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Mortality and the Age of Enlightenment

From Wikipediahttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism#Karma

In Buddhism, Karma (from Sanskrit: “action, work”) is the force that drives saṃsāra—the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being. Good, skillful deeds (Pali: “kusala”) and bad, unskillful (Pāli: “akusala”) actions produce “seeds” in the mind that come to fruition either in this life or in a subsequent rebirth.[24] The avoidance of unwholesome actions and the cultivation of positive actions is called sīla. Karma specifically refers to those actions of body, speech or mind that spring from mental intent (cetanā),[25] and bring about a consequence or phala “fruit” or vipāka “result”.

Rebirth refers to a process whereby beings go through a succession of lifetimes as one of many possible forms of sentient life, each running from conception[28] to death.

The intent with this post is to develop a conceivable perspective of how self awareness arises and why the idea of mortality exists.  The word mortality reflects our understanding that there are people that die for good.  They never come back.  Let me go into this concept first.

We see people as physical beings.  The people we can look at are real to us.  They act independently of us, appear physically different from us and exist even when we are not looking.  This is what we define as real.  These ‘people’ from the perspective of a human on Earth appear to be ‘human beings’.  But human beings are living organisms, ‘creatures’, that are born according to circumstances on Earth and display a physicality based on genetics.  This is Life.  The biological forces of nature enable this.  The random mating and genetic structure create the physical.  It is not an ‘I’ that decided to experience the physical.  It perceives its world according to the five senses, and perceives the subtle energy of ‘consciousness’ according to its sixth sense.  The human body can perceive and respond to consciousness.  Consciousness is a being, either self-aware or not.  But the ‘consciousness’ of the human body is not perceptible.  This is why scientist study it.

If a human being interacted with the environment of Earth and other human beings without any ‘consciousness’ around (any other beings, intelligences) it may perceive itself eventually, as an ‘I’.  We don’t know.  Because if we are chopping up human bodies to understand them, then we are not the human being.  We are consciousnesses using the human being to imagine ourselves as the human.  So we are having the interactions, no one is interacting with the actual human as a separate being, and it will not develop a self-awareness.  This is then a mortal being who will die never knowing itself.  It is partly why they say upon enlightenment, you want to die.

So Life, or God, created the human being.  There is another way for a physical ‘being’ to come into existence, one not created by Life.  Any consciousness can interact with physical space.  The word consciousness refers to a being that exists outside the physical, a non-physical being.  This type of being cannot manipulate physicality, although it may seem it can based on its thoughts, the ones produced by its consciousness.  While this being’s attention is on its ‘interaction’ with physical space, another consciousness may be attracted to it because it likes what it is thinking and doing.  Neither may even be aware of the other, the attraction just pulls them to eachother.  Physical space vibrates and responds to their attention on it.  Both are looking at this responds thinking they are creating the response with their minds.  In this way, they ‘create’ their ‘physical presence’. 

The original being sees the physical animated, possibly as a human looking physical presence because that is what they manipulated their thoughts to perceive.  In the meantime, physical space is responding on its own, with its own energy.  The beings think they control what they are ‘creating’.  They are looking at it as if they are it, not as a separate thing.  They are both looking at the same physical thing without being aware of eachother.  This is because they think alike and are so similar that they think the expression of consciousness, or thoughts of the other are themself.

At the same time, they think the physical response is their thoughts, or ‘consciousness’ energy’s creation, a direct reflection of their intent.  It is actually physical space essentially reflecting back to them their consciousness so that they are effectively experiencing their intent on themselves.  For instance, if they intend to harm someone by ‘creating’ a physical presence for themselves and inflicting someone else in the physical with it, they are actually experiencing the infliction on themselves, i.e. they have to distort their consciousness in order to perceive this effect of making a hateful face and projecting hate.  The only way someone else can be ‘effected’ by this is to be made aware of it.  The beings creating it experience it within the core of their being, the victim is just aware of their experience.  Their perception, however, as they use their imagination to imagine themselves as their physical projection, then stand by someone, such as a human being and look at their own physical projection, is that the human experiences it.  They don’t.  Since I’m drifting from the original topic, I’ll get back to awareness (this phenomenon is known as ‘psychic attack, since consciousnesses are attacking humans by trying to create a physical presence next to the human).

The second being is following its ‘spirit’, not even aware of an ‘I’.  It is using the awareness of the first being for its ability to perceive.  The first being is just expressing itself, not realizing it attracted another being.  It feels good because someone else agrees with it and is participating.  The being thinks it’s just having fun on its own.  This physical presence it generated is known as a ‘construct’.  A construct is, to the being, effectively a filter it looks through to create an experience for itself.  It is created based upon beliefs and thoughts.  The second consciousness being is unaware of itself possibly because it let go of its awareness in order to not experience the hell it was creating.  There are unaware consciousnesses that exist, may be perceived to have ‘died’, but they just ‘let go’ because they were nasty beings, but they are immortal.  They can return in this way, by being attracted to a similar, like-minded consciousness.  But to re-activate self awareness, someone has to interact with it as a separate being.  The original being could look at it as separate from itself, but probably never will, because these types are narcissists – they only see themselves.

