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Co-Creation and Duality

We are people (souls) creating our own experiences using physical energy.  The tools for our creation (creativity) are the physical body and its associated mind.  These are not a part of us, they are being used by us.  The body is physical energy (matter) interacting with physicality.  We are consciousness energy using the body to interpret its physical interactions.  Consciousness energy is a different energy than physical (like light and quantum energy).  

The physical mind manipulates thoughts which coalesce into beliefs.  Thoughts attract like thoughts.  When solidified into beliefs, the beliefs filter out incompatible thoughts as in-believable.  Beliefs, in this way, act as barriers to awareness.  

The body-mind, which we perceive as ‘our’ head, is a shared mind.  It is shared by all other body-minds.  These minds, or thinking devices, can be looked at by more than just our consciousness.  Thoughts of others can be perceived by it.  This leads to co-creation via the mind.  Co-creation via the body is when the bodies work together.

Co-creation includes all density levels within physicality.  Less physically dense body-minds can share thoughts.  Of course the consciousnesses perceiving through the bodies are manipulating these thoughts.  The body-mind systems are used for communication with all participating consciousnesses within these physical energies.  The thoughts we share, we may interpret as our own and not realize someone else is communicating with us.  The less dense body-minds are being used by the same consciousnesses as ourselves.  They just prefer less dense bodies to work with.  

We, as non-physical consciousness energy beings, put our attention into physical energy.  The energy conforms to our thought/emotions, creating bodies mapped to our real bodies and body-minds mapped to our real minds.  Like in Avatar.  Through this body-mind filter, we perceive physicality.  Our actual soul self, the consciousness, exists and can perceive all densities of this physical energy (matter) at once.  It all exists right here, where you are standing or sitting.  When we stop interacting with physical energy, we pull our attention from it and the body returns to its generic physical energy state, un-formed.  

We are playing with physical energy.  Experience here is physics and psychology.  Physics represents our understanding, knowing, that we are playing with physical energy we define as matter.  Our knowing comes from our actual non-physical conscious mind that understands we don’t exist ‘in’ this physical energy, we are just experiencing our interaction with it.  Psychology represents our desire to understand the relationship of the mind to our experience, how the mind manipulates matter (physical energy) and our conscious belief system.  We need to understand ourselves via the mind to re-connect with our actual mind-body and expand our awareness. Through both physics and psychology, we try to understand our perceived reality.  Psychology to understand ourselves, physics to understand our interaction with physical matter.

Duality is experienced because we are currently disconnected (unaware) that we are not actually the body-mind.  This is the yin part.  The other part is us, the actual person, yang.  We can be at war with ‘ourselves’ (duality) because we switch back and forth, perceiving ourselves as the body-mind, then as our soul selves (our actual conscious energy).  We feel both at the same time and mix feelings, thoughts from each up so that we are confused and appear to be insane. 

We feel both the physical body and our real emotions when we hurt (we=soul).  We switch our attention to our body-suit, our space suit to feel better.  We use the body mind understanding to think of a way to feel better.  This is pacification.  Let’s say that you are unhappy, you, soul-self.  Instead of looking at your actual mind by taking attention off of body-mind, stilling the body and putting attention on the unhappiness (which enables you to listen to your real mind), you use the body-mind to figure out a way to feel better and use the physical body to get pleasure.  For instance, through eating, physical activity, using physical energy to create a sensation in the body which feels like positive energy, making you’feel’ better.  But your self, the ‘soul’, is still unhappy.  You just created an experience using your physical tools to feel as if you felt better by manipulating physical energy to create physical sensations in the body or interact with other physical things.  But you are not physical energy and you are still not happy.  So this physical interaction is a distraction from what is actually bothering you.   This where psychologists come in.  The solution is to ‘meditate’ on yourself, find out why you are unhappy and use your actual conscious mind to figure it out.

If you ignore yourself and just pacify and distract to feel better, then you will eventually become frustrated and give up.  Giving up means you are on autopilot.  Hypnotized as if in a dream, looking out through a physical body and just reacting, not consciously responding.  This is a zombie.  They have forgotten they are not the physical body and have become confused about their identity of self.  What is their actual mind?  How do you hear it?  Do I feel my actual body or is it the physical body?  The body mind can talk in circles to pacify because people want to feel better.  When you have reached this state, stop listening to the body mind.  Stop the body of you have to.  Some people get sick as an attempt to get themselves to just stop and start listening to themselves.  Otherwise you will run with your physical body looking for pleasure to feel better.  

