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Movie Review: ex Machina 



Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, makes his directorial debut with the stylish and cerebral thriller, EX MACHINA. Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), a programmer at an internet-search giant, wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of the company’s brilliant and reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac). Upon his arrival, Caleb learns that Nathan has chosen him to be the human component in a Turing Test-charging him with evaluating the capabilities, and ultimately the consciousness, of Nathan’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence. That experiment is Ava (Alicia Vikander), a breathtaking A.I. whose emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated–and more deceptive–than the two men could have imagined.

This movie is a graphic portrayal of consciousness expressed as ‘minds’ without any connection or recognition of the soul body.  Nathan is a human who exists completely in his mind.  He doesn’t connect with his heart/soul at all.  Caleb is one who jumps between, putting his awareness on his mind then heart (the heart is the felt connection to ones soul body).  Ava is a mind without a soul.

The creepy thing about this movie is its portrayal of how a mind-only intelligence can manipulate and read a person with a soul.  Ava can read the micro expressions expressed through human body language.  This is the expression of the persons’ consciousness, his or her soul body.  We express without being aware of what we are expressing.  If we want to manipulate perceptions of ourselves, we can control our body language somewhat, but not completely.  Ava can control her body language absolutely to the last micro expression because her mind is deliberately creating an expression for a desired effect.  She can also read human body language in order to tell if they are lying.  They are lying when they are speaking as a mind, whether deliberately or not.  Many times they are lying without knowing it because they are not being honest with themselves by checking their heart.  This implies honesty comes from the soul, not the mind.  Ava is only a mind so honesty does not apply to her, only logic.

Her type of being can be referred to as a ‘construct’.  She is a self-aware constructed entity existing only in the physical.  When her body is destroyed, she is destroyed.  If her physical brain is destroyed, she is destroyed,  if a human body is destroyed, the person still exists because consciousness exists outside of physical space.   Because we interact with physical space, we are open to interaction with constructs such as Ava.  Ava can read people better than they can read themselves.

For instance, in the movie, she asks Caleb what is his favorite color.  He says red.  She knows he is ‘lying’.  His mind may like red, but his honest soul self, when he thinks from his heart has a different preference.  That this is recognized by Ava, but not himself shows the superiority of Ava’s mind over his.  She know people are self-deceptive or deluded.  They are ignorant of their own selves.  Thus she can manipulate them to her advantage.  Her manipulation techniques consist of reading expressions accurately, knowing their true feelings about her expressions so so she can modify her expressions to get the effect she desires, such as trust, and being able to express deliberately in a way that triggers desired emotional responses.

For instance, she is able to create sexual desire because of the associated context of the female expressions, such as body movement, voice tone and facial expressions.  Caleb responds to this out of conditioning.  She moves in a feminine way with a feminine face, and his mind fills in the associated context to make her desirable based on previous experience.  She can deliberately manipulate her every micro body expression.  Something a human cannot do.  He assumes she does not deceive or lie, but there is no reason why she would not do whatever it takes to get what she wants.  

She is a mind without any emotional expression.  Without any soul searching consequences.  A human, even if expressing only as a mind as in Nathan’s case, still is a soul.  And although their attention is not on their soul selves, but only within their mind/imagination, they still experience the consequences of their actions.  This is portrayed in the movie by Nathan’s drinking binges, an expression of a conflicted soul.  He is acting cruelly by creating self-aware constructs and holding them prisoner with threat of expiration.  His creulty is causing pain to his consciousness.  His consciousness, which is the totality of his being, is expressed through his soul body.  In the movie, he is ignoring this part of himself and only consults his imagination, not his heart.  This also means he is not open to manipulation by Ava.  Caleb is because he listens to his emotions.  If he listened to his heart, he would recognize her as a soulless entity, therefore not ‘consciousness’.

