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Our Physical Selves

We are perceiving into the physical and our experiences here form our beliefs about ourselves and reality.  On Earth we are perceiving the world via the five senses of the body.  We have other senses that are part of us, but we are paying attention mostly to just the bodies’ sensory input.  The human body exists within our consciousness and the five sense data are perceived by our consciousness awareness through our integration/interaction with the body.  Our consciousness is entangled with the body.  But the body is inside our minds/consciousness.  Our minds are not contained within the head of the body.  Our consciousness can perceive other consciousnesses interacting with other bodies.  We can tune into this sensory data by paying attention to it.

We are here to reconnect with reality.  Unless you are here to help someone reconnect with reality.  This Earth experience is not reality, but more akin to a dream because we are looking via some other body supplied by Earth.  Our actual bodies are lying dormant as it would for someone in a dream state.  We are essentially dreaming, but rather lucidly because we are perceiving ourselves as taking action.  We are having experiences that cannot be imagined away.  So this life is forcing us out of our imaginations in order to face ourselves and the consequences of our thoughts.

Before incarnating, most were living in a dream state, perceiving their dreams as reality.  Creating their own bodies in their dreams based on their mind, not their soul or body.  Just like we sleep here.  The imagination effects reality because our minds are entangled with the physical in this dream state.  Exactly as we imagine in this life, this imagination becomes our reality in the before life/after death state.  This could be called limbo.  One caught up in a dream, you become lost.  The dream is perceived as real.  You actually see yourself as your dream self, the body and personality you imagine yourself to be.  If you close your eyes and check your mind/imagination for your idea of yourself, your self-image, it is this person you would see as yourself.  You would experience this person as your dense, physical self created by you and able to do anything you can imagine doing.

This life takes you out of that state of imagination because these bodies are not created by you.  They do not respond to your imagination in the looks department or how they feel.  They feel real pain.  You cannot imagine that away.  Our faces do not change based on our imagination.  These bodies do not conform as we are used to imagining.  Life is harder, more frustrating because of that.  For instance, if you were born ugly, you cannot deceive others by imagining yourself beautiful and presenting that to others who are imagining with you in Limbo.   Here, it is your personality that must shine, not your fake self, fake image.   

In Limbo, we create ourselves in our own image, not in the image of ‘God’.  To create yourself in the image of ‘God’ means to align completely with your spirit and express that mind, body and soul.  Not hide in your imagination because you don’t like yourself and need to imagine something better.  Someone aligned as their true self can exist outside of the physical universe with their own body, in any form.  They can interact with the physical, but they don’t need to.  We do in order to deceive ourselves and others so they see a person other than who we truly are.

This life is meant for us to see us as ourselves and learn to accept it.  Having to interact with others without being able to hide in our imagination, forces us to see our ugly that we hate so much.  If we could just accept ourselves, ugly and all, knowing we can be anything we want to be in reality, not our minds, then we would be in alignment.  Then we could stop interacting in the physical and suffering the consequences of it.  

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent because some are being dragged into this life to perceive themselves via these bodies.  They are being forced to see their ugly, and worse, for others to see their ugly.  And some just don’t want to live.  These are the ones who hate themselves, do not want to perceive themselves and would rather die to go back to living in their imagination.  This is not something that is acceptable for those whose imaginations are used to hurt others.  An example from the last post is someone who has died and gone back to dreamland attacking a human.  They are essentially sleeping next to the human, using their imagination to attack the mind and body of the human without any connection to consequences for the demon, but very real consequences for the human.

The human is a consciousness interacting with the physical, and his or her imagination effects physical energy similarly to a demon.  Both the human and demon interact via the mind.  The torment for the human comes from the fact that the demon refuses to leave him alone and the human is stuck in a life with real consequences.  A significant one being that not one person would believe him regarding the source of his suffering.  These demons who choose to deceive and stay in a physical dream to attack others are the same people who attack in their human life. They continue the same behavior without the physical consequences because they exist completely in their mind.  They have disassociated from their actual body. Here we cannot unless we die or go insane.

Here, we can disassociate from our bodies, which can be called autism or insanity.  The insane appear to be sleep walking, where they talk in a rambling way to imaginary people while existing completely in their minds.  These people are in a similar state as those who choose to perceive in the physical imagination.  Like most here, who are in therapy.  After we die, we can imagine our existence and forget our body, our ‘soul’, and lose ourselves completely until someone makes the  effort to help you perceive a life through a human form, or we can choose to reconnect to our bodies, our ‘souls’.  And walk away in reality.  The existence in the imagination is hell.  People live there, in the mind only, stalking other minds, which they sense through a ‘feeling-sense’ in the physical, in order to attack.  They hate and so they attack.  Because we are always expressing.  Life is the expression of consciousness.  We always express.  We can be conscious of what we express, or we can sleep and express hatred.  At least you don’t have to be consciously aware of yourself in this state.

If you are here in human form, struggling through life, keep in mind that someone cared enough to give you a chance to reconnect to your soul.  Being born isn’t a lottery.  Someone is helping.  Some may hate God for forcing this upon them. But those are the ones who want to hurt without consequence.  They hate seeing the expressions of themselves technically, but in their own minds, they hate others and attack them.  Those who help, represent ‘God’ and are attacked by those who don’t want to face reality as well because they were ‘forced’ to incarnate.