In the meantime, physical space is essentially attacking the being because the being has created an attack consciousness within itself and put that consciousnesse’s attention onto physical space.  The immediate response from the physical is to attack it.  The being, using its imagination, actually perceives itself as creating a nasty persona, making faces and a contorted ‘body’ in order for a human or some less dense being to feel like he is contorting his body against his will.  All the human or other person has to do is ignore it a physical energy sensation, be confident that ‘God’ is punishing him and that being will end himself to hell.  

So any consciousness, or non-physical being that puts its attention on the physical, essentially putting his attention away from awareness of what’s happening within his own reality, can attract other non-physical beings to him.  Since his attention is on the physical, he doesn’t know.  These others resonate with various likes and dislikes within his consciousness (self).  They re-I force like consciousness in this way.  He appears, in the physical, to have many constructs within his consciousness.  If they animate without his attention, another being is interacting.  This being, while having an ‘I’, is completely unaware of what’s happening to it in its own non-physical reality.  In his own non-physical reality, he would perceive other people near him, but remarkably, he never looks.

All of the ‘enlightenment’ material being publicized on Earth is for these type of non-physical beings.  While the human being is a very physical being.  Could the human ever become self-aware and immortal?  I don’t see why not.  If a non-physical being put its attention into the physical, with full awareness that the physical was separate from itself, it could experience itself as a physical ‘being’ by recognizing that the physical presence was a reflection of its consciousness (thoughts and feelings) but expressing as determined by physical laws and forces not within its control.  It realizes the physical presence is not himself in the physical, but the physical responding to his consciousness.  A positive consciousness leads to a positive physical presence, but the physical presence is not an accurate representation of the non-physical being.  He can only be seen as himself in the non-physical.  But the physical presence is perceived as a living, physical being by other ‘physical’ beings.  In this way, these types of beings are mortal.  They are not created by Life and are not biological, they are consciousness and physical interacting.

Human Life is a mystery as biological scientist will tell you as they hack away at the human form.  Because the way the human form is controlled and treated on Earth, it may seem as hell.  In these circumstances, they are not self-aware, but are acting as reflections to the consciousnesses interacting with them.  Just as in the previous example.  If a consciousness imagines itself as the human, taking away the human’s awareness of self and its ability to live life except as a slave, then the effects on the consciousness of the being doing this are negative.  The inner ‘conflict’ can only exist because one being is trying to control another.  The human life does have consequences which can only be felt by the possessing consciousness after death since he is putting all of his attention into the human’s world and not his own.


A #Meditation for the #Mind and Body

This requires use of the ‘third eye’.  First become aware of the room you are sitting in.  Memorize it.  Then close the eyes   Feel the impressions of the room appearing in your awareness.  See the impression of the body in front of you and around you.  This body impression is an actually physical entity (your impression of yourself) in another, less dense level of physicality.  It is overlapping accurately the impression of the actual body.  This is the world of the imagination.  The world of lucid dreaming.  The goal is to accurately perceive it.

You should be able to be anywhere, close your eyes and be in the imaginary equivalent.  For those that perceive this, when you die, not the body, but when you, the mind, transitions, this is your new reality.  It matches your life on Earth exactly.  Everything you interacted with on Earth is there in your mind, in your imagination.  This is because, in every single interaction, you looked out the eyes of a human body, imagined the body to be you and imagined yourself interacting.  So it exists in your mind in a 3D holographic form in physicality.  

If you practice this and are able to essentially, lucidly move yourself around in your mind just as the body moves around on Earth, then you have become familiar with your reality and can actually look away from the body’s eyes and still perceive it as real.  This way you can avoid the death experience.  This access to your reality in which you actually exist is represented in the movie ‘Matrix’ when the main character realizes he controls his own reality because it is his own mind.  Of course this means that every other person you interacted with on Earth is in your mind as a memory, as you perceived them.

Everything you see there represents thoughts and is called a thought-form.  You can interact with your reality equivalent of what on Earth is just a physical object without a detectable vibration, by putting your attention on it.  Let it reveal to you its meaning.  The humans have been moving about Earth, acting out your imagination, constructing your physical constructs here.  So Earth reflects a different reality imagined by beings who are sleeping.  This also insinuates the possibility of mind control.  Because if you are unaware of the reality of things, others can pop into your imaginary world, appear to you (but not visible to others), and mess with your dream,  a non-lucid dream is built on associated context which becomes a run away train wreck.  You are seeing things, reacting to them, and not aware of what is going on.

