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Mindful Art – Color

This was a lesson in how colors enhanced each other when placed strategically, like the yellow just over the building. The painting was done in watercolor. I like to study paintings to understand what I like about them. For me, it is the harmony of the color and contrast. These are colors I picked as some of my favorites for blending together for a peaceful tone.


The Importance of Believing in God

In my opinion, there is nothing more important than the belief in God.  This belief removes the underlying stress of the idea of mortality and always provides a source of unconditional love.  It enables people to believe that life supports them, that love binds them, that life is eternal. 

It is hard to believe in a nebulous concept of an omnipotent being so I will share my concept of God.  Each person can personalize their own concept in a way that suits their personality best.  There is an underlying vibration, backround energy that supports all life within this universe, and that energy feels like unconditional love.  A state of bliss if one were basking in it.  This energy is the love of God which is always there for us, no matter where our free choices take us.  Imagine an eternal being who imagined a reality like this physical universe.  He created new life in a manner similar to us having children here on Earth.  He loves everything within his creation because he loves life and existence itself.  His love permeates the physical universe and connects all of us at the soul level.

If we lost all memory and had no beliefs, we may be in alignment with our souls which resonate with this background energy we experience as love, joy, bliss.  Our beliefs and thoughts keep us from experiencing this energy as fully as we could.  They act as blocks to the free flow of the energy of creation through our bodies and ourselves.  Our natural inclination is to align with this energy and our pain is an indication of how out of alignment we are.  We are like children who left home, the comfort of the unconditional love of a parent, determined to experience life as individuals and discover who we are.  All of are resulting experiences produced thoughts and beliefs that took us out of alignment of that nurturing love.  Similar to teenagers who leave home here on Earth, determined to make it on their own no matter what.  They don’t want to return home, they want to become their own successful person, be their own creator in their own right.  The parents look on in support and love, but have to be ok with them falling and getting hurt now and then because they learn from the experience.  They keep learning until one day they are like their parents.

Our mindful path is the key to leading us back to the right way of thinking to be creators ourselves, capable of unconditional love.  It will enable us to realign with that energy, remember our origins, connect with the source of life here and perhaps one day, become a creator of our own reality, one much larger than our own personal experience.

The belief in God enables us to feel connected to each other, helps us recognize that all life is supported by a loving energy.  We can relax in the knowledge that death is a transition to a different perception, that life is eternal, that the universe is bound by love.  That we have the equivalent of nurturing, loving support from the idea of God.  This idea removes a lot of underlying stress from the mind.  We are not these bodies, we exist beyond them, our conscious minds and souls continuing on from life to life (body to body).  If one reaches such a state of dispair that they no longer want to live, they can lose the body and return to bask in the nurturing energy of God, love before they incarnate into a body again.  This is a belief you can choose to have or not have, but there is no downside to having it.  Without it, there is mortality and dispair.  With it, there is a sense of confidence in the benevolent nature of life.  That the worse thing that can happen to you is a trip back to heaven before you leave home to try again.

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