This life is a gift or forced consequence.  It should be used to prepare for death.  Which way are you going to go?  Toward reality, yourself or fall asleep into unawareness of yourself, into your imagination?  When you interact, keep in mind that everyone is facing this choice.  You can tell when the choice has been made before death.  You can see it in the eyes of those appear to have no spirit or enthusiasm for life.  Not many are embracing life.  Most seem to need to be convinced.  Many are getting by, but don’t have any conscious awareness of what the purpose to this life is.  They just exist.  When you die, how do you determine what happens, where you go?  You have to be connected to yourself to walk away into reality, ‘heaven’.  If you are not consciously aware, then you will most likely fall asleep again.  Maybe it will take hundreds of lives, maybe people are going to stop helping people to live as humans.  Now is the time to choose.  Don’t let the opportunity slip away.


Flash, Firestorm and Interacting Consciousness

Flash is both the name of a current show on Hulu and the name of the superhero starring in the show.  He is able to move at incredibly fast speeds.  Firestorm is both the name of a project a physicist was working on in the show, Flash, and the name of the superhero that results from a supercollider experiment gone very wrong. 

A brief intro to F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.:

“The original Firestorm was distinguished by his integrated dual identity. High school student Ronnie Raymond and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein were caught in a nuclear accident that allowed them to fuse into the “nuclear man” Firestorm. Due to Stein’s being unconscious during the accident, Raymond was prominently in command of the Firestorm form with Stein a voice of reason inside his mind, able to offer Raymond advice on how to use their powers without actually having any control over their dual form. Banter between the two was a hallmark of their adventures.[1] Initially Stein was completely ignorant of their dual identity, leaving him concerned about his unusual disappearances and blackouts, but Ronnie was eventually able to convince him of the truth, allowing them to bond as separate individuals rather than as parts of a whole.”  http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firestorm_(comics)

The back story of the Firestorm character was recently explored in the last few episodes of Flash.   Flash and his fellow teammates, consisting of physicists, engineers and a person with medical expertise, were solving the problem of how to separate the two blended consciousnesses of Ronnie and Prof. Stein.  When blended, they are Firestorm, a character that can shoot fire from his limbs and fly like a rocket.  The team succeeded in separating Stein and Ronnie so,that they appeared once again in their original, separate bodies.  

But a side effect is that they are still connected.  Their consciousnesses are still interacting so that they can feel eachother and share images.  They are psychically linked.  What’s interesting is the portrayal of how consciousnesses that interact effect eachother.  For example, Ronnie needed to communicate to Stein, so he carved a word, with a knife, into his forearm.  This was felt by Stein, and he could see the results on how own forearm.  The idea behind this is that in order for a consciousness to make another consciousness feel something, the initiating consciousness must make himself feel it first.  Ronnie had to cut himself in order for Stein to feel it.  The metaphysical idea, as applied to consciousness outside of the comic book portrayal, is that a consciousness (not incarnated in a human body), cannot hurt another consciousness (being) unless he hurts himself.  So beings are disinclined to hurt other for this reason.

This is a self regulating mechanism for ensuring people don’t hurt eachother.  This, of course does not apply to the physical body.  Someone can use their body to hurt another body without hurting their own, like shooting someone.  But the consciousness in the body doing the harm, is hurting himself if hurting another with the intent of causing harm.  For example, a crime motivated by hartred.  One person hates another, stabs or shoots the other, maybe rapes a woman, all with the intent to really hurt someone.  Their consciousness, filled with negative thoughts, is actually experiencing pain.  Those thoughts are self-inflicted pain that they then use to inflict pain on another.

The victim’s consciousness is not hurt, if in human form, only their physical body.  Unless the victim begins to think and feel negative thoughts about the incident.  If they were physically abused and raped, they might entertain negative thoughts which produce negative feeling, thereby harming themselves.  If they let go of the incident and refrain from negative thought, their consciousness is unharmed, they remain positive energy, a positive thinking individual even if their body was harmed.

So people (beings), not in a dense human body, interacting as consciousness in physicality, feel the physical impression of eachother because the physical energy of the physical reality is vibrating according to the thoughts and beliefs of the individual being.  This is a much less dense feeling sense of physical form than a very dense human body.  And the people interacting at this level of density can feel the energy of their thoughts as opposed to us, the beings incarnated in dense bodies.  And they cannot hurt someone else unless they hurt themselves.  The danger for humans is that we are less aware of the connection of our thoughts to the physical impression they create in physicality because we cannot directly feel it.  We are buffered by dense bodies.  Our  consciousness is interacting directly with the body, integrated with it so that the body expresses the results of our thoughts instead of us feeling the vibrational energy.

So what a non-incarnated being might perceive as a hurtful vibration, the body would express as tears or pain.  The benefit of experiencing ourselves this way is that we can actually see the effects of the vibrational energy and understand how we may be hurting ourselves.  Otherwise, we would not know (in a state without a human body) unless someone was interacting with us, felt our energy and said, “ow, you hurt”.  With bodies, we can see it for ourselves or feel it without someone else having to feel it.  

What’s interesting to see in Flash is the demonstration of how consciousness is effected by eachother when we interact without bodies.  Because it s their consciousnesses interacting, not their bodies.  The principles of reality are often portrayed in the shows and movies we watch.  Just about every movie and tv show contains illustrations of concepts of our existence as consciousness and how life is once we shed these bodies. And the interactions we experience in these bodies on Earth are reflective of the interactions we experience after life on Earth.  As in, we take ourselves with us when we leave the body.  The same thoughts and feelings, the same consciousness.  Where ever we go, there we are.  So our existence here is every bit as ‘spiritual’ as our existence outside of the perception through the human body. 

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