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Spiritual Path and Mindfulness

@TrainingMindful: The spiritual path is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it. M. Williamson

Spiritual is a term that refers, usually, to life after death, or the life of our souls.  As if our souls were separate entities from us.  It is helpful to remove the term spiritual for this reason.  We are programmed with beliefs about concepts that are not helpful to us.  Like ‘Divine’.  We are less than, inferior is the subliminal effect of the word ‘Divine’.  Because who actually feels spiritual or divine?  No one!  Then we would be superior if we did, and that is a negative feeling for us as well.  The whole concept of spirit and divine has subliminal context with negative impact.  It’s the same effect as the religious, ‘we are all born sinners’.  

Our ‘spirit’ is ourselves.  Our soul is us, who we are.  We hurt because we are souls.  We experience joy because we are souls.  We have minds we listen to, but right now, our thinking, our minds, are disconnected from ourselves, us, souls.  We are thinking like insane people.  

Our spiritual path is just our path as a conscious being trying to reconnect our minds to be in sync, in harmony with ourselves.  They feel like separate entities because the mind is a tool we use to program our experience in this reality.  It works in conjunction with the body.  So we feel the effects of our thinking within our body.  Ourselves are looking through, perceiving through the bodies.  The journey of realigning the mind to actually work with us instead of against us, is not the journey of life.  We are supposed to be in conscious control of our minds.  This allows us to enjoy our experience in physicality as we prefer. 

We sound insane because we can’t recognize who we are.  Are we the mind?  Men may agree with this?  Are we the emotions we feel, the result of the minds effect on our actual thinking via our souls (selves).  The women may think so.  We are neither.  We are our souls.  Our souls think.  We are the thinkers.  We program the mind.  If we feel like sh*t because of what our mind is ‘thinking’, then you, the actual PERSON, SOUL doesn’t like it.  So stop it!!

The mind is a terrible THING to waste (ha ha) because it is a thing.  We are insane!  If we are not paying attention, ideas can be absorbed by the perceptive device known as the body, integrated with the mind.  Thoughts accumulate, beliefs are formed.  All while NOT PAYING ATTENTION.  WHO is not paying attention?  How is this possible?  The operator of the mind-body apparatus was not paying attention and someone else, who was, just infected you with a virus.  While you were what?  So freaking bored with your experience, you looked away?  Pay Attention!  Get control of your diving suit!  You are not the mind or the body.  You are the ‘spirit’.  The personality.  The actually alive and conscious.  You think separate from the mind.  Meditation helps you connect with your actually mind.  It feels like soft impressions.

Thoughts are made of coalesced physical energy.  The attraction is the same energy as gravity.  You can literally feel a pull toward things you are attracted to.  This physical energy.  We come from and actually exist as consciousness ‘energy’.  It’s not the same and why we needs suit to interact with and interface with physical energy.  We are not our space suits.  We are insane because we are so lost in virtual reality we no longer know who or what we are.  

Good News!  There are people and sources of knowledge here to help us become sane again!  Our insanity is the cause of our suffering.  So listen to yourself, your ‘heart’ (as defined relative to this body) for now, instead of your body’s mind.  It has been programmed by someone other than yourself while you weren’t paying attention.  Let go of your ‘thinking’.  Learn to think with intuition, your actual mind.  Get your body’s mind under your conscious contr again.  For the love of God, Pay Attention!  Be Mindful.  If you are that bored, you exist outside of physicality and can learn how to shed your physical interface and return there.  And yes! You will still be an ‘I’ when you are ‘there’.  Just like you are an ‘I’ now.

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