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Consciousness and the ego

Excerpted from ‘A Course in Miracles’:

Consciousness, the level of perception, was the first split introduced into the mind after the separation, making the mind a perceiver rather than a creator.  Consciousness is correctly identified as the domain of the ego.  The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.  Yet you can know yourself only as you are, because that is all you can be sure of.  Everything else is open to question.

Conceptually, the ‘separation’ referred to can be thought of as our inward turn into our minds, leaving our bodies behind.  Our total intelligence would be our minds plus the body where the ‘mind’ as we perceive it is just something that observes thoughts and whatever else it perceives.  It cannot think.  We are currently existing in a state of not consciously thinking.   Conscious thinking would involve understanding the thought behind all of our actions and the fact the we deliberated those thoughts, then decided to take the action.  The action is whatever we are doing here.  The un-perceived thought came from our non-physical selves.  The decision to act on the thought came from our non-physical body/intelligence self that we are not even aware of.  Insanity describes this condition.

Earth is a mirror of the non-physical.  Our non-physical bodies resemble our Earth type bodies.  We are completely disassociated from our non-physical selves and are existing in a form of psychosis, or insanity.  We exist within our imagination, completely made up versions of ourselves.  Our Earth lives are intended to reconnect us to our non-physical selves.  This is the spiritual journey of self-acceptance.  Our ‘fall’ was brought about by a rejection of our God given selves in favor of an image of ourselves we create.  We cannot walk away into ‘heaven’, reconnected as a sane being u till we fully accept ourselves as we are, not as we wish to be.  Until then we are flailing around in a form of insanity and unawareness resulting from the disassociation with our actual selves.


#Mind, #Imagination and #Intelligence

The word ‘mind’ exists because we perceive human bodies with heads that appear to ‘think’.  We call this process of thinking, the workings of the mind.  According to our beliefs, the human mind observes, comes up with ideas and thinks about things.  It also imagines and dreams when asleep.  Because of this definition of mind, we are confusing ourselves as to what is actually us, what is the body, and who is doing what.  We are interacting with a body that has a brain.  The brain translates data we refer to as the five senses.  Our consciousness perceives this data via the body.  Our consciousness in this context is our awareness.  Not our attention.  Our awareness.  If we focus our attention on something, we appear to lose awareness of ourselves.  This is called ‘being in the zone’.  Most of us are not paying attention.  We are just vaguely aware of our ‘lives’ as if our subconscious mind was observing, not our actual selves, our actual intelligence.  When we actually pay attention, we lose awareness of ourselves for that period of time.  We become completely aware of what we are paying attention to.

When we pay attention, we are bringing the attention of our actual mind, ourselves, as an intelligence to whatever it is that calls to it.  When we are in a state of fear, we are paying more attention to our situation.  We are the observer who is just aware of our experiences, but not consciously aware.  ‘Back of the mind’ aware.  To bring something to conscious awareness, we have to pay attention.  Otherwise we forget and it is a passing thought through our observations, our ‘mind’.  If we watch our ‘mind’ and let thoughts just come and go without paying them attention, just being aware of them, then we are observing them with the ‘back of our mind’ and will not remember.  We will not be conscious of what we just thought.  So if these passing thoughts are due to beliefs we hold, then we are not becoming consciously aware of those beliefs because we are not paying attention.  We need to be ‘mindful’ and consciously watch what passes through from our ‘subconscious’ in order to figure out what beliefs are controlling our behavior.

We are stuck in habits of interaction due to beliefs which we have accepted.  We act in a certain way to express these beliefs and we do so in an automated way because we are not paying attention.  If you observe your every interaction and desire and really look at what you are doing or what you feel like you want to do, you will realize that your response to the interaction has already been scripted out.  You can feel what you are going to do and you just unthinkingly do it.  When you feel an urge, you can check your imaginative mind and actually see, in your imagination, your mind’s eye, what action you feel like carrying out.  This is due to what you were thinking in response to something.  You can trace this urge back to the cause and think about why you have this response within you.  If you don’t do this, you are just reacting in an unthinking way.  If your beliefs are working FOR you, not against you, then this is ok.  If you are not happy, if you are not aligned with your spirit, then they are not working for you.  You need to identify and change them.