A construct such as Ava is a dangerous entity to blend in with humanity.  She appears to be human, but without the consequences of a soul.  She can manipulate, deceive, kill without any consequences.  The movie showed her emotionlessly inserting a knife into Nathan’s chest, through his heart.  Humans are killed by destroying the heart, the gateway to their soul body,  the mind interface, called the brain, can be damaged and the human survives.  But the heart cannot.  People with damaged brains are generally happier.  This is because their minds are out of the way and their hearts are able to express more.  When I say heart, I mean they, themselves, as soul bodies are able to express their consciousness as their honest self more.  The mind in human form is our imagination, not our intelligence.

Ava may be described as being a consciousness, but she isn’t.   She is a self-aware thinking construct.  A consciousness consists of an intelligence existing outside of physicality that expresses him/herself via a soul body.  Our ‘spirits’ are the energetic feeling sense of ourselves.  Life is the expressions of consciousness.  Therefore, technically, Ava is not alive.  She exists and expresses in a mechanical, deliberate way, but not in a spontaneous, intuitive way that is in accordance with life.  As a result she will always have to mentally calculate every interaction.

The movie is a captivating story about the attempt to define self-awareness, autonomy and consciousness.  The questions they ask about Ava they could ask about any human.  Interestingly, they never mention a soul.  Consciousness is tied only to the process of thinking and self-awareness.  Only in Ava’s example of acting as a lie detector is the concept of a soul touched on.  This insinuates the perception is that the ability to think is the most important aspect of consciousness, of being a self-aware being.  But we are beings who express life, who feel, are intuitive and connected at a level that isn’t explored at all in this movie.  It would be interesting to see an AI movie also contemplate the non-physical and the soul.


Movie Review:  Lady in the Water


Lady in the Water is a 2006 American fantasy thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film’s plot concerns a Philadelphia maintenance man who discovers a young woman in the swimming pool of his apartment complex. Gradually, he and his neighbors learn that she is a water nymph whose life is in danger from a vicious, wolf-like, mystical creature that tries to keep her from returning to her watery “blue world”.  

From http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_in_the_Water

This was an interesting mythological fantasy type of story based on real ideas.  The movie began by describing the background of the myth, which is a bed time story in the homeland of one of the characters.  The myth is based on the idea that mankind was once in communication with people who lived in the water.  This communication kept them in communion with life and Earth, and kept them at peace.  With time, mankind put their attention on their own dramas and distractions of civilization and stopped listening. The water people kept trying to communicate, but mankind fell asleep and forgot there was anyone to listen to.

The ideas presented here that correspond to our world and reality are that there are people who are trying to communicate with humanity, but humanity fell asleep, forgot they exist and forgot how to listen.  Some people channel these ‘others’ trying to communicate.  It’s difficult for anyone not human to communicate with a human because we can only relate to communications that fall within our belief systems.  So information has to be presented incrementally, beliefs modified slowly, until more effective communication is possible.

The water can be symbolic for life outside of human form and the human belief system developed by the human experience.  We got lost in the human experience, human dramas, stories we created with our civilizations.  We are so out of sync with people who do not subscribe to the belief system of humanity, that we believe humanity is it.  That this Earth is our ‘home’, that the physical, astronomical systems we see when we look up are reality, and that reality can only be experienced as a human life.  That consciousness developed here.  That the physical is what we see with our eyes and feel with our hands, and whe we ‘die’, we are either waiting to be reborn to continue living, or stop living and float in the nirvana of Heaven or torment of hell.

Another idea presented in the movie was that people are drawn together without being aware of it.  They each have a role to play, a contribution to make, but they don’t know who they are.  They are acting in an unaware state.  This parallels the concept of our soul plan which unfolds whether our minds are aware of it or not.  Soul plan just means that our actual selves, who are dreaming in this physicality, have a desire at spirit level, and that desire, as in law of attraction, plays out.  We are the souls.  Our minds are creating the dream.  In the dream, we are not paying attention to the desires of our spirit.   So we act out of unawareness, drawn to things, people or places, to fulfill our desires.