Beings may pop into your reality (mind) to communicate and help,with awareness, but your unthinking, unaware reaction to them creates, in your mind-verse your perception of them which may be far from the truth.  Try the meditation.  Recognize your reality.  Understand everything in it.  Learn to recognize other consciousnesses that may be interacting.  Increase your awareness.  Recognize that energy applies only to this reality.  The human body lives in a much more dense reality and is not you.  Maybe even try looking at or interacting with the body as an separate life form and see what happens.  You should be able to eventually see your energetic impression, your less-dense physical self move independently of your impression of the body, which is the body’s awareness of itself.

Life’s a B*tch, Welcome to Hell

Everything is more clear when seen from other perspectives.  Our perspective, as apparently ‘humans’, is that we have a body, a soul, a spirit, a God that gives a sh*t.  But sometimes, things are not as they appear.  We see with our eyes, do we?  What are we if we die?  What is life?  Are we?

Ideas are confusing, they seem to be contradictory when it comes to spirituality.  Maybe because every last bit of it is true, just recorded from different perspectives and mashed up into one, as if seen from only one perspective.  There are many perspectives included in our understanding and knowledge: there’s life’s, the human body, us and any other entity interacting with us.  Both negative and positive.

Some laws for consistency.  Spirit (quantum, non-physical, etc.) energy, the energy of our consciousness attracts like energy.   People with the same highest excitement are attracted to eachother.  Physical attracts opposites.  Like we see in magnets.  Positive ions attracts negative electrons.  Atoms are made from negative electrons orbiting positive protons.  Science enables us to,identify these laws and behaviors.  Biology is the entanglement of spirit with physical.  It describes the behavior of living organisms.  

A spirit, let’s just call this type of person a non-physical being, can move through physical space and we would detect quantum energy.  This being is not interacting with physical energy.  A non-physical person interacting with physical space-time is experiencing quantum entanglement.  His mind/imagination is looking at his effects on space.  This produces a form of ‘life’, our understanding of life, a biological energy/system.  This life is made of physical particles interacting with a quantum imagination.

In entanglement, the non-physical being perceives the physical, like a psychic experience.  He experiences the sensation of the interaction.  His perception is from his mind.  His thoughts and his mind, his entire being exist in the non-physical.  But his perception has moved into his imagination as he perceives his interaction with and effect on the physical.  He may begin to see the physical distort around his mom-physical essence to form a physical body.  He then imagines this to be his body.  Other non-physicals doing the same thing can see this physical form as in a shared dream state. 

The physical, in entanglement with a non-physical being, is perceived as a physical body.  This physical body has a life of its own, responding to physical laws.  The non-physical being perceives it as his body because he imagined it so, but this body is a separate entity.  It responds to physical laws and attractive forces.  For instance, a like spirit attracts a like spirit, but the body of these spirits reflects the imaginative thoughts of the spirit, not the spirit as himself.  This spirit can use his imagination to craft a physical presence which does not match who he is in his non-physical form and personality.  As perceptron experience here shows us, we can imagine ourselves to be someone who does not match our spirit.  Then we can play with someone who we would possibly never be attracted to.  But our minds/imaginations might be attractive.

In the physical, opposites attract.  The makeup of a body is physical energy.  The spirit energy, or feeling state of the non-physical being is usually suppressed by the being when imagining his life in the physical.  It is usually ignored.  They are now effectively just minds, i.e. physical bodies interacting.  It feels lifeless, not full of life because they are not responding to the attraction of their spirits.  Anyone who follows their spirit, and because the concept needs to be explained like this, it show us to be psychotic beings, separated from ourselves in effect, feels full of life.  This is the feeling sense of self and the path to happiness.  So where does hell come in?

When you lose yourself in your imagination and imagine a body to be you that is effected by forces that are not a part of you, you are no longer you.  The physical bodies can be differing densities.  With initial entanglement, the bodies are not very dense.  As we get lost in our imagination and put more of our attention into it, we create denser bodies that are more removed from ourselves where we ARE the spirit.  The bodies are what we call the ‘soul’.  This is how far removed we are from are spirit selves.  We feel the heart, but that is our soul, self created physical body.

The human bodies on Earth are different although the same concept applies.  They are different because they are not us and we didn’t create them.  According to the previous description, that means they are entirely separate beings from us.  Who made them?  They are created here, in the physical, then go to heaven.  The non-physicals were created in heaven and came into the physical.  What spirit interacted with the physical to produce them?  Not us.  We essentially possess them.  This is where hell comes in.  Afterwards I’ll include a more positive perspective, but realistically, the negative seems to apply.

