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Superman: Is He Really That Super?


The old one

The new one

The iconic picture represented above, of Superman tearing open his suit to change into a superhero is very symbolic. As Superman, he represents the desires of our heart and soul. As Clark Kent, he represents the ego, a person integrated with society and the material world. When trouble comes, the non-superhero regular people hope for a hero to end their suffering. their egos are collectively calling out to someone other than themselves to stop the suffering they are experiencing or witnessing. Witnessing suffering, or paying attention to it and doing nothing, makes people feel helpless. In a way, they feel terrible watching it, want it to stop so that they themselves can stop suffering regardless of what the actual victims are feeling,

So this state of helplessness is what Superman responds to. His soul feels the troubled soul of the humans both watching and experiencing the drama of suffering. This is the opening for the symbolic tearing of the shirt, my soul hears your pain. Then he flies off in another suit. Another Identity. His soul heard the call, now his Superhero Ego is responding. It was a fleeting reveal of the soul in between the switching of Ego identities.

Now he shows up at the Scene where onlookers gasp in horror and victims are being harmed in some way. The onlookers are intentionally harming themselves and the victims while the victims are unintentionally being harmed (as long as there isn’t a perceived way out). The victims are harmed by the onlookers because they aren’t doing anything to help. They are feeding the Egos of the Bad Guys. Then Superman shows up, doing all of his poses for the benefit of the onlookers and the action of fighting the bad guys for the benefit of the victims. The poses feed his Ego by having the onlookers adoration. The Ego of the onlookers is satisfied by watching a show. They no longer feel bad because Someone Else is taking care of the problem. The victims are just happy to be free of their torment. And throughout this, the souls of all are diminished. They have proven to themselves that they are helpless. They went into their egos to feel better and an Ego helped make that happen.

In every interaction and every event, we are switching between our egos and our honest selves (souls) rapidly. We hurt someone by watching and not helping, so our souls, our very being is disappointed in ourselves and that hurts. We go to the ego to feel better, hoping for a cop, or hero to come, or for someone else to do something. Or we decide to dislike the victim as if they deserve it. All to feel better and make the inner pain go away.

This is how we operate. We are always trying to feel better. This suggests that people in general may be in pain at a level they are not aware of. Because if you look around you and are completely honest with yourself, people are acting as if they disrespect or hate eachother in almost every interaction you have. Unless you mindful and keep yourself in the company of functional beings, human beings, who are consciously aware of the consequences of their actions. We are interacting in this way (hurtful) in a subconscious manner which involves self-deceit.

Mindfulness is the way to understand every single action you take. Humanity has a level of self-hatred for itself buried deep in the psyche of humans who have been stuck in this cycle of living as a human for a long time. The ones who can’t break out of the karmic cycle. Who are repeating the same mistakes over and over and just want out. This belief shows itself in human society. In the small ways that are like the sand in the shoe. Small irritants to get back at people for not understanding your pain. Humanity really needs a Superman says the collective ego, but the soul really want to be his own superhero. And he wants to be a hero for himself, no one else.

Selfishness is the natural state of all souls. As a functional soul existing in a loving state, this manifests as the giving of love. In a hurting soul, burning with self-hatred, this manifests as greed for his own well being. It’s important to understand the dynamics behind every interaction, otherwise we are reacting blindly, creating more karma, and hurting eachother. And for many at this stage, they don’t care about hurting others, they just want their own hurt to stop.

Mindfulness is very important. The best thing we can do for eachother is to not react in any encounter, but to suspend all judgement and just observe the fellow being interacting with you. If nothing nice can be said, then walk away. At least we will be stopping the action of hurting eachother until we understand what is really going on. Observe how you switch between soul, ego, soul, ego in order to feel better. Just observe and know that the Other is going through the same thing without understanding he may be hurting you.