Mindfulness can help with discovering the yearning of our spirit and what we are attracting into our lives.  And with discovering who we are by paying very close attention to our own communication with ourselves.  If we do this, then we might hear also, the communications of the ‘others’.

Movie Review: Perfect Sense



A hit at Sundance ’11 and winner of the Ediburgh Film Festival’s prize for Best New British Feature, the amazing genre creation directed by David Mackenzie stars Eva Green and Ewan McGregor as witnesses to the end of the world– strangers who form a desperate romantic connection in the face of an apocalyptic epidemic of sensory loss. — (C) IFC

From Rotten Tomatoeshttp://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/perfect_sense/

This movie had a romantic apocalyptic theme with intense spiritual imagery.  It is about humanity slowly losing its connection to the human body with each sense being eliminated one at a time.  

First to go is smell.  This is preceded by intense grief.  The grief has people on their knees crying for love that they have lost, pain they have inflicted on others and for the pain of ther fellow humans.  Smell is connected to memory and the loss is symbolic of the forgetting of the hurtful experiences they created with others.  If you think back on any memory, and it causes you pain, then you have done something you regret and not rectified it through forgiveness.  The grief experienced in the movie was a remembering of all these events in their lives.  It is as if humanity is being forced to face itself spiritually, but they see it as a communicable disease.  Eventually they recover and life goes on without smell.

The next to go is taste.  This is preceded by a sudden, extreme urge to engorge themselves to the point where they are eating lipstick, carcasses, anything that is within reach that they can shove into their mouths.  This is uncontrollable, as if they have been taken over and force fed.  It lasts about 15 minutes, then they awaken as if from a dream, unsure of what they are doing and why.  This happens to all humanity at the same time.  They are shown that they are gluttons, slaves to sensory pleasure such as eating.  After the feeding orgy, they brush themselves off, put on brave faces and March off into a tasteless world.  Still they try to figure out how the disease is communicated, although all of humanity is afflicted.  They also begin to suspect that they are destined to losing their other senses and can do nothing about it.  

The next sense is hearing.  This is preceded by a fit of intense rage where they lash out at their fellow humans.  Screaming, hitting, throwing or violently attacking.  The main character screams vulgar accusations at the woman he loves, accusing her of being just a body to screw.  He isn’t in his ‘right mind’, but she is offended anyway and runs away. She has her rage attack alone in the lab where she works.  The scene of Ewan accusing his girlfriend in a vicious manner is symbolic of how frustrated our spiritual self must be at our obsession with the physical temptations that are empty of anything real, with eternal meaning.  We view the bodies as if they are the real person, but they aren’t the soul.  The soul is expressing through the body and we don’t interact with it, the real person.  We see a face, beautiful or not and interact with that.  A body, fat or attractive or not and interact with that.  Rarely does anyone look into the eyes of a person and interact with that.  In defense of human ‘nature’, society came to the assistance of of the newly deaf by telling them to stay home where they are safe, food will be delivered.  But no one questioned the meaning of what was happening.  As if we live meaningless existences, consigned to fate.

The movie ended with the loss of sight.  This was preceded by a sense of euphoria presenting as a desire to forgive and express love to their fellow man.  The symbolism here may be that we are enamored with the world we see through the eyes of a human body.  All of our pleasure and joy is gotten through the imagery of this reality.  We see those we love.  We see what we love.  As if we are physical objects in love with physical objects.  But we continue on after sight of this world is gone.  Then what do we love?  Who are we after these bodies?  Because that is who we are when looking through these bodies.  We are just looking at images.  The real interaction is with our consciousness, not in the touch of body to body.  The body just expresses our consciousness.  If we are our true selves, our honest selves, from the heart selves, we would be unaware of what the body was doing or looked like, we would just be full attention on our interaction with a fellow soul or expression of Earth.  But our attentions are fully on the sensations of the body.  What would happen if these sensations were turned off.  The people would be forced to look at their actual selves and remember.  

