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How We See the World

@TrainingMindful: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

That begs the question, ‘what are we?’  How are we conditioned to see the world?  And the standard viewpoint on this is, we are conditioned by the beliefs of society and our parents.  And this is true to some extent, but we see the world and experience the world through these bodies we wear.  These bodies are the basic cause of how we are conditioned to see the world and our fellow souls living in it with us.

When we look out of our eyes, we see other bodies.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see eyes.  Eyes which some say are ‘windows’ to the soul.  If they are windows, then we are the beings inside the physical structure called the body.  We use this body to interact with the physical structure of this universe which also consists of differing levels of physical density.  To experience dense organic matter, we wear dense organic matter body suits to see it, touch it, feel it.  In a less dense body, we could not grab physical matter here and hold it.  We could only perceive its energy as it exists in a less dense format.

So we see the world through dense organic bodies which perceive through the five senses.  Our actual selves perceiving through the bodies have additional senses.  We can develop these senses to use in addition to the body senses if we pay attention to our experiences.  Most people are so distracted by or enamored with the body experience, they don’t ever pay attention to the perceptions they have as beings that exist simultaneously at all density levels in this physical universe.

In theory, we should be able to pay attention to our perception through the bodies, our experience at this density, turn our attention to less dense energies and perceive through our own consciuosness, experience at other densities.  These are energies that are not perceptible to the body, but are to our consciousness.  So the perception and experience of less dense energies is different.  More of a feeling-sense than objects you can hold.

So we are conditioned to see the world as very solid, organic.  Filled with inertia, slow to change.  Mortal, cyclical, and out of our control.  People are just bodies.  They die and go to a nebulous place called ‘heaven’.  Or maybe re-incarnate.  Life seems purposeless, other than just to try to find happiness or survive.  Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.  No one really interacts with or looks at the actual people, souls inside the bodies.  The perceivers looking out.

Tweet: Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.

How would we see the world if we looked at is as we are?  With an understanding of the nature of ourselves, instead of the amnesia which makes us bodies?  We are conscious, sentient beings perceiving through bodies, existing at the same time throughout all densities of this physical universe.  For some reason, we decided to experience this universe instead of another which maybe is beyond our ability to conceive.  So we donned the physical apparatus necessary to interact with the physical energies in this universe.  We look out of our suits, like a person watching a movie, and we see images of other consciousnesses encapsulated in suits.  We see arms and hands extend out in front when we move the body arms.  We see legs move beneath us when we think of moving.  But these are parts of a programmable machine, like a virtul reality video game.  We are inside operating the suit.  Like a holo deck, the reality is so life-like, we get caught up in it, even beginning to feel like those body arms and legs are a part of us.  They feel like us.  They move when we think, responding with noticing our thinking, as if the parts are us.  But the body is not us.  We think it into action.  We unfortunately have learned to identify it as ourselves.  And you can do this with anything.  Attach any device to a baby since birth, and you can condition that person to think he is a monkey – if you put him in a monkey suit and only responded to him as if he were a monkey.  This is our basic conditioning.

Imagine the world as we are.  We are in suits, perceiving conscious energy at a very dense level of existence.  What does this planet look like without the suit?  Or with a less dense suit?  Or with our consciouness perceiving instead of the body perceiving?  Seeing the world as we are is seeing the world with all of our perceptions.  Our own conscious perceptions of subtle energies plus the 5 senses of our body suits.  Seeing our fellow man as souls in suits, lost in a virtual reality, trying to find their way out.  Some may be aware of who they are, how reality is and are doing the conditioning and programming.  Because, why not? No one else is paying attention.  And if you are not programming your own experience, you are being used for some one else’s experience.

Everything we have in this reality mimics actual reality.  We are rapidly progressing toward a technological representation of how reality works.  Virtual reality games.  Programming.  Video games.  Space suits.  Exploration of different densities.  Interaction with conscious beings not incarnated via channellings.  Everything is energy.  Quantum physics.  We may be receiving assistance from others trying to get us to recognize ourselves and understand reality so we recognize we are in a dream.  Then waking up consists of this recognition plus the ability to control our own experiences via consciously choosing our beliefs and choosing our interactions.  Believing anything is possible, that everything in this reality is just a belief because beliefs are the programming language we use for perception here.  Out of physicality, we do not need beliefs relative to physicality.  Our minds are the computer tools we use to program our perceptive body tools with beliefs.  We use our body suits to then experience our programs.  We attract experiences to us via beliefs, thoughts.  We can change our perception of the world by changing our perception of ourselves.


The Body/Consciousness Connection

Based on ideas presented by Seth and Bashar
“The identity [person], existing in another dimension entirely, plants the seed into the medium of physical reality from which it’s own material existence will spring.” – Seth
The following ideas are explored:
How consciousness is connected to the body
How the beliefs and thoughts effect the body

Regarding the concept of how consciousness interacts with the body/form (from Seth material),

“…the inner self forms, first, the ‘invisible’ body structure which will later emerge in flesh.  At the event of this initial seeding, the conscious mind, in your terms, is obviously not connected with the brain, which has not yet formed in flesh.  The idea of the body is held and made physical by a conscious mind.”

