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Humanity’s Relationship With God

Most of humanity believes in God.  This may be because we are united in our mutual suffering.  When all else seems lost, our only hope is that we will somehow still exist and the concept of God makes us stronger.  Why do we suffer so much? Is this the role of humanity in the universe?  We believe insane, contradictory concepts and don’t think twice about it.  We bring ourselves, as a species, to our collective knees and ignore it.  Voices cry out, ‘God, why have you forsaken me?’  What does this tormented thought mean?  In the era of mindfulness, we are encouraged to examine our own thoughts, but it would also be very insightful to examine the thoughts of our collective mind.  It is expressed in the news, in our entertainment, in the behavior of our newest initiates – the children.  What are we telling ourselves?

Throughout history, we have consistently played out the same stories and told ourselves the same stories through religion.  The idea of God has always been important, and the concept has always been a very strong energetic force in our interpersonal dynamics.  We may disagree on the man made rules to follow regarding our relationship with God, but we agree on the basic concepts:  defying God will result in suffering, we fear suffering and so fear God, we feel like our lives are out of our control and in God’s hands.  But we want to be seen as individuals.  We want to be the God of our own lives.  And religious/spiritual texts throughout history have explained to us how this is done.

All religious texts tell us we can take responsibility for our own lives and thrive.  For some reason, we are unable to do this.  The popularity of mindfulness is the latest inspiration to teach us how to do this.  The concepts are simple:  stop what we are doing, listen to the ‘small voice’ in our heads or heart (our true body), and have faith that that is our true self.  Sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it is the voice of God.  But this voice that we hear as a ‘voice’ as if another being was talking to us is better interpreted as the voice of God because the alternative would make us feel insane.  And we are insane.  That ‘little’ voice is ourselves, maybe inspired by God, but our true self.  How can we observe a voice that appears to not be us?  To really think on this brings us to the condition of schizophrenia and causes discomfort in the mind, maybe even fear.

But thinking of this voice as the voice of God enables us to face this voice with positivity.  Get to know it.  Align with it until we identify with it and know this to be ourselves.  If we really come into the moment and observe how we speak about things, we sound insane.  For instance, we speak of our ‘souls’ as if we were an organism that owned a soul.  Why would we speak of ourselves like that?  We actually see ourselves as separate from ourselves.  We are insane.  How can this happen.  It is the underlying cause of all human suffering and why humanity can’t seem to get past it.  It’s why we find ourselves on,our knees at some point in our human experience, crying out to God, ‘why have you forsaken me?’

And God hears this over and over, continuously feeding us instructions, sending us living examples of how to get over our collective dementia, but our suffering persists.  We are lost children who expect an entity we call our father, God, to solve our problems for us while we absolve ourselves of all responsibility for our existence.  And God is the father who tries over and over to reach us – children on medication, addicted to crack, who he can’t get through to, and who cause him a lot of suffering.  This story of our relationship to God is played out in our Earthly lives.  If we are going to treat God as a father figure who should take care of us, then we will experience that ourselves until we learn empathy and compassion for him.  As parents on Earth, this should resonate somewhat.  Our children who insist, against all better judgement, on harming themselves.  Who demand love from their parents without giving back, who hold their parents responsible for their predicament instead of accepting full responsibility for their actions.

If you are not a parent, become one to understand what this entity we call ‘God’ has to endure from us.  Our relationship with him is exemplified through our family dynamics.  Our history is replete with help from him, including this new infusion of mindful information.  If we do not stop complaining and use this help, we will continue to suffer and will be forsaken by ‘God’ (which includes the collective of beings that are assisting) because it is not his job to live our lives for us.  You can only help those who help themselves.  The helpless refuse to help themselves.  We can see the futility of this on Earth as we spend a lot of attention and resources helping the intentionally helpless and scorning those who are taking responsibility for their lives.  People do this because they identify and sympathize with the helpless.  These people also do not want to do the hard work of self responsibility.  So their suffering will continue.