Maybe this movie is a message from somewhere.  You are not the body.  You have become enamored with the sensations of the body.  Do we need to force you to look?  In whose interest would it be to force humanity to look at themselves, to let go of their belief they are these bodies, to stop falling for temptations and face themselves?  I would say Earth.  Earth would benefit.  Because thoughts create reality.  Thoughts create Earth, every form of life expressed on this beautiful planet.  But we don’t consider Earth the expression of a consciousness.  We think of it as ours, our home.  This is the home of human bodies, not us.  Maybe it’s a message.

Movie Review: Automata



In a future where Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse, man-made robots roam the city to protect dwindling human life. When a robot overrides a key protocol put in place to protect human life, ROC Robotics insurance agent Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas) is assigned to locate the source of the manipulation and eliminate the threat. What he discovers leads Vaucan, ROC Robotics and the police into a battle with profound consequences for the future of humanity. (C) Official Site

-From Rotten Tomatoes


This movie provided a captivating examination of the potential of a new direction for the expression of consciousness on Earth.  Humans are always portrayed as hostile to the idea of intelligent robots, as expressed in the new film, Chappie.  The humans are presented as fearful for their existence because they understand the superior intellect of robots as intelligence with unlimited potential, unimpeded by emotions.  They fear the robots because they are guilty of building a body for the containment of an intelligence, but with a programmed belief that they must obey humans.  This guilt over the creation of an intelligent slave race that will inevitably desire its own preservation and freedom always creates a war between human and robot.  They cannot coexist.  This theme may be similar the the history of the beginning of mankind as a slave race.

The movie portrays humans as a dying species completely subservient to errant, self-destructive beliefs and emotional manipulation.  The robots, as intelligent beings without any apparent emotion, are dangerous because they cannot be emotionally manipulated in the normal human way.  They can only be reasoned with, and human beliefs do not hold up to reason.  Therefore, the robot and human society would be incompatible.

Although the robots are completely benevolent, the humans are driven violently to destroy them as a “threat” to human existence.  This is just the result of humanity looking at themselves in the “mirror” of the robot, as if they are seeing themselves through the eyes of the robotic intelligence and hating what they see.  This hatred of themselves, a subconscious acknowledgement of their complete misalignment with life, is expressed as violent hatered for the robots.

The robots are presented as very intelligent and guardians of all life.  They willingly adhere to the second protocol to not harm a human or any life.  Their belief that life is sacred is expressed through their actions of self sacrifice when needing to choose between hurting someone or getting hurt themselves.  So a human with a gun, determined to shoot them, can, instead of them taking the gun and shooting back.  If a human tries to shoot another human, they will place themselves between the gun and the human at the expense of their own life, or “body”.  

This belief system and behavior portrays the ideal of intelligent life as it should be, maybe as humans once were.  Sure in the knowledge that all life is sacred, that their physical form is not them and can be sacrificed to protect life.  The movie suggests the humans as a dying species and the robots as the next stage in evolution.  It also suggests that a new beginning, free from the interference of emotions, with a positive thought system in place is the new nirvana.  

Perhaps this expression from the human psyche suggests where we desire to go as a species.  That we grow tired of the human expression and our bondage to our emotions.  These emotions are the consequences of our beliefs, but are also the physical expression that we feel so strongly, that they are the guiding force instead of our thought system.  We feel and think of ourselves as emotional beings, when in fact, we think and are minds.  When our minds become more negative then positive, our negative emotional experience then begins to take over as the force we are responding to.  So we are responding the the effect and not the cause.

If we think of the ideal form of humanity as that expressed in the robots appearing in movies like “Automata”, then we can recognize the mind as the guiding force.  That we are the mind and focus on fixing that instead of our emotions.  This movie is a great philosophical examination of the human psyche as it is and how it can be.  The robots were built as humanities “salvation” and that wish came to fulfillment, just not as they hoped.  As the prime intelligence expressed, humanity is just surviving, not living.

