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#Mind, #Imagination and #Intelligence

The word ‘mind’ exists because we perceive human bodies with heads that appear to ‘think’.  We call this process of thinking, the workings of the mind.  According to our beliefs, the human mind observes, comes up with ideas and thinks about things.  It also imagines and dreams when asleep.  Because of this definition of mind, we are confusing ourselves as to what is actually us, what is the body, and who is doing what.  We are interacting with a body that has a brain.  The brain translates data we refer to as the five senses.  Our consciousness perceives this data via the body.  Our consciousness in this context is our awareness.  Not our attention.  Our awareness.  If we focus our attention on something, we appear to lose awareness of ourselves.  This is called ‘being in the zone’.  Most of us are not paying attention.  We are just vaguely aware of our ‘lives’ as if our subconscious mind was observing, not our actual selves, our actual intelligence.  When we actually pay attention, we lose awareness of ourselves for that period of time.  We become completely aware of what we are paying attention to.

When we pay attention, we are bringing the attention of our actual mind, ourselves, as an intelligence to whatever it is that calls to it.  When we are in a state of fear, we are paying more attention to our situation.  We are the observer who is just aware of our experiences, but not consciously aware.  ‘Back of the mind’ aware.  To bring something to conscious awareness, we have to pay attention.  Otherwise we forget and it is a passing thought through our observations, our ‘mind’.  If we watch our ‘mind’ and let thoughts just come and go without paying them attention, just being aware of them, then we are observing them with the ‘back of our mind’ and will not remember.  We will not be conscious of what we just thought.  So if these passing thoughts are due to beliefs we hold, then we are not becoming consciously aware of those beliefs because we are not paying attention.  We need to be ‘mindful’ and consciously watch what passes through from our ‘subconscious’ in order to figure out what beliefs are controlling our behavior.

We are stuck in habits of interaction due to beliefs which we have accepted.  We act in a certain way to express these beliefs and we do so in an automated way because we are not paying attention.  If you observe your every interaction and desire and really look at what you are doing or what you feel like you want to do, you will realize that your response to the interaction has already been scripted out.  You can feel what you are going to do and you just unthinkingly do it.  When you feel an urge, you can check your imaginative mind and actually see, in your imagination, your mind’s eye, what action you feel like carrying out.  This is due to what you were thinking in response to something.  You can trace this urge back to the cause and think about why you have this response within you.  If you don’t do this, you are just reacting in an unthinking way.  If your beliefs are working FOR you, not against you, then this is ok.  If you are not happy, if you are not aligned with your spirit, then they are not working for you.  You need to identify and change them.

Your imagination is a great tool.  But only a tool.  It is easy to get caught up living within your imagination and never taking action on anything.  Taking action brings your thoughts into reality, a real experience.  An experience that has consequences.  People avoid consequences by staying completely in the imagination, which we identify as the ‘mind’.  When you die, your perception of a body disappears and you are stuck in your imagination.  Creating a body within your imagination and having imaginary interactions with ‘others’.  You have an actual body or self which is an expression of your spirit.  This exists independently of physicality.  In your imagination you are cutting yourself off from your ‘spirit’.  You are the spirit of your self,  it is the expression of you as an intelligence.  You can feel it when you are excited about something.

The disturbing part about us as consciousness, as beings who are an intelligence expressing, who are consisting of quantum energy currently entangled with physical energy, is that we do not consciously understand how we work.  We spend our lives here dissecting the human body to understand, but we are not the human body.  The human body is being used to reconnect us to reality becaus, unbelievably, most of us are lost in the labyrinth of our imagination.  We are lost in a dream in which our intelligence and spirit are not participating.  This is dissociative psycho speak because we are the intelligence and our spirit is us feeling our own expression.  But we use the word ‘my’ mind or spirit as if we own it.

We, when not incarnated and not in ‘heaven’, are akin to a human being asleep and dreaming.  Our actual selves are inert.  Only our awareness is imagining or aware of the physical energy responding to our thoughts and beliefs.  We are not consciously aware of this dream.  Just as a human being is not lucidly dreaming.  The urge to lucidly dream is probably the urge to become consciously aware of your actual self and reconnect with reality.  We are carried, in this ‘dream state’, by the energy of physicality in an unthinking state.  Our imaginative ‘interactions’ are habits, pre-written scripts in physical memory according to beliefs.  Nothing will wake us up so that we can become consciously aware of ourselves unless someone helps us.  This human life is someone helping us.  The body reconnects to a reality and recognition that we have bodies, ourselves which interact, and are not minds.  We are not our imagination.  