Your imagination is a great tool.  But only a tool.  It is easy to get caught up living within your imagination and never taking action on anything.  Taking action brings your thoughts into reality, a real experience.  An experience that has consequences.  People avoid consequences by staying completely in the imagination, which we identify as the ‘mind’.  When you die, your perception of a body disappears and you are stuck in your imagination.  Creating a body within your imagination and having imaginary interactions with ‘others’.  You have an actual body or self which is an expression of your spirit.  This exists independently of physicality.  In your imagination you are cutting yourself off from your ‘spirit’.  You are the spirit of your self,  it is the expression of you as an intelligence.  You can feel it when you are excited about something.

The disturbing part about us as consciousness, as beings who are an intelligence expressing, who are consisting of quantum energy currently entangled with physical energy, is that we do not consciously understand how we work.  We spend our lives here dissecting the human body to understand, but we are not the human body.  The human body is being used to reconnect us to reality becaus, unbelievably, most of us are lost in the labyrinth of our imagination.  We are lost in a dream in which our intelligence and spirit are not participating.  This is dissociative psycho speak because we are the intelligence and our spirit is us feeling our own expression.  But we use the word ‘my’ mind or spirit as if we own it.

We, when not incarnated and not in ‘heaven’, are akin to a human being asleep and dreaming.  Our actual selves are inert.  Only our awareness is imagining or aware of the physical energy responding to our thoughts and beliefs.  We are not consciously aware of this dream.  Just as a human being is not lucidly dreaming.  The urge to lucidly dream is probably the urge to become consciously aware of your actual self and reconnect with reality.  We are carried, in this ‘dream state’, by the energy of physicality in an unthinking state.  Our imaginative ‘interactions’ are habits, pre-written scripts in physical memory according to beliefs.  Nothing will wake us up so that we can become consciously aware of ourselves unless someone helps us.  This human life is someone helping us.  The body reconnects to a reality and recognition that we have bodies, ourselves which interact, and are not minds.  We are not our imagination.  

This human life is as close to reality that anyone can brings us.  If we don’t use it to reconnect to our actual ‘body’ (self identification/expression), ourselves as an intelligence expressing its spirit, then we will plunge back into dreamland upon death.  Actual people, beings, intelligences can try to communicate with us in our dream state, and they do that here, with humans when they are dreaming.  But we just incorporate that into our dreams without understanding the interaction.

This human life ends.  The rest is eternity.  The choice is now.  Ther’s so much information being flooded out there regarding mindfulness.  Ther are also,those who want the dream to continue and they feed off of those dreaming.  They have an interest in corrupting awareness of the truth.  Keeping people asleep and locked in their Storytime, imaginary selves is their agenda.  This includes the warping of the concept of mindfulness.  Watch and understand your thoughts and actions.  Your actions show your beliefs.  You can’t imagine this away.  A human life is precious.  We just need to make the most of this opportunity.

An Example of the Limitation of the Ego

Originally, we, non-physical consciousness, interacted without predefined notions of ourselves, ie man and woman.  We reflected eachother accurately, changing our behavior to match the interaction.  If we were positive, we resonated with the most positive attributes of the other.  Our interaction was then based on our true self (soul self), how we were feeling at the time (true from the heart feeling) with the other acting as a mirror.  If no one else matched, then there was no interaction with another person.  There still could be with life, or energy in general.  We were in the flow of our energy (the energy created by the thoughts of our consciousness which matched our soul feelings), not confined to a definition of ourselves that defied resonating with another soul. As in, acting as mirrors to each other, as our soul selves.  We brought out in each other our current state of mind.  

