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A #Meditation for the #Mind and Body

This requires use of the ‘third eye’.  First become aware of the room you are sitting in.  Memorize it.  Then close the eyes   Feel the impressions of the room appearing in your awareness.  See the impression of the body in front of you and around you.  This body impression is an actually physical entity (your impression of yourself) in another, less dense level of physicality.  It is overlapping accurately the impression of the actual body.  This is the world of the imagination.  The world of lucid dreaming.  The goal is to accurately perceive it.

You should be able to be anywhere, close your eyes and be in the imaginary equivalent.  For those that perceive this, when you die, not the body, but when you, the mind, transitions, this is your new reality.  It matches your life on Earth exactly.  Everything you interacted with on Earth is there in your mind, in your imagination.  This is because, in every single interaction, you looked out the eyes of a human body, imagined the body to be you and imagined yourself interacting.  So it exists in your mind in a 3D holographic form in physicality.  

If you practice this and are able to essentially, lucidly move yourself around in your mind just as the body moves around on Earth, then you have become familiar with your reality and can actually look away from the body’s eyes and still perceive it as real.  This way you can avoid the death experience.  This access to your reality in which you actually exist is represented in the movie ‘Matrix’ when the main character realizes he controls his own reality because it is his own mind.  Of course this means that every other person you interacted with on Earth is in your mind as a memory, as you perceived them.

Everything you see there represents thoughts and is called a thought-form.  You can interact with your reality equivalent of what on Earth is just a physical object without a detectable vibration, by putting your attention on it.  Let it reveal to you its meaning.  The humans have been moving about Earth, acting out your imagination, constructing your physical constructs here.  So Earth reflects a different reality imagined by beings who are sleeping.  This also insinuates the possibility of mind control.  Because if you are unaware of the reality of things, others can pop into your imaginary world, appear to you (but not visible to others), and mess with your dream,  a non-lucid dream is built on associated context which becomes a run away train wreck.  You are seeing things, reacting to them, and not aware of what is going on.

Beings may pop into your reality (mind) to communicate and help,with awareness, but your unthinking, unaware reaction to them creates, in your mind-verse your perception of them which may be far from the truth.  Try the meditation.  Recognize your reality.  Understand everything in it.  Learn to recognize other consciousnesses that may be interacting.  Increase your awareness.  Recognize that energy applies only to this reality.  The human body lives in a much more dense reality and is not you.  Maybe even try looking at or interacting with the body as an separate life form and see what happens.  You should be able to eventually see your energetic impression, your less-dense physical self move independently of your impression of the body, which is the body’s awareness of itself.


Storytime You

“I don’t believe in bedtime stories…” from the new Peter Pan

If you are not aligned as your true self, then you are living a bedtime story.  A story you are creating within your imagination.  Aligned as true self means you are not consistent in mind and soul body.  If you were, you would be at peace and having a joyful experience.  This would be because you are listening to your spirit, your deepest desires and following them.  Otherwise, your mind is doing its own thing regardless of what you feel in your heart, your connection to your spirit and soul body.  

The mind does its own thing when you, the intelligence doing the thinking, are cut off from ‘source’, from your soul body, essentially the rest of your mind and its connection to consciousness and the energy of life.  This connection allows you to receive data, information intuitively.  There very little need to think, figure out or mull over things.

Here, in these bodies, most of us are ‘cut off’.  We can be connected while our awareness is focussed on these bodies.  We are cut off due to our own efforts.  And the dream, or story, we are creating is more of a nightmare.  If you are not in love with your life, experiencing the joy of being, you are cut off.  This dream is a negative experience.  This applies to just about all of humanity.

We are desperately creating stories in our mind as we try to ‘figure’ things out and make ourselves feel better.  After all, we are supposed to be joyful beings.  And our minds are in overdrive, compensating for the detachment from our connection to life.  If we turn our minds off, and say, ‘I don’t need to create a story anymore’, and just start observing our experiences, you may just realize a few things.  We are insane, life here is absurd and a lot of effort goes into thinking our lives into being.  Just let life come to you.  Observe it.  Understand why that experience happened, all in observation mode. This is the point of mindfulness.

If you really pay attention, you will observe that before you do anything, you have already scripted, in your mind, what is about to take place.  How you are going to act, feel or speak.  You have set a pre-determined pathway that you just follow mindlessly.  There is no spontenaity.  Your joyful existence is spontaneous, not thought through, and synchronous.  Letting go of your mind’s bedtime stories allows you to experience this spontenaity once again.  This feeds your spirit.  Paying attention to your spirit leads you back to your actual soul self.

Most beings on Earth are receiving help of some sort from others who are trying to help you reconnect to your spirit and start expressing as your true self.  That is what the ‘follow your highest excitement’ is all about.  If you feel yourself moved by anything, express it.  Don’t hold it within in order to ‘compose yourself’ or present yourself as a particular persona.  This is your tragic story of yourself.

There are not a lot of people following their spirit, or highest excitement, because that would completely disrupt society and families.  We are caught up in the stories of morality, obligations, duty and fear of expressing ourselves honestly in case of rejection or offense.  For each person that suddenly just starts following their spirit, there may be initial chaos in their lives.  Their families may be effected in what appears to be a negative way, but following joy is never negative.  Every single person benefits from the company of a joyful person.  A parent may be inspired to leave their family for something else and their kids would benefit because their parent would be demonstrating to them what life is about – following your joy.  And they would no longer have to be under the thumb of an unhappy person.

We are not on Earth because this is what life is.  Not because this is the only experience to be had and when we ‘die’ we are ethereal ‘spirits’ that float upward to ‘Heaven’ and simmer in eternal bliss.  The ‘spirits’ are actual beings that are individuals of a different energy state and are blissful because they follow their joy.  If you deny yourself your ‘spirit’, your joy, then when you ‘die’ by detaching from the human body, you will still have your story obsessed mind trying to figure out how to find happiness.  You will be caught up in your imagination, still cut off from your spirit and the energy of life. 

