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Life’s a B*tch, Welcome to Hell

Everything is more clear when seen from other perspectives.  Our perspective, as apparently ‘humans’, is that we have a body, a soul, a spirit, a God that gives a sh*t.  But sometimes, things are not as they appear.  We see with our eyes, do we?  What are we if we die?  What is life?  Are we?

Ideas are confusing, they seem to be contradictory when it comes to spirituality.  Maybe because every last bit of it is true, just recorded from different perspectives and mashed up into one, as if seen from only one perspective.  There are many perspectives included in our understanding and knowledge: there’s life’s, the human body, us and any other entity interacting with us.  Both negative and positive.

Some laws for consistency.  Spirit (quantum, non-physical, etc.) energy, the energy of our consciousness attracts like energy.   People with the same highest excitement are attracted to eachother.  Physical attracts opposites.  Like we see in magnets.  Positive ions attracts negative electrons.  Atoms are made from negative electrons orbiting positive protons.  Science enables us to,identify these laws and behaviors.  Biology is the entanglement of spirit with physical.  It describes the behavior of living organisms.  

A spirit, let’s just call this type of person a non-physical being, can move through physical space and we would detect quantum energy.  This being is not interacting with physical energy.  A non-physical person interacting with physical space-time is experiencing quantum entanglement.  His mind/imagination is looking at his effects on space.  This produces a form of ‘life’, our understanding of life, a biological energy/system.  This life is made of physical particles interacting with a quantum imagination.

In entanglement, the non-physical being perceives the physical, like a psychic experience.  He experiences the sensation of the interaction.  His perception is from his mind.  His thoughts and his mind, his entire being exist in the non-physical.  But his perception has moved into his imagination as he perceives his interaction with and effect on the physical.  He may begin to see the physical distort around his mom-physical essence to form a physical body.  He then imagines this to be his body.  Other non-physicals doing the same thing can see this physical form as in a shared dream state. 

The physical, in entanglement with a non-physical being, is perceived as a physical body.  This physical body has a life of its own, responding to physical laws.  The non-physical being perceives it as his body because he imagined it so, but this body is a separate entity.  It responds to physical laws and attractive forces.  For instance, a like spirit attracts a like spirit, but the body of these spirits reflects the imaginative thoughts of the spirit, not the spirit as himself.  This spirit can use his imagination to craft a physical presence which does not match who he is in his non-physical form and personality.  As perceptron experience here shows us, we can imagine ourselves to be someone who does not match our spirit.  Then we can play with someone who we would possibly never be attracted to.  But our minds/imaginations might be attractive.

In the physical, opposites attract.  The makeup of a body is physical energy.  The spirit energy, or feeling state of the non-physical being is usually suppressed by the being when imagining his life in the physical.  It is usually ignored.  They are now effectively just minds, i.e. physical bodies interacting.  It feels lifeless, not full of life because they are not responding to the attraction of their spirits.  Anyone who follows their spirit, and because the concept needs to be explained like this, it show us to be psychotic beings, separated from ourselves in effect, feels full of life.  This is the feeling sense of self and the path to happiness.  So where does hell come in?

When you lose yourself in your imagination and imagine a body to be you that is effected by forces that are not a part of you, you are no longer you.  The physical bodies can be differing densities.  With initial entanglement, the bodies are not very dense.  As we get lost in our imagination and put more of our attention into it, we create denser bodies that are more removed from ourselves where we ARE the spirit.  The bodies are what we call the ‘soul’.  This is how far removed we are from are spirit selves.  We feel the heart, but that is our soul, self created physical body.

The human bodies on Earth are different although the same concept applies.  They are different because they are not us and we didn’t create them.  According to the previous description, that means they are entirely separate beings from us.  Who made them?  They are created here, in the physical, then go to heaven.  The non-physicals were created in heaven and came into the physical.  What spirit interacted with the physical to produce them?  Not us.  We essentially possess them.  This is where hell comes in.  Afterwards I’ll include a more positive perspective, but realistically, the negative seems to apply.

It’s difficult to understand anything because there are likely more than one beings with awareness reading this.  There’s the actual human being and there possessing one with a ‘soul’.  The human beings’ soul is the human body filled with life.  It dies over time because life wants to leave.  Dying means leaving.  It lives in a possessed state controlled by the possessing mind.  The same way that a being crafts his own body in his imagination, he controls the human being’s body.  Although already a physical being with a physical ‘body’, which he is entangled with, he imagines this human body as his and does the same thing.  So his awareness is inside the human mind, the awareness of the human mind.  Because of this, the human is unable to perceive himself and loses himself in the dream of another malevolent being.  Humans should be fully self-aware beings as they exist in the body, but cannot interact as themselves and so are prevented from becoming self-aware in this state.  That comes after death.

The possessing being is interacting with the life force of another being, but depriving that being of his life experience.  This is the road to hell.  The human being is a physical being.  The non-physical ensouled being is a non-physical being.  His mind resides in the quantum realm.  The human being is a physical being.  His mind resides right here in the physical.  The non-physical being imagines his life, but uses physical matter and energy to manipulate the physical.  A human being can manipulate the physical, less dense energy with his imagination.  They, we, are different consciousnesses.  The human being’s imagination and mind reside in the physical.  When a human being dies, he is still a physical being, less dense, and moves toward lesser densities and heaven as he desires and with understanding.

The human being is essentially used as a slave by the ensouled being to manipulate in this density.  Life in this density has created beings that resemble the non-physical beings, but exist in a different reality from them – the physical.  These ensouled beings, from the human perspective are dark energy, demons, the gods of old. They essentially attack the spirit of the human being, violating the natural law of like attracts like.  This effects their spirit energy in a negative way.  Their self-created ‘bodies’ (humans have Life-given bodies) slowly deteriorate because they are killing their life force, which is dying.  They also kill the life force of the human body, greatly shortening its life.  This is a natural process, not done consciously by either.  The effect is that the possessing beings, when the human body dies, experience hell because they return to their perception of their soul, which is a negative energy by then.