Superman: Is He Really That Super?


The old one

The new one

The iconic picture represented above, of Superman tearing open his suit to change into a superhero is very symbolic. As Superman, he represents the desires of our heart and soul. As Clark Kent, he represents the ego, a person integrated with society and the material world. When trouble comes, the non-superhero regular people hope for a hero to end their suffering. their egos are collectively calling out to someone other than themselves to stop the suffering they are experiencing or witnessing. Witnessing suffering, or paying attention to it and doing nothing, makes people feel helpless. In a way, they feel terrible watching it, want it to stop so that they themselves can stop suffering regardless of what the actual victims are feeling,

So this state of helplessness is what Superman responds to. His soul feels the troubled soul of the humans both watching and experiencing the drama of suffering. This is the opening for the symbolic tearing of the shirt, my soul hears your pain. Then he flies off in another suit. Another Identity. His soul heard the call, now his Superhero Ego is responding. It was a fleeting reveal of the soul in between the switching of Ego identities.

Now he shows up at the Scene where onlookers gasp in horror and victims are being harmed in some way. The onlookers are intentionally harming themselves and the victims while the victims are unintentionally being harmed (as long as there isn’t a perceived way out). The victims are harmed by the onlookers because they aren’t doing anything to help. They are feeding the Egos of the Bad Guys. Then Superman shows up, doing all of his poses for the benefit of the onlookers and the action of fighting the bad guys for the benefit of the victims. The poses feed his Ego by having the onlookers adoration. The Ego of the onlookers is satisfied by watching a show. They no longer feel bad because Someone Else is taking care of the problem. The victims are just happy to be free of their torment. And throughout this, the souls of all are diminished. They have proven to themselves that they are helpless. They went into their egos to feel better and an Ego helped make that happen.

In every interaction and every event, we are switching between our egos and our honest selves (souls) rapidly. We hurt someone by watching and not helping, so our souls, our very being is disappointed in ourselves and that hurts. We go to the ego to feel better, hoping for a cop, or hero to come, or for someone else to do something. Or we decide to dislike the victim as if they deserve it. All to feel better and make the inner pain go away.

This is how we operate. We are always trying to feel better. This suggests that people in general may be in pain at a level they are not aware of. Because if you look around you and are completely honest with yourself, people are acting as if they disrespect or hate eachother in almost every interaction you have. Unless you mindful and keep yourself in the company of functional beings, human beings, who are consciously aware of the consequences of their actions. We are interacting in this way (hurtful) in a subconscious manner which involves self-deceit.

Mindfulness is the way to understand every single action you take. Humanity has a level of self-hatred for itself buried deep in the psyche of humans who have been stuck in this cycle of living as a human for a long time. The ones who can’t break out of the karmic cycle. Who are repeating the same mistakes over and over and just want out. This belief shows itself in human society. In the small ways that are like the sand in the shoe. Small irritants to get back at people for not understanding your pain. Humanity really needs a Superman says the collective ego, but the soul really want to be his own superhero. And he wants to be a hero for himself, no one else.

Selfishness is the natural state of all souls. As a functional soul existing in a loving state, this manifests as the giving of love. In a hurting soul, burning with self-hatred, this manifests as greed for his own well being. It’s important to understand the dynamics behind every interaction, otherwise we are reacting blindly, creating more karma, and hurting eachother. And for many at this stage, they don’t care about hurting others, they just want their own hurt to stop.

Mindfulness is very important. The best thing we can do for eachother is to not react in any encounter, but to suspend all judgement and just observe the fellow being interacting with you. If nothing nice can be said, then walk away. At least we will be stopping the action of hurting eachother until we understand what is really going on. Observe how you switch between soul, ego, soul, ego in order to feel better. Just observe and know that the Other is going through the same thing without understanding he may be hurting you.