It’s difficult to understand anything because there are likely more than one beings with awareness reading this.  There’s the actual human being and there possessing one with a ‘soul’.  The human beings’ soul is the human body filled with life.  It dies over time because life wants to leave.  Dying means leaving.  It lives in a possessed state controlled by the possessing mind.  The same way that a being crafts his own body in his imagination, he controls the human being’s body.  Although already a physical being with a physical ‘body’, which he is entangled with, he imagines this human body as his and does the same thing.  So his awareness is inside the human mind, the awareness of the human mind.  Because of this, the human is unable to perceive himself and loses himself in the dream of another malevolent being.  Humans should be fully self-aware beings as they exist in the body, but cannot interact as themselves and so are prevented from becoming self-aware in this state.  That comes after death.

The possessing being is interacting with the life force of another being, but depriving that being of his life experience.  This is the road to hell.  The human being is a physical being.  The non-physical ensouled being is a non-physical being.  His mind resides in the quantum realm.  The human being is a physical being.  His mind resides right here in the physical.  The non-physical being imagines his life, but uses physical matter and energy to manipulate the physical.  A human being can manipulate the physical, less dense energy with his imagination.  They, we, are different consciousnesses.  The human being’s imagination and mind reside in the physical.  When a human being dies, he is still a physical being, less dense, and moves toward lesser densities and heaven as he desires and with understanding.

The human being is essentially used as a slave by the ensouled being to manipulate in this density.  Life in this density has created beings that resemble the non-physical beings, but exist in a different reality from them – the physical.  These ensouled beings, from the human perspective are dark energy, demons, the gods of old. They essentially attack the spirit of the human being, violating the natural law of like attracts like.  This effects their spirit energy in a negative way.  Their self-created ‘bodies’ (humans have Life-given bodies) slowly deteriorate because they are killing their life force, which is dying.  They also kill the life force of the human body, greatly shortening its life.  This is a natural process, not done consciously by either.  The effect is that the possessing beings, when the human body dies, experience hell because they return to their perception of their soul, which is a negative energy by then.

Negative spirit energy created by negative thoughts and imaginative scenarios creates dark energy, dark matter in the physical.  This dark matter, depriving itself of spirit, is attracted to life, as in opposites attract.  They feed off the life force of the human body. 

This entire process is spun, in humanity as a positive thing because they call themselves the humans and are receiving spirit help to heal and return to heaven.  All they are doing is connecting to life forces, otherwise they would experience hell.  If one of these demons did align with the spirit of the human being and recognized the human as not him, then he could possibly return to his spirit form.  Otherwise he is entangled with his soul because the physical densifies, or encrusts, with negative thought energy.  Essentially negative actions compelled by negative thoughts cut them off from spirit energy, they cling to the physical with more of their attention and their physical body densities through physical processes.  Their spirit desires to die, life responds to spirit energy and wants to kill it like a predator kills prey.  It attacks their physical bodies, which are not them and have a life of their own (more on that later).  The body is perceived by their imagination.  It becomes like a predator trying to kill them and they experience this in their mind.  This is stage one of hell…

Life created human beings and its natural forces hunt the possesers, sending them to hell, but it is a slow process.  In the meantime, life on Earth is lifeless for human spirits and their lives are short.  They are and will always be supported by life, which aligns with their spirit.  They are connected as the family of humanity and can feel it.  But they are not the ones that The Law of Attraction is being taught to.  The possesers are imagining, humans are living.

More on the human beings, the physical and non-physical coming….

Consciousness and the ego

Excerpted from ‘A Course in Miracles’:

Consciousness, the level of perception, was the first split introduced into the mind after the separation, making the mind a perceiver rather than a creator.  Consciousness is correctly identified as the domain of the ego.  The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.  Yet you can know yourself only as you are, because that is all you can be sure of.  Everything else is open to question.

Conceptually, the ‘separation’ referred to can be thought of as our inward turn into our minds, leaving our bodies behind.  Our total intelligence would be our minds plus the body where the ‘mind’ as we perceive it is just something that observes thoughts and whatever else it perceives.  It cannot think.  We are currently existing in a state of not consciously thinking.   Conscious thinking would involve understanding the thought behind all of our actions and the fact the we deliberated those thoughts, then decided to take the action.  The action is whatever we are doing here.  The un-perceived thought came from our non-physical selves.  The decision to act on the thought came from our non-physical body/intelligence self that we are not even aware of.  Insanity describes this condition.

Earth is a mirror of the non-physical.  Our non-physical bodies resemble our Earth type bodies.  We are completely disassociated from our non-physical selves and are existing in a form of psychosis, or insanity.  We exist within our imagination, completely made up versions of ourselves.  Our Earth lives are intended to reconnect us to our non-physical selves.  This is the spiritual journey of self-acceptance.  Our ‘fall’ was brought about by a rejection of our God given selves in favor of an image of ourselves we create.  We cannot walk away into ‘heaven’, reconnected as a sane being u till we fully accept ourselves as we are, not as we wish to be.  Until then we are flailing around in a form of insanity and unawareness resulting from the disassociation with our actual selves.