“The idea or mental pattern for the body existed before the conscious mind’s connection with the physical brain… The identity exists before the form.”  As in, the idea of the form is impressed upon the DNA from within.

“You choose ahead of time the kind of body you will inhabit and impress.”

“The conscious mind directs the so-called involuntary systems of the body, and not the other way around.”

“[the body] is your most intimate feedback system, changing with your thought and experience, giving you in flesh the physical counterpart of your thought.”

The physical body is directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind.

“The form is, however, a mirror of beliefs, and will accurately materialize in flesh those ideas held by the conscious mind.”

Regarding how beliefs influence your body and thoughts,

From the Iasos website,

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Each belief you have is a resonant frequency which matches a thought you keep thinking.

“Your beliefs are the result of what you imagine, and then activate with your feelings. The version with the most intense feelings attached to it, is the version that gets activated.” – IasosIasos:

  1. Your beliefs determine the reality that you perceive. Your beliefs determine your perception of reality.
  2. You then immediately, automatically, (and usually unconsciously) interpret your perception of reality.  That is, you (arbitrarily) assign, project, and “superimpose” an interpretation onto your perception of reality.
  3. You then emotionally react to your intepretation of that reality.
  4. You then have thoughts about this reality.
  5. Then, based on your emotions and thoughts, you take action.

“Your feelings are the result of your beliefs. Your emotional reactions are the result of what you believe.”

“To discover what your beliefs are, you can work backwards and ask yourself:

“What would I have to believe, in order to end up feeling this way?”

“What would I have to believe, in order to end up perceiving this type of physical reality?”

“You are, however, in physical existence using your body as a medium for learning and expression.” – Seth

“…you live in the body of your beliefs. You perceive through the body of your beliefs. Your beliefs can increase your vision or diminish it.” – Seth

“You must understand, again, that your ideas and thoughts do not exist as phantoms or shadow images without substance. They are electromagnetic realities. They affect your physical being and they are automatically translated by your nervous system into the stuff of your flesh and of your experience.” – Seth

“Your conscious mind is meant to assess and evaluate physical reality, and to help you chart your course in the corporeal universe of which you are presently part. Other portions of your being, as mentioned, rely upon you to do this. All energy at the inner self’s disposal is then concentrated to bring about the results asked for by the conscious mind.” – Seth

“You must learn to deal with your own beliefs directly or you will be forced to deal with them indirectly – by reacting them quite without knowing it in your physical experience.” – Seth

“To act in an independent manner, you must begin to initiate action that you want to occur physically by creating it in your own being. This is done by combining belief, emotion and imagination, and forming them into a mental picture of the desired physical result.” – Seth

“Generally, people believe that ideas have little to do with the living flesh. The flesh seems physical and ideas do not.

While it is true that the body is the living materialization of idea, it is also true that these ideas form an active, responsive, alive body… [the body] is the spirit in flesh. You impose your ideas upon it and largely affect its health and well-being through your conscious beliefs. But the body is composed of living, responding atoms and molecules.” – Seth

Video: Creative Fun With Perception

I love this video which shows the fun side of playing with perception.

Clever Guy Uses Cels And An iPhone To Animate Real Life

via @Digg

The Conscious Use of Attention

The concept of attention, how to develop it and use it are explained very well in the book, Leap of Perception by Penney Pierce:

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:  on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally….[it] is an appreciation for the present moment and the cultivation of an intimate relationship with it through a continual attending to it with care and discernment.  [Mindfulness] is the direct opposite of taking life for granted. -Jon Kabat-Zinn

Attention is defined by the idea that you are ‘stretching toward’ something with your consciousness.  You are bringing the essence of your soul fully into the moment, clarifying your perception of the moment.  This gives you a sense of presence in that moment.

“Interest, curiosity, harmony with your home frequency (sense of self) can transform your experience of attention into something that supersedes physical reality and ushers you into the more mystical experience that comes when you perceive from your entire personal field.”

Penney Peirce provides insights and techniques on how to develop the skill of the conscious use of attention.  Below is a series of steps designed to help you activate presence with attention.

  1. When interacting with someone, ‘bring your attention fully into your body and the present moment.  Remember that you are the soul, perceiving through the eyes of your personality, and really notice the other person, without labels or judgment.  To do this, find quietness inside yourself.  Being a neutral yet compassionate observer is the beginning of presence.’
  2. Place your attention on, around, and in the other person, softly and gently, as though it is golden or diamond light.  Pay close attention to the way the other person speaks and moves, to their personal vibration, to any intuitive clues you pick up.  Don’t match the other person’s vibration.  Stay in your own home frequency.
  3. Notice what their saying and why it’s important to them.  Validate what they’re saying by acknowledging that you understand.  While you’re attending to them, open your heart and appreciate them for who they are; feel the soul quality inside them.
  4. Notice if there is something you’d like to say to them that comes from your appreciation, and say it.  Be mindful that this isn’t about you making an impression or being validated; it’s about finding the soul everywhere in the moment, generated by both of you equally.
  5. Is there a subtle shift in the other person during this process?  You might notice if they relax and open up a bit, or smile.  Perhaps they reciprocate your appreciation in some way.
  6. Try practicing this with an animal, a tree, or your car, and write about what you notice.
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