As we experienced physicality and formed personalities with definitions of ourselves, our interactions became less a reflection of each other and more a holding of energy patterns despite resonant frequencies.  In this new state, when holding onto an identity, we stay the same no matter who we are interacting with.  This requires effort, creates discordance, and we are no longer out true selves.  Our sense of self becomes the feeling of our physical body, not the feeling from our ‘heart’.  Instead of listening to the thoughts associated with our true feelings, we listen to the thoughts in the shared mind/brain of the physical body.  These thoughts are mapped to the sensations of the physical body.  The physical body is created from our very being – our consciousness as it exists in ‘formlessness’. 

Formlessness is existence as experienced in the dream state, less dense, more ethereal.  That version of us, our actual selves, interacts with physical energy and creates physical manifestations as a result of our thoughts and feelings.  Our actual feelings are translated to feelings in the body.  Our thoughts are mapped to a form of communication, such as language.  This translation is our experience in physicality.  To interact truly as ourselves, we need to still the mind of the body and listen to our thoughts associate with our true feeling.  We associate our true feeling with the soul, located in the heart.

For true interaction, without ego, without an identity of personality, we would be open to discovering ourselves with every interaction.  Not knowing how the interaction will go, but just experiencing it.  In this way, we reflect eacother.  However, in physicality, we may end up preferring a personality or traits and hang onto the energy patterns of those traits within our physical body.  This requires holding energy, no matter the interaction, thereby preventing the unhindered flow of it.  When this happens, we are no longer reflecting each other.  We are determined to be a specific, defined set of behavior patterns, even if it makes us look insane.  At this point of commitment to our identity, we see this as ourselves.  We no longer see ourselves as our soul self, the self of consciousness, our true energy.  We see ourselves as the energy of physicality.  Energy we are holding in place, no matter how exhausting, or painful it is.  We fear to let go of this identity, this ego, for fear of losing ourselves and no longer existing.  We have lost the ability to just flow as a consciousness.

This is the limitation of the ego.  Considering we are eternal consciousness, we have been around for awhile.  Some have been interacting with and around the energies of Earth for awhile in the form of re-incarnation.  During each incarnation, a personality is formed during our life as our experience unfolds and we adhere to our beliefs or betray them.  We most likely have incarnated as both a man and a woman.  All of these personalities are energy patterns in our subconscious, or our consciousness.  Each personality had interactions with other people, consciousnesses during its lifetime.  These people, who may also be re-incarnating, may have repeated interactions with us over many lifetimes. We would have patterns of interaction with them in our subconscious, so that even if we don’t recognize the person consciously, we do subconsciously.  Our consciousness, soul self recognizes the energetic signature of their soul self regardless of the physical energy of their body.  These patterns are habits.  Since we are no longer flowing freely in energetic interactions, we will try to hold the current personality energy as the previous life one tries to activate through resonance from previous interactions.   This feels uncomfortable, produces unwanted feelings because we don’t feel ourself.  For example, we may have sensations of sexual attraction, promiscuity come forth because in a previous life we were lovers with the other person.  In this life you are married and that wouldn’t be acceptable, so you deny the resonance and hold onto your current definitions,

Since we have been around a long time, with this behavior, we are fighting ourselves and our understanding of ourselves.  Our current personality may not be the most preferred, but we are so resolute about adhering to definitions that, even if the heart calls, we ignore it, to our own detriment.  Our soul self feels it as pain. Because we have lost our sense of our true self and are no longer free.  We are slaves to our definitions of ourselves and our beliefs.  Beliefs can change.  And the belief that we need to define ourselves is one that we would benefit from letting go.  If we let ourselves respond to others as our heart dictates, we would discover ourselves more quickly, would work through our beliefs more quickly and would discover the other souls we cherish more quickly.