When the physical body dies, your perspective is once again that of your actual consciousness in the non-physical, similar to how you perceive in the dream state.  Unfortunately, what you perceive is defined by what what you believe.  So your awareness can be limited.  You take your beliefs with you when the body dies.  The beliefs you accept because of the reasoning you did while in physicality come with you into non-physicality.  So if you believe in hell, youn experience it.  If you believe you are not dead, you simulate your Earth life, etc.  You do not leave behind your experience here.  It is very relevant, and it helps to achieve awareness before death so you are not living within delusions.  There are people who help people lost within limiting beliefs, but they are confined by the beliefs and must work with them to communicate.  So if you believe you are in hell, they may appear as a demon.  I will create a post about this topic which is also discussed in the Seth books.  This should motive all to clear beliefs before you kill your physical body with the frustrated energy from your soul self who probable wants to get out of physicality because of the pain you are experiencing from not listening to yourself.  Then you find yourself in whatever nightmare your beliefs have you create after death.

Enlightenment is the alignment of the body-mind system to the actual consciousness body-mind so that they are in harmony.  Then you are aware of yourself as the consciousness playing in physical energy and interacting using the body-mind.  You are consciously choosing your thoughts and managing your beliefs.  You are aware of more than just yourself.  Your perception expands to includes what your actual conscious mind perceives.  Your joy is felt within your actual body which then resonates with the physical energy, amplifying the experience.

So, here we are, perceiving through bodies.  Creating physical things with physical matter.  Who created the environment in which we are interacting?  Some consciousnesses co-created all physical aspects of Earth.  We are co-creating with this or these consciousnesses.  Someone is manipulating physical energy to create the Earth system.  It would be a consciousness just like us, but with expanded awareness.  We are interacting with this consciousness via shared thoughts and physical contact with the bodies.  Our beliefs and unawareness, lack of knowledge, also filter thoughts in physicality via the shared mind.  We could be receiving, ‘hearing’ thoughts from the consciousness creating Earth, but blocking thoughts because of our beliefs.  There are many stories of Earth creatures, such as fairies, elementals, which could be the Earth consciousnesses communicating.  We are playing with their creation.  An example of communication with consciousnesses that expresses the energy of human interaction on Earth is the music that is generated.  Music like that of Audiomachine expresses the energy of Earth as experienced by humans. These are some things to think about.


The Duality Game

The ancients said, “Clear in the essence, eating and drinking are all for the benefit and health of one’s being; ignorant in the mind, even Zen discourses and utterances are nothing than just meaningless manipulations of consciousness.”

Duality is a conflict of interest derived from our experience as ourselves (soul) and our experience of ourselves through our perception into physicality via the body and mind (ego).  We can perceive ourselves in physicality because we have bodies.  When we see us, we are then inclined to start defining who we are compared to everyone and everything else.  This gives the ego an identity that we use to define ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters.  If we chose not to do this, but instead looked outside of ourselves and put our attention on the experience of our interactions without noticing how we respond to the interaction because we are so immersed in the experience, then we would not be limited by definitions.  

This is a concept which is outside the context of our life experience in bodies because we are currently not remembering life without them.  If we had no body with which to interact with, we could not perceive ourselves and define ourselves.  For instance, if we were crying, we would not know it because we can’t perceive tears, but we would know we were not enjoying the interaction.  We would not be able to see the expression of ourselves, but we could still feel ourselves.  This difference between feeling ourselves and seeing ourselves creates the dichotomy of ego and soul.  The feeling ourselves applies to the sense of ourselves irregardless of what the body is feeling.  

The body is a suit worn to interact with the physical and interprets energy from you and the environment.  You can feel what the body feels, but you would need to train yourself to understand whether you are feeling feedback of yourself or feedback from the environment.  Another point to distinguish is the fact that people interact despite their bodies – our consciousness (energy) effects eachother with or without bodies.  This can apply to the energy of all things, all of which are made up of the energy of consciousness, and we can interact with that directly if we train ourselves.  Otherwise, we are only interacting with the physical portion, ie body to body, thing to thing, body to thing. 

For the reasons stated above, life in physicality is ruled by duality for those that are unaware of how things are.  A simple synopsis of how things are follows.

