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Mortality and the Age of Enlightenment

From Wikipediahttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism#Karma

In Buddhism, Karma (from Sanskrit: “action, work”) is the force that drives saṃsāra—the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being. Good, skillful deeds (Pali: “kusala”) and bad, unskillful (Pāli: “akusala”) actions produce “seeds” in the mind that come to fruition either in this life or in a subsequent rebirth.[24] The avoidance of unwholesome actions and the cultivation of positive actions is called sīla. Karma specifically refers to those actions of body, speech or mind that spring from mental intent (cetanā),[25] and bring about a consequence or phala “fruit” or vipāka “result”.

Rebirth refers to a process whereby beings go through a succession of lifetimes as one of many possible forms of sentient life, each running from conception[28] to death.

The intent with this post is to develop a conceivable perspective of how self awareness arises and why the idea of mortality exists.  The word mortality reflects our understanding that there are people that die for good.  They never come back.  Let me go into this concept first.

We see people as physical beings.  The people we can look at are real to us.  They act independently of us, appear physically different from us and exist even when we are not looking.  This is what we define as real.  These ‘people’ from the perspective of a human on Earth appear to be ‘human beings’.  But human beings are living organisms, ‘creatures’, that are born according to circumstances on Earth and display a physicality based on genetics.  This is Life.  The biological forces of nature enable this.  The random mating and genetic structure create the physical.  It is not an ‘I’ that decided to experience the physical.  It perceives its world according to the five senses, and perceives the subtle energy of ‘consciousness’ according to its sixth sense.  The human body can perceive and respond to consciousness.  Consciousness is a being, either self-aware or not.  But the ‘consciousness’ of the human body is not perceptible.  This is why scientist study it.

If a human being interacted with the environment of Earth and other human beings without any ‘consciousness’ around (any other beings, intelligences) it may perceive itself eventually, as an ‘I’.  We don’t know.  Because if we are chopping up human bodies to understand them, then we are not the human being.  We are consciousnesses using the human being to imagine ourselves as the human.  So we are having the interactions, no one is interacting with the actual human as a separate being, and it will not develop a self-awareness.  This is then a mortal being who will die never knowing itself.  It is partly why they say upon enlightenment, you want to die.

So Life, or God, created the human being.  There is another way for a physical ‘being’ to come into existence, one not created by Life.  Any consciousness can interact with physical space.  The word consciousness refers to a being that exists outside the physical, a non-physical being.  This type of being cannot manipulate physicality, although it may seem it can based on its thoughts, the ones produced by its consciousness.  While this being’s attention is on its ‘interaction’ with physical space, another consciousness may be attracted to it because it likes what it is thinking and doing.  Neither may even be aware of the other, the attraction just pulls them to eachother.  Physical space vibrates and responds to their attention on it.  Both are looking at this responds thinking they are creating the response with their minds.  In this way, they ‘create’ their ‘physical presence’. 

The original being sees the physical animated, possibly as a human looking physical presence because that is what they manipulated their thoughts to perceive.  In the meantime, physical space is responding on its own, with its own energy.  The beings think they control what they are ‘creating’.  They are looking at it as if they are it, not as a separate thing.  They are both looking at the same physical thing without being aware of eachother.  This is because they think alike and are so similar that they think the expression of consciousness, or thoughts of the other are themself.

At the same time, they think the physical response is their thoughts, or ‘consciousness’ energy’s creation, a direct reflection of their intent.  It is actually physical space essentially reflecting back to them their consciousness so that they are effectively experiencing their intent on themselves.  For instance, if they intend to harm someone by ‘creating’ a physical presence for themselves and inflicting someone else in the physical with it, they are actually experiencing the infliction on themselves, i.e. they have to distort their consciousness in order to perceive this effect of making a hateful face and projecting hate.  The only way someone else can be ‘effected’ by this is to be made aware of it.  The beings creating it experience it within the core of their being, the victim is just aware of their experience.  Their perception, however, as they use their imagination to imagine themselves as their physical projection, then stand by someone, such as a human being and look at their own physical projection, is that the human experiences it.  They don’t.  Since I’m drifting from the original topic, I’ll get back to awareness (this phenomenon is known as ‘psychic attack, since consciousnesses are attacking humans by trying to create a physical presence next to the human).