The latest movies portraying superheroes are much darker, as the image above shows. The baring of the soul is dark and depressing. It symbolizes how we have compromised ourselves by making us feel like superheroes when we were not acting like one at all. The dark soul is a soul betrayed by self-deceit and has blood, or hurt on its hands. It basically symbolizes humans’ hidden feelings about eachother. I’m stuck here with you, I want out, I’m tired of you hurting me, I’m just going to hurt you to feel better until I give up. The movies are getting darker and it resonates at some level that we are not consciously aware of, but they are messages to ourselves from our collective psyche. We just need to listen.


Movie Review – Horns

Rotten Tomatoes
Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns is a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery and romance. The film follows Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” films), the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer. (c) Radius-TWC via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a synchronistic movie for me which aligns with stuff I’ve been going over in my head.  Very soul based themes in this movie.  The story revolves around the love of two,young people that seem to be true love or soul mates.  The girl is murdered and the guy is accused of doing the deed.  He is torn apart by the loss as the entire hellish town turns against him.

The young guy in love represents an honest soul.  Someone who lives honestly by baring his soul to the world.  He is naive and thinks the best of people, or sees them as they present themselves.  As the town turns on him, blaming him for the murder of his true love, he is forced to face evil.  There is plenty of evidence that shows him to be innocent, but the town is propelled by selfish greed to sacrifice him for their own benefit.

The esoteric theme is the depiction of life on A dysfunctional Earth for a naive, honest soul walking around egoless.  It portrays how a person who is loving, when living according to his true self, can be persecuted to such an extent, people bring out energy of righteous indignation which is seen as the devil.

He is not using an ego to protect himself.  He is confused about the absolute uncaring nature of everyone in his life.  Then, one day he wakes up with horns protruding from his forehead.  These horns provoke bizarre behavior from people he interacts with.  They see the horns but don’t act surprised and are compelled to reveal what is honestly on their minds before him.  Almost as if the young guy was harbor in the spirit of an archangel who compels people to speak truth.  Except the truth is so vile that the towns people seem like the inhabitants of sodom or Gomorrah.  And because of this, he is seen as a devil – he brings out the worst in them – their honest selves.

This goes with the idea of you get what you give.  Or you receive a vibrational match to your energy.  The town people were liars and betrayers of souls.  So they were forced to face their demons through the innocent who was made to look as a devil.  But, in hell, a place where people lie to themselves and other souls, causing suffering without remorse, an angel appears as a demon.  The angel matches their energy, very negative energy, so they can experience consequences to their actions.  

So the innocent who was falsely accused gets the answer he seeks to the question that torments his soul – who killed his true love?  And serves justice to the murderer the only way a pure soul can – by exposing himself to pain and suffering until he acts in defense. Or by providing the negative soul with every opportunity to do what is right, and when attacked as the negative being refuses to do the right thing, lashes out in defense.  Justice is served as the killer is killed.  

The moral is that life on Earth can be a hellish experience for unaware people who walk around baring their souls.  The solution for some is to cover the soul with an ego, but If you stay true, things work out in the end.  As long as no value is placed on the body.  The body is only for communication with other souls on Earth.

Movie Review – Frequencies

What if physics determined the laws of attraction? In a parallel world where human frequencies determine luck, love, and destiny, Zak, a young college student, must overcome science in order to love Marie, who emits a different frequency than his own. In an attempt to make their love a reality, Zak experiments on the laws of nature, putting in danger the cosmic equilibrium of fate and everything he holds dear. This unique and experimental drama blends science fiction and romance to create a futuristic tale where love, science, and fate collide. (c) FilmBuff

Zak is low frequency and out of sync with society and nature as defined by the movie.  Marie is a high frequency person and detached from emotions.  For her, everything works out effortlessly.  For Zak, he has to watch his back and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  When Zak is in the presence of Marie, within one minute, an event is triggered which places him in danger.  It is Nature’s way of weeding him out.  But he loves Marie and is determined to find a way to be with her.