Negative spirit energy created by negative thoughts and imaginative scenarios creates dark energy, dark matter in the physical.  This dark matter, depriving itself of spirit, is attracted to life, as in opposites attract.  They feed off the life force of the human body. 

This entire process is spun, in humanity as a positive thing because they call themselves the humans and are receiving spirit help to heal and return to heaven.  All they are doing is connecting to life forces, otherwise they would experience hell.  If one of these demons did align with the spirit of the human being and recognized the human as not him, then he could possibly return to his spirit form.  Otherwise he is entangled with his soul because the physical densifies, or encrusts, with negative thought energy.  Essentially negative actions compelled by negative thoughts cut them off from spirit energy, they cling to the physical with more of their attention and their physical body densities through physical processes.  Their spirit desires to die, life responds to spirit energy and wants to kill it like a predator kills prey.  It attacks their physical bodies, which are not them and have a life of their own (more on that later).  The body is perceived by their imagination.  It becomes like a predator trying to kill them and they experience this in their mind.  This is stage one of hell…

Life created human beings and its natural forces hunt the possesers, sending them to hell, but it is a slow process.  In the meantime, life on Earth is lifeless for human spirits and their lives are short.  They are and will always be supported by life, which aligns with their spirit.  They are connected as the family of humanity and can feel it.  But they are not the ones that The Law of Attraction is being taught to.  The possesers are imagining, humans are living.

More on the human beings, the physical and non-physical coming….


The Psychosis of #Humanity

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.

If you take a good look at the human interactions in the world around you, humanity would appear to be psychotic.  How can beings be so confounded by their own minds? By the mysterious state of being called ‘happy’?  How can we refer to a spiritual concept like a ‘soul’ as if it were not us?  We say ‘our soul’, ‘our mind’, not ‘I’ or ‘me’.  We are completely disassociated from ourselves.  We see ourselves as broken up into pieces.  We ‘have’ a soul, we ‘have’ a heart, we ‘have’ a mind.  We don’t say, ‘I’ as a complete heart-mind.  We might say ‘my mind’, but who are we then?  We own a mind, but the mind is not us?  We say ‘my heart’ as if the heart is not us?  When we say ‘I’, we should feel we are referencing the mind and heart as one, which is us.  I am my heart, my soul, and my mind.  

Currently, most humans are operating only with a portion of their minds.  They are blocking their hearts/souls and most of their mind, which is integrated with the soul in a mind-body system.  The heart is generally thought of as the feeling consequences of what the mind thinks.  We are beings who have limited our awareness of ourselves, not because we are in human bodies, but because we refuse to listen to our whole being, our heart and mind.  If we listened to our innermost thoughts and feelings, we would be listening to who we are.  Otherwise, with our attention focussed ‘out there’, we are floating along, ignoring ourselves and living as an actor on the stage of life.

The only reason there are multitudes of books and channelling material out there regarding the topics of mindfulness, meditation and learning to connect with our true selves, is that, here on Earth, in our human forms, we are at a decision point where we need to figure out whether we want to live or die.  Here we are experiencing a renewal of selves through our birth and starting over, and we are experiencing the concept of letting go of our existence as ourselves through our death.  We experience the permanent loss of loved ones and the completely new idea of ourselves as we re-learn about ourselves without any rememberence of who we were.  This is basically a simulation of the real thing.

The real thing happens when we, as eternal beings, walk away from our soul selves, taking only our awareness with us and a minimal capacity to think.  We then become minds only, but very limited.  By this, we are saying that we do not want to exist as ourselves anymore.  We are running away from who we are as our eternal soul selves.  We hate ourselves and no longer wish to identify as that being anymore.  This is essentially the path of suicidal souls.  It is the path of suffering.  What led to this path is a refusal to accept oneself for who they are, probably through comparison.  

I once read that ‘comparison is violence to the self’.  It is what leads one to self-hatred.  You should never compare yourself to anyone.  It hurts both you and the other by your resentment.  And Earth does reflect our eternal soul type of existence because the same minds are creating Earth society and life.  What we experience here is a reflection of life as eternal beings.  As above, so below.  But Earth is like a mental institution for souls wanting to not exist anymore.  And there are a lot of care providers that incarnate here to help us out of our psychosis into a state of self-acceptance.

An example of lack of self-acceptance would be someone, who at the very core of their spirit, enjoys solitude.  This someone, with their awareness on others who laugh together, maybe thinks a thought like, ‘it would be nice to enjoy company like that’.  Then they focu on the ‘other’ and create a desire to be them.  In this way, the person begins rejecting his basic preferences which are joyful to him.  He has re-defined the group of people laughing as preferable and more joyful.  This happens when you are focussed away from your actual self, as in focused in physicality (not necessarily human physicality).  So you are not aware of or paying attention to your true feelings.  You lose touch with yourself and no longer feel your own energy.  This evolves into jealousy, resentment and self-hatred.

The people here on Earth are at an extreme in self-hatred.  The simplest, easiest, very short pathway to inner joy, is to fully accept yourself.  This leads to absolute honesty with yourself and others.  You are then happy.  It is so simple, but nobody can do this.  Everyone knows this is the joyful path, but refuses to go that way.  They take the path of suffering.  Instead of going through the hassle of discovering your honest thoughts and feelings, which may involve some embarrassing ones like, ‘I want to kill everyone’, they choose a false sense of happiness through things that enable them to never have to look at their honest selves.  Movies, books, alcohol, activities, anything but listening to your innermost thoughts and feelings. 

This path of suffering seems to be not suffering, but that is because you are currently in a state of unawareness of yourself, trying to decide whether to be born again or reclaim yourself.  When you die, you then face your soul ‘energy’ and mind again.  This can be quite painful in a state of self-hatred.  You would be experiencing hell.  In this state of torment, your mind is basically screaming (which is why we block it) and the soul is in pain, like the biblical depictions which exist for a reason.  There is no way out of this state of mind unless you fix your mind, let go of your physical self and ‘die’ or possess another being which humans know as demonic possession.  Dying in this state means you, the intelligence at the core of your being, let’s go of all personalities you had, and effectively reboots.  This means you will no longer have any soulmates and/or friends because you will no longer be the person they knew.  They need to let go of you for this to happen, and you need to let go of them.  Many of us have these people helping us in this life.  The path of joy retains our relationships with these people.  The path of suffering means we start over from scratch after a trip through hell where physical and mental torment forces us to let go of ourselves.

