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Universal Connections and Mindfulness

Having faith that the universe supports you involves believing that you are an integral part of it, with an eternal existence beyond your current form.  And by universe, I mean the energies and beings interacting in physicality.  There are many densities to physical form, and the many channelled entities of today can attest to that.  When we release these bodies upon the death of the body, we still exist.  In what form?  Or possibly out of form?  It’s a different story for each person, But the continuation is real.

Therefore, we can suppose, or conceive of the idea that there are acquaintances, loved ones, or strangers that exist in forms other than human form or without form.  These beings, being of the same conscious energy as us, since we are them when not in human form, are conceivably just like us, but with varying beliefs.  Similar to the tremendous variety of humans on the planet, but with the distinction that our conscious beliefs revolve around our Earth based reality.  They would not necessarily share that unless they existed as a human and remain attached to this form.

These beings (and when we die, we will be referred to as a ‘being’ by humans), just like humans, are interacting with us in both positive and negative ways.  The interaction comes about from our personalities, beliefs and emotions that attract our experiences to us.  There are many channellings aimed at benefitting the evolvement of mankind and our understanding of reality.  There are also some that are deceptive, but most likely because itis their understanding that is flawed, but it is a channelling so it is given credence anyway.  This could be construed as negative interaction, but it is most likely ego based.  The type of human attracts a similar personality.  If the human is ego based, then the channellings will also be ego based.  If the human is able to channel without awareness of what is being channelled, then the ego has been asset aside and the information, is more true to the channelling entity.  Bashar is an examples of this.  We would need to determine the truth of it as it applies to us based on our own, individual response to it.  

There are also many people interacting with other beings without being aware of it.  For example, suppose you are thinking about something, a problem to be solved.  You work things around in your mind, and at the same time, a being is right there, thinking with you, sharing thoughts, working through the problem with you.  And why would they do this?  Would you ever do that for someone?  If you can conceive of this, then some one else can and is doing it.  And maybe you actually have friends beyond this life.  If 7 billion people can live and die as a human, then where do they all go?  Some might just want to hang around helping.

Interactions like this can also have a negative effect, but only because the thinking is based on negative thoughts.  This is why mindfulness is important.  If you are entertaining negative thoughts which produce a negative mood, which in turn enhance and attract more negative thought, it can be a self-sustaining feedback loop.  And ther can be an entity in the same frame of mind as you that wants someone to commiserate with, so he is attracted.  Now you are both feeding the negativity.  In this case, your will is needed to break through the inertia of negativity.  If you feel bad, it’s hard to pull your pants up and do something positive.  You may want to find a positive person to uplift you, but this does not work in the long run.  You need to understand what belief is behind this and stop feeding off of other people’s posivity.  Be a creator of your own positivity.  At least do it for the being commiserating with you if not for yourself.  Ignoring the thought does not remove the belief, and you will be effected by this belief in your subconscious until it’s gone.  

So be mindful.  First become aware of slothful, negative mental thinking.  Once aware, put your attention on it and really feel the negativity associated with it.  Since you are paying attention, the emotion will not effect you as much – you are just observing it.  Follow the thoughts that pop up as you feel this.  They will lead you to a belief.  What would you have to believe to feel this way?  Once the belief is discovered, if you do not like it, it will disappear.  Just looking at it is all it usually takes, unless it is integrated with another belief.  Just keep at it.  This is consciously re-programming yourself by choosing your believes.  Once you have examined all of your negative beliefs, then your beliefs will be in alignment with yourself and you will feel a true peace of mind.  You will think a lot less and only about things that interest you.  There will be no worry, stress, or barrage of thoughts pounding in your head.  And any beings commiserating with you will have benefitted.  

Thinking of your existence beyond this life or within this life, but also still participating in the other densities of existence in this universe, keeps you connected to the universe.  It helps support the belief that you are equal to all other consciousnesses and that the universe supports you.

Consciousness exists at all density levels at all times.  In our human existence, our consciousness has access to all density levels.  We just need to attune ourselves to those ‘subtle’ (less dense) energies.  We can begin to do this by quieting our minds using the mindfulness techniques.  Once our minds are at peace, we can begin the journey into the exploration of our connectedness with the universe and all life interacting with it.


Mindfulness Connections

Spirit Removal

What connection do all of these share?  This will emphasize the importance of getting to know your own mind and body (emotions).

Channelling presents direct evidence of communication with a different level of reality that is not visible to us.  There are intelligent brings, human consciousnesses who can communicate with us via our minds.  The better one knows their own mind, the more accurate the channelled information is.  The communication happens via impressions sent which are interpreted by the channeller’s mind.  The impressions are in the form of a feeling sense of something containing possibly some imagery and emotion.  If you are not aware of your own impressions, you could confuse your impressions with those received from a non- physical consciousness communicating via channelling.  Your interpretation of the impressions is determined by your beliefs.  So the same impression sent to different people could be translated differently by each one.  The more one is aware of their own thoughts and impressions, the more one can accurately receive impressions from an outside entity.

Spirit removal is a rare occupation filled by people trained to detect and remove some of these non-physical consciousnesses who are bothering people.  This can be an unwelcome channelling entity, an entity who is sending impressions of negative emotion and/or negative thoughts.  Dome entities can be felt physically as a slight force applied to the body.  Most of the problems come from being plagued by tormented thoughts.  The impact of interaction with a negative consciousness can be alleviated by knowing ones own mind – being familiar with your own thoughts, impressions and resulting emotions.  Your own thoughts should resonate within your body because they resonate with your beliefs.  If a thought produces a negative body response, then it is possibly being introduced by a negative entity or is your own which you haven’t yet dismissed.  If it persists and seems out of your control, a negative entity may be involved.  This is when a spirit removal expert is benefial.  You can train yourself to be aware of your own thoughts and ignore the persistent negative ones.  This can discourage the negative entity from interfering. Inexplicable waves of emotion can also be caused by the interaction with a non-physical entity.  The conclusion here us that we are not alone one Earth, we live in a physicality that has many levels of existence, including less dense ones.  This dense reality is perceived through or bodies.  When we die and leave our bodies, we perceive differently because we no longer have the mechanism to interact with and perceive this dense reality.  So the non-physical beings interacting with us are currently not incarnated in a human body.

Religion has been around as long as humans have existed.  The persistent theme is good vs evil and the human trying to adhere to strict standards of goodness.  Within much of the Christian religious texts are encouragements to get to know thyself.  In this way, a person can withstand evil which originates in the mind with a negative thought.  If you keep thinking a negative thought that resonates in your body with a negative emotion, you acclimate yourself to feeling bad.  This becomes your comfort zone.  Any feelings outside of this zone are rejected.  You need the use if your conscious mind and self-discipline to overcome this slip into temptation.  Religion references channelling and non-physical entities (dead people for instance).  A negative entity is known as a demon and can influence your weaknesses (temptation) so that you are more likely to give in.  They can also give you impressions similare to your own, but slightly different so that you are influenced to behave in a way you otherwise wouldn’t or to change a belief you otherwise wouldn’t.

I’d like to address more of these ideas in future entries.  All of these ideas rely on mindfulness, or an awareness of one’s own mind and self discipline to become aligned with your true self regardless of outside influence.  This includes influence from peers in society as well.

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