This Earth life is meant to enable us to recognize ourselves by actually seeing the expression of our mind and feeling the spirit of our soul selves.  We can use this life to realign our minds with our heart.  This denser body is actually a more spiritual experience than the state we are in without these bodies.  The physical energy, vibrations, resulting from the interaction of our consciousness, thoughts, mind with physical space is buffered by the bodies.  We express the energy as physical experience, such as tears when crying.  Without the bodies, we would not know if we were crying unless someone looked at us and knew what that physical energy represented.  This after death state applies to all who are not aligned with their true self because the self they are then experiencing is their false, story time self.  A self consisting of their awareness looking at and experiencing the physical vibrational energetic effects of their thoughts instead of their actual soul self.  This means they are not aware of their actual self that consists of energy not of the physical universe.  Like a diver using a remote diving device in a virtual reality kind of way, who is aware of the underwater world and his interaction with it, but forgetting his actual body exists outside of the water.

All of the material things to interact with on Earth are created to distract us from the realization that we are not happy, not living in joy.  We are now creating virtual reality devices to runaway from this false reality, which we are in because we have run away from our actual, honest-to-God true self reality.  So we can lose awareness of this reality, while living in it.  The only saving grace, and this is for our benefit, is that the body eventually dies.  This is essential.  Otherwise we would be stuck in our nightmare for eternity, never finding our way back home.

If you are suddenly moved by your true essence, your spirit, while experiencing something, there may be another person, being, there aligning with you in support of your reconnection to joy.  They would be unseen by you because you are focussed externally into this material world.  But you could perceive them by going inward and using your consciousness, which can sense beings that are interacting with you, but exist as their actual self outside of physicality.  The part of you they are interacting with would be your actual self exisiting in the same non-physical reality as they are.  You are just not aware of it.  Follow this energy and see where it leads.  

Thoughts on Law of Attraction

Our thoughts create our reality.  For some reason we don’t say that or understand that to mean we create our own reality.  ‘We’ makes it seem ridiculous.  Or ‘I’.  Our thoughts do.  So our thoughts are not us.  Or my thoughts are not me.  If you could say that in your head without a mental smirk, then it’s true.  How about ‘my thoughts are me’.  Sound ridiculous or have resistance to the idea?  Then it’s not true for you.  You can try to make it your truth by programming yourself.  One technique is to repeat something over and over with positive ‘feeling’ until you believe it’s true.  Programming yourself this way, by eliminating an existing truth, one that is not obviously harmful, is a dangerous game to play.  Like a blind mind groping it’s way in the dark and making bad guesses on where to go based on what other blind minds are saying.  It’s better to stop everything, lay down and cease your physical expression while you listen to yourself and learn what’s already there.  

Answer, for yourself, from your own ‘mind’, better, your own heart, questions like,

Who are you?
Why are you here?
What are you afraid of?
Why are you running away?
Do you trust yourself?
Is this you asking the questions?

Do you believe in God?  See, http://bit.ly/1Mhh3od
Listen without judgement or expectation to whatever feelings, images or ideas pop up into your head.  Act as if God is answering because, most likely, you don’t trust yourself.   If you feel fearful at the idea that it is you answering yourself, as if you are someone else looking at yourself, then see it as God.

We are currently experiencing a very limited awareness.  This kind of awareness works for those running away from themselves.  You can focus your attention into a very dense reality and pretend you don’t exist, except as this person you are.  But then you have to die.  But then what happens?  Do you go to Heaven?  Why are you giving yourself the experience of denial of self only to die.  An experience of facing non-existence?  There is a reason for everything you do.  This is not a joyful state.  Anyone in this state is detached from themself, as in unable to feel a sense of their own self that exists as ‘spirit’.  When the ‘spirit’ moves ‘you’, that is the actual life, the actual being which is you, your actual self.  And it feels so far away.  And it’s seldom ‘moved’.  Any other sensation you feel, especially through these bodies (http://bit.ly/1Nh1dvy ), is the sensation of the vibration of physical matter.  The physical universe is ‘energy’ that is unlike the ‘energy’ that we are made of.  Like the difference between quantum physics and Newtonian physics.  We are quantum, vibrational energy is Newtonian.  We are not made of vibrational energy, we just effect it with our consciousness and feel the effects.  We can take our attention off of this vibrational space time energy and stop feeling the effects, but we have to recognize ourselves to do it.

We are all ‘connected’.  Not because we are the same mind or energy.  Physical space is our shared mind (see http://bit.ly/1Id7Dvn).  The energy of space vibrates with our communications and we feel eachother’s effects through this medium.  We are connected In this way.  We are also connected through the ‘heart’.  This means, if you listen to your heart, that the word ‘heart’ is referencing our true self.  Our ‘spirit’.  We are able to communicate through ‘spirit’ which keeps us connected.  We do this through our imagination since we are completely disconnected from our sense of actual self.  We do not feel our own ‘energy’ at this state of unawareness.  But we still have our minds.  Because no matter where you go, there you are.  You are the awareness, the intelligence, the mind.  But you can’t feel yourself.  So we have the imagination, which is our mind connected to spirit self. 

The imagination is real.  If you are imagining things and elements or people within your imagination begin to move on their own, as when you are dreaming, then that is real interaction at the spirit level.  You interpretation based on this level of unawareness may be skewed, but the interaction is real.  You can use this tool to connect with someone or reconnect with your spirit, actual, self.  

Your ‘heart’, or ‘soul’, or ‘spirit’ has desires, especially when in need.  It is calling out.  These ‘desires’, or needs of the spirit, are heard and answered.  If you are not attuned, you may miss the answer to your ‘call’.  You may not even be aware that you, the ‘spirit’ is calling.  The mind can try with purpose to have a ‘desire’ fulfilled, but the mind’s desires are not answered.  They are not your desires because it is the physical shared mind, not your actual mind found within the imagination.  The Law of Attraction only works with the call of spirit whether you are aware of it or not.  It does not work with the mind.  The desires of the mind require work, effort, planning, manipulating and time.  All within the laws of physicality, E=MC^2, where shared mind ‘thoughts’ are just vibrational energy. 

