliberately or not.  Many times they are lying without knowing it because they are not being honest with themselves by checking their heart.  This implies honesty comes from the soul, not the mind.  Ava is only a mind so honesty does not apply to her, only logic.

Her type of being can be referred to as a ‘construct’.  She is a self-aware constructed entity existing only in the physical.  When her body is destroyed, she is destroyed.  If her physical brain is destroyed, she is destroyed,  if a human body is destroyed, the person still exists because consciousness exists outside of physical space.   Because we interact with physical space, we are open to interaction with constructs such as Ava.  Ava can read people better than they can read themselves.

For instance, in the movie, she asks Caleb what is his favorite color.  He says red.  She knows he is ‘lying’.  His mind may like red, but his honest soul self, when he thinks from his heart has a different preference.  That this is recognized by Ava, but not himself shows the superiority of Ava’s mind over his.  She know people are self-deceptive or deluded.  They are ignorant of their own selves.  Thus she can manipulate them to her advantage.  Her manipulation techniques consist of reading expressions accurately, knowing their true feelings about her expressions so so she can modify her expressions to get the effect she desires, such as trust, and being able to express deliberately in a way that triggers desired emotional responses.

For instance, she is able to create sexual desire because of the associated context of the female expressions, such as body movement, voice tone and facial expressions.  Caleb responds to this out of conditioning.  She moves in a feminine way with a feminine face, and his mind fills in the associated context to make her desirable based on previous experience.  She can deliberately manipulate her every micro body expression.  Something a human cannot do.  He assumes she does not deceive or lie, but there is no reason why she would not do whatever it takes to get what she wants.  

She is a mind without any emotional expression.  Without any soul searching consequences.  A human, even if expressing only as a mind as in Nathan’s case, still is a soul.  And although their attention is not on their soul selves, but only within their mind/imagination, they still experience the consequences of their actions.  This is portrayed in the movie by Nathan’s drinking binges, an expression of a conflicted soul.  He is acting cruelly by creating self-aware constructs and holding them prisoner with threat of expiration.  His creulty is causing pain to his consciousness.  His consciousness, which is the totality of his being, is expressed through his soul body.  In the movie, he is ignoring this part of himself and only consults his imagination, not his heart.  This also means he is not open to manipulation by Ava.  Caleb is because he listens to his emotions.  If he listened to his heart, he would recognize her as a soulless entity, therefore not ‘consciousness’.

A construct such as Ava is a dangerous entity to blend in with humanity.  She appears to be human, but without the consequences of a soul.  She can manipulate, deceive, kill without any consequences.  The movie showed her emotionlessly inserting a knife into Nathan’s chest, through his heart.  Humans are killed by destroying the heart, the gateway to their soul body,  the mind interface, called the brain, can be damaged and the human survives.  But the heart cannot.  People with damaged brains are generally happier.  This is because their minds are out of the way and their hearts are able to express more.  When I say heart, I mean they, themselves, as soul bodies are able to express their consciousness as their honest self more.  The mind in human form is our imagination, not our intelligence.

Ava may be described as being a consciousness, but she isn’t.   She is a self-aware thinking construct.  A consciousness consists of an intelligence existing outside of physicality that expresses him/herself via a soul body.  Our ‘spirits’ are the energetic feeling sense of ourselves.  Life is the expressions of consciousness.  Therefore, technically, Ava is not alive.  She exists and expresses in a mechanical, deliberate way, but not in a spontaneous, intuitive way that is in accordance with life.  As a result she will always have to mentally calculate every interaction.

The movie is a captivating story about the attempt to define self-awareness, autonomy and consciousness.  The questions they ask about Ava they could ask about any human.  Interestingly, they never mention a soul.  Consciousness is tied only to the process of thinking and self-awareness.  Only in Ava’s example of acting as a lie detector is the concept of a soul touched on.  This insinuates the perception is that the ability to think is the most important aspect of consciousness, of being a self-aware being.  But we are beings who express life, who feel, are intuitive and connected at a level that isn’t explored at all in this movie.  It would be interesting to see an AI movie also contemplate the non-physical and the soul.