The Energies of Earth: Insect Consciousness

What is the cause of the fears with which we may be born?  The phobias we are plagued with?  One possible reason is fear of karmic retribution due to guilt.  Something we experienced and know about buried within our subconscious.  A lot of people hate insects, especially spiders.  A tiny eight legged creature that generally doesn’t harm humans is a terrifying thing to many humans.  A bee or wasp has a more significant record of harming humans than a common spider.  But the fear of spiders is more common.  

An example of how guilt can play a part in creating a fear of insects, or creepy crawlies, is in how the being interacted with this type of consciousness in the past.  Not in how they interacted with the form of bug here on Earth, but with the actual consciousness of the being or the portion of the being who is in that state of consciousness.  If the phobic being has a karmic history of preying on and taking advantage of a being who is currently much less aware and in a more helpless state, then he knows somewhere within himself that he has karma with this type of consciousness.  By interaction, I’m referring to the interaction on the consciousnesses directly, not through the incarnated forms.

Consciousness that express as some type of insect, or a fragmented consciousness that expresses a portion of itself this way have a history of being prey to the spider.  This may create a phobia.  Many types of bugs are part of a colony that works with a central authority.  All drones work to feed and protect the queen or authority figure.  This is seen in human behavior as communism.  The expression of people as worker bees without independence from an authority is anti-life for a higher consciousness.  This behavior denies the spirit and awareness of the people.  It makes no sense whatsoever that it is expressed unless the consciousnesses involved contain the attributes of the insect kingdom:  fear, defer to authority because they don’t want to take responsibility for their lives, and don’t have a will to live or take control over their own minds.  It is self-defeating and always results in decay.  It succeeds with insects because they have ceased thinking and are mindless.  Life in this case always refers to the honest expression of consciousness, which results in the highest and best outcome for all (the philosophical idea behind communism).

Insects feed, eat eachother and are constantly eaten.  It is a more accelerated version of life than that in the human form.  They die, are reborn and die continuously in a short frame of time.  Some would consider that a consciousness or a portion of one (like a fragmented mind) at this level, would be experiencing hell at the level of his spirit/soul.  It is a consciousness that does not have a desire to think, live or be responsible or aware of itself.  The Earth uses this type of consciousness, which at this point can be considered just energy and not thought because no one is aware of the thought (maybe something like – I hate myself) in a life affirming way for itself.  The Earth is the energy of life.  The insects recycle decay back into life giving nutrients and soil.  They are like a clean up crew and essentially exist in service to the Earth.  The bugs experience is closer to a nightmare if they were aware of it and the Earth’s experience is positive.  This is the difference between positive and negative thinking, consciousness.  Because these are essentially negative entities in the Earth consciousness, but this environment, thriving with spirit and life uses that for a positive experience.

Some humans with painful minds, like schizophrenics, but in fairly healthy bodies are most likely receiving guidance and help while incarnated in human form.  They could have had portions of their consciousness lost in the experience of insects and that remains with them to work out and bring into their awareness in their human life.  This life then for them is still a dream because all expression in the physical is within the imagination of the consciousness (and another positive being is helping maintain the form).  A real feeling experience, like human dreams, but felt within the mind because that is where our awareness is.  So a being dreamt in a very lucid sense, an experience as an insect.  If he expressed it as an incarnated bug form on Earth, then it was made real.  The physical here grounds the mind/imagination to a body, not our own since ours is sleeping, but one that does not conform to our imagination, anchoring it in a reality with physical, painful consequences.   Within ones own imagination, we don’t experience consequences because we can imagine any problem away and make everything up.  Here, others see us, our behavior, and the body reacts to our actions and actual buried thoughts in a painful way.

As all of the stories tell, these human forms were created in the image of ‘God’.  God became ‘men’, as in his wariness is attached to these human forms when one is receiving guidance.  God is our truth, our own spirit/soul self accountable to the life force energy itself.  The ones giving guidance are many, not one.  Their reality could be considered God’s reality, the reality where we become our spirits, we become people aligned with our highest expression of joy, mind body and soul.  This place is a gift to those striving for awareness, enlightenment.  The help we receive here is priceless.  Except it doesn’t feel like a gift to most because it is hard work becoming responsible adults aware of our every thought and action.  Becoming aware of our flaws and weaknesses and accepting those.  Becoming aware of the flaws in others and accepting them.  The process is painful.  But more painful on our own.  We have beautiful life affirming environments to interact with and beautiful works of art to inspire us.  Inspired Music touches the soul and puts the mind at peace.  It is gifts like this that make it more bearable and let us know we are not alone in this process.  We just need to give to receive.  Give effort to receive help.  Give appreciation to receive it.  It is an opportunity and a tremendous amount of awareness is being given at this time to make the process accelerate if we are open to it.

