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Flash, Firestorm and Interacting Consciousness

Flash is both the name of a current show on Hulu and the name of the superhero starring in the show.  He is able to move at incredibly fast speeds.  Firestorm is both the name of a project a physicist was working on in the show, Flash, and the name of the superhero that results from a supercollider experiment gone very wrong. 

A brief intro to F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.:

“The original Firestorm was distinguished by his integrated dual identity. High school student Ronnie Raymond and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein were caught in a nuclear accident that allowed them to fuse into the “nuclear man” Firestorm. Due to Stein’s being unconscious during the accident, Raymond was prominently in command of the Firestorm form with Stein a voice of reason inside his mind, able to offer Raymond advice on how to use their powers without actually having any control over their dual form. Banter between the two was a hallmark of their adventures.[1] Initially Stein was completely ignorant of their dual identity, leaving him concerned about his unusual disappearances and blackouts, but Ronnie was eventually able to convince him of the truth, allowing them to bond as separate individuals rather than as parts of a whole.”  http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firestorm_(comics)

The back story of the Firestorm character was recently explored in the last few episodes of Flash.   Flash and his fellow teammates, consisting of physicists, engineers and a person with medical expertise, were solving the problem of how to separate the two blended consciousnesses of Ronnie and Prof. Stein.  When blended, they are Firestorm, a character that can shoot fire from his limbs and fly like a rocket.  The team succeeded in separating Stein and Ronnie so,that they appeared once again in their original, separate bodies.  

But a side effect is that they are still connected.  Their consciousnesses are still interacting so that they can feel eachother and share images.  They are psychically linked.  What’s interesting is the portrayal of how consciousnesses that interact effect eachother.  For example, Ronnie needed to communicate to Stein, so he carved a word, with a knife, into his forearm.  This was felt by Stein, and he could see the results on how own forearm.  The idea behind this is that in order for a consciousness to make another consciousness feel something, the initiating consciousness must make himself feel it first.  Ronnie had to cut himself in order for Stein to feel it.  The metaphysical idea, as applied to consciousness outside of the comic book portrayal, is that a consciousness (not incarnated in a human body), cannot hurt another consciousness (being) unless he hurts himself.  So beings are disinclined to hurt other for this reason.

This is a self regulating mechanism for ensuring people don’t hurt eachother.  This, of course does not apply to the physical body.  Someone can use their body to hurt another body without hurting their own, like shooting someone.  But the consciousness in the body doing the harm, is hurting himself if hurting another with the intent of causing harm.  For example, a crime motivated by hartred.  One person hates another, stabs or shoots the other, maybe rapes a woman, all with the intent to really hurt someone.  Their consciousness, filled with negative thoughts, is actually experiencing pain.  Those thoughts are self-inflicted pain that they then use to inflict pain on another.

The victim’s consciousness is not hurt, if in human form, only their physical body.  Unless the victim begins to think and feel negative thoughts about the incident.  If they were physically abused and raped, they might entertain negative thoughts which produce negative feeling, thereby harming themselves.  If they let go of the incident and refrain from negative thought, their consciousness is unharmed, they remain positive energy, a positive thinking individual even if their body was harmed.

So people (beings), not in a dense human body, interacting as consciousness in physicality, feel the physical impression of eachother because the physical energy of the physical reality is vibrating according to the thoughts and beliefs of the individual being.  This is a much less dense feeling sense of physical form than a very dense human body.  And the people interacting at this level of density can feel the energy of their thoughts as opposed to us, the beings incarnated in dense bodies.  And they cannot hurt someone else unless they hurt themselves.  The danger for humans is that we are less aware of the connection of our thoughts to the physical impression they create in physicality because we cannot directly feel it.  We are buffered by dense bodies.  Our  consciousness is interacting directly with the body, integrated with it so that the body expresses the results of our thoughts instead of us feeling the vibrational energy.