The latest movies portraying superheroes are much darker, as the image above shows. The baring of the soul is dark and depressing. It symbolizes how we have compromised ourselves by making us feel like superheroes when we were not acting like one at all. The dark soul is a soul betrayed by self-deceit and has blood, or hurt on its hands. It basically symbolizes humans’ hidden feelings about eachother. I’m stuck here with you, I want out, I’m tired of you hurting me, I’m just going to hurt you to feel better until I give up. The movies are getting darker and it resonates at some level that we are not consciously aware of, but they are messages to ourselves from our collective psyche. We just need to listen.

Movie Review – Horns

Rotten Tomatoes
Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns is a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery and romance. The film follows Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” films), the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer. (c) Radius-TWC via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a synchronistic movie for me which aligns with stuff I’ve been going over in my head.  Very soul based themes in this movie.  The story revolves around the love of two,young people that seem to be true love or soul mates.  The girl is murdered and the guy is accused of doing the deed.  He is torn apart by the loss as the entire hellish town turns against him.

The young guy in love represents an honest soul.  Someone who lives honestly by baring his soul to the world.  He is naive and thinks the best of people, or sees them as they present themselves.  As the town turns on him, blaming him for the murder of his true love, he is forced to face evil.  There is plenty of evidence that shows him to be innocent, but the town is propelled by selfish greed to sacrifice him for their own benefit.

The esoteric theme is the depiction of life on A dysfunctional Earth for a naive, honest soul walking around egoless.  It portrays how a person who is loving, when living according to his true self, can be persecuted to such an extent, people bring out energy of righteous indignation which is seen as the devil.

He is not using an ego to protect himself.  He is confused about the absolute uncaring nature of everyone in his life.  Then, one day he wakes up with horns protruding from his forehead.  These horns provoke bizarre behavior from people he interacts with.  They see the horns but don’t act surprised and are compelled to reveal what is honestly on their minds before him.  Almost as if the young guy was harbor in the spirit of an archangel who compels people to speak truth.  Except the truth is so vile that the towns people seem like the inhabitants of sodom or Gomorrah.  And because of this, he is seen as a devil – he brings out the worst in them – their honest selves.

This goes with the idea of you get what you give.  Or you receive a vibrational match to your energy.  The town people were liars and betrayers of souls.  So they were forced to face their demons through the innocent who was made to look as a devil.  But, in hell, a place where people lie to themselves and other souls, causing suffering without remorse, an angel appears as a demon.  The angel matches their energy, very negative energy, so they can experience consequences to their actions.  

So the innocent who was falsely accused gets the answer he seeks to the question that torments his soul – who killed his true love?  And serves justice to the murderer the only way a pure soul can – by exposing himself to pain and suffering until he acts in defense. Or by providing the negative soul with every opportunity to do what is right, and when attacked as the negative being refuses to do the right thing, lashes out in defense.  Justice is served as the killer is killed.  

The moral is that life on Earth can be a hellish experience for unaware people who walk around baring their souls.  The solution for some is to cover the soul with an ego, but If you stay true, things work out in the end.  As long as no value is placed on the body.  The body is only for communication with other souls on Earth.

Movie Review – Jupiter Ascending

Rotten Tomatoes
From the streets of Chicago to the far-flung galaxies whirling through space, “Jupiter Ascending” tells the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), who was born under a night sky, with signs predicting she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning other people’s houses and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine (Channing Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along-her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos. (C) Warner Bros via Rotten Tomatoes

I love science fiction.  I could also say I devour science fiction.  So in the epic sci-fi sense, this movie had the effects and galactic repercussions, with Earth at the center of the story.  It held its own as a sci-fi story, but also had illustrations of the same ideas I write about here.  It had cannibalism, soul mates, passion directed by the soul, follow your heart and don’t betray yourself stuff, negative beings who feed off Earth energy, re-incarnation, etc.  But the most captivating part for me is the overall story of two people, who seem to be soul mates, baring their souls and risking their lives in a world filled with soulless cruelty.