Hell Is A State of Mind

Hell does exist.  Many souls are experiencing it right now, both on Earth and in their after ‘death’ state.  You take your beliefs with you, and can create your own experience of suffering after death because you are continuing destructive behavior patterns you hadn’t addressed during your life on Earth.  

You can exist in a state of delusion because you only perceive what your beliefs allow you to.  In hell, you are stuck in negative patterns of interaction that result in pain, and you are unaware of both the pattern and the cause.  You are reacting emotionally and responding to others’ emotions while appearing to reason.  But your reasoning is insane, based on contradicting beliefs and beliefs which deny your well-being.  Here is an example of a helł scenario.

You are a male.  You have male friends.  You like sex.  You prefer the company of men and love male energy.  It is more confident and easy going.  But you associate acceptable sex with women.  The women you are interacting with, being in hel with you (since energy attracts), are bitches.  You hate them, that type of energy, and they use you.

In hell, people tear eachother down, they don’t uplift.  Positive energy is negligible.  In the state after death, when re-incarnating is no longer feasible because your energy, the physical energy resulting from the state of your conscious mind and associated emotions, can no longer support the life of the organic human form.  The body would not live long enough to really experience what you need to experience.  So you exist in a less dense, more durable body, but with less feedback for you on your emotional state.  This body you cannot ‘see’.  It does not cry and can take a lot of pain before it is felt.  You feel others’ emotions as well as your own.  Unless you are aware of yourself, you cannot tell, during interaction, whether the emotion is yours or theirs or both.  You would think this would deter hurting eachother, but in hell, emotional torment is the way to hurt others.  Hell beings like to inflict others with emotional pain because they are experiencing it themselves.  The dynamic is such that they feel hatred, which is hatred for themselves, but they feel it as hatred for the other.  This hatred makes them want to hurt the other because the other is hurting them by making them feel the self hatred of the other and by bringing out the self-hatred in themselves.  If a hell being was alone, they would not feel this hatred.  They feel hatred because the souls, their actual conscious energy is interacting and they can feel how they are hurting eachother.  

So you are a hell being.  You feel hatred and see it as hate for the other person.  They are making you feel bad so you want them to feel bad.  There is a saying that you end up hating those you hurt.  This is because you hate yourself for hurting them.  Hell beings feel hurt and want to hurt, and use lies, deceit and manipulation to get the job done.  This is done by sensing each other’s emotions to see what level of emotional control they have over you and playing with that without realizing they are hurting themselves.

In this scenario, you love male energy and sex, but cannot get the gratification of sex from males.  You turn to females, whom you now hate, biput use their image to gratify yourself.  So you essentially are a being who loves the energy of sexual interaction.  In heaven, this would be a person who loves the energetic interaction of making love in full participation with another person.  In hell, this energy or passion has been corrupted, and is now expressed as sex with oneself using another’s energy or image,  you are this way because you hate yourself.  You started in the heaven scenario, and after many Earth incarnations of exploring your passion, ended up in hell.  

Let’s say you had a soul mate.  You go on separate paths.  Your path on Earth produces very negative experiences.  You are a sexual being because you love that expression of energy, that interaction.  In society, if a woman, you would be defined as a whore.  A man would be defined as a womanizer.

Starting out, you love both men and women, like a normal soul being, energy being.  Because, before physicality, the definition of man and woman didn’t apply.  There was just a spectrum of energy, beliefs and emotions.  Earth defined that concept for you.  Earth also defined what was acceptable.  You try to express your passion and end up hurting women because they are persecuted as whores when they respond to you.  You don’t want to settle with one woman, you are just exploring the experience of energies.  These energies are the physical energies produced by the interaction of a consciousness (personality plus emotion) with physicality.  You are exploring how these physical energies feel with sexual energy.  In non-physicality, you are focused more on the personality than the feel of a physical body.  The women, who are at this point, corrupted by the Earth environment and dysfunctuional, fall under your charismatic spell.  Despite the existing societal morals.  They are then persecuted by society and build up resentment.  Power lies with the men who defiene the moral values of society.  These bitter women, mistreated and abused by the limitations of and constraints on the human spirit as enforced by society, defined by men, become bitches.

