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Dogs Are Great Partners For Achieving Mindfulness

Dogs don’t know each other by name, but by the energy they project and the activities they share. They know humans in the same way.  – Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer
A relationship with a dog is a lesson in mindfulness.  Dogs respond to the energy people, animals and places project.  Cesar Milan, the famous Dog Whisperer, has made a career out of helping troubled dogs transition back into well-balanced, socially fit dogs.  Usually, the root of the problem is with the interactions encouraged by the dog owner, so Cesar spends just as much time working with the owner as he does the dog.

Dogs live in the Now, and in order to understand their behavior and have a functional relationship with them, the dog owner, or any human benefits from becoming aware of the energy they are projecting when around the dog.   This encourages a state of mindfulness that benefits both the dog and human.  The dogs respond very quickly to a change in energy, and Cesar has demonstrated many instances where the dog appears to have a completely different personality within 10 minutes of his interaction.

To have a well-balanced dog living with you as a dog owner, you must assume the role of pack leader.  If no one has claimed that role, the dog will.  A human who presents himself in a calm, assertive way toward the dog will be seen as a leader by that dog.  This relationship builds an awareness in the owner of his own state of mind, encourages self-confidence and allows the dog the maximum freedom and rewarding interactions.  Because dogs are completely reactive and express their true selves at all times, the owner gets very tangible feedback on their state of being.  Dogs are great companions for achieving a state of mindfulness and an exchange of unconditional love.

Cesar Milan has his own TV show and some sample past episodes can be viewed on his website.
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