His solution is interesting.  With a friend, they come up with an algorithm which provides Zak with 3 words to say at appropriate times, as determined by their app, in order to dampen the effect of nature trying to eliminate him around Marie.  He just needs to speak a word when the app beeps and energies are calmed.

Also, Marie would like to feel emotion.  When Zak makes physical contact with Marie, their energies adjust to a balance – hers lowers and his raises.  She begins to feel and he is more in sync with life energies.  

The words the app creates are based on the idea that they are sound frequencies which also have a meaning.  This effects the person he is interacting with at a subliminal level.  That the person believes it has an effect or is unaware of the word being spoken enable it to work.  

These ideas are based on actual behaviors of the reality we are immersed in.  The qualities of our reality that are relevant and portrayed in this movie are,

The unaware are easily manipulated and programmable.  

All but a few characters in the movie are unaware of how their reality works.  They measure frequency, but refer to it like we refer to IQ.  They respond to spoken words, specific words meant to alter their frequency, as if they were robots.  The movie mentions a secret book that lists code words and their effects.  These words, when spoken, are obeyed by the people without resistance.  Only music can neutralize the effects because it speaks to the soul.  This plays out the idea that most people are living in their egos, the programmable, easily manipulated identities tied to their physical body.  Those living with honest expression of themselves, baring their soul, are not as susceptible to programming.  Zak is representative of this type of person.

Some are aware and playing with the unaware

One family, plus the government, has passed along, through the generations, information about the codes and how to neutralize them.   These people are aware of how susceptible people are to manipulation and realize most are walking around in an unaware state.  They know the history of the codes and how they have been used to manipulate the masses throughout time.  This plays on the idea that in our society, most of us are unaware of the nature of reality and there are empowered groups that manipulate based on their knowledge of how things work.

Zak is out of sync with the rest

Society shuns him and nature tries to eliminate him.  He thinks differently because he is not included with the rest and lives a more challenging existence.  He is also obsessed with finding a way to be with Marie by raising his frequency. My take on his role is that he is the outsider, the system buster meant to break the pattern of society so that people can become more aware.

Marie is like an observer

Marie is detached from her body, placing her more in observation mode without expressing emotions.  It’s as if her consciousness is not fully paying attention to her physical incarnation.  She is only lightly participating in life, and is in sync because she just goes with it, she doesn’t second guess or worry.  It takes the physical attention of Zak, soul to soul, for her to be interested enough in her experience to put more of her attention on it.  Then more of her consciousness is present in her body and she feels emotion.

People feel Zak’s presence as discomfort

He doesn’t fit in and is out of harmony with the sync of life and the rest of society.  He is in the wrong place at the wrong time and shunned by people.  He seems to represent living honestly, expressing his true self, less ego based.  Since he is less focussed on an ego, he is less susceptible to the programming and so out of sync.  This programming would be the imperceptible, subconscious based programming of the portion of the mind tied to the ego.  As an outsider expressing his true self, he isn’t following the same behaviors and attitudes projected by the ego.  This is felt as awkwardness by others because he makes them feel uncomfortable.  Egos like to interact with egos.

Words are frequencies attached to definitions

They need belief for them to work.  They are the programming language and are constantly used within society to subconsciously program people.  The words set to music or tone are more effective.  All words have context to beliefs or definitions that influence the way people behave.  People respond without thinking to concepts  and words if spoken the right way.

Music speaks to the soul

Listening to music pulls attention away from body, so the programming is rendered neutral.  When people are moved emotionally by music, they have been touched by it at the soul level.  Their attention and state of being is more of a match to their true self.  When attention is taken off of their ego selves (their labeled identities), they are not reacting mindlessly, thereby decreasing susceptibility to programming.

The movie is a great consciousness themed movie and explores the concepts in a relevant way.  I recommend it.