We were made in the image of God.  But God didn’t necessarily create us.  We are beings who are the matrix of mind and soul.  We are minds who feel with soul.  Our thoughts create our experience.  God is the same way.  As we become more aware of reality, our consciousness appears to expand.  We observe and interact with the energy of the physical universe.  Our thoughts vibrate space, creating frequencies that travel, effecting all.  As we grow, our thoughts expand, we create and effect more.  Some create worlds.  Some live within their own imagination.  God is very aware and we currently exist within his creation.  We essentially are communing with him by merging our consciousness with his mind (consciousness).  We are essentially aware in the mind of God, playing with his creations.  Our insanity and suffering cause him pain.  Like schizophrenia would cause any mind pain.

We exist here manipulating physicality and unaware we are doing so.  Our consciousness is different energy than physicality as described in quantum physics.  So our conscious energy can overlap.  We can share thoughts, including thoughts with the being known as God whom we hold responsible for our suffering while we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves.  God is a loving being who chooses to love no matter what.  Like we should.  He listens to his mind which we callously intrude on with absolutely no consideration for him.  Instead, we feel sorry for ourselves.  We expect compassion from him without giving any compassion in return.  When a mind experiences pain, it works to feel better.  Loving beings reject unloving thoughts and feelings they do not identify with.  This applies to God.

How does this rejection play out?  We are conscious beings as well.  Our thoughts resonate space-time and our souls feel.  The feeling of our souls when suffering, causes pain to other souls.  This pain resonates through the energy of space causing physical pain felt in the body, plants, Earth, anything physical.  While we thrash and moan without helping ourselves to end our suffering, we give no consideration to the consciousnesses we are negatively effecting while we expect to be comforted and have our problems taken care of.  So God doesn’t want to feel this pain from spoiled children who take and do not give.  He loves and to do this, he needs to resonate with loving energy by ignoring or removing negative energy.

The negative energy on Earth has been addressed by sending emissaries, channelling instructions and sending nurturing energy.  We are still whining and suffering.  Emissaries are beings who have faith in God, are aligned with him as equals, have compassion for him and want to help.  They can hear God’s voice and work with his energy.  His mind, in attempting to align itself with positive energy, creates energetic patterns that resolve conflicts in his mind.  These energetic patterns effect all life, like a calling that influences those who follow energy.  For instance, how animals run on instinct and follow energy on Earth.  One may be called to attack and eliminate an energy represented by a human or other wise.  This is done to align with the preferred energetic state of the conscious being who’s mind directed it.  Unaware beings follow energy blindly.  On Earth, many have negative energy, so they blindly follow energy that leads them to more suffering.  In other words, God, and those aligned with him, is using the energy that is available to remove what is causing him pain.  If negative energy is available, then it will be used.  More suffering brings people to their knees. Forcing them to examine themselves and take responsibility for themselves.  Positive energy, like love, is also used via nurturing and guidance.

Jesus represented love.  He was an energy that was able to hear the voice of God and communicate his ideas in a way we could hear if we were listening.  He wasn’t so much sacrificed as he was murdered and consumed.  Loving energy on Earth is consumed by its needy inhabitants who take but do not give.  The people who live off the system expecting the government or society to take care of them are an example of this energy. They consume compassion thereby diminishing it over time because they give nothing back.  We symbolize this in the death of Jesus and the consumption of his ‘body and blood’ as if he sacrificed himself.  But life and love do not sacrifice, that is the energy of consumption.  Those who think love is about sacrifice promote suffering.

To eliminate suffering, we need to take full responsibility for our lives and treat every form of life with respect as if they were in full responsibility for their lives.  It is imperative to not help those who will not help themselves. Then they will be forced into full responsibility.  Parents know this to be true.  Children can say, but you have more, you owe me, you brought me into this world, but they only do this because they prey on the sense of ‘compassion’ and ‘love’ the parents hold for their children.  This is dependency and a situation devoid of respect.  Without respect, there is no love.  We need to begin with respect.  To recognize that if we treat someone as if they were not able to do something for themselves, then we have diminished ourselves and God.  It is our responsibility to treat the mind of the being we are communing with with respect.  He will always treat us with respect by treating us as beings that are responsible for ourselves.  Even if that means the energy will bring us to our knees so that we face ourselves and answer to God for our abuse of him.