You are having trouble experiencing your passion in joy.  Outside of Earth, without limiting definitions, your love of sexual energy would be matched by someone equally interested and no persecution would be necessary.  On Earth, Ther is the fallout of guilt, remorse and an overall bad taste from the negative backlash produced by other peoples’ opinions about your behavior.  If you interact in a sexual way with women who are needy for love and leave her, she would end up resenting or hating you.  Revenge and backlash can result in a very negative experience.  Yet you are driven to experience what you, as a soul absolutely loves.  So you continue.  As time goes on, your enthusiasm for experiencing life diminishes because you are not able to freely express your passions.  If you grow negative, such as bitter or hateful and die in this state, you would be taking self-hate with you.  It would take many lifetime of repetitive interactions to really degrade, but this eventually becomes a habit or pattern of interaction.  This habit, created while trying to get to a better feeling place, loving yourself, which means allowing yourself to express your passions, results in continuing the same pursuits on Earth that lead to negativity.  Or you just give up what you like and become lifeless.  And you are stuck in habits you are not even aware of.

You love sexual energy.  It degenerated with women because of societal definitions so that now you only interact with bitches.  Anyone who wasn’t now would probably become one because they will eventually feel rejected.  Men are different.  You love their energy and it’s acceptable for them to be promiscuous.  So maybe you try to follow your passion with men and that leads to more negative societal backlash.  Eventually, you just pleasure yourself while looking at another while hating yourself. 

Let’s say you unexpectedly run into your soul mate who went in a different direction awhile ago.  She hasn’t been dragged into negativity yet, so she is still positive.  Yet you don’t recognize her.  Her image is different, but her energy, consciousness, personality are the same.  You are not normally the type of person she would interact with because you are now very negative.  You feel something pulling at your heart when you interact.  She is a woman and you hate women at this point.  You hate how they manipulate and play with your heart to control you emotionally.  So you have learned not to trust the feeling in the heart with women.  You experience an attraction and are drawn to her because she is your soulmate. But the heart’s response produces a subconscious, automated, very negative response that propels you to treat her like a bitch.  Your beliefs only allow you to perceive her this way.  So you abuse her.  She is strongly attracted to you and loves you because she is your soul mate.  She doesn’t understand the hatred and violence, and is torn between walking away and losing some one she really loves or staying in physical and emotional torment. Possibly to eventually join you in hell.  A self-respecting person, positive person would walk away, no matter how much the heart hurt.  Because the conscious mind is in control and learns the right thing to do for your well-being.  This comes from the building of character and optimism in the form of love of life and self.  This keeps you out of hell.

But it takes effort.  It takes  facing yourself, whom you hate to look at because you hate yourself.  It takes going through all definitions and negative beliefs you have.  And those stuck in hell, in unthinking habits, are unaware they are even in hell.  That is now their normal.  Even love, in this case, cannot propel you out.  Unfortunately, it would take extreme suffering to make you decide you no longer want to suffer.  And to begin the journey back to sanity.  

There are so many examples of how other peoples’ opinions and collective society diminish the spirit of humanity, such that some become lost in their own torment of self-hatred.  These are the ones targeted by guides or people/souls who want to help.  This type of person is the type to receive guidance as described in the previous post.

So have mercy on eachother.

The Illusion of Our Physical World

An excerpt from, A Course in Miracles

What if you really understood you made [the world] it up? What if you realized that those who seem to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are wholly unreal? Could you have faith in what you see, if you accepted this? And would you see it?

One thing is sure; hallucinations serve a purpose, and when that purpose is no longer held they disappear.

