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Translation: Affirmations

Here is a definition taken from the site bayart.org,

What is Affirmation
#Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words composing the affirmation, automatically and involuntarily, bring up related mental images into the mind, which could inspire, energize and motivate. Repeating affirmations, and the resultant mental images, affect the subconscious mind, which in turn, influences the behavior, habits, actions and reactions.

This definition would not make any sense to a person reading this. Your mind is you. You are a body mind. You are a mind, you are. body. The body is a mind. This applies to your eternal self outside the physical. There is your attention, your conscious awareness and your subtle awareness, like out of the corner of your eye. You are not plit into a subconscious mind and conscious mind. So, logically, here is the translation.

Affirmations are aimed to affect the awareness and mind of the human being, human body. The words bring up images into the awareness of the human being (body), using its head as its focus of awareness, which it is not. Its awareness stems from its entire being, the body, its mind. These images are meant to inspire it to action. Because who would deliberately put an image into their own awareness to inspire themselves? No one. The intent is to effect the body/mind, consciousness of the unaware human being so that it does what you want in order to get the story you want while playing a character role you want.

For further reference, research #zombieapocolypse because no one of your (the possessing ‘mind’) kind will tell the truth about how this effects the ‘people’ doing this.


Two Worlds 3

Good ideas to explore….

Mind WorX

two worlds

WE ARE ONLY AWARE of the physical half of ourselves, so how can we ever discover the truth of who we are? We must look within our own mind. Whatever we do, we mustn’t believe anything from an outside source, no matter how plausible it may seem.

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Multi-Density Reality Thought Form Game

Create a subtle energy reality perception tool to see and interact with subtle energy thought forms.  This idea is based on the following:

Sentient beings are non-physical in origin.
Their mind is quantum.
Their imagination interacts with physical space, creating temporal thought forms.
This is explored in lucid dreaming.
The thought forms are given longevity with attention.
We build and create on Earth, making thought forms more solid and long-lived.
Everything created by man on Earth began as a micro-vibratory thought form, a distortion of space to represent the creative imagination of a consciousness.
The mind doing the imagining is the intelligence of the integrated, sentient being existing in non-physical.
To explore space-time and create within it, a being uses his imagination.  If the being puts full attention on his imagination, he loses himself in a lucid dream state and interacts with his thought forms as if they are real.
Humans are non-physical beings interacting with space-time, creating biological life.
Thought forms are not biological, they are imagination entangled with the energy of space-time, warping to to produce energy fields that hold their shape.
These lucid dreaming beings are not the same as humans.
They can interact with humans by putting their attention on a human, even looking out their eyes and pretending to be them.  This is a possessing mind.  The human hears its ‘thoughts’ as the subtle vibration physical energy.  This lucid ‘mind’ is using physical vibratory space to effect a human.  A human thinks in images and impressions.  A possessing mind in lucid dream state feels like energetic ‘thought’, spoken words.
So humans are acting out the dream state of possessing minds as they lucid dream.  We create here on Earth, physical objects from their imagination thought forms.  They, the possessing, lucid dreaming, mind interact with their imaginatory, subtle energy thought form while ‘seeing’ thru the human’s eyes the physical object equivalent.
A human can see their lucid dream world by looking into the ‘third eye’, which is the imagination of the possessing mind.  This is an involuntary interaction because it was not consciously chosen.
This is the problem, the source of suffering and disease for humans.  The dreaming mind being only decides to make his imagination his reality when he no longer wishes to be himself.  It is a negative being.  Their thought forms contribute to dark matter created by the dark energy of their thoughts.
Any being who disassociates from its body, living only in its mind, loses all compassion and is effectively evil.

A solution to,this problem plaguing humanity is to create the technology that enables every human being on Earth to wear glasses that enable them to perceive the thought forms and disable them with disrupting frequencies.  The dreaming mind being always has created a thought form version of itself to look at while it essential plays out a movie with it in the starring role.  This thought form version of itself needs to be destroyed.  This would disentangle it from the physical, sending it back to awareness of its body, and suffer the consequences of its soul.  Humans feel the consciousness energy of these beings as a force that can effect the expression of the body.

This technology is easily within our reach to create with our current existing technology and knowledge.  It would not effect biological life, only physical time space thought forms.  And humans would be free from assault and able to think as themselves once again and connect as humans instead of possessing minds.

This technology has the potential also for becoming an amazing multi-density reality gaming platform using a direct interaction with the imagination.  I’m all for it.

The World You See Is False

Hopefully this view point of our relationship to our bodies will become part of the common sense of human knowledge. Our bodies are of the Earth and are on loan to us so that we can experience ourselves as separate individuals. In this way can we really see ourselves and understand who we are. Thank you Earth for this gift. Thank you Dan for your insight.

Mind WorX

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

WHEN YOU IMAGINED THIS UNIVERSE into being, you also imagined a physical body. One that you identified with as being your own, separate and distinct from others. You became very attached to this entity, always trying to protect it from harm and emotional distress. All this deepened the delusion of ‘Who You Think You Are’… YOU must see through you.