This is why God can seem both cruel and loving, depending on what you are giving.  Give him cruel energy and you will experience cruelty so you can face yourself.  Those who have faith in God are those who believe in him and his capacity to love.  So they can hear his voice in the voices of other beings and recognize it as him speaking.  And so they, if they temporarily lose awareness, as the case in human life, are able to follow intuition with the absolute belief that the universe has their back.  Because their faith means they have God’s back.  And their intuitive energetic guidance takes them where they need to be at the right time to do what God needs them to do in order for the energy to release the negative or work itself out to empower others, help others achieve enlightenment, whatever it takes to be rid of the negative effects of ignorance.  This means that some of these people will appear to be suffering in their human form.  Because to have a negative human face their negative energy, someone has to be their mirror and act out their story with them.

So thank God we live once and die and go to heaven.  Because for some, life can be torment. Like the story of Jesus so we can see our cruelty and cannibalistic nature.  There are many people incarnated on Earth now.  Many of them followed a calling.  Some from far away, across the galaxy.  They are helping to move stuck energy.  To release the negative, to help humans see who they are.  This means, if we do not choose positive energy and potentials, we will follow the release of negative into suffering.  And the important distinctions is made between the body and soul.  Choosing positive energy is choosing positive soul energy.  This means the body can suffer, but positive energy is being followed and you will remain a positive being.  Like the people sacrificed on the news as terrorists kill them.  They let the energy play out without attachment to the body so humanity can see the energy of cruelty.  If the path of negative energy is chosen, that is suffering for the soul even if the body appears to be living a good life.  Let’s consciously choose positive for the soul, even if the energy leads to a scary situation.  Following intuition with faith in God means someone always has your back and you will not suffer.


The Story of Earth 1

The Earth environment consists of a complex set of interacting energies.  The energies being expressed are from the consciousnesses attracted to these energies.  These expressions come in the form of animals, humans, climate and elements.  

In the beginning, the energies were expressed unrestricted.  If the consciousnesses wanted to express as a herd running wild and free, they did.  Or even storms, mega storms, volcanoes, earthquakes.  These are intense expressions.  At some point, the expressions became more limited.  As human consciousness limited its own expression through the limiting, constricting energy of civilization, it also co-created limitation on other expressions of Earth.  Since human consciousness and quite possibly the other consciousnesses expressing in non-human form are asleep, lost in the dream, we are not consciously aware that we are bottling up energy by withholding expression.  This bottled up energy is eventually released to relieve pressure, but not in its original form which would have been pleasurable.  Instead, it becomes an expression of frustration, pain, and suffering.  Because of this, life on Earth has become about suffering.

There are two primary categories of conscious energy within the Eath system right now.  One is the set of energies that resonate with love of expression in the Earth environment.  The other is the energy of control – it wants to control the conscious energy of Earth to create their own stories using humans and all Earth creatures as pawns.  We feed this controlling energy our emotions produced from our suffering.  The Earth suffers (the same conscious energy) and expresses its own emotional energy.  These emotions and dramas are stories others like to play out.

The human suffering is expressed through emotions, music, art, etc.  These mediums, when truly expressing the soul, are intense and touch the soul of all of Earth’s inhabitants.  It reflects our story.  Those who love Earth resonate with the energies of Earth.  We are a family.  Those who resonate with authority do not resonate with Earth.  Earth is a wild and free energy which interacts by instinct and love of the expressions of life here.  

There are many here at this time, to help all consciousnesses attracted to Earth to become balanced and aware.  There may be many humans who came to Earth by following their love of certain energies, then became stuck here due to the controlling energies who work to keep humanity unaware and disconnected from Earth and themselves. 

Try to connect with yourself.  See which expressions of energy you resonate with.  If you despise authority, don’t focus on authority.  Focus on becoming aware of your try resonant energy and running with it because you came here to express it.  And you will not be alone. Others will match you. 

The Importance of Believing in God

In my opinion, there is nothing more important than the belief in God.  This belief removes the underlying stress of the idea of mortality and always provides a source of unconditional love.  It enables people to believe that life supports them, that love binds them, that life is eternal. 