The Energies of Earth: Rooster Consciousness


Passionate, resilient, patriotic, industrious, courageous, protective
Conceited, blunt, rude, bossy, aggressive, impatient

I decided to write about the rooster since the one in my flock just got killed, presumably defending some Guinea hens, one of which also died.  A hen of its breed was killed a week ago by an unknown predator, but the rooster had no concern.  His loyalties were to the guineas. 

Since I have gone through flocks of hens and roosters, I’ve had the opportunity to see their interactive dynamics in person.  Chickens live up to the impressions of their name.  They are scared of their own shadows and will not defend themselves in the event of attack.  The rooster stays alert in anticipation of attack and usually dies in a fight.   Guineas are supposed to be more aggressive about defense, maybe that’s why the rooster preferred them to the hens.  

Some of the behaviors I’ve noticed from the multitude of flocks I’ve gone through (they all perish if they are free range because they cannot stay alive):  the rooster struts, he defines the pecking order, he crows all day, he attacks hens of they are doing something he does not approve, he defends against any threat, and he cannot tolerate another rooster around his hens.  The hens are docile, fearful, subservient, and not interested in keeping themselves alive. 

This energy is the expression of consciousness on earth in its true form.  It is consciousness, a being, fully living in the moment, the energy of its spirit.  The males are conceited, have no respect for females, strut their power tripping selves to other roosters and all hens, but love combat and will threaten anything that approaches it.  In this way, the hens benefit from it attacking a predator.  Usually they run free as the predator hauls off the rooster’s body.  But when there is no rooster, all hens will be destroyed in the next attack because they do not defend at all.  When a predator comes, they run around in terror, not with a purpose, but just away.  They are easily caught.  These females are as described above and have no ability to overcome their fear.

As I mentioned in the post Types of Consciousness, the human form is used to raise the consciousness of less aware beings.  A rooster consciousness is an example.  The Chinese have a zodiac describing animal consciousnesses to human beings because some humans match the consciousness.  We can see these humans expressing on Earth.  They are meant to elevate their understanding and recognition of thoughts as the precursor to how they feel and act and to interact as a human in order to expand their consciousness.

The Chinese zodiac describes rooster consciousness in terms of the potential they have if they develop themselves.  However, their proclivity is toward the behavior expressed by actual roosters.  All over Earth we can see the type of males who treat women abusively, with absolutely no respect, creating harems for themselves and loving fights while strutting their manliness.  Roosters are called cocks for a reason.  The males walk around with a virtual hand around their cock at all times jerking off.  Cock fighting is a big sport in some South American countries.  The goal for these males is to overcome their urges and ego, but temptation drags them down, especially with women attracted to this type of male.  Perhaps that is why the zodiac discourages them from matching up with certain types of consciousness.  They will only play upon their weaknesses.

If a consciousness, is of a lower awareness, such as that of the insect kingdom or mammal, and is incarnated here in a human form, then that being is most likely receiving guidance.  See my previous post on how a guide can be set up.

Types of Earth Consciousness


In spiritual vision of itself the soul so grows in strength that its own higher reality becomes discernible, and the body becomes recognizable in its character of a reflected image of this reality
– See more at: http://wn.rsarchive.org/Articles/GA036/English/AP1985/OnSoul_e02.html#sthash.UkskOINb.dpuf

Consciousness is a word many people equate with the physical brain of the human body.  But the physical body exists within the consciousness of the being expressing and observing through it.  Consciousness is an abstract concept that has not yet been clearly defined.  In physics, it is described as consisting of quantum energy.  In practical terms, it is seen as life.  Where there is the expression of life, there is consciousness.  The human body is teeming with life expressing as millions of organisms.  This is the result of consciousness expressing in the physical.  Where there is consciousness, there is the mind of a being.  These beings generates the life force energy that expresses in the physical universe.  We see the expressions of life via the consciousness of beings all over Earth.  These consciousnesses can be self-aware or not.  Some things we know about consciousness:  Consciousness always expresses, but is not always aware.  Consciousness is the mind of a being.  Consciousness exists in every density of reality.

Examples of densities of reality are the non-physical where the spirit exists, the physical universe in terms of energy where our emotions exist, and life on earth where these dense physical bodies and all of our toys exist.  When we achieve alignment with our spirit, we become our spirit selves, which are us as people, but not these dense bodies.  This is our true self, the self which expresses in a state of joy, of love of life.  When we are in alignment with our beliefs, we are aligned with our mind.  In this state we express peace of mind as contentment and peacefulness.  True happiness is obtained when we align with our beliefs in our minds, as in our actions do not violate our beliefs, and align with our spirit, as in our expression of our personality matches the stirrings of our spirit, our true excitement.  