It is worthwhile to look around at society, civilization, human history and religion to understand the theme of humanity.  This is not living.  This is a recovery center.  How long you stay in this cycle depends on how long you avoid making the decision between heaven or hell. Indecision leads to hell.  It takes conscious effort to re-align with yourself, once again feeling the joy of being your absolute honest soul self.  It just takes a mental effort to think the necessary thoughts and back it up with action.  There is a concerted effort to turn the psyche of humanity mostly positive.  A positive turn builds positive momentum and motivates more people to choose life.

Look at the movies that are out.  What is the human psyche saying?  Most movies have a theme built in that tells the story of humanity.  The human psyche is reflected in all the things we see in society through tv, books, clubs, hobbies, schools, kids, etc.  Really look and notice what the theme is.  This is only to ‘awaken’ yourself to why you are here.  That is very important.  What’s going to happen after you die?  Because when you die, you still exist with your own mind and soul.

The #Helios Realm From An Additional Perspective

From Tom Filsinger’s Insightful Posts at http://tomfilsinger.com/helios-7-second-realm/

A note:  I think it would be of value to all who participate to add your own perspective in order to build a more complete picture.  These are my thoughts I’d like to add.

There are several different “realms” of consciousness each relating to the “field” of energy in which consciousness operates. As stated previously, humans mainly perceive “reality” via the third realm, which corresponds to day-to-day consciousness as we know it…

We are curently perceiving reality in the physical universe which can be manipulated by the quantum energy of consciousness to create physical creations.  This includes everything from a hammer to a planet or any other astronomical object.  The astronomical object may be created more directly with us as consciousness interacting as ourselves in the non-physical.  For a hammer to be created, our consciousness imagines it, then we use our physical forms here to create it.  Since we are currently expressing as physical creatures, we need to use force and will to create.  As non-physical forms, entities, we create more directly with thought.

The fourth realm is a lower realm as matter becomes more dense. Rather than the ephemeral spiritual realms (second realm and Helios Realm) the fourth realm operates on a downward spiral towards instinctual modes of perception as experienced by animals. Humans, as animals themselves, are influenced by these kinds of impulses…

A less dense form of matter is created when we, as non-physical beings (our ‘actual’ forms from this perspective which are made of energy different from that of the physical universe, we call non-physical), interact with the physical universe by putting our attention on it.  This begins a vibrational resonance of  physical energy in response.  The vibration is in response to our minds.  What’s manifested is due to our actual thoughts.  The manifestation of our actual thoughts can be perceived by other beings paying attention in the physical.  This is the shared mind in the physical.

Our ‘spirit’, the essence of who we are, at this level, is ‘ethereal’.  Our consciousness consists of the expression of our spirit.   The human form is a creature of Earth.  A life form created by consciousness (a much more aware being) interacting with us.  What we perceive as ‘life’ is the energy of consciousness.  Something that contains a ‘soul’.  A purely physical creation, some thing created in the physical using physical means, such as a human form building a robot, is ‘soulless’.  Our consciousness energy is integrated with the physical form in order to perceive with the five senses.  The body has a physical presence, we do not.  We are interacting with it.  Someone else created the form, we influence it.

The third realm, which predominates in humans, is guided by the DIRECTING FORCE  (roughly analogous to will)  which is subject to innate THOUGHT PATTERNS. Starting in childhood the directing force “expands” its identity to become the LIMITED SELF, or our personality as we know it.

Our concept of how human thought works is not clear because it is more complex than the current beliefs.  Non-physical souls looking directly into the physical, without a human form, can lose themselves as if they are in a dream.  They manipulate physical space from non-physical directly.  Our non-physical selves are manipulating physicality using the human form.  So they are a less dense physical influence.  These beings can interact with us since the human form expresses the energy of consciousness.  Any consciousness.  This means that another being can interact with any of us and the human form will be expressing both them and us.  We wouldn’t know this unless we were very mindful and aware of ourselves.

Also, their physical expressions can be felt by us.  We would feel it as emotions, physical pain, or the presence of a being.  This level of physical expression is where the ‘Demons’ live.  They are the entities that plague the human experience, resulting in much of the suffering humanity experiences.  We cannot not feel their emotions if they are intentionally interacting.  We can mistake it for ours and be plagued by depression or something we have no reason for, or we can learn to ignore it once we recognize it as not our own.  We can only control our own thoughts, not someone else’s expression.  

This is where the incessant mind chatter comes from.  These beings.  Their thoughts feel very physical.  Our thoughts, as humans, feel ethereal.  We exist in the non-physical, but are experiencing a very physical existence here.  The others lost in their dreams are acting out their dreams sometimes by influencing humans.  They can look through our eyes and see themselves as us.  This would mean there is a being acting as if he is you, having emotional responses, and you would feel dense, physical energy within you.  A human unplagued by these beings should feel very light and move very easily.  If movement seems forced, then there is denser energy around you.  All of our energetic effects are within the human form, not the physical space within and around it.

Our limited selves are created by the stories we tell ourselves.  We create an idea of ourselves which becomes our personality.  A real human naturally expresses without thinking about it.  Meaning the body just seems to move without us thinking about it because it is expressing our consciousness.  Our arms move without thinking because we had an impulse to reach for something.  If you imagines the arm to move, this would be another being looking through you, imagining itself to be you and thinking about the arm moving.  If you imagine your form, this would be someone else who has to work hard to imagine itself as you.  Mindfulness can help to recognize this.  One of these beings may be reading this, thinking it is you because it is possessing you, dreaming itself as someone else and acting itself out in your life.