Try an experiment.  Lay down and daydream by letting go of your ‘thoughts’, or your attention on the shared mind.  Just observe what comes up.  If you sense or ‘see’ a presence or image of a being, then that is real.  A real communication at the spirit level.  You are always connected to people you love at the spirit level.  This is a way you are able to communicate.  They are not present, as in actually there, it is just real thought communication, as in psychic communication.  So you are never alone.  You always have the ability to connect to someone at any level of density, or reality, if they are aware or paying attention like your are at that moment.

One drawback is that if you are currently in a negative state of being, which most people here are, because we are running away from awareness of ourselves, then the energy which you cannot sense, is negative.  This effects how people appear to you in dreams, in your imagination.  Your negative energy, which you can verify by just observing how you act and think about things without purposefully manipulating your awareness of it, will mean people appear to you as scary images.  This is because you are looking through the filter of your own energy.  Even a positive, joyful being will appear scary.  This produces fear.  You are only afraid of yourself, never anyone else.  If you face any scary images even as you experience fear, you will be rewarded.  You only fear yourself, that is why you are running away.  Many of you probably have guides helping, see http://bit.ly/1w9sJWk.

Our fear of ourselves makes us seek unawareness while still ‘existing’.  That brings us to Earth.  Our history and civilizations reflect suffering.  We are in a state of self- imposed suffering.  We create concepts like heaven and hell to describe ourselves, our state of mind.  We desire to return to being our actual joyful selves (heaven), but are trapped in a state of fear and hatred for ourselves (hell).  Earth is the experience of hell.  A manifestation of our state of mind.  Killing, being killed.  Dying, losing loved ones forever.  Emotional hell and physical hell.  All experienced in our own self-flaggelation.  Tons of help from spirit is sent our way through spiritual teachings, chanellingd, our dreams.  But we need to decide we are done suffering in order to be receptive to this help.  Listen to your inner self.  If you feel negative emotions, but are optimistic and feel like you have a positive ‘spirit’, you may be working with a guide.  In order to go to heaven with this guide, you need to align with the spirit you feel.  The highest joy you feel and follow it.  

Excerpt: Quantum Mysticism: Gone But Not Forgotten

Quantum Mechanics

Here is an excerpt from the phys.org site which takes a look at the spiritual philosophies of the scientists who began the study of quantum mechanics.

Does mysticism have a place in quantum mechanics today, or is the idea that the mind plays a role in creating reality best left to philosophical meditations? Harvard historian Juan Miguel Marin argues the former – not because physicists today should account for consciousness in their research, but because knowing the early history of the philosophical ideas in quantum mechanics is essential for understanding the theory on a fundamental level.

Mind Matters

The controversy boils down to the age-old question of the nature of reality. As Einstein (a firm realist) once asked, does the moon exist only when looked at? Although such a viewpoint seems unlikely in our everyday lives, in quantum mechanics, physicists’ observations can sometimes affect what they’re observing on a quantum scale. As the famous Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics argues, we cannot speak about an objective reality other than that which is revealed through measurement and observation.

As Marin explains, the debate of consciousness in quantum theory began around 1927 when Einstein accused Neils Bohr of introducing a mysticism incompatible with science. Bohr denied the accusation and blamed it on Einstein misunderstanding him when he said that humans are both actors and observers in the world. Yet while Bohr believed that quantum processes occurred without the need for observers, he also sympathized with the idea that an extension of quantum theory might help in understanding consciousness.

Einstein, for his part, adamantly opposed any subjectivity in science. He disagreed with Bohr’s view that it is unscientific to inquire whether or not Schrödinger’s cat in a box is alive or dead before an observation is made. Einstein devoted much of his later life to searching for elements of reality to make quantum mechanics a theory based on realism. For instance, the EPR paradox (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox) thought experiment in 1935 attempted to restore realism and causality to the theory.

On the other hand, Wolfgang Pauli truly did harbor some of the views that Einstein accused Bohr of. Pauli favored a hypothesis of “lucid mysticism,” a synthesis between rationality and religion. He speculated that quantum theory could unify the psychological/scientific and philosophical/mystical approaches to consciousness. Pauli’s perspective was influenced by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, whose views on reality were in turn influenced by Eastern religions.

Still other physicists had different views. Marin argues that Max Planck, an adherent of Christianity, framed the controversy as the objectivity of science and Christianity against the mysticism of Schopenhauer and his popularization of Buddhism and Hinduism. Planck considered religion (Christianity) and science compatible based on his opinion that they are both based on objectivity but refer to distinct facets of reality. Meanwhile, Paul Dirac rejected any kind of religious vocabulary, arguing that “religion is a jumble of false assertions with no basis in reality.”

The mysticism controversy also expanded into the public realm, starting in 1929 with first astrophysicist Arthur Eddington’s popular book The Nature of the Physical World. Although the book distorted many concepts, his defense of mysticism caught the attention of the international media. (Eddington was most famous for confirming Einstein’s theory of relativity by measuring an eclipse, which catapulted Einstein into fame.)

In the next few years Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger leaned toward the side of mysticism, irritating Einstein and Planck. For others, the choice was not clear cut. Marin argues that the mathematician John Von Neumann intentionally used ambiguous terms when discussing the philosophy of quantum equations, meaning he could fit on either side. “He was a genius at linguistic innovation and came up with German terms that could support many different interpretations,” Marin said.

In 1958, Schrödinger, inspired by Schopenhauer from youth, published his lectures Mind and Matter. Here he argued that there is a difference between measuring instruments and human observation: a thermometer’s registration cannot be considered an act of observation, as it contains no meaning in itself. Thus, consciousness is needed to make physical reality meaningful. As Schrödinger concluded, “Some of you, I am sure, will call this mysticism. So with all due acknowledgement to the fact that physical theory is at all times relative, in that it depends on certain basic assumptions, we may, or so I believe, assert that physical theory in its present stage strongly suggests the indestructibility of Mind by Time.”

Read more at: http://phys.org/news163670588.html#jCp

For fun, (from Physics & Metaphysics)

Quantum Physics (Simplified)

Your consciousness affects the behavior of subatomic particles.

Particles move backwards as well as forwards in time,

and appear in all possible places at once.

