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James Tyberonn Sums It Up

This excerpt from James Tyberonn’s article in the Feb 2014 edition of the Sedona Journal  encapsulates the basic idea behind how life works that I am using as a guideline for the tools and techniques on this site.

The …essential truth is that all souls …create their own circumstances and experiences within Earth dimensions.  You are here to learn responsible creation.  Many of you …find it hard to believe that you  also create your daily life scenario, especially when the events that occur are unpleasant.

We tell you that the very unfolding of the events you experience day by day is determined by your beliefs and attitude, as well as the expectations formed and projected by both.  Period!

Both positive and negative attitudes, conscious or not, manifest into your reality.  If you project a mentality of lack, you create lack.  If you dwell on worry and fear, you draw them to yourself.  Thus your beliefs and the thoughts that are projected from your core belief must be directed consciously in a consistently productive attitude.  This takes effort.

Accordingly, the great lesson of each life – each soul’s journey – is to learn how to direct thoughts in deliberate, positive directions.  Otherwise you will find yourself in a difficult conundrum, a cage of your own construction.  You are here to learn responsible creation, and that is a great truth.  And when you truly comprehend this, your path becomes clearer.

The idea that we can consciously direct our thoughts, change our beliefs and guide our lives in the direction we desire is a powerful one.  It also requires absolute recognition and management of our beliefs, attitudes and thoughts, which takes effort as emphasized (by me) in bold in the quote.  This effort is continuous and takes determination to succeed against what sometimes seems all odds.  In support of this effort, I will post any relevant websites, tools, motivational concepts to act as pick me ups and realignment techniques in order to stay the course.  The idea is to become a Master Builder of one’s life.

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