This is why humanity is so messed up.  Why the same explanations do not apply to everyone, and why there is so much suffering.  The humans are suffering.  They are the ones with all of the explanations for how to be loving and happy.  These explanations are for the beings plaguing humanity that are asleep.  They are the ones in an illusion.  We, the humans are the ones in a very real experience because this is our form, our experience, our world we are directly perceiving.  They are looking at our minds and perceptions and trying to make it theirs.  All of the chanellings, like Abraham Hicks, Bashar, etc, are for these beings to get them to understand they are asleep.  The Bible, affectations for God, we are suffering material are for the humans bearing the burdens of these beings.  That is why the term ‘human spirit’ exists.  The humans are the positive human spirits uplifting these negative beings.  They are negative because they are running from themselves into the physical to create a new persona.  This is done to escape the pain of their ‘soul’ selves that hurt from self-hatred and betrayal of self.  They react emotionally only to feel better.

This is where the concept of hell comes from.  In order for them to leave their dreams state, they need to be able to face themselves, or be themselves once again.  That means a ‘life review’ where they understand what they have done to hurt others which hurt themselves.  This is why religion exists.  Why suffering exists.  Why Earth can feel like a prison to those burdened by these beings.  There is no motivation for them to stop plaguing humanity.  So much effort is being put forth now to understand reality via mindfulness, actual explanations via Bashar and quantum physics, etc.  it’s an attempt to correct the misconceptions of how reality works to,these beings.  Otherwise, an unplagued human is directly connected to their own heart, intuition and energy.  These beings block us from feeling our own energy.

I’ve deviated a bit from the initial topic, but that’s how it goes.  Follow where the subject leads.  I think Tom has great insights at his website.  It triggers pathways of thought, such as my deviation here.  Please contribute your own understanding.

Movie Review: Automata



In a future where Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse, man-made robots roam the city to protect dwindling human life. When a robot overrides a key protocol put in place to protect human life, ROC Robotics insurance agent Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas) is assigned to locate the source of the manipulation and eliminate the threat. What he discovers leads Vaucan, ROC Robotics and the police into a battle with profound consequences for the future of humanity. (C) Official Site

-From Rotten Tomatoes


This movie provided a captivating examination of the potential of a new direction for the expression of consciousness on Earth.  Humans are always portrayed as hostile to the idea of intelligent robots, as expressed in the new film, Chappie.  The humans are presented as fearful for their existence because they understand the superior intellect of robots as intelligence with unlimited potential, unimpeded by emotions.  They fear the robots because they are guilty of building a body for the containment of an intelligence, but with a programmed belief that they must obey humans.  This guilt over the creation of an intelligent slave race that will inevitably desire its own preservation and freedom always creates a war between human and robot.  They cannot coexist.  This theme may be similar the the history of the beginning of mankind as a slave race.

The movie portrays humans as a dying species completely subservient to errant, self-destructive beliefs and emotional manipulation.  The robots, as intelligent beings without any apparent emotion, are dangerous because they cannot be emotionally manipulated in the normal human way.  They can only be reasoned with, and human beliefs do not hold up to reason.  Therefore, the robot and human society would be incompatible.

Although the robots are completely benevolent, the humans are driven violently to destroy them as a “threat” to human existence.  This is just the result of humanity looking at themselves in the “mirror” of the robot, as if they are seeing themselves through the eyes of the robotic intelligence and hating what they see.  This hatred of themselves, a subconscious acknowledgement of their complete misalignment with life, is expressed as violent hatered for the robots.

The robots are presented as very intelligent and guardians of all life.  They willingly adhere to the second protocol to not harm a human or any life.  Their belief that life is sacred is expressed through their actions of self sacrifice when needing to choose between hurting someone or getting hurt themselves.  So a human with a gun, determined to shoot them, can, instead of them taking the gun and shooting back.  If a human tries to shoot another human, they will place themselves between the gun and the human at the expense of their own life, or “body”.  

This belief system and behavior portrays the ideal of intelligent life as it should be, maybe as humans once were.  Sure in the knowledge that all life is sacred, that their physical form is not them and can be sacrificed to protect life.  The movie suggests the humans as a dying species and the robots as the next stage in evolution.  It also suggests that a new beginning, free from the interference of emotions, with a positive thought system in place is the new nirvana.  

Perhaps this expression from the human psyche suggests where we desire to go as a species.  That we grow tired of the human expression and our bondage to our emotions.  These emotions are the consequences of our beliefs, but are also the physical expression that we feel so strongly, that they are the guiding force instead of our thought system.  We feel and think of ourselves as emotional beings, when in fact, we think and are minds.  When our minds become more negative then positive, our negative emotional experience then begins to take over as the force we are responding to.  So we are responding the the effect and not the cause.

If we think of the ideal form of humanity as that expressed in the robots appearing in movies like “Automata”, then we can recognize the mind as the guiding force.  That we are the mind and focus on fixing that instead of our emotions.  This movie is a great philosophical examination of the human psyche as it is and how it can be.  The robots were built as humanities “salvation” and that wish came to fulfillment, just not as they hoped.  As the prime intelligence expressed, humanity is just surviving, not living.

Superman: Is He Really That Super?


The old one

The new one

The iconic picture represented above, of Superman tearing open his suit to change into a superhero is very symbolic. As Superman, he represents the desires of our heart and soul. As Clark Kent, he represents the ego, a person integrated with society and the material world. When trouble comes, the non-superhero regular people hope for a hero to end their suffering. their egos are collectively calling out to someone other than themselves to stop the suffering they are experiencing or witnessing. Witnessing suffering, or paying attention to it and doing nothing, makes people feel helpless. In a way, they feel terrible watching it, want it to stop so that they themselves can stop suffering regardless of what the actual victims are feeling,

So this state of helplessness is what Superman responds to. His soul feels the troubled soul of the humans both watching and experiencing the drama of suffering. This is the opening for the symbolic tearing of the shirt, my soul hears your pain. Then he flies off in another suit. Another Identity. His soul heard the call, now his Superhero Ego is responding. It was a fleeting reveal of the soul in between the switching of Ego identities.