So what a non-incarnated being might perceive as a hurtful vibration, the body would express as tears or pain.  The benefit of experiencing ourselves this way is that we can actually see the effects of the vibrational energy and understand how we may be hurting ourselves.  Otherwise, we would not know (in a state without a human body) unless someone was interacting with us, felt our energy and said, “ow, you hurt”.  With bodies, we can see it for ourselves or feel it without someone else having to feel it.  

What’s interesting to see in Flash is the demonstration of how consciousness is effected by eachother when we interact without bodies.  Because it s their consciousnesses interacting, not their bodies.  The principles of reality are often portrayed in the shows and movies we watch.  Just about every movie and tv show contains illustrations of concepts of our existence as consciousness and how life is once we shed these bodies. And the interactions we experience in these bodies on Earth are reflective of the interactions we experience after life on Earth.  As in, we take ourselves with us when we leave the body.  The same thoughts and feelings, the same consciousness.  Where ever we go, there we are.  So our existence here is every bit as ‘spiritual’ as our existence outside of the perception through the human body. 


Our Relationship With Our Bodies

Ideas on our relationship to our bodies, taken from ‘A Course In Miracles’.

T- 19.IV.B.14. Why should the body be anything to you? Certainly what it is made of is not precious. And just as certainly it has no feeling. It transmits to you the feelings that you want. Like any communication medium the body receives and sends the messages that it is given. It has no feeling for them. All of the feeling with which they are invested is given by the sender and the receiver. The ego and the Holy Spirit both recognize this, and both also recognize that here the sender and receiver are the same. The Holy Spirit tells you this with joy. The ego hides it, for it would keep you unaware of it. Who would send messages of hatred and attack if he but understood he sends them to himself? Who would accuse, make guilty and condemn himself?


We are the energy of consciousness interacting with the physical universe.  Our interaction with physical energy produces an energy field around us that we call our body.  It is the attention of our conscious energy that warps physicality into resonance with our thoughts and feelings.  When we pull our attention away from the physical energy of the universe, we change perspective back to formlessness.  This formlessness, our existence outside of the physical is what we refer to as ‘Heaven’.  The experience ther resembles the type of experience we have in the formless dream state.

So our bodies are fields of physical energy created by our own thoughts.  Anything we feel, we feel within our bodies.  Another body can feel a certain way and effect the way our body feels if we resonate with it.  So someone can project the energy of anger, which we can feel, but the anger is theirs.  They feel it in their own body.  If we choose to resonate with it, we can feel it in our body.  If we choose not to resonate with it, then we sense their anger with our body, but do not feel it as our own.  Essentially, we decide not to join them in acting out anger.

So it appears to the person that he is sending out anger, but he is also receiving the feeling within his own body.  He is sending out his thoughts which produce anger in his own body.  This is how the sender and receiver are the same.  This is also how emotions can be transmitted to people if people decide to resonate with it – their bodies feel it, they put attention to it, recognize it as anger, decide they are angry, then make up a reason why – ‘that person yelling at me just made me angry’.

T- 19.IV.B.15. The ego’s messages are always sent away from you, in the belief that for your message of attack and guilt will someone other than yourself suffer. And even if you suffer, yet someone else will suffer more. The great deceiver recognizes that this is not so, but as the “enemy” of peace, it urges you to send out all your messages of hate and free yourself. And to convince you this is possible, it bids the body search for pain in attack upon another, calling it pleasure and offering it to you as freedom from attack.


In the transmission of anger, someone can see themselves as under attack as another expresses anger.  We are always sending our energy out when we are expressing.  Because we have bodies, physical energy around us, we can hurt eachother’s bodies.  These bodies are effected by the frequencies of resonance with emotions.  Negative emotions are negative because we hurt ourselves when feeling and expressing them.  The physical oscillations hurt the body and cause chaos in the biological systems of others as well, if they take on that resonant frequency within their own bodies.