The universe splits into parallel universes in which all possible events may occur.

Quantum Physics (Even More Simplified)

Question: “Is an electron a wave or a particle?”
Answer: “Yes”

Question: “Is the electron here or is it there?”
Answer: “Yes”

Question: “Which came first; the chicken or the egg?”
Answer: “Yes”

Co-Creation and Duality

We are people (souls) creating our own experiences using physical energy.  The tools for our creation (creativity) are the physical body and its associated mind.  These are not a part of us, they are being used by us.  The body is physical energy (matter) interacting with physicality.  We are consciousness energy using the body to interpret its physical interactions.  Consciousness energy is a different energy than physical (like light and quantum energy).  

The physical mind manipulates thoughts which coalesce into beliefs.  Thoughts attract like thoughts.  When solidified into beliefs, the beliefs filter out incompatible thoughts as in-believable.  Beliefs, in this way, act as barriers to awareness.  

The body-mind, which we perceive as ‘our’ head, is a shared mind.  It is shared by all other body-minds.  These minds, or thinking devices, can be looked at by more than just our consciousness.  Thoughts of others can be perceived by it.  This leads to co-creation via the mind.  Co-creation via the body is when the bodies work together.

Co-creation includes all density levels within physicality.  Less physically dense body-minds can share thoughts.  Of course the consciousnesses perceiving through the bodies are manipulating these thoughts.  The body-mind systems are used for communication with all participating consciousnesses within these physical energies.  The thoughts we share, we may interpret as our own and not realize someone else is communicating with us.  The less dense body-minds are being used by the same consciousnesses as ourselves.  They just prefer less dense bodies to work with.  

We, as non-physical consciousness energy beings, put our attention into physical energy.  The energy conforms to our thought/emotions, creating bodies mapped to our real bodies and body-minds mapped to our real minds.  Like in Avatar.  Through this body-mind filter, we perceive physicality.  Our actual soul self, the consciousness, exists and can perceive all densities of this physical energy (matter) at once.  It all exists right here, where you are standing or sitting.  When we stop interacting with physical energy, we pull our attention from it and the body returns to its generic physical energy state, un-formed.  

We are playing with physical energy.  Experience here is physics and psychology.  Physics represents our understanding, knowing, that we are playing with physical energy we define as matter.  Our knowing comes from our actual non-physical conscious mind that understands we don’t exist ‘in’ this physical energy, we are just experiencing our interaction with it.  Psychology represents our desire to understand the relationship of the mind to our experience, how the mind manipulates matter (physical energy) and our conscious belief system.  We need to understand ourselves via the mind to re-connect with our actual mind-body and expand our awareness. Through both physics and psychology, we try to understand our perceived reality.  Psychology to understand ourselves, physics to understand our interaction with physical matter.

Duality is experienced because we are currently disconnected (unaware) that we are not actually the body-mind.  This is the yin part.  The other part is us, the actual person, yang.  We can be at war with ‘ourselves’ (duality) because we switch back and forth, perceiving ourselves as the body-mind, then as our soul selves (our actual conscious energy).  We feel both at the same time and mix feelings, thoughts from each up so that we are confused and appear to be insane. 

We feel both the physical body and our real emotions when we hurt (we=soul).  We switch our attention to our body-suit, our space suit to feel better.  We use the body mind understanding to think of a way to feel better.  This is pacification.  Let’s say that you are unhappy, you, soul-self.  Instead of looking at your actual mind by taking attention off of body-mind, stilling the body and putting attention on the unhappiness (which enables you to listen to your real mind), you use the body-mind to figure out a way to feel better and use the physical body to get pleasure.  For instance, through eating, physical activity, using physical energy to create a sensation in the body which feels like positive energy, making you’feel’ better.  But your self, the ‘soul’, is still unhappy.  You just created an experience using your physical tools to feel as if you felt better by manipulating physical energy to create physical sensations in the body or interact with other physical things.  But you are not physical energy and you are still not happy.  So this physical interaction is a distraction from what is actually bothering you.   This where psychologists come in.  The solution is to ‘meditate’ on yourself, find out why you are unhappy and use your actual conscious mind to figure it out.

If you ignore yourself and just pacify and distract to feel better, then you will eventually become frustrated and give up.  Giving up means you are on autopilot.  Hypnotized as if in a dream, looking out through a physical body and just reacting, not consciously responding.  This is a zombie.  They have forgotten they are not the physical body and have become confused about their identity of self.  What is their actual mind?  How do you hear it?  Do I feel my actual body or is it the physical body?  The body mind can talk in circles to pacify because people want to feel better.  When you have reached this state, stop listening to the body mind.  Stop the body of you have to.  Some people get sick as an attempt to get themselves to just stop and start listening to themselves.  Otherwise you will run with your physical body looking for pleasure to feel better.  

When the physical body dies, your perspective is once again that of your actual consciousness in the non-physical, similar to how you perceive in the dream state.  Unfortunately, what you perceive is defined by what what you believe.  So your awareness can be limited.  You take your beliefs with you when the body dies.  The beliefs you accept because of the reasoning you did while in physicality come with you into non-physicality.  So if you believe in hell, youn experience it.  If you believe you are not dead, you simulate your Earth life, etc.  You do not leave behind your experience here.  It is very relevant, and it helps to achieve awareness before death so you are not living within delusions.  There are people who help people lost within limiting beliefs, but they are confined by the beliefs and must work with them to communicate.  So if you believe you are in hell, they may appear as a demon.  I will create a post about this topic which is also discussed in the Seth books.  This should motive all to clear beliefs before you kill your physical body with the frustrated energy from your soul self who probable wants to get out of physicality because of the pain you are experiencing from not listening to yourself.  Then you find yourself in whatever nightmare your beliefs have you create after death.

Enlightenment is the alignment of the body-mind system to the actual consciousness body-mind so that they are in harmony.  Then you are aware of yourself as the consciousness playing in physical energy and interacting using the body-mind.  You are consciously choosing your thoughts and managing your beliefs.  You are aware of more than just yourself.  Your perception expands to includes what your actual conscious mind perceives.  Your joy is felt within your actual body which then resonates with the physical energy, amplifying the experience.