Only two purposes are possible.  And one is sin [belief in lack], the other holiness [positivity, faith]. Nothing is in between, and which you choose determines what you see. For what you see is merely how you elect to meet your goal. Hallucinations serve to meet the goal of madness. They are the means by which the outside world, projected from within, adjusts to sin and seems to witness to its reality. It still is true that nothing is without. Yet upon nothing are all projections made. For it is the projection that gives the “nothing” all the meaning that it holds.

Projection makes perception. The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. Therefore, to you it is important. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. Perception is a result and not a cause. And that is why order of difficulty in miracles is meaningless. 

The blind become accustomed to their world by their adjustments to it. They think they know their way about in it. They learned it, not through joyous lessons, but through the stern necessity of limits they believed they could not overcome. And still believing this, they hold those lessons dear, and cling to them because they cannot see. They do not understand the lessons keep them blind. This they do not believe.

Thus they define their life and where they live, adjusting to it as they think they must, afraid to lose the little that they have. And so it is with all who see the body as all they have and all their brothers have. They try to reach each other, and they fail, and fail again. And they adjust to loneliness, believing that to keep the body is to save the little that they have.

This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies: 

I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.

It is impossible the Son of God [all humans] be merely driven by events outside of him. It is impossible that happenings that come to him were not his choice. His power of decision is the determiner of every situation in which he seems to find himself by chance or accident.

The world you see is but the idle witness that you were right. This witness is insane. You trained it in its testimony, and as it gave it back to you, you listened and convinced yourself that what it [the body] saw was true. You did this to yourself. See only this, and you will also see how circular the reasoning on which your “seeing” rests. This was not given you. This was your gift to you and to your brother. Be willing, then, to have it taken from him and be replaced with truth.

All that the ego is, is an idea that it is possible that things could happen to the Son of God [humans] without his will [the human’s control]; and thus without the Will of his Creator, Whose Will cannot be separate from his own [source, God always matches]. This is the Son of God’s replacement for his will, a mad revolt against what must forever be. This is the statement that he has the power to make God powerless [and feel helpless] and so to take it for himself, and leave himself without what God has willed for him [the ability to create his own experience].  This is the mad idea you have enshrined upon your altars, and which you worship. And anything that threatens this seems to attack your faith, for here is it invested. Think not that you are faithless, for your belief and trust in this is strong indeed.

This other “will,” which seems to tell you what must happen, you give reality. And what would show you otherwise must therefore seem unreal. All that is asked of you is to make room for truth. You are not asked to make or do what lies beyond your understanding. All you are asked to do is let it in; only to stop your interference with what will happen of itself; simply to recognize again the presence of what you thought you gave away.

Be willing, for an instant, to leave your altars free of what you placed upon them, and what is really there you cannot fail to see. The holy instant is not an instant of creation, but of recognition. For recognition comes of vision and suspended judgment. Then only it is possible to look within and see what must be there, plainly in sight, and wholly independent of inference and judgment. Undoing is not your task, but it is up to you to welcome it or not. Faith and desire go hand in hand, for everyone believes in what he wants.

Wishful thinking is how the ego deals with what it wants, to make it so. There is no better demonstration of the power of wanting, and therefore of faith, to make its goals seem real and possible. Faith in the unreal leads to adjustments of reality to make it fit the goal of madness. The goal of sin induces the perception of a fearful world to justify its purpose. What you desire, you will see. And if its reality is false, you will uphold it by not realizing all the adjustments you have introduced to make it so.

It is as needful that you recognize you made the world you see, as that you recognize that you did not create yourself. They are the same mistake. Nothing created not by your Creator has any influence over you. And if you think what you have made [including the body] can tell you what you see and feel, and place your faith in its ability to do so, you are denying your Creator and believing that you made yourself. For if you think the world you made has power to make you what it wills, you are confusing Son and Father; effect and Source.