If a person hates someone, they feel a sensation within their body.  They can choose to hurt someone else by putting their attention on them and physically assaulting them or psychologically messing with them.  The one assaulting is putting attention on this hate energy and increasing it, keeping it resonating.  In this way, they are hurting themselves. Their intent in hurting another is to express the feeling to the other, thinking this will release it from them, or else help them feel better.  It only makes it worse because extra feelings, such as guilt, are added in.

If you focus on a feeling within the body, which can feel like a knot of energy, or a burning sensation, thoughts will come to mind related to,that emotion.  So let yourself feel the emotion and observe your thoughts.  This will help you understand the belief behind the emotion and help to clear it..

The Body and the Mind of God

The body and mind are co-creators of the physical incarnation of human consciousness. The body decays and dies without the nurturing energy of the human consciousness. You could say it dies when the attention of the human is withdrawn.

The body then is not made of the human conscious energy, but it, like everything within our perception is made of conscious energy. This is what quantum physicists learned when exploring the behavior of quantum particles and have termed ‘the observer effect’. For interesting reading, see ‘The Self-Aware Universe’ by Amit Goswami. What is this conscious energy that we co-create with?

Every human is interacting at an intimate level with conscious energy that is not their own via the body. Call this energy God. It’s as if we exist in the mind of God, the mind of a nurturing being that expresses love through what we perceive as ‘life’. Gurus like Mooji talk about observing your thoughts, stilling your mind and becoming aware of an observer watching the observer. Who is the observer behind the human observer?

To conceptualize, try closing the eyes (and I say ‘the’ because the body is a separate expression of life, not of our own consciousness) and becoming aware of everything around you. Every feeling sense you detect. Expand this awareness to include your immediate area, your block, your town, country, Earth, solar system, etc. This will take use of your imagination, which itself is inspired by the conscious mind of God. This expanded awareness simulates the all encompassing awareness of the conscious energy in which we exist.

Every interaction we have in these bodies is with the expression of this Mind – all of life, including us. We also express with our conscious energy in a co-creative manner. All the time interacting with God. If we open ourselves to this interaction. In acknowledgment that we are sharing every thought and experience we have with another sentient being, then everything has meaning. Everything is potentially an expression of Love. For God it is his expression of his love for life itself, including us. This being is a nurturing energy. Life always prevails and adapts. If we are his creations as well, he is like our parent. We are immersed in his supportive energy, never alone, never unloved.

The Body, Mind and Ego

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
-Muhammad Iqbal

In a previous post I mentioned how the body is for communication and perception of the world and others.  People use the body to communicate with eachother and to interact with everything around them.  Because of this, it is easy to see why one might confuse their identity with the body.  But the true person, the one you see when you look into their eyes, exists independently of the body.  It’s the person who exists after the body dies.

The mind exists independently of the body.  Meditation enables people to access the mind while letting go of the body for awhile.  The mind thinks and the thought it thinks about are not necessarily ones that originate from the thinker.  Thoughts are of energy and to some extent, people are telepathic, but at a level beyond conscious awareness.  So thoughts can be received instead of originating within your own mind.  This can be inspiration and if accepted, might as well be thought of as your own thought.  The point of this is to illustrate how people are not the thoughts they think either.  They are not their body, they are not their thoughts.

They are their conscious mind which processes thoughts plus their soul.  The mind may even be considered as part of the soul.  The identification with the body leads to the ego.  The body mind is the ego mind.  When you think, ‘I’, and put you attention on yourself, you feel your body.  That is the ego.  When you put your attention on someone else and think ‘I’, you feel a different resonance.  

This leads to a very useful exercise.  Make a statement beginning with I and see how you feel resonance with the body,


Put your full attention on someone else, whether in imagination or not, and restate the sentiment while looking at them.  

Feel where the resonance is and how it changed.  The body resonates with the ego (when you think I with attention on yourself), and the mind and soul (you) resonate when your attention is outside of yourself.  Your essence is more truly expressed when you interact with your attention away from yourself and the ego, you are “in the zone” of yourself.

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