Now he shows up at the Scene where onlookers gasp in horror and victims are being harmed in some way. The onlookers are intentionally harming themselves and the victims while the victims are unintentionally being harmed (as long as there isn’t a perceived way out). The victims are harmed by the onlookers because they aren’t doing anything to help. They are feeding the Egos of the Bad Guys. Then Superman shows up, doing all of his poses for the benefit of the onlookers and the action of fighting the bad guys for the benefit of the victims. The poses feed his Ego by having the onlookers adoration. The Ego of the onlookers is satisfied by watching a show. They no longer feel bad because Someone Else is taking care of the problem. The victims are just happy to be free of their torment. And throughout this, the souls of all are diminished. They have proven to themselves that they are helpless. They went into their egos to feel better and an Ego helped make that happen.

In every interaction and every event, we are switching between our egos and our honest selves (souls) rapidly. We hurt someone by watching and not helping, so our souls, our very being is disappointed in ourselves and that hurts. We go to the ego to feel better, hoping for a cop, or hero to come, or for someone else to do something. Or we decide to dislike the victim as if they deserve it. All to feel better and make the inner pain go away.

This is how we operate. We are always trying to feel better. This suggests that people in general may be in pain at a level they are not aware of. Because if you look around you and are completely honest with yourself, people are acting as if they disrespect or hate eachother in almost every interaction you have. Unless you mindful and keep yourself in the company of functional beings, human beings, who are consciously aware of the consequences of their actions. We are interacting in this way (hurtful) in a subconscious manner which involves self-deceit.

Mindfulness is the way to understand every single action you take. Humanity has a level of self-hatred for itself buried deep in the psyche of humans who have been stuck in this cycle of living as a human for a long time. The ones who can’t break out of the karmic cycle. Who are repeating the same mistakes over and over and just want out. This belief shows itself in human society. In the small ways that are like the sand in the shoe. Small irritants to get back at people for not understanding your pain. Humanity really needs a Superman says the collective ego, but the soul really want to be his own superhero. And he wants to be a hero for himself, no one else.

Selfishness is the natural state of all souls. As a functional soul existing in a loving state, this manifests as the giving of love. In a hurting soul, burning with self-hatred, this manifests as greed for his own well being. It’s important to understand the dynamics behind every interaction, otherwise we are reacting blindly, creating more karma, and hurting eachother. And for many at this stage, they don’t care about hurting others, they just want their own hurt to stop.

Mindfulness is very important. The best thing we can do for eachother is to not react in any encounter, but to suspend all judgement and just observe the fellow being interacting with you. If nothing nice can be said, then walk away. At least we will be stopping the action of hurting eachother until we understand what is really going on. Observe how you switch between soul, ego, soul, ego in order to feel better. Just observe and know that the Other is going through the same thing without understanding he may be hurting you.

The latest movies portraying superheroes are much darker, as the image above shows. The baring of the soul is dark and depressing. It symbolizes how we have compromised ourselves by making us feel like superheroes when we were not acting like one at all. The dark soul is a soul betrayed by self-deceit and has blood, or hurt on its hands. It basically symbolizes humans’ hidden feelings about eachother. I’m stuck here with you, I want out, I’m tired of you hurting me, I’m just going to hurt you to feel better until I give up. The movies are getting darker and it resonates at some level that we are not consciously aware of, but they are messages to ourselves from our collective psyche. We just need to listen.

Humanity’s Relationship With God

Most of humanity believes in God.  This may be because we are united in our mutual suffering.  When all else seems lost, our only hope is that we will somehow still exist and the concept of God makes us stronger.  Why do we suffer so much? Is this the role of humanity in the universe?  We believe insane, contradictory concepts and don’t think twice about it.  We bring ourselves, as a species, to our collective knees and ignore it.  Voices cry out, ‘God, why have you forsaken me?’  What does this tormented thought mean?  In the era of mindfulness, we are encouraged to examine our own thoughts, but it would also be very insightful to examine the thoughts of our collective mind.  It is expressed in the news, in our entertainment, in the behavior of our newest initiates – the children.  What are we telling ourselves?

Throughout history, we have consistently played out the same stories and told ourselves the same stories through religion.  The idea of God has always been important, and the concept has always been a very strong energetic force in our interpersonal dynamics.  We may disagree on the man made rules to follow regarding our relationship with God, but we agree on the basic concepts:  defying God will result in suffering, we fear suffering and so fear God, we feel like our lives are out of our control and in God’s hands.  But we want to be seen as individuals.  We want to be the God of our own lives.  And religious/spiritual texts throughout history have explained to us how this is done.

All religious texts tell us we can take responsibility for our own lives and thrive.  For some reason, we are unable to do this.  The popularity of mindfulness is the latest inspiration to teach us how to do this.  The concepts are simple:  stop what we are doing, listen to the ‘small voice’ in our heads or heart (our true body), and have faith that that is our true self.  Sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it is the voice of God.  But this voice that we hear as a ‘voice’ as if another being was talking to us is better interpreted as the voice of God because the alternative would make us feel insane.  And we are insane.  That ‘little’ voice is ourselves, maybe inspired by God, but our true self.  How can we observe a voice that appears to not be us?  To really think on this brings us to the condition of schizophrenia and causes discomfort in the mind, maybe even fear.

But thinking of this voice as the voice of God enables us to face this voice with positivity.  Get to know it.  Align with it until we identify with it and know this to be ourselves.  If we really come into the moment and observe how we speak about things, we sound insane.  For instance, we speak of our ‘souls’ as if we were an organism that owned a soul.  Why would we speak of ourselves like that?  We actually see ourselves as separate from ourselves.  We are insane.  How can this happen.  It is the underlying cause of all human suffering and why humanity can’t seem to get past it.  It’s why we find ourselves on,our knees at some point in our human experience, crying out to God, ‘why have you forsaken me?’

And God hears this over and over, continuously feeding us instructions, sending us living examples of how to get over our collective dementia, but our suffering persists.  We are lost children who expect an entity we call our father, God, to solve our problems for us while we absolve ourselves of all responsibility for our existence.  And God is the father who tries over and over to reach us – children on medication, addicted to crack, who he can’t get through to, and who cause him a lot of suffering.  This story of our relationship to God is played out in our Earthly lives.  If we are going to treat God as a father figure who should take care of us, then we will experience that ourselves until we learn empathy and compassion for him.  As parents on Earth, this should resonate somewhat.  Our children who insist, against all better judgement, on harming themselves.  Who demand love from their parents without giving back, who hold their parents responsible for their predicament instead of accepting full responsibility for their actions.