The second being is following its ‘spirit’, not even aware of an ‘I’.  It is using the awareness of the first being for its ability to perceive.  The first being is just expressing itself, not realizing it attracted another being.  It feels good because someone else agrees with it and is participating.  The being thinks it’s just having fun on its own.  This physical presence it generated is known as a ‘construct’.  A construct is, to the being, effectively a filter it looks through to create an experience for itself.  It is created based upon beliefs and thoughts.  The second consciousness being is unaware of itself possibly because it let go of its awareness in order to not experience the hell it was creating.  There are unaware consciousnesses that exist, may be perceived to have ‘died’, but they just ‘let go’ because they were nasty beings, but they are immortal.  They can return in this way, by being attracted to a similar, like-minded consciousness.  But to re-activate self awareness, someone has to interact with it as a separate being.  The original being could look at it as separate from itself, but probably never will, because these types are narcissists – they only see themselves.

In the meantime, physical space is essentially attacking the being because the being has created an attack consciousness within itself and put that consciousnesse’s attention onto physical space.  The immediate response from the physical is to attack it.  The being, using its imagination, actually perceives itself as creating a nasty persona, making faces and a contorted ‘body’ in order for a human or some less dense being to feel like he is contorting his body against his will.  All the human or other person has to do is ignore it a physical energy sensation, be confident that ‘God’ is punishing him and that being will end himself to hell.  

So any consciousness, or non-physical being that puts its attention on the physical, essentially putting his attention away from awareness of what’s happening within his own reality, can attract other non-physical beings to him.  Since his attention is on the physical, he doesn’t know.  These others resonate with various likes and dislikes within his consciousness (self).  They re-I force like consciousness in this way.  He appears, in the physical, to have many constructs within his consciousness.  If they animate without his attention, another being is interacting.  This being, while having an ‘I’, is completely unaware of what’s happening to it in its own non-physical reality.  In his own non-physical reality, he would perceive other people near him, but remarkably, he never looks.

All of the ‘enlightenment’ material being publicized on Earth is for these type of non-physical beings.  While the human being is a very physical being.  Could the human ever become self-aware and immortal?  I don’t see why not.  If a non-physical being put its attention into the physical, with full awareness that the physical was separate from itself, it could experience itself as a physical ‘being’ by recognizing that the physical presence was a reflection of its consciousness (thoughts and feelings) but expressing as determined by physical laws and forces not within its control.  It realizes the physical presence is not himself in the physical, but the physical responding to his consciousness.  A positive consciousness leads to a positive physical presence, but the physical presence is not an accurate representation of the non-physical being.  He can only be seen as himself in the non-physical.  But the physical presence is perceived as a living, physical being by other ‘physical’ beings.  In this way, these types of beings are mortal.  They are not created by Life and are not biological, they are consciousness and physical interacting.

Human Life is a mystery as biological scientist will tell you as they hack away at the human form.  Because the way the human form is controlled and treated on Earth, it may seem as hell.  In these circumstances, they are not self-aware, but are acting as reflections to the consciousnesses interacting with them.  Just as in the previous example.  If a consciousness imagines itself as the human, taking away the human’s awareness of self and its ability to live life except as a slave, then the effects on the consciousness of the being doing this are negative.  The inner ‘conflict’ can only exist because one being is trying to control another.  The human life does have consequences which can only be felt by the possessing consciousness after death since he is putting all of his attention into the human’s world and not his own.


Our Physical Selves

We are perceiving into the physical and our experiences here form our beliefs about ourselves and reality.  On Earth we are perceiving the world via the five senses of the body.  We have other senses that are part of us, but we are paying attention mostly to just the bodies’ sensory input.  The human body exists within our consciousness and the five sense data are perceived by our consciousness awareness through our integration/interaction with the body.  Our consciousness is entangled with the body.  But the body is inside our minds/consciousness.  Our minds are not contained within the head of the body.  Our consciousness can perceive other consciousnesses interacting with other bodies.  We can tune into this sensory data by paying attention to it.