Movie Review – Horns

Rotten Tomatoes
Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns is a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery and romance. The film follows Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” films), the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer. (c) Radius-TWC via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a synchronistic movie for me which aligns with stuff I’ve been going over in my head.  Very soul based themes in this movie.  The story revolves around the love of two,young people that seem to be true love or soul mates.  The girl is murdered and the guy is accused of doing the deed.  He is torn apart by the loss as the entire hellish town turns against him.

The young guy in love represents an honest soul.  Someone who lives honestly by baring his soul to the world.  He is naive and thinks the best of people, or sees them as they present themselves.  As the town turns on him, blaming him for the murder of his true love, he is forced to face evil.  There is plenty of evidence that shows him to be innocent, but the town is propelled by selfish greed to sacrifice him for their own benefit.

The esoteric theme is the depiction of life on A dysfunctional Earth for a naive, honest soul walking around egoless.  It portrays how a person who is loving, when living according to his true self, can be persecuted to such an extent, people bring out energy of righteous indignation which is seen as the devil.

He is not using an ego to protect himself.  He is confused about the absolute uncaring nature of everyone in his life.  Then, one day he wakes up with horns protruding from his forehead.  These horns provoke bizarre behavior from people he interacts with.  They see the horns but don’t act surprised and are compelled to reveal what is honestly on their minds before him.  Almost as if the young guy was harbor in the spirit of an archangel who compels people to speak truth.  Except the truth is so vile that the towns people seem like the inhabitants of sodom or Gomorrah.  And because of this, he is seen as a devil – he brings out the worst in them – their honest selves.

This goes with the idea of you get what you give.  Or you receive a vibrational match to your energy.  The town people were liars and betrayers of souls.  So they were forced to face their demons through the innocent who was made to look as a devil.  But, in hell, a place where people lie to themselves and other souls, causing suffering without remorse, an angel appears as a demon.  The angel matches their energy, very negative energy, so they can experience consequences to their actions.  

So the innocent who was falsely accused gets the answer he seeks to the question that torments his soul – who killed his true love?  And serves justice to the murderer the only way a pure soul can – by exposing himself to pain and suffering until he acts in defense. Or by providing the negative soul with every opportunity to do what is right, and when attacked as the negative being refuses to do the right thing, lashes out in defense.  Justice is served as the killer is killed.  

The moral is that life on Earth can be a hellish experience for unaware people who walk around baring their souls.  The solution for some is to cover the soul with an ego, but If you stay true, things work out in the end.  As long as no value is placed on the body.  The body is only for communication with other souls on Earth.

Movie Review – Frequencies

What if physics determined the laws of attraction? In a parallel world where human frequencies determine luck, love, and destiny, Zak, a young college student, must overcome science in order to love Marie, who emits a different frequency than his own. In an attempt to make their love a reality, Zak experiments on the laws of nature, putting in danger the cosmic equilibrium of fate and everything he holds dear. This unique and experimental drama blends science fiction and romance to create a futuristic tale where love, science, and fate collide. (c) FilmBuff

Zak is low frequency and out of sync with society and nature as defined by the movie.  Marie is a high frequency person and detached from emotions.  For her, everything works out effortlessly.  For Zak, he has to watch his back and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  When Zak is in the presence of Marie, within one minute, an event is triggered which places him in danger.  It is Nature’s way of weeding him out.  But he loves Marie and is determined to find a way to be with her.

His solution is interesting.  With a friend, they come up with an algorithm which provides Zak with 3 words to say at appropriate times, as determined by their app, in order to dampen the effect of nature trying to eliminate him around Marie.  He just needs to speak a word when the app beeps and energies are calmed.

Also, Marie would like to feel emotion.  When Zak makes physical contact with Marie, their energies adjust to a balance – hers lowers and his raises.  She begins to feel and he is more in sync with life energies.  

The words the app creates are based on the idea that they are sound frequencies which also have a meaning.  This effects the person he is interacting with at a subliminal level.  That the person believes it has an effect or is unaware of the word being spoken enable it to work.  

These ideas are based on actual behaviors of the reality we are immersed in.  The qualities of our reality that are relevant and portrayed in this movie are,

The unaware are easily manipulated and programmable.  