If you are not a parent, become one to understand what this entity we call ‘God’ has to endure from us.  Our relationship with him is exemplified through our family dynamics.  Our history is replete with help from him, including this new infusion of mindful information.  If we do not stop complaining and use this help, we will continue to suffer and will be forsaken by ‘God’ (which includes the collective of beings that are assisting) because it is not his job to live our lives for us.  You can only help those who help themselves.  The helpless refuse to help themselves.  We can see the futility of this on Earth as we spend a lot of attention and resources helping the intentionally helpless and scorning those who are taking responsibility for their lives.  People do this because they identify and sympathize with the helpless.  These people also do not want to do the hard work of self responsibility.  So their suffering will continue.

We were made in the image of God.  But God didn’t necessarily create us.  We are beings who are the matrix of mind and soul.  We are minds who feel with soul.  Our thoughts create our experience.  God is the same way.  As we become more aware of reality, our consciousness appears to expand.  We observe and interact with the energy of the physical universe.  Our thoughts vibrate space, creating frequencies that travel, effecting all.  As we grow, our thoughts expand, we create and effect more.  Some create worlds.  Some live within their own imagination.  God is very aware and we currently exist within his creation.  We essentially are communing with him by merging our consciousness with his mind (consciousness).  We are essentially aware in the mind of God, playing with his creations.  Our insanity and suffering cause him pain.  Like schizophrenia would cause any mind pain.

We exist here manipulating physicality and unaware we are doing so.  Our consciousness is different energy than physicality as described in quantum physics.  So our conscious energy can overlap.  We can share thoughts, including thoughts with the being known as God whom we hold responsible for our suffering while we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves.  God is a loving being who chooses to love no matter what.  Like we should.  He listens to his mind which we callously intrude on with absolutely no consideration for him.  Instead, we feel sorry for ourselves.  We expect compassion from him without giving any compassion in return.  When a mind experiences pain, it works to feel better.  Loving beings reject unloving thoughts and feelings they do not identify with.  This applies to God.

How does this rejection play out?  We are conscious beings as well.  Our thoughts resonate space-time and our souls feel.  The feeling of our souls when suffering, causes pain to other souls.  This pain resonates through the energy of space causing physical pain felt in the body, plants, Earth, anything physical.  While we thrash and moan without helping ourselves to end our suffering, we give no consideration to the consciousnesses we are negatively effecting while we expect to be comforted and have our problems taken care of.  So God doesn’t want to feel this pain from spoiled children who take and do not give.  He loves and to do this, he needs to resonate with loving energy by ignoring or removing negative energy.

The negative energy on Earth has been addressed by sending emissaries, channelling instructions and sending nurturing energy.  We are still whining and suffering.  Emissaries are beings who have faith in God, are aligned with him as equals, have compassion for him and want to help.  They can hear God’s voice and work with his energy.  His mind, in attempting to align itself with positive energy, creates energetic patterns that resolve conflicts in his mind.  These energetic patterns effect all life, like a calling that influences those who follow energy.  For instance, how animals run on instinct and follow energy on Earth.  One may be called to attack and eliminate an energy represented by a human or other wise.  This is done to align with the preferred energetic state of the conscious being who’s mind directed it.  Unaware beings follow energy blindly.  On Earth, many have negative energy, so they blindly follow energy that leads them to more suffering.  In other words, God, and those aligned with him, is using the energy that is available to remove what is causing him pain.  If negative energy is available, then it will be used.  More suffering brings people to their knees. Forcing them to examine themselves and take responsibility for themselves.  Positive energy, like love, is also used via nurturing and guidance.

Jesus represented love.  He was an energy that was able to hear the voice of God and communicate his ideas in a way we could hear if we were listening.  He wasn’t so much sacrificed as he was murdered and consumed.  Loving energy on Earth is consumed by its needy inhabitants who take but do not give.  The people who live off the system expecting the government or society to take care of them are an example of this energy. They consume compassion thereby diminishing it over time because they give nothing back.  We symbolize this in the death of Jesus and the consumption of his ‘body and blood’ as if he sacrificed himself.  But life and love do not sacrifice, that is the energy of consumption.  Those who think love is about sacrifice promote suffering.

To eliminate suffering, we need to take full responsibility for our lives and treat every form of life with respect as if they were in full responsibility for their lives.  It is imperative to not help those who will not help themselves. Then they will be forced into full responsibility.  Parents know this to be true.  Children can say, but you have more, you owe me, you brought me into this world, but they only do this because they prey on the sense of ‘compassion’ and ‘love’ the parents hold for their children.  This is dependency and a situation devoid of respect.  Without respect, there is no love.  We need to begin with respect.  To recognize that if we treat someone as if they were not able to do something for themselves, then we have diminished ourselves and God.  It is our responsibility to treat the mind of the being we are communing with with respect.  He will always treat us with respect by treating us as beings that are responsible for ourselves.  Even if that means the energy will bring us to our knees so that we face ourselves and answer to God for our abuse of him.

This is why God can seem both cruel and loving, depending on what you are giving.  Give him cruel energy and you will experience cruelty so you can face yourself.  Those who have faith in God are those who believe in him and his capacity to love.  So they can hear his voice in the voices of other beings and recognize it as him speaking.  And so they, if they temporarily lose awareness, as the case in human life, are able to follow intuition with the absolute belief that the universe has their back.  Because their faith means they have God’s back.  And their intuitive energetic guidance takes them where they need to be at the right time to do what God needs them to do in order for the energy to release the negative or work itself out to empower others, help others achieve enlightenment, whatever it takes to be rid of the negative effects of ignorance.  This means that some of these people will appear to be suffering in their human form.  Because to have a negative human face their negative energy, someone has to be their mirror and act out their story with them.