Yet the truth is you and your brother were both created by a loving Father, Who created you together and as one. See what “proves” otherwise, and you deny your whole reality. But grant that everything that seems to stand between you and your brother, keeping you from each other and separate from your Father, you made in secret, and the instant of release has come to you. All its effects are gone, because its source has been uncovered. It is its seeming independence of its source that keeps you prisoner. This is the same mistake as thinking you are independent of the Source by which you were created, and have never left.

Mind: Functions of Attention

Functions of Attention
How to Understand the Mind
by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Attention has four functions:

(1) to focus the mind on a particular object,
(2) to fix the mind on that object,
(3) to prevent the mind from moving from the object, and
(4) to serve as a basis for mindfulness and concentration.

Without the mind being focused and fixed on an object through the power of attention there is no possibility of developing mindfulness and concentration. Every mind has a certain degree of attention, though some minds, such as non-ascertaining perceivers, have very weak attention, whereas others, such as those that occur when we are in an agitated state, have unstable attention that flits from one object to another. To develop concentration we need both strong and stable attention.


There are two types of attention:

1. Correct attention
2. Incorrect attention

Correct attention is an attention whose engaged object exists, and incorrect attention is an attention whose engaged object does not exist. All wrong awarenesses have incorrect attention.

There is another twofold division of attention:

1. Appropriate attention
2. Inappropriate attention

The former is the same as correct attention and the latter is the same as incorrect attention.  

The Body and the Mind of God

The body and mind are co-creators of the physical incarnation of human consciousness. The body decays and dies without the nurturing energy of the human consciousness. You could say it dies when the attention of the human is withdrawn.

The body then is not made of the human conscious energy, but it, like everything within our perception is made of conscious energy. This is what quantum physicists learned when exploring the behavior of quantum particles and have termed ‘the observer effect’. For interesting reading, see ‘The Self-Aware Universe’ by Amit Goswami. What is this conscious energy that we co-create with?

Every human is interacting at an intimate level with conscious energy that is not their own via the body. Call this energy God. It’s as if we exist in the mind of God, the mind of a nurturing being that expresses love through what we perceive as ‘life’. Gurus like Mooji talk about observing your thoughts, stilling your mind and becoming aware of an observer watching the observer. Who is the observer behind the human observer?

To conceptualize, try closing the eyes (and I say ‘the’ because the body is a separate expression of life, not of our own consciousness) and becoming aware of everything around you. Every feeling sense you detect. Expand this awareness to include your immediate area, your block, your town, country, Earth, solar system, etc. This will take use of your imagination, which itself is inspired by the conscious mind of God. This expanded awareness simulates the all encompassing awareness of the conscious energy in which we exist.

Every interaction we have in these bodies is with the expression of this Mind – all of life, including us. We also express with our conscious energy in a co-creative manner. All the time interacting with God. If we open ourselves to this interaction. In acknowledgment that we are sharing every thought and experience we have with another sentient being, then everything has meaning. Everything is potentially an expression of Love. For God it is his expression of his love for life itself, including us. This being is a nurturing energy. Life always prevails and adapts. If we are his creations as well, he is like our parent. We are immersed in his supportive energy, never alone, never unloved.

The Body, Mind and Ego

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
-Muhammad Iqbal

In a previous post I mentioned how the body is for communication and perception of the world and others.  People use the body to communicate with eachother and to interact with everything around them.  Because of this, it is easy to see why one might confuse their identity with the body.  But the true person, the one you see when you look into their eyes, exists independently of the body.  It’s the person who exists after the body dies.

The mind exists independently of the body.  Meditation enables people to access the mind while letting go of the body for awhile.  The mind thinks and the thought it thinks about are not necessarily ones that originate from the thinker.  Thoughts are of energy and to some extent, people are telepathic, but at a level beyond conscious awareness.  So thoughts can be received instead of originating within your own mind.  This can be inspiration and if accepted, might as well be thought of as your own thought.  The point of this is to illustrate how people are not the thoughts they think either.  They are not their body, they are not their thoughts.