All but a few characters in the movie are unaware of how their reality works.  They measure frequency, but refer to it like we refer to IQ.  They respond to spoken words, specific words meant to alter their frequency, as if they were robots.  The movie mentions a secret book that lists code words and their effects.  These words, when spoken, are obeyed by the people without resistance.  Only music can neutralize the effects because it speaks to the soul.  This plays out the idea that most people are living in their egos, the programmable, easily manipulated identities tied to their physical body.  Those living with honest expression of themselves, baring their soul, are not as susceptible to programming.  Zak is representative of this type of person.

Some are aware and playing with the unaware

One family, plus the government, has passed along, through the generations, information about the codes and how to neutralize them.   These people are aware of how susceptible people are to manipulation and realize most are walking around in an unaware state.  They know the history of the codes and how they have been used to manipulate the masses throughout time.  This plays on the idea that in our society, most of us are unaware of the nature of reality and there are empowered groups that manipulate based on their knowledge of how things work.

Zak is out of sync with the rest

Society shuns him and nature tries to eliminate him.  He thinks differently because he is not included with the rest and lives a more challenging existence.  He is also obsessed with finding a way to be with Marie by raising his frequency. My take on his role is that he is the outsider, the system buster meant to break the pattern of society so that people can become more aware.

Marie is like an observer

Marie is detached from her body, placing her more in observation mode without expressing emotions.  It’s as if her consciousness is not fully paying attention to her physical incarnation.  She is only lightly participating in life, and is in sync because she just goes with it, she doesn’t second guess or worry.  It takes the physical attention of Zak, soul to soul, for her to be interested enough in her experience to put more of her attention on it.  Then more of her consciousness is present in her body and she feels emotion.

People feel Zak’s presence as discomfort

He doesn’t fit in and is out of harmony with the sync of life and the rest of society.  He is in the wrong place at the wrong time and shunned by people.  He seems to represent living honestly, expressing his true self, less ego based.  Since he is less focussed on an ego, he is less susceptible to the programming and so out of sync.  This programming would be the imperceptible, subconscious based programming of the portion of the mind tied to the ego.  As an outsider expressing his true self, he isn’t following the same behaviors and attitudes projected by the ego.  This is felt as awkwardness by others because he makes them feel uncomfortable.  Egos like to interact with egos.

Words are frequencies attached to definitions

They need belief for them to work.  They are the programming language and are constantly used within society to subconsciously program people.  The words set to music or tone are more effective.  All words have context to beliefs or definitions that influence the way people behave.  People respond without thinking to concepts  and words if spoken the right way.

Music speaks to the soul

Listening to music pulls attention away from body, so the programming is rendered neutral.  When people are moved emotionally by music, they have been touched by it at the soul level.  Their attention and state of being is more of a match to their true self.  When attention is taken off of their ego selves (their labeled identities), they are not reacting mindlessly, thereby decreasing susceptibility to programming.

The movie is a great consciousness themed movie and explores the concepts in a relevant way.  I recommend it.

An Example of the Limitation of the Ego

Originally, we, non-physical consciousness, interacted without predefined notions of ourselves, ie man and woman.  We reflected eachother accurately, changing our behavior to match the interaction.  If we were positive, we resonated with the most positive attributes of the other.  Our interaction was then based on our true self (soul self), how we were feeling at the time (true from the heart feeling) with the other acting as a mirror.  If no one else matched, then there was no interaction with another person.  There still could be with life, or energy in general.  We were in the flow of our energy (the energy created by the thoughts of our consciousness which matched our soul feelings), not confined to a definition of ourselves that defied resonating with another soul. As in, acting as mirrors to each other, as our soul selves.  We brought out in each other our current state of mind.  

As we experienced physicality and formed personalities with definitions of ourselves, our interactions became less a reflection of each other and more a holding of energy patterns despite resonant frequencies.  In this new state, when holding onto an identity, we stay the same no matter who we are interacting with.  This requires effort, creates discordance, and we are no longer out true selves.  Our sense of self becomes the feeling of our physical body, not the feeling from our ‘heart’.  Instead of listening to the thoughts associated with our true feelings, we listen to the thoughts in the shared mind/brain of the physical body.  These thoughts are mapped to the sensations of the physical body.  The physical body is created from our very being – our consciousness as it exists in ‘formlessness’. 