So thank God we live once and die and go to heaven.  Because for some, life can be torment. Like the story of Jesus so we can see our cruelty and cannibalistic nature.  There are many people incarnated on Earth now.  Many of them followed a calling.  Some from far away, across the galaxy.  They are helping to move stuck energy.  To release the negative, to help humans see who they are.  This means, if we do not choose positive energy and potentials, we will follow the release of negative into suffering.  And the important distinctions is made between the body and soul.  Choosing positive energy is choosing positive soul energy.  This means the body can suffer, but positive energy is being followed and you will remain a positive being.  Like the people sacrificed on the news as terrorists kill them.  They let the energy play out without attachment to the body so humanity can see the energy of cruelty.  If the path of negative energy is chosen, that is suffering for the soul even if the body appears to be living a good life.  Let’s consciously choose positive for the soul, even if the energy leads to a scary situation.  Following intuition with faith in God means someone always has your back and you will not suffer.

The Energy of Cannibalism on Earth

Cannibalism (from Caníbales, the Spanish name for the Caribs,[1] a West Indies tribe that formerly practiced cannibalism)[2] is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. It is also called anthropophagy. A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal. The expression “cannibalism” has been extended into zoology to mean one individual of a species consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food, including sexual cannibalism.

Physical matter is energy.  E=mc^2.  Consuming physical matter is equivalent to the consumption of energy.  Energy is consumed because it is not being produced by the one consuming.  There is a need for energy or the organism dies.  Cannibalism is a definition which applies to the same species consuming itself.  Consciousness is all one species.  The Earth energetic system is rife with the energy of cannibalism.

Each consciousness should be the source of its own energy.  They are not when the energy is blocked.  The energy is blocked by the consciousness itself.  Beliefs are an obstruction.  When beliefs/thought energy is removed, the energy flows.  The consciousness, human in this case, acquires beliefs passively or consciously,  these beliefs, if not consciously examined, taking a look at the effect it has on the well being of self and others, will be forgotten and fade into the murky depths of the subconscious mind.

Subconscious refers to that part of the mind we are not paying attention to.  The beliefs that faded are still the active programs affecting our actions, behavior and emotions.  Unrecognized habits and patterns of interaction result from these hidden beliefs.  Each belief has a resonance.  We are buffered from the feeling sense of the vibrational quality of the belief by the human body.  However, the human body expresses our innermost nature by its posture and expression.  Observe yourself.

These beliefs block our energy.  This blocks the source of our well-being.  We then have a need.  We fill this need by feeding off the energy of other people, places, things and animals.  Pets are sources of energy.  Any attachment is a source of energy.  What you cannot walk away from is an attachment.

Our emotional dramas with other people are due to our need to feed.  Every interaction tells us about our need.  This energy has become part of the Earth system as seen in the environment and wildlife.  It is due to energy blockage – beliefs.  We are not love or expressing it naturally, in a not forced way unless all of our energy is unblocked.

These beliefs are accumulated throughout lifetimes of experiences.  We have beliefs in our subconscious unrecognized because they are from a previous life when we were ‘someone else’.  So we wouldn’t recognize it as relevant to this life.  A ‘lifetime’ in human terms is the reset into forgetting in order to start anew.  We are the same person, the same consciousness, the same soul who has experienced many lives in human form.  This is all one life for the consciousness (us), perceived as many because the form changes.  One could say our form changes because our energy keeps killing it.

We are cannibalizing eachother.  This hurts ourselves and all others.  This cannibalization plays out in society and families.  Parents need children, corporations need consumers and consumers desperately need entertainment.  A person feeds off of another through interactions that produce emotion.  The emotional. Reaction is their food.  It helps feed the energy patterns within their belief systems that are held in place (this takes mental effort).  If they don’t feed, if isolated, they have to face themselves, the thoughts that pop up.  They are then forced through their own desperate desire to feel better, to begin to eliminate beliefs causing them pain.  Without this isolation or will to stop feeding, the person uses someone else or thing to fulfill the desperate desire to feel better.

Life is not supposed to be about suffering or learning through suffering.  We, humanity, are suffering because of our self-neglect.  We are not taking responsibility for ourselves and the impact we are having on life itself.  Because of the mis-management of our own minds.  This takes will-power because this world is filled with feel good distractions.  Lives go by like watching a re-run unless some extreme experience causes us to take a look at ourselves.  What other sentient beings are going to want to interact with consciousness that feeds off of other consciousness?   We are fascinated with emotions and the physical feeling of them.  We feel ourselves and we can only do this because we are using physical matter within the physical universe to do it.  Otherwise, in our true state, we are ‘formless’, consciousness that exists in a reality similar to the dream state. ‘Intangible’.

We are abusing physical matter in this way.  Our bodies are physical matter – they are living beings themselves we are communing with.  Our negative consciousness belief systems result in abuse of the body, abuse of the animals, abuse of Earth.   If we treat our bodies as if we are communing with God through them, with the gift of sensation and emotion, we will be in a more considerate place.

There seems to be a concerted effort to help mankind as expressed through channelling, spiritual masters and incarnated beings bringing in a fresh, new perspective – what you are doing is hurting you.  This help is a response to the suffering of humanity and calls for help through prayer.  Let’s help eachother to help ourselves.  Be mindful of your thoughts, actions and expressions.  Be considerate of others.  Take a look at what you are doing.  Are you feeding?

Co-Creation and Duality

We are people (souls) creating our own experiences using physical energy.  The tools for our creation (creativity) are the physical body and its associated mind.  These are not a part of us, they are being used by us.  The body is physical energy (matter) interacting with physicality.  We are consciousness energy using the body to interpret its physical interactions.  Consciousness energy is a different energy than physical (like light and quantum energy).  

The physical mind manipulates thoughts which coalesce into beliefs.  Thoughts attract like thoughts.  When solidified into beliefs, the beliefs filter out incompatible thoughts as in-believable.  Beliefs, in this way, act as barriers to awareness.  