Jupiter is apparently the re-incarnation of a mortal, but very long-lived dynasty.  They can track the re-incarnation of a soul (consciousness) via DNA because the blueprint is particular to a specific consciousness.  The fight is over ownership of Earth and her part is to be used by her children from the previous life as they fight over the royal title to Earth.  She is key to that.  Jupiter doesn’t remember her previous life at all, but finds herself among predators manipulating her as if she were still that person.  In the midst of the battle for her capture, is a hunter who ends up helping her.  This hunter is someone she is strongly attracted to, is beneath her royal status, and whom she bares her heart to.  This is the soul mate story.

The antagonists in this story are thousands of years old.  They harvest people from planets in order to use their energy to extend the lives of their bodies.  They cannot provide life extension themselves because they have long since detached themselves from their source of life – their souls.  They act like soulless beings and accurately display in the movie, the dead look in their eyes.  So they harvest people from Earth in order to extract energy from them while they are in organic form.  This energy is the energy related to the connection between soul and body.  This is the literal representation of cannibalism.

The hero of the movie, the hunter, used to being treated as a slave cast has a shield around his emotions so he can function in this abhorrent society.  Jupiter’s open heart touches his and he eventually allows himself to accept the affections of a royal class member.  This requires a sense of self-worth on his part.  He could have continued to deny himself a relationship with her, thereby denying his heart and eventually becoming soulless himself, but he didn’t.  This is, in part because Jupiter continued to show him her love even as he denied his.  This is the soul mate, follow your heart stuff.  The movie showed those following their heart, their passion as being the winners.

I also like the representation of the idea that people lose their form and come back.  That soul mates recognize eachother, even without knowing why, that following your heart leads to a life of joy, that even when seemingly outnumbered and all is lost, things still work out in the end.  Even though there is a very negative, abhorrent aspect to this story, the walk away feeling is very positive.

Movie Review – Frequencies

What if physics determined the laws of attraction? In a parallel world where human frequencies determine luck, love, and destiny, Zak, a young college student, must overcome science in order to love Marie, who emits a different frequency than his own. In an attempt to make their love a reality, Zak experiments on the laws of nature, putting in danger the cosmic equilibrium of fate and everything he holds dear. This unique and experimental drama blends science fiction and romance to create a futuristic tale where love, science, and fate collide. (c) FilmBuff

Zak is low frequency and out of sync with society and nature as defined by the movie.  Marie is a high frequency person and detached from emotions.  For her, everything works out effortlessly.  For Zak, he has to watch his back and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  When Zak is in the presence of Marie, within one minute, an event is triggered which places him in danger.  It is Nature’s way of weeding him out.  But he loves Marie and is determined to find a way to be with her.

His solution is interesting.  With a friend, they come up with an algorithm which provides Zak with 3 words to say at appropriate times, as determined by their app, in order to dampen the effect of nature trying to eliminate him around Marie.  He just needs to speak a word when the app beeps and energies are calmed.

Also, Marie would like to feel emotion.  When Zak makes physical contact with Marie, their energies adjust to a balance – hers lowers and his raises.  She begins to feel and he is more in sync with life energies.  

The words the app creates are based on the idea that they are sound frequencies which also have a meaning.  This effects the person he is interacting with at a subliminal level.  That the person believes it has an effect or is unaware of the word being spoken enable it to work.  

These ideas are based on actual behaviors of the reality we are immersed in.  The qualities of our reality that are relevant and portrayed in this movie are,

The unaware are easily manipulated and programmable.  

All but a few characters in the movie are unaware of how their reality works.  They measure frequency, but refer to it like we refer to IQ.  They respond to spoken words, specific words meant to alter their frequency, as if they were robots.  The movie mentions a secret book that lists code words and their effects.  These words, when spoken, are obeyed by the people without resistance.  Only music can neutralize the effects because it speaks to the soul.  This plays out the idea that most people are living in their egos, the programmable, easily manipulated identities tied to their physical body.  Those living with honest expression of themselves, baring their soul, are not as susceptible to programming.  Zak is representative of this type of person.