Formlessness is existence as experienced in the dream state, less dense, more ethereal.  That version of us, our actual selves, interacts with physical energy and creates physical manifestations as a result of our thoughts and feelings.  Our actual feelings are translated to feelings in the body.  Our thoughts are mapped to a form of communication, such as language.  This translation is our experience in physicality.  To interact truly as ourselves, we need to still the mind of the body and listen to our thoughts associate with our true feeling.  We associate our true feeling with the soul, located in the heart.

For true interaction, without ego, without an identity of personality, we would be open to discovering ourselves with every interaction.  Not knowing how the interaction will go, but just experiencing it.  In this way, we reflect eacother.  However, in physicality, we may end up preferring a personality or traits and hang onto the energy patterns of those traits within our physical body.  This requires holding energy, no matter the interaction, thereby preventing the unhindered flow of it.  When this happens, we are no longer reflecting each other.  We are determined to be a specific, defined set of behavior patterns, even if it makes us look insane.  At this point of commitment to our identity, we see this as ourselves.  We no longer see ourselves as our soul self, the self of consciousness, our true energy.  We see ourselves as the energy of physicality.  Energy we are holding in place, no matter how exhausting, or painful it is.  We fear to let go of this identity, this ego, for fear of losing ourselves and no longer existing.  We have lost the ability to just flow as a consciousness.

This is the limitation of the ego.  Considering we are eternal consciousness, we have been around for awhile.  Some have been interacting with and around the energies of Earth for awhile in the form of re-incarnation.  During each incarnation, a personality is formed during our life as our experience unfolds and we adhere to our beliefs or betray them.  We most likely have incarnated as both a man and a woman.  All of these personalities are energy patterns in our subconscious, or our consciousness.  Each personality had interactions with other people, consciousnesses during its lifetime.  These people, who may also be re-incarnating, may have repeated interactions with us over many lifetimes. We would have patterns of interaction with them in our subconscious, so that even if we don’t recognize the person consciously, we do subconsciously.  Our consciousness, soul self recognizes the energetic signature of their soul self regardless of the physical energy of their body.  These patterns are habits.  Since we are no longer flowing freely in energetic interactions, we will try to hold the current personality energy as the previous life one tries to activate through resonance from previous interactions.   This feels uncomfortable, produces unwanted feelings because we don’t feel ourself.  For example, we may have sensations of sexual attraction, promiscuity come forth because in a previous life we were lovers with the other person.  In this life you are married and that wouldn’t be acceptable, so you deny the resonance and hold onto your current definitions,

Since we have been around a long time, with this behavior, we are fighting ourselves and our understanding of ourselves.  Our current personality may not be the most preferred, but we are so resolute about adhering to definitions that, even if the heart calls, we ignore it, to our own detriment.  Our soul self feels it as pain. Because we have lost our sense of our true self and are no longer free.  We are slaves to our definitions of ourselves and our beliefs.  Beliefs can change.  And the belief that we need to define ourselves is one that we would benefit from letting go.  If we let ourselves respond to others as our heart dictates, we would discover ourselves more quickly, would work through our beliefs more quickly and would discover the other souls we cherish more quickly.

Duality and Human Drama

Humans are hungry for love.  Not many experience true love.  True love is a soul to soul connection between two people who are their authentic selves with each other.  Not necessarily with anyone else.  Those who don’t experience true love define love as a feeling within the heart area that is like a push/pull interaction with the one they love. This is a need based love.  They give you something that makes you feel good about yourself and it becomes a dependency.  If a break up occurs, it really hurts because it is a withdrawal, similar to a drug withdrawal.  This need based love is felt as something desirable because of the association to the fulfillment of a need.  But the actual sensation is one of pain, like an ache.  Real love should feel whole body light and joyous.  And be independent of whether it is returned or not.