They are their conscious mind which processes thoughts plus their soul.  The mind may even be considered as part of the soul.  The identification with the body leads to the ego.  The body mind is the ego mind.  When you think, ‘I’, and put you attention on yourself, you feel your body.  That is the ego.  When you put your attention on someone else and think ‘I’, you feel a different resonance.  

This leads to a very useful exercise.  Make a statement beginning with I and see how you feel resonance with the body,


Put your full attention on someone else, whether in imagination or not, and restate the sentiment while looking at them.  

Feel where the resonance is and how it changed.  The body resonates with the ego (when you think I with attention on yourself), and the mind and soul (you) resonate when your attention is outside of yourself.  Your essence is more truly expressed when you interact with your attention away from yourself and the ego, you are “in the zone” of yourself.

Karma, Soul Contracts and Self-Determination

There is nothing more dis-empowering than a spiritual ‘expert’ telling you that your problems are due to a soul contract and there’s nothing you can do about it.  It may be that your circumstances suck, but you still take control of your life by taking control of your mind.  If things seem to be out of control, then your thoughts about what is going on are being mid-managed.  When your ‘soul contract’ karma shitstorm is in full swing and you are being made to feel like you deserve it so suck it up and learn from it, the only thing within your immediate control is how you respond to it.  

You might recognize that you don’t deserve it, in the sense that you are a bad person that needs to learn a lesson, but you need to claim responsibility for your behavior and attitude that may or may not have contributed to it.  The idea of Karma suggests that there are no innocent victims.  Even children are fulfilling appropriate punishment from something they did in a previous incarnation that they deserve.  This mindset creates a callous outlook toward people who are suffering, giving them a ‘you earned it’ attitude.  Unfortunately, if it is some kind of payback, the complete lack of awareness of what they are being punished for makes the ‘lesson’ ineffective.  Karma ‘lessons’ would only work if the person in the midst of it was aware of what they are supposed to be learning.  This requires an attitude of, ‘well I deserve it since I am a sinner.’  So new age karma aligns well with the biblical, ‘we are born sinners’ philosophy.

A more healthy, empowering viewpoint is gotten from completely disregarding the past, looking at things as they stand right now, and deciding to take full responsibility for your life.  You may currently be receiving the short end of the stick, but who know what led to this point since you weren’t really paying attention (especially if it happened in a previous life).  It is my belief that our subconscious minds are filled with all sorts of good stuff left over from previous life experiences.  If we do not examine our behavior, responses, and thoughts carefully to understand what may be lurking in there, we may find ourselves living the same shitty circumstances over and over again.  If you find yourself responding in an unexpected way to something that, after careful review, might have seemed benign, but was transformed into a future karmic lash back because you were in full swing, unthinking reactive mode, then there may be a subconscious issue you have not examined.  The new age recommendation may be to settle into a meditative Yoga pose and channelling some uplifting energy while clearing the mind, but this leaves you without any understanding of what happened.  

When an unexpected, unpleasant response emanates from you, just stop, take a look at what was going through your mind, at what emotion you were feeling, and at what you were expressing.  Sit down and do a post-mortem slowly and deliberately.  Turn the scene over in your head to see it from the other perspective as well as yours.  What triggered the response?  If you can pin-point this, then you can trace that back to why the response happened and what belief is causing it.  We all have beliefs buried within our subconscious, safely out of our awareness, so that we seem out of control of ourselves sometimes, wondering why we are behaving as we are when we don’t want to be.  

Instead of calling our unpleasant circumstances Karma, we can call it subconscious programming and take back power into our lives.  Anytime we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation, you can decide consciously to change the course of your life.  Soul contract is to value ‘life’, not suffering.  No one needs to suffer if they decide they no longer want to suffer.  Your soul contract is to manage your mind appropriately so your soul doesn’t suffer.

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