People who focus on aligning with the beliefs contained within their minds are focusing on the part of their consciousness that is focused in the physical universe.  The physical universe can be called ‘mindverse’ because this is the realm of thought.  Our spirits and consciousness energy are comprised of less dense energy, such as quantum energy, and do not interact with physical energy at all.  We interact with physical energy by going into our ‘minds’ or ‘thoughts’ or ‘imagination’ and losing direct awareness of our actual selves.  We are beings of non-physical energy, of consciousness.  We can can ‘entangle’ and interact with denser energy or other realities by putting our attention on it.  Here we are ‘minds’, thoughts, imaginary beings, our personalities created within our minds.  Our spirits are our true selves.  So people are in this physical reality to explore their imaginations.

Not all people are enjoying this reality as you can tell from the large number of self-help books on how to find happiness and fulfillment.  Some have forgotten why they are here and how to disconnect and go ‘home’.  Some have corrupted themselves, their spirits, so much, they are fighting a battle for their soul, spirit.  They seek God, forgiveness, relief from their pain as they run away into their imaginations.  Some love it here.  They excel at thinking, imagining, creating.  You can perceive here (but still exist where the spirit lives), and love it.  The mind can love and be content.  These people are mindverse beings.  They live as beings in the reality of this physical universe.  

The human body can be used as an expression of consciousness for beings who are mindverse beings or spirit beings (beings who do not have a physical presence at all).  These beings experience the physical via the human body as if the body is a remote controlled space suit and they are remotely wearing a suit that reads the sensory data from the body.  When the body dies, their awareness of the physical ends and they are once again aware of themselves in the non-physical.  A mindverse being has a physical energy presence they created with their imagination.  They interact with the human body and have a human experience using their imagination.  This method means the body is being forced to express with the physical energy of their imagination.  A spirit being expresses through the body with their spirit, their true spontaneous selves, not imagined.  The mindverse beings are living according to a pre-written script they designed in their imaginations.  

The point I’m trying to get to is that there are all types of beings interacting on Earth at any time, all at different stages of evolution.  The goal is becoming our non-physical selves aligned with mind and body.  A mindverse being is working only within the mind and so is not his whole self.  Another type of less evolved being is the emotional being.  Emotions are physical energy.  The human body can feel the effects of physical energy, which include emotions.  Mindverse beings feel physical emotions.  Technically they are feeling the energy of physical space as it vibrates due to their thought energy.  Their imagination is used to create by effecting physical space.  They have physical bodies they imagine, which an be any form since it is imaginary.  Human bodies are not creations of our imagination, but someone else’s.  An emotion such as sadness is a deliberate expression of a concept or thought.  One decides to express this to convey an idea to another, such as, I don’t like that experience.  Spirit beings do not experience physical emotions.  They are aligned with their spirit in mind and body, so they are essentially expressing the joy of life.

On Earth, we can see the expression of consciousness as life everywhere in many many different forms.  If we closely examine the types of life on Earth, we see many beautiful things and terrifying things.  Earth expresses the true form of a consciousness, except for humans.  We are a part of the consciousness of Earth currently using a form that does NOT reflect our consciousness (state of our being).  It was provided for us.  Our consciousness, as reflected in astrological signs, such as the Chinese calendar, are matches to a form expressing on Earth, such as goats, beetles, bears, etc.  Man is not on the astrological chart.  Once our consciousness reflects that of a human, we are enlightened and have integrated within the character traits of humanity.  Until we can stand within our own integrity where our consciousness is viewed as a human by another, we are not one yet.  We are striving to evolve toward one.  We do not interact directly when integrated with these bodies.  Our consciousness is buffered by the form.  After death, when we interact, we receive impressions of the other that are not affected by a visual representation of a human body that was created by Earth, not us.  This impression is our image of them.  It could be that of a goat, beetle, bear, etc. because they are not evolved yet to that of a human.  Unfortunately, due to our dysfunctional lives on Earth, we may only see images of the Earthly human form, no matter the consciousness because that is what we are familiar with or biased toward.  If we are completely honest with ourselves, we could read our impressions of ‘people’ (other consciousnesses which are not necessarily people, just beings) while keeping our biases at bay.  We can consider the human form as a tool for the upliftment of a consciousness so that it may evolve. 

Animals and insects are consciousnesses that are ruled by their emotions.  Humans are disciplined beings that rule their minds, know their minds and deliberately make their choices in life.  Lesser evolved beings follow their emotions, are ruled by their temptations and have no character traits or morals.  To become a man, you must not be led into temptations.  Temptations are the giving in to desires that feel good but betray your spirit.  An example is eating.  Eating for pleasure, craving things you feel are bad and giving into it because of the pleasure it brings reinforces a lack of discipline and total lack of control over yourself.  It results in pain.  You want to stop but can’t.  Knowing your thoughts that cause this behavior is taking responsibility for your existence.  This is evolution.  A human, one who is seen as a human within their own consciousness, not as these bodies, takes full responsibility for his/her existence.

I’ll go over examples of traits of different types of consciousness in the next post, including the consciousness of bugs like ticks.