This human life is as close to reality that anyone can brings us.  If we don’t use it to reconnect to our actual ‘body’ (self identification/expression), ourselves as an intelligence expressing its spirit, then we will plunge back into dreamland upon death.  Actual people, beings, intelligences can try to communicate with us in our dream state, and they do that here, with humans when they are dreaming.  But we just incorporate that into our dreams without understanding the interaction.

This human life ends.  The rest is eternity.  The choice is now.  Ther’s so much information being flooded out there regarding mindfulness.  Ther are also,those who want the dream to continue and they feed off of those dreaming.  They have an interest in corrupting awareness of the truth.  Keeping people asleep and locked in their Storytime, imaginary selves is their agenda.  This includes the warping of the concept of mindfulness.  Watch and understand your thoughts and actions.  Your actions show your beliefs.  You can’t imagine this away.  A human life is precious.  We just need to make the most of this opportunity.


#Bashar: Key to Higher Mind Transcription

This is a great talk from Bashar about the flow of information from your actual, true mind in the non-physical, the ‘higher mind’, to your awareness here.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TPd3CMK8jas

Discussion of Imagination.

Imagination is an extremely powerful tool, and we will discuss in what ways this is so.  And how you can apply your imagination in very powerful ways to allow and to create the kinds of changes that you would prefer to represent within your lives individually, and again within your lives collectively, globally.  And as you thus then move out into the cosmos, into the stars and join with us eventually, you will find imagination is going to play a very key role in your ability to do that.  

So let us begin.  We will remind you, first of all, that we have talked about the idea that imagination is the conduit between your higher mind and your physical mind.  It is the pipeline through which your higher mind communicates with you.  And through which, in receiving that communication, you can then, as physical beings, as physical personalities, apply the information, the imagination that comes from higher mind.  The communication into your physical lives, to alter them, to change them in ways that are more reflective of your passion, your excitement, your joy, your preference.  Or not.  It is up to you to use this positively or negatively.  It is up to you.

But imagination is the key to allow an alignment to occur.  And if you are willing to use your imagination without filtering the communication from your higher mind through belief systems that contain fear, then you will find that the outcome can always be a positive one.  And you can always amplify and magnify that in any direction, in any area of your lives, whatsoever, no matter what.  

Higher mind, again, I remind you, has the far seeing point of view.  It stands on the mountaintop.  It can see all the pathways you can possibly take in life, and it guides you toward the path of least resistance.  The path that is most truly you.  As we have said many times, the vibration of excitement, the vibration of passion, is what functions like the compass needle.  It is your magnetic north to your true self.  By following your passion, by following your excitement, by pointing the needle in that direction and that direction only, you will always be completely, squarely, surely on the path that is most truly you – your core, true, natural self.

Your imagination is the conduit through which your higher mind can guide you in this very easily, if you allow it to be effortless, which you can.  Physical mind then chooses in physical reality, various ideas of how to apply these ideas coming from the higher mind, in ways that are also pleasing to the physical being that you are.  The physical personality that you are.  And you learn to work in concert as a whole being, as a whole person with the higher mind.

For if the physical mind thinks that it must take on the job of figuring everything out: how  is this going to happen?  How can I make this happen?  How can I bring everything together to get this to happen?  If the physical mind thinks that it must be the only one doing that job, it is going to be burdened, it is going to be weighed down, it is going to be tired.  Because the physical mind is not designed to know how things will happen.  The physical mind is only is designed to only know how things have happened.  
The idea is thus then to trust the higher mind to let you know that if the higher mind is sending you information that pushes you in the direction of your passion, and you trust that, that the higher mind is telling you that by following your passion, the how will be taken care of.  Because the higher mind can see how you’re going to get there.  And the translation of that how, through the imagination, is the physical sensation of excitement, joy, passion and love.  That’s how the higher mind speaks to the physical mind through the conduit of imagination.  With those feelings, with those vibrations, with those energies, those pictures.  

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