We are here to reconnect with reality.  Unless you are here to help someone reconnect with reality.  This Earth experience is not reality, but more akin to a dream because we are looking via some other body supplied by Earth.  Our actual bodies are lying dormant as it would for someone in a dream state.  We are essentially dreaming, but rather lucidly because we are perceiving ourselves as taking action.  We are having experiences that cannot be imagined away.  So this life is forcing us out of our imaginations in order to face ourselves and the consequences of our thoughts.

Before incarnating, most were living in a dream state, perceiving their dreams as reality.  Creating their own bodies in their dreams based on their mind, not their soul or body.  Just like we sleep here.  The imagination effects reality because our minds are entangled with the physical in this dream state.  Exactly as we imagine in this life, this imagination becomes our reality in the before life/after death state.  This could be called limbo.  One caught up in a dream, you become lost.  The dream is perceived as real.  You actually see yourself as your dream self, the body and personality you imagine yourself to be.  If you close your eyes and check your mind/imagination for your idea of yourself, your self-image, it is this person you would see as yourself.  You would experience this person as your dense, physical self created by you and able to do anything you can imagine doing.

This life takes you out of that state of imagination because these bodies are not created by you.  They do not respond to your imagination in the looks department or how they feel.  They feel real pain.  You cannot imagine that away.  Our faces do not change based on our imagination.  These bodies do not conform as we are used to imagining.  Life is harder, more frustrating because of that.  For instance, if you were born ugly, you cannot deceive others by imagining yourself beautiful and presenting that to others who are imagining with you in Limbo.   Here, it is your personality that must shine, not your fake self, fake image.   

In Limbo, we create ourselves in our own image, not in the image of ‘God’.  To create yourself in the image of ‘God’ means to align completely with your spirit and express that mind, body and soul.  Not hide in your imagination because you don’t like yourself and need to imagine something better.  Someone aligned as their true self can exist outside of the physical universe with their own body, in any form.  They can interact with the physical, but they don’t need to.  We do in order to deceive ourselves and others so they see a person other than who we truly are.

This life is meant for us to see us as ourselves and learn to accept it.  Having to interact with others without being able to hide in our imagination, forces us to see our ugly that we hate so much.  If we could just accept ourselves, ugly and all, knowing we can be anything we want to be in reality, not our minds, then we would be in alignment.  Then we could stop interacting in the physical and suffering the consequences of it.  

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent because some are being dragged into this life to perceive themselves via these bodies.  They are being forced to see their ugly, and worse, for others to see their ugly.  And some just don’t want to live.  These are the ones who hate themselves, do not want to perceive themselves and would rather die to go back to living in their imagination.  This is not something that is acceptable for those whose imaginations are used to hurt others.  An example from the last post is someone who has died and gone back to dreamland attacking a human.  They are essentially sleeping next to the human, using their imagination to attack the mind and body of the human without any connection to consequences for the demon, but very real consequences for the human.

The human is a consciousness interacting with the physical, and his or her imagination effects physical energy similarly to a demon.  Both the human and demon interact via the mind.  The torment for the human comes from the fact that the demon refuses to leave him alone and the human is stuck in a life with real consequences.  A significant one being that not one person would believe him regarding the source of his suffering.  These demons who choose to deceive and stay in a physical dream to attack others are the same people who attack in their human life. They continue the same behavior without the physical consequences because they exist completely in their mind.  They have disassociated from their actual body. Here we cannot unless we die or go insane.