Some are aware and playing with the unaware

One family, plus the government, has passed along, through the generations, information about the codes and how to neutralize them.   These people are aware of how susceptible people are to manipulation and realize most are walking around in an unaware state.  They know the history of the codes and how they have been used to manipulate the masses throughout time.  This plays on the idea that in our society, most of us are unaware of the nature of reality and there are empowered groups that manipulate based on their knowledge of how things work.

Zak is out of sync with the rest

Society shuns him and nature tries to eliminate him.  He thinks differently because he is not included with the rest and lives a more challenging existence.  He is also obsessed with finding a way to be with Marie by raising his frequency. My take on his role is that he is the outsider, the system buster meant to break the pattern of society so that people can become more aware.

Marie is like an observer

Marie is detached from her body, placing her more in observation mode without expressing emotions.  It’s as if her consciousness is not fully paying attention to her physical incarnation.  She is only lightly participating in life, and is in sync because she just goes with it, she doesn’t second guess or worry.  It takes the physical attention of Zak, soul to soul, for her to be interested enough in her experience to put more of her attention on it.  Then more of her consciousness is present in her body and she feels emotion.

People feel Zak’s presence as discomfort

He doesn’t fit in and is out of harmony with the sync of life and the rest of society.  He is in the wrong place at the wrong time and shunned by people.  He seems to represent living honestly, expressing his true self, less ego based.  Since he is less focussed on an ego, he is less susceptible to the programming and so out of sync.  This programming would be the imperceptible, subconscious based programming of the portion of the mind tied to the ego.  As an outsider expressing his true self, he isn’t following the same behaviors and attitudes projected by the ego.  This is felt as awkwardness by others because he makes them feel uncomfortable.  Egos like to interact with egos.

Words are frequencies attached to definitions

They need belief for them to work.  They are the programming language and are constantly used within society to subconsciously program people.  The words set to music or tone are more effective.  All words have context to beliefs or definitions that influence the way people behave.  People respond without thinking to concepts  and words if spoken the right way.

Music speaks to the soul

Listening to music pulls attention away from body, so the programming is rendered neutral.  When people are moved emotionally by music, they have been touched by it at the soul level.  Their attention and state of being is more of a match to their true self.  When attention is taken off of their ego selves (their labeled identities), they are not reacting mindlessly, thereby decreasing susceptibility to programming.

The movie is a great consciousness themed movie and explores the concepts in a relevant way.  I recommend it.

The New Lego Movie – Everything is Awesome

This is a great kids movie that is currently a new release.  The story is about a prophecy that says a Master Builder, one who can assembly any contraption instantly, will save the lego population from an evil guy who wants to control and micromanage everything.  When a very ordinary guy who can’t build anything satisfies the requirements for the prophecy, he is deemed the Master Builder.  Although he can’t build anything they approve of (his ideas are unique to him and not seen as impressive), they decide he can learn.  At some point in the movie, the wizard guy who made the prophecy tells him he needs to believe in his own ideas, not what others think, in order to evolve into a Master Builder.  As he becomes more trusting in his own self, he builds something seen as totally useless that actually does save them at some point.  In his attempt to fulfill the prophecy, he fails because he is trying to be what others think he should be.  So the wizard tells him, in a Matrix like fashion, that he made the prophecy up.  This enables Emmett to go on and actually fulfill the prophecy.  The theme pushed by the movie is that for this evil to made irrelevant, everyone must begin creating exactly what he/she is inspired to create, no matter how crazy it is.  A great theme to end with.  And the theme song is a big picker upper with great lyrics to uplift.  The song is available on YouTube here.  With lyrics like

Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity.  More free time for my awesome community
‘”It’s awesome to win and it’s awesome to lose’

you can’t go wrong.

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