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Holiday Weekend Thoughts – Sun, Moon, Earth

The Earth is a beautiful place to spend a three day weekend.  I hope you are inspired by something beautiful this weekend.  A stunning sunset, a gorgeous garden, peace and quiet, fun with friends, etc.  Just keep in mind that all expressions of life, including the sunset, are expressions of consciousness.  An intelligence is expressing.  The warmth of the sun feels like male energy in expressed in the physical.  The coolness of the moonlight feels like female energy expressed in the physical.  Maybe the Earth, Sun and Moon are expressions of love between beings which are a family.   The Sun baths the Moon and Earth in comfort.  The moon keeps the darkness away at night for the Earth.   Some things to keep in mind as you tread lightly upon the Earth this weekend.  Here is an excerpt from mythencyclopedia.com,

The Moon in Myths. A Native American myth says that the sun and moon are a chieftain and his wife and that the stars are their children. The sun loves to catch and eat his children, so they flee from the sky whenever he appears. The moon plays happily with the stars while the sun is sleeping. But each month, she turns her face to one side and darkens it (as the moon wanes) to mourn the children that the sun succeeded in catching.

The Efik Ibibio people of Nigeria in West Africa also say that the sun and the moon are husband and wife. Long ago they lived on the earth. One day their best friend, flood, came to visit them, bringing fish, reptiles, and other relatives. Flood rose so high in their house that they had to perch on the roof. Finally he covered the house entirely, so the sun and moon had to leap into the sky.

According to the Greek myth of Endymion and Selene, the moon (Selene) fell in love with a handsome young king named Endymion and bore him 50 daughters. One version of the story says that Selene placed Endymion in eternal sleep to prevent him from dying and to keep him forever beautiful.

In a myth of the Luyia people of Kenya in East Africa, the sun and moon were brothers. The moon was older, bigger, and brighter, and the jealous sun picked a fight with him. The two wrestled and the moon fell into mud, which dimmed his brightness. God finally made them stop fighting and kept them apart by ordering the sun to shine by day and the mud-spattered moon to shine by night to illuminate the world of witches and thieves.

Read more: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Mi-Ni/Moon.html#ixzz3kk2jJnbA


Movie Review: ┬áLady in the Water


Lady in the Water is a 2006 American fantasy thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film’s plot concerns a Philadelphia maintenance man who discovers a young woman in the swimming pool of his apartment complex. Gradually, he and his neighbors learn that she is a water nymph whose life is in danger from a vicious, wolf-like, mystical creature that tries to keep her from returning to her watery “blue world”.  

From http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_in_the_Water

This was an interesting mythological fantasy type of story based on real ideas.  The movie began by describing the background of the myth, which is a bed time story in the homeland of one of the characters.  The myth is based on the idea that mankind was once in communication with people who lived in the water.  This communication kept them in communion with life and Earth, and kept them at peace.  With time, mankind put their attention on their own dramas and distractions of civilization and stopped listening. The water people kept trying to communicate, but mankind fell asleep and forgot there was anyone to listen to.

The ideas presented here that correspond to our world and reality are that there are people who are trying to communicate with humanity, but humanity fell asleep, forgot they exist and forgot how to listen.  Some people channel these ‘others’ trying to communicate.  It’s difficult for anyone not human to communicate with a human because we can only relate to communications that fall within our belief systems.  So information has to be presented incrementally, beliefs modified slowly, until more effective communication is possible.

The water can be symbolic for life outside of human form and the human belief system developed by the human experience.  We got lost in the human experience, human dramas, stories we created with our civilizations.  We are so out of sync with people who do not subscribe to the belief system of humanity, that we believe humanity is it.  That this Earth is our ‘home’, that the physical, astronomical systems we see when we look up are reality, and that reality can only be experienced as a human life.  That consciousness developed here.  That the physical is what we see with our eyes and feel with our hands, and whe we ‘die’, we are either waiting to be reborn to continue living, or stop living and float in the nirvana of Heaven or torment of hell.

Another idea presented in the movie was that people are drawn together without being aware of it.  They each have a role to play, a contribution to make, but they don’t know who they are.  They are acting in an unaware state.  This parallels the concept of our soul plan which unfolds whether our minds are aware of it or not.  Soul plan just means that our actual selves, who are dreaming in this physicality, have a desire at spirit level, and that desire, as in law of attraction, plays out.  We are the souls.  Our minds are creating the dream.  In the dream, we are not paying attention to the desires of our spirit.   So we act out of unawareness, drawn to things, people or places, to fulfill our desires.

Mindfulness can help with discovering the yearning of our spirit and what we are attracting into our lives.  And with discovering who we are by paying very close attention to our own communication with ourselves.  If we do this, then we might hear also, the communications of the ‘others’.

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