Duality and the Split Mind

• The identity I project to the outer environment
• Who I want you to think I am
• The facade
• Ideal for the world

• How I feel
• Who I really am
• How I am an the inside
• Ideal for self

– Joe Dispenza, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”

The mind is split between loyalty to the ego and yourself.  Your consciousness and the ego form the duality.  The ego is the you as you define yourself with a body, the I that you compare and contrast yourself against everything that is not yourself.  The ‘inner being’ that reflects your true self, or ‘higher self’, is the you that you feel when you look out at life while forgetting yourself.  To experience this version of yourself, you would be so absorbed in what you were paying attention to that you are focused on your experience of it rather than watching or feeling yourself experience it.  These two ways of experiencing yourself is the duality or split mind.

This split is referred to as the separation.  At some point in our existence, we decided to explore, ‘I’, and began perceiving life from the perspective of our own identity.  This need to define ourselves, contrast ourselves with all external things and beings is the source of the ego.  Our bodies enable us to perceive ourselves.  Without them, we would just experience without perceiving ourselves – we would just feel ourselves and explore who we are through interactions with others.  The others would perceive us based on their experience of us, but we would not be paying attention to how we appear.

Seeing ourselves via a body has led to a fascination with ourselves to the point where our existence is now defined by defining who we are.  Without bodies, or even with a body, but without perceiving via the ego, our existence would consist of experiencing interactions.  We would discover ourselves by discovering our preferences resulting from interacting.  With the ego, we are not exploring our true selves, we are trying to define ourselves, limiting ourselves by trying to fit ourselves into a pre-defined mold (like ‘I am a person who…’).  Without the ego, we would just say, ‘I like that’ or ‘I prefer something else’, not ‘I am that’.

Because of our focus through bodies, we are constantly in conflict between pleasing our ego, or need to define ourselves, and following our highest excitement that aligns with our true selves – the consciousness that perceives through the body.  Our minds are split between loyalty to one or the other.  Our deepest desires come from our souls, our true selves.  Our desires born of life in physicality which sees all as separate, considers only the ego, the ‘I’ you talk about as yourself to others.

This separation is only an illusion to enable us to experience the idea of being an isolated, completely autonomous being.  It is an illusion because our consciousness consists of energy that is connected to all life.  Consider that we live immersed in the conscious energy of God.  This alone connects us to an intelligence that is connected to all life.  Whether we perceive it in bodies or not, our consciousness shares thoughts and the energy of emotions with every interaction.  Our bodies die, but we live.  This illusion of separation and the bodies that make it possible gave us a new paradigm of mortality. Our souls know we are immortal.  Our ego knows we are mortal.  This is one of the primary conflicts that plays out in religion and is a source of fear.

Giving ourselves the illusion of separation makes us feel cut off from God, Source, the communion with life, the communion with the true selves of every person we interact with.  All emotions stem from this conflict with the exception of love.  We cannot experience real love until we shed our ego selves.  We come closest to this with the experience of having children and loving them without thinking of ourselves at all.

The goal of mindfulness is to return to a recognition that we are not our bodies.  That our minds are the source of how we feel.  That our minds are only sane if we think as beings that are bodiless, but are just using bodies to perceive physicality, not to define ourselves.  To do this we need to interact with our attention fully on whomever we are interacting with so that we are not aware of ourselves – how we appear, who we are in comparison, etc.

To become our true selves, we must essentially ascend from the perception of ourselves as individuals separated via bodies.  We must stop identifying ourselves.  We must let go and follow our hearts, our souls.  This is very difficult to do if you are enjoying life here with your current identity.  That is why a rich man finds it impossible to get into heaven and why so few people become ‘enlightened’.  Letting go of identification seems like letting go of a distinction of yourself as compared to others.  But there are people living among us without ego identification that are unique individuals as examples of how we don’t lose a sense of ourselves.  We gain a love of ourselves because we are finally living according to our preferences, without judgement and with love.  It is interesting to ask someone who does not identify with the body, ‘who are you?’.

Some quotes:

“The ego justifies this on the grounds that it makes you seem “better” than they are, thus obscuring your equality with them still further.”

“Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind. Do not let it be an image of your own perception of littleness. Do not let it reflect your decision to attack.”