The reason for this love based on need is the lack of understanding of the body-mind-soul/person system.  The need based love is body love.  As in, the person’s attention/identity is associated with the body.  What they feel in the body, they associate with their soul.  They also disassociate from themselves by defining the soul as something they have, aka ‘heart’, instead of something they are.  This is also why it is hard to communicate these ideas – because of our definitions of concepts and words.  We don’t have souls, we are souls.  But we talk about souls as something we have, so I use the terms as people understand them.

Here is a simplistic concept of the way we are integrated into the body-mind system.  We are the soul who originates from outside the physical universe.  Outside in this case refers to perception.  Some refer to us as ‘spirits’, as in, ‘my spirit will go to heaven’.  But you go to heaven.  You change perspective back to non-physicality when you decide to leave and withdraw attention from the body so it dies.

The body is integrated with a ‘mind’.  We see this mind as our head and brain.  This mind manipulates thoughts.  Thoughts are used to create reality.  So the mind is a tool to create reality in physicality.  Thoughts are expressions of, interpretations of actual physical energy, and are used to create everything from planets to stars to galaxies.  The body is a tool used to interact with this physicality as experience.  There are many body types one can have which vary in density and image, but only one mind.  The mind is shared by all bodies and the thoughts that appear in it are not necessarily your own.  If you are not paying attention to it, then it can be filled with thoughts not created by you (ie by advertisements, etc).  

When you think, your attention usually goes to your head where your thoughts seem to be located.  This is the mind connected to the body.  You perceive thoughts, the thoughts have an effect on you because they reflect a belief you accepted.  Your reaction to the thought is felt in the body because that is where you define your emotions and feelings to originate from.

But the body-mind system is integrated, like a complex, organic AI suit (like in the movie ‘Avatar’) to you.  Currently we define ourselves as this body-mind suit and our ‘souls’ go to heaven.  This is insane.  We are the soul.  We are the observers in the suit.  Our awareness perceives via the body.  The body dies when we stop looking.  We perceive the thoughts in the head of the body.  We have our own thoughts which we do not consciously look at because we are hypnotized by the body, it’s mind, and the movie we are experiencing just like in ‘Avatar’.  As we perceive, we think and feel.  This thinking is usually hidden from us because we haven’t yet learned to recognize it.  When you speak ‘from the heart’, you are speaking your actual thoughts, not the head thoughts.  When speaking this way, words just come out.  You are not looking at your thoughts in the head for words, they just come out along with feelings.  When your attention is fully focused on something outside of yourself, you are speaking more authentically as yourself.  Even if you are screaming.  That is the authentic you.  When you are speaking while watching the thoughts in the head, you might as well be channelling.  

True expression of your own thoughts shoukd resonate with your very sense of self, not necessarily your body.  You can actually have your own thoughts coming from the heart which disagrees with those in your head.  This is similar to the man/woman drama where men speak from the head more often and women speak from the heart more often,

You can connect with yourself via meditative techniques.  Put your attention on your heart area, the area that seems to be the source of passion when expressing your true self.  Ignore the thoughts in the head and just listen.  Thoughts which feel softer can be sensed.  That’s you.  You feel these thoughts as a sense of knowing and gentle impressions.  Listen to this sense to reveal the thought.  These thoughts can be felt in the body and effect the health of the body.  These thoughts are also translated by the mind of the body, and if you are not conscious of your actual thought, the meaning can be lost in translation.  This is due to definitions and associations created within the head of the body due to your education and experience in the body.