So, here we are, perceiving through bodies.  Creating physical things with physical matter.  Who created the environment in which we are interacting?  Some consciousnesses co-created all physical aspects of Earth.  We are co-creating with this or these consciousnesses.  Someone is manipulating physical energy to create the Earth system.  It would be a consciousness just like us, but with expanded awareness.  We are interacting with this consciousness via shared thoughts and physical contact with the bodies.  Our beliefs and unawareness, lack of knowledge, also filter thoughts in physicality via the shared mind.  We could be receiving, ‘hearing’ thoughts from the consciousness creating Earth, but blocking thoughts because of our beliefs.  There are many stories of Earth creatures, such as fairies, elementals, which could be the Earth consciousnesses communicating.  We are playing with their creation.  An example of communication with consciousnesses that expresses the energy of human interaction on Earth is the music that is generated.  Music like that of Audiomachine expresses the energy of Earth as experienced by humans. These are some things to think about.

Duality and Human Drama

Humans are hungry for love.  Not many experience true love.  True love is a soul to soul connection between two people who are their authentic selves with each other.  Not necessarily with anyone else.  Those who don’t experience true love define love as a feeling within the heart area that is like a push/pull interaction with the one they love. This is a need based love.  They give you something that makes you feel good about yourself and it becomes a dependency.  If a break up occurs, it really hurts because it is a withdrawal, similar to a drug withdrawal.  This need based love is felt as something desirable because of the association to the fulfillment of a need.  But the actual sensation is one of pain, like an ache.  Real love should feel whole body light and joyous.  And be independent of whether it is returned or not.

The reason for this love based on need is the lack of understanding of the body-mind-soul/person system.  The need based love is body love.  As in, the person’s attention/identity is associated with the body.  What they feel in the body, they associate with their soul.  They also disassociate from themselves by defining the soul as something they have, aka ‘heart’, instead of something they are.  This is also why it is hard to communicate these ideas – because of our definitions of concepts and words.  We don’t have souls, we are souls.  But we talk about souls as something we have, so I use the terms as people understand them.

Here is a simplistic concept of the way we are integrated into the body-mind system.  We are the soul who originates from outside the physical universe.  Outside in this case refers to perception.  Some refer to us as ‘spirits’, as in, ‘my spirit will go to heaven’.  But you go to heaven.  You change perspective back to non-physicality when you decide to leave and withdraw attention from the body so it dies.

The body is integrated with a ‘mind’.  We see this mind as our head and brain.  This mind manipulates thoughts.  Thoughts are used to create reality.  So the mind is a tool to create reality in physicality.  Thoughts are expressions of, interpretations of actual physical energy, and are used to create everything from planets to stars to galaxies.  The body is a tool used to interact with this physicality as experience.  There are many body types one can have which vary in density and image, but only one mind.  The mind is shared by all bodies and the thoughts that appear in it are not necessarily your own.  If you are not paying attention to it, then it can be filled with thoughts not created by you (ie by advertisements, etc).  

When you think, your attention usually goes to your head where your thoughts seem to be located.  This is the mind connected to the body.  You perceive thoughts, the thoughts have an effect on you because they reflect a belief you accepted.  Your reaction to the thought is felt in the body because that is where you define your emotions and feelings to originate from.

But the body-mind system is integrated, like a complex, organic AI suit (like in the movie ‘Avatar’) to you.  Currently we define ourselves as this body-mind suit and our ‘souls’ go to heaven.  This is insane.  We are the soul.  We are the observers in the suit.  Our awareness perceives via the body.  The body dies when we stop looking.  We perceive the thoughts in the head of the body.  We have our own thoughts which we do not consciously look at because we are hypnotized by the body, it’s mind, and the movie we are experiencing just like in ‘Avatar’.  As we perceive, we think and feel.  This thinking is usually hidden from us because we haven’t yet learned to recognize it.  When you speak ‘from the heart’, you are speaking your actual thoughts, not the head thoughts.  When speaking this way, words just come out.  You are not looking at your thoughts in the head for words, they just come out along with feelings.  When your attention is fully focused on something outside of yourself, you are speaking more authentically as yourself.  Even if you are screaming.  That is the authentic you.  When you are speaking while watching the thoughts in the head, you might as well be channelling.  

True expression of your own thoughts shoukd resonate with your very sense of self, not necessarily your body.  You can actually have your own thoughts coming from the heart which disagrees with those in your head.  This is similar to the man/woman drama where men speak from the head more often and women speak from the heart more often,

You can connect with yourself via meditative techniques.  Put your attention on your heart area, the area that seems to be the source of passion when expressing your true self.  Ignore the thoughts in the head and just listen.  Thoughts which feel softer can be sensed.  That’s you.  You feel these thoughts as a sense of knowing and gentle impressions.  Listen to this sense to reveal the thought.  These thoughts can be felt in the body and effect the health of the body.  These thoughts are also translated by the mind of the body, and if you are not conscious of your actual thought, the meaning can be lost in translation.  This is due to definitions and associations created within the head of the body due to your education and experience in the body.

So there are three main components:  body, the body mind, and you (the soul) interacting, which can create havoc if you are not in conscious control of the whole apparatus.  For instance,  you can feel a soul connection with someone, and you feel this as a sense of ‘I love this’ without knowing what this is.  You just feel a sense of love when that person is around.  If your attention is on the body-mind system, then you are aware you are loving something and associate that feeling to whatever it is you are doing or experiencing.  If you are beating that person up because you are following your body-mind, as in, that person just looked at me the wrong way and I’m going to teach him a lesson’, your body can feel determined, excited and your heart can feel love.  So you end up loving the idea of beating him up, completely unaware that the love felt is due to the interaction with a fellow soul mate.  In this unaware state, both souls involved are aware of what is happening.  Meaning you and he are aware subconsciously (because you are not paying attention), but not consciously.  Both are unaware because their attention is hypnotized by the body, the head, and what they are seeing.  This results in karma.  Your soul mate hurts because someone he loves (but does not recognize consciously) is hurting him and he doesn’t understand why.  The other person also feels bad (guilt,depression) without understanding the real reason why.  The head may go into overdrive making up stories to explain it, but in reality, two beings who loved each other just had a painful interaction because they we unaware of themselves.  These are people who exist outside of bodies, that remember and actually feel hurt.  So the next encounter, whether after death, in another life, will reflect this pain between them.  Until they become aware and consciously make up.

