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The New Lego Movie – Everything is Awesome

This is a great kids movie that is currently a new release.  The story is about a prophecy that says a Master Builder, one who can assembly any contraption instantly, will save the lego population from an evil guy who wants to control and micromanage everything.  When a very ordinary guy who can’t build anything satisfies the requirements for the prophecy, he is deemed the Master Builder.  Although he can’t build anything they approve of (his ideas are unique to him and not seen as impressive), they decide he can learn.  At some point in the movie, the wizard guy who made the prophecy tells him he needs to believe in his own ideas, not what others think, in order to evolve into a Master Builder.  As he becomes more trusting in his own self, he builds something seen as totally useless that actually does save them at some point.  In his attempt to fulfill the prophecy, he fails because he is trying to be what others think he should be.  So the wizard tells him, in a Matrix like fashion, that he made the prophecy up.  This enables Emmett to go on and actually fulfill the prophecy.  The theme pushed by the movie is that for this evil to made irrelevant, everyone must begin creating exactly what he/she is inspired to create, no matter how crazy it is.  A great theme to end with.  And the theme song is a big picker upper with great lyrics to uplift.  The song is available on YouTube here.  With lyrics like

Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity.  More free time for my awesome community
‘”It’s awesome to win and it’s awesome to lose’

you can’t go wrong.

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