Here, we can disassociate from our bodies, which can be called autism or insanity.  The insane appear to be sleep walking, where they talk in a rambling way to imaginary people while existing completely in their minds.  These people are in a similar state as those who choose to perceive in the physical imagination.  Like most here, who are in therapy.  After we die, we can imagine our existence and forget our body, our ‘soul’, and lose ourselves completely until someone makes the  effort to help you perceive a life through a human form, or we can choose to reconnect to our bodies, our ‘souls’.  And walk away in reality.  The existence in the imagination is hell.  People live there, in the mind only, stalking other minds, which they sense through a ‘feeling-sense’ in the physical, in order to attack.  They hate and so they attack.  Because we are always expressing.  Life is the expression of consciousness.  We always express.  We can be conscious of what we express, or we can sleep and express hatred.  At least you don’t have to be consciously aware of yourself in this state.

If you are here in human form, struggling through life, keep in mind that someone cared enough to give you a chance to reconnect to your soul.  Being born isn’t a lottery.  Someone is helping.  Some may hate God for forcing this upon them. But those are the ones who want to hurt without consequence.  They hate seeing the expressions of themselves technically, but in their own minds, they hate others and attack them.  Those who help, represent ‘God’ and are attacked by those who don’t want to face reality as well because they were ‘forced’ to incarnate.

This life is a gift or forced consequence.  It should be used to prepare for death.  Which way are you going to go?  Toward reality, yourself or fall asleep into unawareness of yourself, into your imagination?  When you interact, keep in mind that everyone is facing this choice.  You can tell when the choice has been made before death.  You can see it in the eyes of those appear to have no spirit or enthusiasm for life.  Not many are embracing life.  Most seem to need to be convinced.  Many are getting by, but don’t have any conscious awareness of what the purpose to this life is.  They just exist.  When you die, how do you determine what happens, where you go?  You have to be connected to yourself to walk away into reality, ‘heaven’.  If you are not consciously aware, then you will most likely fall asleep again.  Maybe it will take hundreds of lives, maybe people are going to stop helping people to live as humans.  Now is the time to choose.  Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

Givers, Takers and Users



Mother Theresa is a famous giver.  A giver is someone who has as part of their defining character, the desire to give of themselves to others.  Not to give a material thing or favor in exchange, but give in return for nothing.  And what they are giving is supportive energy in response to a need.  Her definition of love could be redefined as subservience.  A more functional definition of love would be defined by its expressions:  respect, self-respect, an involuntary smile or hug, for instance.  

If you give in response to a need and the need never diminishes or goes away, then the giving is detrimental to the thriving of life.  Life is the expression of consciousness.  The giving has the effect of enabling the need to continue and thrive.  The need is a feeding. As in feeding off of Mother Thersa’s life energy as she gave.  It was voluntary in her case, but after her death, the need remains and looks for another to supply it with giving.  This leads to involuntary giving through the use of threats and force, like laws and government.  So life diminishes. 

This is the effect that continued ‘selfless’ giving results in.  It is actually the result of selfishness because the giver gives to feel good and experience a sense of self-worth and value.  But before the act of giving in this way is implemented, the giver should consider the ramifications of his or her actions on the well being of those effected.  If overall negative, which, in this example it is, then the action should not be taken.  Thus the practical concept of ‘you must give to get’.  This idea supports the diminishment of need, supports independence and self-reliance and an honest exchange of giving.


Takers are the ones who are there to receive the consequence of free giving.  They don’t grow into self-reliance, they just grow into an expectancy of receiving.  They are supported by force which actually diminishes the ability to give.  The force can be through gangs, violence and government.  They grow in power in order to establish security for themselves.  They know those who produce are always naturally inclined to produce and will continue to do so.  This inclination is fueled somewhat by the sense that this life is the only opportunity they have to experience themselves.  If they could consider the ramifications of their desire to produce and its consequence of supporting a thriving community of takers, which in essence are like a cancer, then the highest and best good course of action in support of life would be to starve the cancer.

This makes more sense in a conceivable way, if we take the perspective that this life we are living at the moment is not Life itself.  It is a transition for those who teeter on the brink of hell, heaven or non-existence (a state of unawareness of themselves).  Heaven is actual Life where we live as ourselves, not as beings interacting with Earth bodies in order to simulate life.  Hell is for those who know they have violated life and should be punished.  Their guilt takes them there as their state of mind.  Unawareness is essentially going to sleep after you die because you are tired of your experience of existing.