So there are three main components:  body, the body mind, and you (the soul) interacting, which can create havoc if you are not in conscious control of the whole apparatus.  For instance,  you can feel a soul connection with someone, and you feel this as a sense of ‘I love this’ without knowing what this is.  You just feel a sense of love when that person is around.  If your attention is on the body-mind system, then you are aware you are loving something and associate that feeling to whatever it is you are doing or experiencing.  If you are beating that person up because you are following your body-mind, as in, that person just looked at me the wrong way and I’m going to teach him a lesson’, your body can feel determined, excited and your heart can feel love.  So you end up loving the idea of beating him up, completely unaware that the love felt is due to the interaction with a fellow soul mate.  In this unaware state, both souls involved are aware of what is happening.  Meaning you and he are aware subconsciously (because you are not paying attention), but not consciously.  Both are unaware because their attention is hypnotized by the body, the head, and what they are seeing.  This results in karma.  Your soul mate hurts because someone he loves (but does not recognize consciously) is hurting him and he doesn’t understand why.  The other person also feels bad (guilt,depression) without understanding the real reason why.  The head may go into overdrive making up stories to explain it, but in reality, two beings who loved each other just had a painful interaction because they we unaware of themselves.  These are people who exist outside of bodies, that remember and actually feel hurt.  So the next encounter, whether after death, in another life, will reflect this pain between them.  Until they become aware and consciously make up.

This idea is important.  Because you can feel like you love something and the head of the body creates meaningless reasons for it based on the context of the body perceptions.  When what is happening is you are recognizing someone, know something, etc that you are not consciously aware of – you only feel a sensation translated by the body.  Whether it be love, fear, anxiety, etc.  We are usually only paying attention to our space suit which translated our actual thoughts and feelings.  The we perceive the space suit feeling or thought, look around through the space suit at ‘reality’, make up a reason to explain it which is detached from our actual perception.  We, souls, are energy of consciousness which is different from physical energy.  That is why we use a space suit.  Our conscious energy is connected and we perceive in ways different than the body.  To have the body translate our actual feelings and thoughts and perceptions without our conscious understanding results in chaos and suffering.  So humanity appears to be insane with lots of suffering to go around.   The person in the example associated the subtle perception of a soul mate felt as love within ourselves and interpreted by the body as the sensation of love with the thought in the head of beating someone up.  So the loving sensation of a person was associated to an idea in the space suit.  

This confusion between body feeling plus body mind thinking and actual person/soul feeling and thinking is duality.  The soul, us, is the observer, perceived, programmer of the body mind (head).  We are operating complex AI systems which are usually on auto pilot because we fell asleep and now only react without thinking or respond using the head instead of our actual mind.  We are like insane people hurting each other without understanding what is actually going on.  

The Importance of Not Identifying With the Body

The body is a living organism we are intimately interacting with in order to sense our environment.  It is a way to perceive this reality and communicate/interact with others with others.  It is also very receptive to energy.  Our thoughts are expressed as emotions so that we can feel and see through expressions of our conscious selves.  Our souls/spirit is always aligned with joy and love.  Our thoughts and beliefs enable us to alter this experience of love and joy through both conscious and subconscious acceptance of thoughts.  These thoughts coalesce into beliefs and concepts which define our perception of our reality.  This perception defines our experience which is expressed through the body in this reality.

If we are expressing negative emotion, we are thinking negative thoughts about our experience.  We can alter our perception for a more positive experience if we step away from our thoughts and just observe them.  Ask why you think each one and adjust accordingly.

Our bodies are directly effected by our emotions which are expressions of our thoughts and beliefs.  If the body feels unwell then there is a thought that is part of a belief producing an emotion that is negatively effecting the body.  This is the visible expression of your thoughts, not yourself.  Your conscious self is the cumulation of all thoughts and beliefs which become visible when interacting with something, but you, as a being also incorporate a soul.  The soul is that part of you that is connected to the same energy as every living thing in the universe.  This could be said to be the energy of God, Love, Zero point energy field, instant communiction.

The you that is eternal is the soul and mind.  The body is for perceiving whichever reality it is adapted to.  Identifying as the body impresses you with the belief you are mortal, imperfect and subject to suffering.  You are the caretaker of the body as a living expression of the same energy as your soul.  It responds to your love.  Separate thoughts of yourself from thoughts of your body and you can establish a loving relationship without having to identify as it.

When you come face to face with another body, recognize the being inside (mind and soul) as that of your brother having the same soul energy.  The bodies are gifts to be used to communicate, perceive, interact and explore this reality.  When the body dies, you continue on, but your experience on this Earth, in this very dense reality filled with amazing people, colors, expressions of life comes to an end.  The only way to perceive it then is by looking through the consciousness of one who is still in a human body.

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