This idea is important.  Because you can feel like you love something and the head of the body creates meaningless reasons for it based on the context of the body perceptions.  When what is happening is you are recognizing someone, know something, etc that you are not consciously aware of – you only feel a sensation translated by the body.  Whether it be love, fear, anxiety, etc.  We are usually only paying attention to our space suit which translated our actual thoughts and feelings.  The we perceive the space suit feeling or thought, look around through the space suit at ‘reality’, make up a reason to explain it which is detached from our actual perception.  We, souls, are energy of consciousness which is different from physical energy.  That is why we use a space suit.  Our conscious energy is connected and we perceive in ways different than the body.  To have the body translate our actual feelings and thoughts and perceptions without our conscious understanding results in chaos and suffering.  So humanity appears to be insane with lots of suffering to go around.   The person in the example associated the subtle perception of a soul mate felt as love within ourselves and interpreted by the body as the sensation of love with the thought in the head of beating someone up.  So the loving sensation of a person was associated to an idea in the space suit.  

This confusion between body feeling plus body mind thinking and actual person/soul feeling and thinking is duality.  The soul, us, is the observer, perceived, programmer of the body mind (head).  We are operating complex AI systems which are usually on auto pilot because we fell asleep and now only react without thinking or respond using the head instead of our actual mind.  We are like insane people hurting each other without understanding what is actually going on.  

How We See the World

@TrainingMindful: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

That begs the question, ‘what are we?’  How are we conditioned to see the world?  And the standard viewpoint on this is, we are conditioned by the beliefs of society and our parents.  And this is true to some extent, but we see the world and experience the world through these bodies we wear.  These bodies are the basic cause of how we are conditioned to see the world and our fellow souls living in it with us.

When we look out of our eyes, we see other bodies.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see eyes.  Eyes which some say are ‘windows’ to the soul.  If they are windows, then we are the beings inside the physical structure called the body.  We use this body to interact with the physical structure of this universe which also consists of differing levels of physical density.  To experience dense organic matter, we wear dense organic matter body suits to see it, touch it, feel it.  In a less dense body, we could not grab physical matter here and hold it.  We could only perceive its energy as it exists in a less dense format.

So we see the world through dense organic bodies which perceive through the five senses.  Our actual selves perceiving through the bodies have additional senses.  We can develop these senses to use in addition to the body senses if we pay attention to our experiences.  Most people are so distracted by or enamored with the body experience, they don’t ever pay attention to the perceptions they have as beings that exist simultaneously at all density levels in this physical universe.

In theory, we should be able to pay attention to our perception through the bodies, our experience at this density, turn our attention to less dense energies and perceive through our own consciuosness, experience at other densities.  These are energies that are not perceptible to the body, but are to our consciousness.  So the perception and experience of less dense energies is different.  More of a feeling-sense than objects you can hold.

So we are conditioned to see the world as very solid, organic.  Filled with inertia, slow to change.  Mortal, cyclical, and out of our control.  People are just bodies.  They die and go to a nebulous place called ‘heaven’.  Or maybe re-incarnate.  Life seems purposeless, other than just to try to find happiness or survive.  Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.  No one really interacts with or looks at the actual people, souls inside the bodies.  The perceivers looking out.

Tweet: Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.

How would we see the world if we looked at is as we are?  With an understanding of the nature of ourselves, instead of the amnesia which makes us bodies?  We are conscious, sentient beings perceiving through bodies, existing at the same time throughout all densities of this physical universe.  For some reason, we decided to experience this universe instead of another which maybe is beyond our ability to conceive.  So we donned the physical apparatus necessary to interact with the physical energies in this universe.  We look out of our suits, like a person watching a movie, and we see images of other consciousnesses encapsulated in suits.  We see arms and hands extend out in front when we move the body arms.  We see legs move beneath us when we think of moving.  But these are parts of a programmable machine, like a virtul reality video game.  We are inside operating the suit.  Like a holo deck, the reality is so life-like, we get caught up in it, even beginning to feel like those body arms and legs are a part of us.  They feel like us.  They move when we think, responding with noticing our thinking, as if the parts are us.  But the body is not us.  We think it into action.  We unfortunately have learned to identify it as ourselves.  And you can do this with anything.  Attach any device to a baby since birth, and you can condition that person to think he is a monkey – if you put him in a monkey suit and only responded to him as if he were a monkey.  This is our basic conditioning.

Imagine the world as we are.  We are in suits, perceiving conscious energy at a very dense level of existence.  What does this planet look like without the suit?  Or with a less dense suit?  Or with our consciouness perceiving instead of the body perceiving?  Seeing the world as we are is seeing the world with all of our perceptions.  Our own conscious perceptions of subtle energies plus the 5 senses of our body suits.  Seeing our fellow man as souls in suits, lost in a virtual reality, trying to find their way out.  Some may be aware of who they are, how reality is and are doing the conditioning and programming.  Because, why not? No one else is paying attention.  And if you are not programming your own experience, you are being used for some one else’s experience.

Everything we have in this reality mimics actual reality.  We are rapidly progressing toward a technological representation of how reality works.  Virtual reality games.  Programming.  Video games.  Space suits.  Exploration of different densities.  Interaction with conscious beings not incarnated via channellings.  Everything is energy.  Quantum physics.  We may be receiving assistance from others trying to get us to recognize ourselves and understand reality so we recognize we are in a dream.  Then waking up consists of this recognition plus the ability to control our own experiences via consciously choosing our beliefs and choosing our interactions.  Believing anything is possible, that everything in this reality is just a belief because beliefs are the programming language we use for perception here.  Out of physicality, we do not need beliefs relative to physicality.  Our minds are the computer tools we use to program our perceptive body tools with beliefs.  We use our body suits to then experience our programs.  We attract experiences to us via beliefs, thoughts.  We can change our perception of the world by changing our perception of ourselves.