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Welcome to the new look which I hope is easier to navigate!


A poem about beliefs inspired by the recent tragedies.

Karen Wilson_ Awaken

This is a poem by my partner Rohan fromAwaken Meditation Retreats

This poem was written as a reflection of how our beliefs are formed and the irony  that  they are learned,they are not a representation of our true self.Yet people will fight, argue and even kill those who oppose their beliefs.Inspired by the Lindt bombing in Australia but particularly poignant in the wake of the Charlie tragedy in France.

This irony of life is brief

opinions stem from our belief

beliefs come from our thoughts in turn

our thoughts again from what we learn

a tiny child, these thoughts begin

environment, culture , kin

bones grow thick and bodies long

thoughts too, grow big and strong

what a feeling, being right

that sudden rush, ego’s delight.

beliefs now ours to argue, blame

our children learn to do the same


But to the mirror, blame behold!

These thoughts of ours, another sold

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Why the Constellation of Ophiuchus was Not Included in the Zodiac

New Zodiac Sign Ophiucus?

There has been some controversy over the subject of a new Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. I’m re-blogging an interesting discussion of this controversy. As a brief introduction to Ophiuchus,

The constellation, Ophiuchus, has been known since ancient times, and is better known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. It is included in the list of 48 constellations described by Ptolemy. Ophiuchus is depicted as a man handling a serpent; his body dividing the large snake into two parts, giving way to the symbol used today as an Asclepius – the medical staff. Astrologers have not included Ophiuchus in the wheel of Astrological signs because the Sun spends only about nineteen days in this 13th sign of the Mazzaroth. Not that there wasn’t a 13th sign in the Heavens, but as far as Astrologers were concerned, the Sun traveled from the constellation ‘Scorpius’ and then proceeded directly into the sign of Sagittarius. In reality, this was not the case. The Sun, for 19 days of the year, travels through the star constellation ‘Ophiuchus’ before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius – see chart below. thus The sign of Ophiuchus is patterned after the original ‘Serpent Holder’, Enki, a Sumerian god.

Mark Lerner

Why the Constellation of Ophiuchus was Not Included in the Zodiac

By Mark Lerner

Back in January of this year, an astronomer and professor in Minnesota (Parke Kunkle*) gave an interview to a reporter at the Star-Tribune newspaper in which he tried to disparage Western Astrology. As has occurred on numerous occasions over the past few hundred years, people with apparently “scientific backgrounds” who have never made a full and fair study of astrology attempt to poke holes in our 12-fold division of zodiacal signs by claiming (a) the Sun-sign dates are now inaccurate and (b) there is a thirteenth constellation in the zodiac – Ophiuchus – that astrologers have ignored.

This article will set the record straight.

*Note: I have viewed a video online – at the Star-Tribune website – showing Parke Kunkle and he clearly believes (erroneously) that astrologers here in America work with 12 zodiacal “constellations” or…

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What do painful emotions really mean?

This is a great summary of what you need to pay attention to when beginning to become aware of yourself in order to become in alignment with yourself. Being out of alignment means you are betraying yourself and your emotions are your feedback. Thank you to Midnight Blahs.

Midnight Blues

I’m currently reading an intriguing book on the topic of authenticity and emotions. I’ve transcribed some passages that spoke to me and that I felt could help many others. Please find the bibliographical information in the footnote below.

Authentic power is alignment of your personality with your soul. Creating authentic power is dramatically different from the pursuit of external power.

The creation of authentic power is a lifetime endeavor. It requires becoming aware, moment by moment, of what you are feeling and the decisions that you are making. The creation of authentic power confronts you with the most unhealthy parts of yourself- the parts that blame,criticize,judge,resent,envy, and hate others, yourself, and the Universe. These are the parts that must be uncovered,acknowledged, and changed. They are also the parts that most want to change others rather than to be changed themselves.

Changing your life does not mean getting…

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Breakthrough Sermon, by Bodhidharma

The path to enlightenment in a simple statement. What is enlightenment but achieving an absolute understanding of yourself?

Buddhism now

Rubbing BodhidharmaIf someone is determined to reach enlightenment, what is the most essential method he can practice?

The most essential method, which includes all other methods, is beholding the mind.

But how can one method include all others?

The mind is the root from which all things grow. If you can understand the mind, everything else is included. It’s like the root of a tree. All a tree’s fruit and flowers, branches and leaves depend on its root. If you nourish its root, a tree multiplies. If you cut its root, it dies. Those who understand the mind reach enlightenment with minimal effort. Those who don’t understand the mind practise in vain. Everything good and bad comes from your own mind. To find something beyond the mind is impossible.

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Mindful meditation : Sounds

13 Things I Can Hear Right Now

To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.
-Bruce Lee

A washing machine
The breeze through the leaves of the trees
Birds calling to each other
Distant Traffic
Kids talking and playing
My breathing
The drone of an airplane in the distance
Wind chimes
Distant lawn mower
A nearby truck passing by
My heart beating
Wasps and bees buzzing around
A faint, high-pitched buzzing sound

The most surprising sound is the last one.  I’m not sure if that was an insect or even external.

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