Earth is a place that offers the opportunity to transition out of ‘limbo’ or hell and regain our sanity in order to start living again as sentient beings in ‘heaven’, a state of mind where we absolutely accept ourselves even if we don’t like or love ourselves.  It means we recover our recognition of ourself, our actually bodies and the reality that we exist in. Earth is essentially a place for therapy.  The only reason to be here is to receive therapy or give it.  To regain sanity or help others to.  This is not ‘living’.  This is recuperating.  So every action we take should be taken with the idea in mind that it should support the well-being of our mind and soul and the souls of others.  This ensures the ending of our incarnations here so we can move on and begin living.

Takers cannot move on.  They are essentially dead beings who have relinquished their desire to take responsibility for their own existence and live off of others.  And by others, I mean other consciousnesses, other beings, the life force of all living beings.  They will take as long as there is a giver.  And if the giver leaves, they take by force until they kill the host like a cancer.  Once they die, they may be recognized as a demonic entity that takes from a human life.  The human experiences this as a demonic hate filled consciousness plaguing his or her mind and body.  This demonic entity was essentially created and supported by those who ‘give’ of themselves without regard to consequences.


Users do not take directly.  They take advantage of what the takers are doing.  Like vultures or scavengers.  They may use the takers by enabling them to take so they can benefit.  Examples would be politicians.  They use takers by riling them up to give themselves permission to create laws that enable them to thrive.  They thrive through the support of the takers.  Takers consume, users enable them to consume.  Givers produce.  It is a system of dependence and need where the dependent and needy are in control by force.  The producers are of the mindset where they want to create to fulfill their enjoyment of life.  This proclivity keeps them creating.  Just as an artist feels compelled to paint or sculpt.  Artists are a type of producer.

So the takers and users now live in a world where they have beautiful music to listen to, beautiful art to look at, marvelous technology to play with, food to eat and a beautiful planet to thrive on.  All without giving one thing.  They receive the contents of their life and give of themselves nothing.  They may give as an exchange where they also receive.  But the beneficial rule is to first give without expectation of receiving in order to get.  It is this mindset that can grow into a strong, self-reliant person.  Otherwise they will remain as people who feed off of others and life will diminish.

Changing ones perspective to recognize our lives here as a mission to get our minds and soul selves back into a functional state, will result in a more effective life.  One where we free ourselves from incarnation here and go on into the real society with our real bodies after our experience with these bodies is over.  This is therapy, not life.  Earth is a replication, or better yet, simulation of how life works in reality.  This is not reality because these are not our bodies.  We are looking through these bodies in order to reconnect with ourselves and become able to function with our actual bodies after the death of these Earth bodies.  Everything we experience on Earth represents society and interactions that exist outside of Earth.  Society, users, takers, wars, families, loves…all of it.  If we can reconnect with our actual identities, not the ones we make up with our imaginations here on Earth, but our actual ones, the ones that align with our spirit, then we reconnect with reality again.

People are in the situation of having to experience the trying, tedious life on Earth because they lost their connection to reality.  This happens when you, as a consciousness, as a being rejected yourself in some way.  The essence of who we are, as the energy of consciousness, interacts with physical space, becoming entangled with it based on our thoughts, minds. This is quantum physics, the physics of consciousness as it interacts with physical space.  If we deceive ourselves because we reject a portion of ourselves and cannot be honest, this forms a belief.  Our thoughts effect our perceptions in the physical.  Our deceptions come from our imagination.  Our thoughts based on our imagination, not reality, thoughts about ourselves, begin to take on a life of their own as beliefs are formed and our perceptions are changed.  We no longer recognize ourselves and forget who we are.  We lose touch with reality and become lost in our imagination.  This Earth life brings us back to reality, which sucks for many.  And some choose to sleep in their imagination instead.  More on this in a later post.

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