Universal Connections and Mindfulness

Having faith that the universe supports you involves believing that you are an integral part of it, with an eternal existence beyond your current form.  And by universe, I mean the energies and beings interacting in physicality.  There are many densities to physical form, and the many channelled entities of today can attest to that.  When we release these bodies upon the death of the body, we still exist.  In what form?  Or possibly out of form?  It’s a different story for each person, But the continuation is real.

Therefore, we can suppose, or conceive of the idea that there are acquaintances, loved ones, or strangers that exist in forms other than human form or without form.  These beings, being of the same conscious energy as us, since we are them when not in human form, are conceivably just like us, but with varying beliefs.  Similar to the tremendous variety of humans on the planet, but with the distinction that our conscious beliefs revolve around our Earth based reality.  They would not necessarily share that unless they existed as a human and remain attached to this form.

These beings (and when we die, we will be referred to as a ‘being’ by humans), just like humans, are interacting with us in both positive and negative ways.  The interaction comes about from our personalities, beliefs and emotions that attract our experiences to us.  There are many channellings aimed at benefitting the evolvement of mankind and our understanding of reality.  There are also some that are deceptive, but most likely because itis their understanding that is flawed, but it is a channelling so it is given credence anyway.  This could be construed as negative interaction, but it is most likely ego based.  The type of human attracts a similar personality.  If the human is ego based, then the channellings will also be ego based.  If the human is able to channel without awareness of what is being channelled, then the ego has been asset aside and the information, is more true to the channelling entity.  Bashar is an examples of this.  We would need to determine the truth of it as it applies to us based on our own, individual response to it.  

There are also many people interacting with other beings without being aware of it.  For example, suppose you are thinking about something, a problem to be solved.  You work things around in your mind, and at the same time, a being is right there, thinking with you, sharing thoughts, working through the problem with you.  And why would they do this?  Would you ever do that for someone?  If you can conceive of this, then some one else can and is doing it.  And maybe you actually have friends beyond this life.  If 7 billion people can live and die as a human, then where do they all go?  Some might just want to hang around helping.

Interactions like this can also have a negative effect, but only because the thinking is based on negative thoughts.  This is why mindfulness is important.  If you are entertaining negative thoughts which produce a negative mood, which in turn enhance and attract more negative thought, it can be a self-sustaining feedback loop.  And ther can be an entity in the same frame of mind as you that wants someone to commiserate with, so he is attracted.  Now you are both feeding the negativity.  In this case, your will is needed to break through the inertia of negativity.  If you feel bad, it’s hard to pull your pants up and do something positive.  You may want to find a positive person to uplift you, but this does not work in the long run.  You need to understand what belief is behind this and stop feeding off of other people’s posivity.  Be a creator of your own positivity.  At least do it for the being commiserating with you if not for yourself.  Ignoring the thought does not remove the belief, and you will be effected by this belief in your subconscious until it’s gone.  

So be mindful.  First become aware of slothful, negative mental thinking.  Once aware, put your attention on it and really feel the negativity associated with it.  Since you are paying attention, the emotion will not effect you as much – you are just observing it.  Follow the thoughts that pop up as you feel this.  They will lead you to a belief.  What would you have to believe to feel this way?  Once the belief is discovered, if you do not like it, it will disappear.  Just looking at it is all it usually takes, unless it is integrated with another belief.  Just keep at it.  This is consciously re-programming yourself by choosing your believes.  Once you have examined all of your negative beliefs, then your beliefs will be in alignment with yourself and you will feel a true peace of mind.  You will think a lot less and only about things that interest you.  There will be no worry, stress, or barrage of thoughts pounding in your head.  And any beings commiserating with you will have benefitted.  

Thinking of your existence beyond this life or within this life, but also still participating in the other densities of existence in this universe, keeps you connected to the universe.  It helps support the belief that you are equal to all other consciousnesses and that the universe supports you.

Consciousness exists at all density levels at all times.  In our human existence, our consciousness has access to all density levels.  We just need to attune ourselves to those ‘subtle’ (less dense) energies.  We can begin to do this by quieting our minds using the mindfulness techniques.  Once our minds are at peace, we can begin the journey into the exploration of our connectedness with the universe and all life interacting with it.

The Illusion of Our Physical World

An excerpt from, A Course in Miracles

What if you really understood you made [the world] it up? What if you realized that those who seem to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are wholly unreal? Could you have faith in what you see, if you accepted this? And would you see it?

One thing is sure; hallucinations serve a purpose, and when that purpose is no longer held they disappear.

Only two purposes are possible.  And one is sin [belief in lack], the other holiness [positivity, faith]. Nothing is in between, and which you choose determines what you see. For what you see is merely how you elect to meet your goal. Hallucinations serve to meet the goal of madness. They are the means by which the outside world, projected from within, adjusts to sin and seems to witness to its reality. It still is true that nothing is without. Yet upon nothing are all projections made. For it is the projection that gives the “nothing” all the meaning that it holds.

Projection makes perception. The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. Therefore, to you it is important. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. Perception is a result and not a cause. And that is why order of difficulty in miracles is meaningless. 

The blind become accustomed to their world by their adjustments to it. They think they know their way about in it. They learned it, not through joyous lessons, but through the stern necessity of limits they believed they could not overcome. And still believing this, they hold those lessons dear, and cling to them because they cannot see. They do not understand the lessons keep them blind. This they do not believe.

Thus they define their life and where they live, adjusting to it as they think they must, afraid to lose the little that they have. And so it is with all who see the body as all they have and all their brothers have. They try to reach each other, and they fail, and fail again. And they adjust to loneliness, believing that to keep the body is to save the little that they have.

This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies: 

I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

It is impossible the Son of God [all humans] be merely driven by events outside of him. It is impossible that happenings that come to him were not his choice. His power of decision is the determiner of every situation in which he seems to find himself by chance or accident.