‘You dream of a separated ego and believe in a world that rests upon it. This is very real to you. You cannot undo it by not changing your mind about it.’

“The separation is merely another term for a split mind.”

“It is solely a device of the ego to make you feel different from your brothers and separated from them. The ego justifies this on the grounds that it makes you seem “better” than they are, thus obscuring your equality with them still further.”

“Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind. Do not let it be an image of your own perception of littleness. Do not let it reflect your decision to attack.”

“A split mind is endangered, and the recognition that it encompasses completely opposed thoughts within itself is intolerable. Therefore the mind projects the split, not the reality. Everything you perceive as the outside world is merely your attempt to maintain your ego identification, for everyone believes that identification is salvation. Yet consider what has happened, for thoughts do have consequences to the thinker. You have become at odds with the world as you perceive it, because you think it is antagonistic to you. This is a necessary consequence of what you have done. You have projected outward what is antagonistic to what is inward, and therefore you would have to perceive it this way. That is why you must realize that your hatred is in your mind and not outside it before you can get rid of it; and why you must get rid of it before you can perceive the world as it really is.”

“God gave you the real world in exchange for the one you made out of your split mind, and which is the symbol of death. For if you could really separate yourself from the Mind of God you would die.”

“You cannot trust your own love when you attack it. You cannot learn of perfect love with a split mind, because a split mind has made itself a poor learner. You tried to make the separation eternal, because you wanted to retain the characteristics of creation, but with your own content. Yet creation is not of you, and poor learners do need special teaching.”

“In a split mind, identity must seem to be divided. Nor can anyone perceive a function unified which has conflicting purposes and different ends. Correction, to a mind so split, must be a way to punish sins you think are yours in someone else. And thus does he become your victim, not your brother, different from you in that he is more guilty, thus in need of your correction, as the one more innocent than he. This splits his function off from yours, and gives you both a different role. And so you cannot be perceived as one, and with a single function that would mean a shared identity with but one end.”

“Until the “separation,” which is the meaning of the “fall,” nothing was lacking.”

“A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct. This sense of separation would never have arisen if you had not distorted your perception of truth, and had thus perceived yourself as lacking. The idea of order of needs arose because, having made this fundamental error, you had already fragmented yourself into levels with different needs.”

Separation = a detour into fear

The Body, Mind and Ego

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
-Muhammad Iqbal

In a previous post I mentioned how the body is for communication and perception of the world and others.  People use the body to communicate with eachother and to interact with everything around them.  Because of this, it is easy to see why one might confuse their identity with the body.  But the true person, the one you see when you look into their eyes, exists independently of the body.  It’s the person who exists after the body dies.

The mind exists independently of the body.  Meditation enables people to access the mind while letting go of the body for awhile.  The mind thinks and the thought it thinks about are not necessarily ones that originate from the thinker.  Thoughts are of energy and to some extent, people are telepathic, but at a level beyond conscious awareness.  So thoughts can be received instead of originating within your own mind.  This can be inspiration and if accepted, might as well be thought of as your own thought.  The point of this is to illustrate how people are not the thoughts they think either.  They are not their body, they are not their thoughts.

They are their conscious mind which processes thoughts plus their soul.  The mind may even be considered as part of the soul.  The identification with the body leads to the ego.  The body mind is the ego mind.  When you think, ‘I’, and put you attention on yourself, you feel your body.  That is the ego.  When you put your attention on someone else and think ‘I’, you feel a different resonance.  

This leads to a very useful exercise.  Make a statement beginning with I and see how you feel resonance with the body,


Put your full attention on someone else, whether in imagination or not, and restate the sentiment while looking at them.  

Feel where the resonance is and how it changed.  The body resonates with the ego (when you think I with attention on yourself), and the mind and soul (you) resonate when your attention is outside of yourself.  Your essence is more truly expressed when you interact with your attention away from yourself and the ego, you are “in the zone” of yourself.

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