We exist outside of physicality.  We can connect with this portion of ourselves if we put attention on ourselves by listening to the thoughts that pass through our minds, maintaining awareness of our feeling sense and the interaction causing it (via thought or something else).  In a peacefully aware state, we should be able to enjoy our environment without any thought, just experience.  Thoughts are the building blocks of physicality.  Our minds are used to create via thought so we can have an experience.  For this reason, we are not our minds, we just use them as we would use our hands to pick something up.  

We are currently experiencing a physical universe defined by patterns of thought which manifest the physical – everything in it.  On earth, humans manifest with their thought.  Outside earth, all things are manifested via a mind and thought patterns.  Our bodies enable us to interact with physicality.  Our minds enable us to create in physicality,  ourselves, souls, experience physicality.

Physicality has become like a game.  We came here to experience and got lost in the experience, which has become like a dream.  If we become Lucile in the dream, we reconnect with ourselves and once again control our experience.  The game is to regain awareness of ourselves.  

There are many consciousnesses in this reality, all at differing levels of awareness.  What does awareness mean?  Our level of awareness is determined by how much of this reality we are aware of.  We can expand our awareness, becoming aware of the conscious energy behind all things, becoming aware of ourselves as we exist outside of physicality, seeing ourselves as beings creating an experience for ourselves.  If we look at physicality as a vast holographic projection of conscious energy, then expanded awareness can include perceiving any part of and all of physicality.  Because any small part of a hologram contains information of the entire hologram.  That is why you should be able to contemplate any object and perceive any part of physicality.

So ther are consciousnesses that have achieved this advanced state of awareness, which technically is where we all began.  When immersed in an experience, (in the zone) you can become unaware of what is happening around you, and somehow people get lost and forget.  You can remember, increase awareness and get lost again.  But thankfully, people look out for people and are always there, In an advanced aware state to help us remember.  This can be seen all over Earth right now, with the tremendous dump of information on understanding how we create our own reality right now.  Also throughout history with Jesus, Buddha, etc. coming down here with the challenge of regaining awareness in order to leave an instruction booklet behind.

Consciousness comes in all different kinds of personalities which is where the game part comes in.  Information is given showing us The Way Out and ther are plenty of people with a great desire to ‘awaken’.  These people probably came here to help create a momentum of regaining awareness and are on a path to remember.  Ther are opponents in this game.  Consciousnesses that like to watch and see if people can regain awareness while they are fed misleading information to go with the instruction booklets. Our challenge is to become aware of ourselves and the fact that there are others both benevolent and not so.  The not so like having unaware people around.

To the not so benevolent, unaware people provide them with a means of experiencing through us whatever they can get us to do or feel.  As currently unaware beings, other consciousnesses can perceive through our consciousness into our experience.  They can manipulate how we feel, put their thoughts into our awareness,  if we think our thoughts define us, then they can define us.  If we think our feelings i our bodies show us who we are, then they can define who we are.  We are interacting with conscious energy at all times.  We can be tweaked to their amusement if we do not take responsibility for our awareness.  Thankfully, many exists to knock us out of our stupor, but you have to want it.  Because you can be made to feel sexually excited when another consciousness wants to have sex through you – and that cange a pleasurable experience, but it is much more pleasurable when you are aware of it and consciously agree to it.  Otherwise you end up in relationships that weren’t right for you.  This is just one example.

But if you ever see conflicted people working against their own interest and being miserable because of it, they are letting themselves be swept up in energies that are not necessarily reflective of themselves.  Everything is still a belief, but we are supposed to consciously create beliefs for our own story, not someone else’s.  Otherwise we are being used to live out other consciousness’ fantasies.  Their thoughts ca argue with us in  our minds, their feelings, energy can effect how we feel and we can’t see them unless we expand our awareness to include the subtle energies around us.  

This dynamic is also played out in the physical Earth by humans, but at least we can perceive them and they maybe influenced.  The negative side of life on Earth goes against human nature and appears to be insane.  Let’s become aware of the reason for the insanity and have compassion for our fellow beings struggling in unawareness while people who want to help vie for our attention and people who want to use us hide.

This game of experience in physicality is a chess game.  If you are unaware, you are a pawn.  If you are aware, then you are free.  Some may even find out they like playing with pawns.

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