The world you see is but the idle witness that you were right. This witness is insane. You trained it in its testimony, and as it gave it back to you, you listened and convinced yourself that what it [the body] saw was true. You did this to yourself. See only this, and you will also see how circular the reasoning on which your “seeing” rests. This was not given you. This was your gift to you and to your brother. Be willing, then, to have it taken from him and be replaced with truth.

All that the ego is, is an idea that it is possible that things could happen to the Son of God [humans] without his will [the human’s control]; and thus without the Will of his Creator, Whose Will cannot be separate from his own [source, God always matches]. This is the Son of God’s replacement for his will, a mad revolt against what must forever be. This is the statement that he has the power to make God powerless [and feel helpless] and so to take it for himself, and leave himself without what God has willed for him [the ability to create his own experience].  This is the mad idea you have enshrined upon your altars, and which you worship. And anything that threatens this seems to attack your faith, for here is it invested. Think not that you are faithless, for your belief and trust in this is strong indeed.

This other “will,” which seems to tell you what must happen, you give reality. And what would show you otherwise must therefore seem unreal. All that is asked of you is to make room for truth. You are not asked to make or do what lies beyond your understanding. All you are asked to do is let it in; only to stop your interference with what will happen of itself; simply to recognize again the presence of what you thought you gave away.

Be willing, for an instant, to leave your altars free of what you placed upon them, and what is really there you cannot fail to see. The holy instant is not an instant of creation, but of recognition. For recognition comes of vision and suspended judgment. Then only it is possible to look within and see what must be there, plainly in sight, and wholly independent of inference and judgment. Undoing is not your task, but it is up to you to welcome it or not. Faith and desire go hand in hand, for everyone believes in what he wants.

Wishful thinking is how the ego deals with what it wants, to make it so. There is no better demonstration of the power of wanting, and therefore of faith, to make its goals seem real and possible. Faith in the unreal leads to adjustments of reality to make it fit the goal of madness. The goal of sin induces the perception of a fearful world to justify its purpose. What you desire, you will see. And if its reality is false, you will uphold it by not realizing all the adjustments you have introduced to make it so.

It is as needful that you recognize you made the world you see, as that you recognize that you did not create yourself. They are the same mistake. Nothing created not by your Creator has any influence over you. And if you think what you have made [including the body] can tell you what you see and feel, and place your faith in its ability to do so, you are denying your Creator and believing that you made yourself. For if you think the world you made has power to make you what it wills, you are confusing Son and Father; effect and Source.

Yet the truth is you and your brother were both created by a loving Father, Who created you together and as one. See what “proves” otherwise, and you deny your whole reality. But grant that everything that seems to stand between you and your brother, keeping you from each other and separate from your Father, you made in secret, and the instant of release has come to you. All its effects are gone, because its source has been uncovered. It is its seeming independence of its source that keeps you prisoner. This is the same mistake as thinking you are independent of the Source by which you were created, and have never left.

Creation and God

T- 6.V.C.9

“Truth is without illusions and therefore within the Kingdom. Everything outside the Kingdom is illusion. When you threw truth away you saw yourself as if you were without it. By making another kingdom that you valued, you did not keep only the Kingdom of God in your mind, and thus placed part of your mind outside it. What you made has imprisoned your will, and given you a sick mind that must be healed. Your vigilance against this sickness is the way to heal it. Once your mind is healed it radiates health, and vigilant on God’s behalf. The ego speaks against His creation, and therefore engenders doubt. You cannot go beyond belief until you believe fully.”
– A Course In Miracles

Truth is a universal law or set of laws that applies regardless of belief.  Like the Law of Attraction.  Illusions are perceptions that result from beliefs.  Beliefs result from thoughts you keep thinking and experience.  Thoughts result from perception.  So illusion can be self-reinforcing.  To break free of an illusion, you to to apply conscious will to change a belief, by thinking new thoughts to create new experiences.  This re-inforces your new belief until it is some thing you no longer consciously think about and it recedes into your ‘subconscious’ mind.  Everyone one has a subconscious filled with unrecognized beliefs.  If you are happy, the beliefs are working for you.  If you are conflicted, you have a preferred belief arguing with your actual belief.  If you are miserable, you have beliefs that are betraying you. 

The ‘Kingdom’ referred to in the quote above is the physical reality in which we live.  The truths are the universal laws.  The physical reality exists due to the universal laws which can be regarded as the beliefs of God.  So say God is holding these beliefs as his truths.  He is like a person on Earth who created a society with a worldview, a thought system with a set of rules.  As he views his creation, he decides it would be nice to have someone to share it with and so has kids.  His kids are consciousness who for some reason we’re attracted to Earth to experience his world.  He loves his world and his kids.  He wants his kids to love his world or at least share in his love for it.  If they don’t, that’s ok because he loves them unconditionally.  They are free to be themselves, express themselves as they see fit.  It would hurt him to experience their rejection of him or his world, but as any parent would, he would still love them and wait for them to discover theirselves and eventually come to appreciate his world and him.  Like they did when they first decided to participate in it in the first place.  

In the quote, making another kingdom refers to the people who came into this world and rejected the rules, beliefs of the creator of it and made their own rules.  Their own rules were created from their thoughts which a rose from their perceptions, which formed beliefs and solidified illusions.  And are now self-perpetuating.  They are illusions because they can be changed with conscious will.  Maybe this world hurt and they weren’t use to hurt and so they fell out of sync with the unconditional love provided by the creator of it because how could he love us if this happened to me?  So their perception of this reality is now defined by their experiences which may have been misunderstood.  If you did not create this reality, then you do not have the knowledge and experience of the original creator to navigate it in joy.  Not until you start thinking like  a creator as opposed to one who looks to the original creator to take care of him or fix things for him, or just accuse him of creating a sucky experience.  The original creator, ‘God’ loves life, his creation, and matches that love with anyone who can feel it.

Think like a creator.  Think like an equal to God, as if you’ve finally grown up and you can look Dad in the eyes as an equal and say, ‘thank you, Dad for bringing me into this world, for providing me with loving care and supporting me as I struggled to learn about myself.  I know now that we are brothers.  I hope you can love my creations as much as I love yours.’

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