It is hard to believe in a nebulous concept of an omnipotent being so I will share my concept of God.  Each person can personalize their own concept in a way that suits their personality best.  There is an underlying vibration, backround energy that supports all life within this universe, and that energy feels like unconditional love.  A state of bliss if one were basking in it.  This energy is the love of God which is always there for us, no matter where our free choices take us.  Imagine an eternal being who imagined a reality like this physical universe.  He created new life in a manner similar to us having children here on Earth.  He loves everything within his creation because he loves life and existence itself.  His love permeates the physical universe and connects all of us at the soul level.

If we lost all memory and had no beliefs, we may be in alignment with our souls which resonate with this background energy we experience as love, joy, bliss.  Our beliefs and thoughts keep us from experiencing this energy as fully as we could.  They act as blocks to the free flow of the energy of creation through our bodies and ourselves.  Our natural inclination is to align with this energy and our pain is an indication of how out of alignment we are.  We are like children who left home, the comfort of the unconditional love of a parent, determined to experience life as individuals and discover who we are.  All of are resulting experiences produced thoughts and beliefs that took us out of alignment of that nurturing love.  Similar to teenagers who leave home here on Earth, determined to make it on their own no matter what.  They don’t want to return home, they want to become their own successful person, be their own creator in their own right.  The parents look on in support and love, but have to be ok with them falling and getting hurt now and then because they learn from the experience.  They keep learning until one day they are like their parents.

Our mindful path is the key to leading us back to the right way of thinking to be creators ourselves, capable of unconditional love.  It will enable us to realign with that energy, remember our origins, connect with the source of life here and perhaps one day, become a creator of our own reality, one much larger than our own personal experience.

The belief in God enables us to feel connected to each other, helps us recognize that all life is supported by a loving energy.  We can relax in the knowledge that death is a transition to a different perception, that life is eternal, that the universe is bound by love.  That we have the equivalent of nurturing, loving support from the idea of God.  This idea removes a lot of underlying stress from the mind.  We are not these bodies, we exist beyond them, our conscious minds and souls continuing on from life to life (body to body).  If one reaches such a state of dispair that they no longer want to live, they can lose the body and return to bask in the nurturing energy of God, love before they incarnate into a body again.  This is a belief you can choose to have or not have, but there is no downside to having it.  Without it, there is mortality and dispair.  With it, there is a sense of confidence in the benevolent nature of life.  That the worse thing that can happen to you is a trip back to heaven before you leave home to try again.

‘The Creation of Reality: Energy Responds to Mindful Attention’

The following quotes excerpted from Dispenza’s (@DrJoeDispenza) book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself:  How To Lose Your Mind and Create A New One,  puts together a picture of how, with mindful attention, we can purposely create a reality we choose.  I recommend this book for a great explanation of how reality creation works.

“We are part of a vast invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and our feelings.”

“Your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.”

“Until you break from the way you see your present reality, any change in your life will always be haphazard and transitory. You have to overhaul your thinking about why things happen in order to produce enduring and desired outcomes. To do that, you’ll need to be open to a new interpretation of what is real and true.”

“What quantum physicist discovered was that the person observing (or measuring) the tiny particles that make up atoms affects the behavior of energy and matter.”

The idea that a particle cannot manifest into reality unless someone observes it is called ‘the observer effect’.  “The observer effect in quantum physics states that where you direct your attention is where you place your energy.  As a consequence you effect the material world.

“At the subatomic level, energy responds to your mindful attention and becomes matter.  How would your life change if you learned to direct the observer effect and to collapse infinite waves of probability into the reality that you choose.”

“…you will see that with willful attention, sincere application of new knowledge, and repeated daily efforts, you can use your mind, as the observer, to collapse quantum particles and organize a vast number of subatomic waves of probability into a desired physical event called an experience in your life.”

“Your consciousness (mind) has effects on energy (matter) because your consciousness is energy and energy has consciousness.  You are powerful enough to influence matter because at the most elementary level, you are energy with a consciousness.  You are mindful matter.”

“When you learn how to sharpen your skills of observation to intentionally affect your destiny, you are well on your way toward living the ideal version of your life by becoming the idealized version of your self.”

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