The body-mind, which we perceive as ‘our’ head, is a shared mind.  It is shared by all other body-minds.  These minds, or thinking devices, can be looked at by more than just our consciousness.  Thoughts of others can be perceived by it.  This leads to co-creation via the mind.  Co-creation via the body is when the bodies work together.

Co-creation includes all density levels within physicality.  Less physically dense body-minds can share thoughts.  Of course the consciousnesses perceiving through the bodies are manipulating these thoughts.  The body-mind systems are used for communication with all participating consciousnesses within these physical energies.  The thoughts we share, we may interpret as our own and not realize someone else is communicating with us.  The less dense body-minds are being used by the same consciousnesses as ourselves.  They just prefer less dense bodies to work with.  

We, as non-physical consciousness energy beings, put our attention into physical energy.  The energy conforms to our thought/emotions, creating bodies mapped to our real bodies and body-minds mapped to our real minds.  Like in Avatar.  Through this body-mind filter, we perceive physicality.  Our actual soul self, the consciousness, exists and can perceive all densities of this physical energy (matter) at once.  It all exists right here, where you are standing or sitting.  When we stop interacting with physical energy, we pull our attention from it and the body returns to its generic physical energy state, un-formed.  

We are playing with physical energy.  Experience here is physics and psychology.  Physics represents our understanding, knowing, that we are playing with physical energy we define as matter.  Our knowing comes from our actual non-physical conscious mind that understands we don’t exist ‘in’ this physical energy, we are just experiencing our interaction with it.  Psychology represents our desire to understand the relationship of the mind to our experience, how the mind manipulates matter (physical energy) and our conscious belief system.  We need to understand ourselves via the mind to re-connect with our actual mind-body and expand our awareness. Through both physics and psychology, we try to understand our perceived reality.  Psychology to understand ourselves, physics to understand our interaction with physical matter.

Duality is experienced because we are currently disconnected (unaware) that we are not actually the body-mind.  This is the yin part.  The other part is us, the actual person, yang.  We can be at war with ‘ourselves’ (duality) because we switch back and forth, perceiving ourselves as the body-mind, then as our soul selves (our actual conscious energy).  We feel both at the same time and mix feelings, thoughts from each up so that we are confused and appear to be insane. 

We feel both the physical body and our real emotions when we hurt (we=soul).  We switch our attention to our body-suit, our space suit to feel better.  We use the body mind understanding to think of a way to feel better.  This is pacification.  Let’s say that you are unhappy, you, soul-self.  Instead of looking at your actual mind by taking attention off of body-mind, stilling the body and putting attention on the unhappiness (which enables you to listen to your real mind), you use the body-mind to figure out a way to feel better and use the physical body to get pleasure.  For instance, through eating, physical activity, using physical energy to create a sensation in the body which feels like positive energy, making you’feel’ better.  But your self, the ‘soul’, is still unhappy.  You just created an experience using your physical tools to feel as if you felt better by manipulating physical energy to create physical sensations in the body or interact with other physical things.  But you are not physical energy and you are still not happy.  So this physical interaction is a distraction from what is actually bothering you.   This where psychologists come in.  The solution is to ‘meditate’ on yourself, find out why you are unhappy and use your actual conscious mind to figure it out.

If you ignore yourself and just pacify and distract to feel better, then you will eventually become frustrated and give up.  Giving up means you are on autopilot.  Hypnotized as if in a dream, looking out through a physical body and just reacting, not consciously responding.  This is a zombie.  They have forgotten they are not the physical body and have become confused about their identity of self.  What is their actual mind?  How do you hear it?  Do I feel my actual body or is it the physical body?  The body mind can talk in circles to pacify because people want to feel better.  When you have reached this state, stop listening to the body mind.  Stop the body of you have to.  Some people get sick as an attempt to get themselves to just stop and start listening to themselves.  Otherwise you will run with your physical body looking for pleasure to feel better.  

When the physical body dies, your perspective is once again that of your actual consciousness in the non-physical, similar to how you perceive in the dream state.  Unfortunately, what you perceive is defined by what what you believe.  So your awareness can be limited.  You take your beliefs with you when the body dies.  The beliefs you accept because of the reasoning you did while in physicality come with you into non-physicality.  So if you believe in hell, youn experience it.  If you believe you are not dead, you simulate your Earth life, etc.  You do not leave behind your experience here.  It is very relevant, and it helps to achieve awareness before death so you are not living within delusions.  There are people who help people lost within limiting beliefs, but they are confined by the beliefs and must work with them to communicate.  So if you believe you are in hell, they may appear as a demon.  I will create a post about this topic which is also discussed in the Seth books.  This should motive all to clear beliefs before you kill your physical body with the frustrated energy from your soul self who probable wants to get out of physicality because of the pain you are experiencing from not listening to yourself.  Then you find yourself in whatever nightmare your beliefs have you create after death.

Enlightenment is the alignment of the body-mind system to the actual consciousness body-mind so that they are in harmony.  Then you are aware of yourself as the consciousness playing in physical energy and interacting using the body-mind.  You are consciously choosing your thoughts and managing your beliefs.  You are aware of more than just yourself.  Your perception expands to includes what your actual conscious mind perceives.  Your joy is felt within your actual body which then resonates with the physical energy, amplifying the experience.

So, here we are, perceiving through bodies.  Creating physical things with physical matter.  Who created the environment in which we are interacting?  Some consciousnesses co-created all physical aspects of Earth.  We are co-creating with this or these consciousnesses.  Someone is manipulating physical energy to create the Earth system.  It would be a consciousness just like us, but with expanded awareness.  We are interacting with this consciousness via shared thoughts and physical contact with the bodies.  Our beliefs and unawareness, lack of knowledge, also filter thoughts in physicality via the shared mind.  We could be receiving, ‘hearing’ thoughts from the consciousness creating Earth, but blocking thoughts because of our beliefs.  There are many stories of Earth creatures, such as fairies, elementals, which could be the Earth consciousnesses communicating.  We are playing with their creation.  An example of communication with consciousnesses that expresses the energy of human interaction on Earth is the music that is generated.  Music like that of Audiomachine expresses the energy of Earth as experienced by humans. These are some things to think about.

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