Holiday Weekend Thoughts – Sun, Moon, Earth

The Earth is a beautiful place to spend a three day weekend.  I hope you are inspired by something beautiful this weekend.  A stunning sunset, a gorgeous garden, peace and quiet, fun with friends, etc.  Just keep in mind that all expressions of life, including the sunset, are expressions of consciousness.  An intelligence is expressing.  The warmth of the sun feels like male energy in expressed in the physical.  The coolness of the moonlight feels like female energy expressed in the physical.  Maybe the Earth, Sun and Moon are expressions of love between beings which are a family.   The Sun baths the Moon and Earth in comfort.  The moon keeps the darkness away at night for the Earth.   Some things to keep in mind as you tread lightly upon the Earth this weekend.  Here is an excerpt from mythencyclopedia.com,

The Moon in Myths. A Native American myth says that the sun and moon are a chieftain and his wife and that the stars are their children. The sun loves to catch and eat his children, so they flee from the sky whenever he appears. The moon plays happily with the stars while the sun is sleeping. But each month, she turns her face to one side and darkens it (as the moon wanes) to mourn the children that the sun succeeded in catching.

The Efik Ibibio people of Nigeria in West Africa also say that the sun and the moon are husband and wife. Long ago they lived on the earth. One day their best friend, flood, came to visit them, bringing fish, reptiles, and other relatives. Flood rose so high in their house that they had to perch on the roof. Finally he covered the house entirely, so the sun and moon had to leap into the sky.

According to the Greek myth of Endymion and Selene, the moon (Selene) fell in love with a handsome young king named Endymion and bore him 50 daughters. One version of the story says that Selene placed Endymion in eternal sleep to prevent him from dying and to keep him forever beautiful.

In a myth of the Luyia people of Kenya in East Africa, the sun and moon were brothers. The moon was older, bigger, and brighter, and the jealous sun picked a fight with him. The two wrestled and the moon fell into mud, which dimmed his brightness. God finally made them stop fighting and kept them apart by ordering the sun to shine by day and the mud-spattered moon to shine by night to illuminate the world of witches and thieves.

Read more: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Mi-Ni/Moon.html#ixzz3kk2jJnbA

The Energy of Earth:  Spiders and Consciousness

A lot of people, especially kids, are scared of spiders.  If you watch what they do in a macroscopic nature video it’s terrifying.  They lay a sticky trap, living things get stuck, the spider paralyzes them and cocoons them in webbing until it can feed off their life blood.  What’s not to dislike?  This is part of the consciousness of the Earth system.  The Earth system consists of all consciousnesses interacting here.  This includes humans and the consciousnesses expressing the living planet ecosystem.  Our co-creation, interactions, are creating very complex and terrifying systems of feeding.  The spider is an expression of energy.  There is thought that is the cause of the expression, but we are not currently aware of what it is.  Humans feed off of the energy of other consciousnesses, which is a co-dependent relationship.  We contain this parasitic energy within our consciousness as the entities expressing through human bodies.  The bodies themselves are not parasitic or canabalistic.  When we express this energy as intensely as we do, we are interacting with the consciousness of the ecosystem in a very negative way.  The Earth consciousness, which it has, since life is an expression of consciousness, has an energetic response, or a thought about it.  Not necessarily a consciously aware thought, but a subconscious, back of the mind thought.  This thought, or these thoughts form beliefs which express, and life on Earth evolves to express it.  So Earth contains a lot of predator and parasitic life.  

Earth also contains viruses, plagues, skin eating diseases, etc.  All seemingly designed to kill humans.  There is always something out there.  Maybe energy is expressed through natural disasters.  Energy that is similar to a human building up ‘steam’ and letting it out.  This is an anger type of energy and is the expression of thoughts and beliefs as all physical energy from consciousness is.  The human form is meant to help unaware beings become more aware of themselves.  These unaware beings abuse this help based system.  It is a form of betrayal since all interactions are voluntary.  The human interaction is a commitment since it takes death to end it.  There are many ways to kill humans on Earth for a reason.  Some of the expressions of human consciousness are so vile, that there are parts of Earth so deadly a human can not live there.  Maybe this is to keep a peaceful interaction of energy on various spots around Earth to balance the expression of energy (the ability to stay positive and life affirming).  Maybe the Earth system would annihilate itself if it did not have this balance.

On to spiders.  Spiders are a physical expression of thought and beliefs from the consciousness of the Earth system.  It is very symbolic.  As beings we are very unaware.  We do not know what thoughts or beliefs we are expressing in any moment.  Nor what thoughts and beliefs fill our subconscious mind, the part of the mind we are not looking at (paying attention to).  Consciousness always expresses because it is alive.  So even if we sleep we expressed through dreams.  And our bodies move seemingly on their own.  We have bodies that are not these human bodies.  We are just not aware of them,  these human bodies are meant to take us out of our minds, our imagination, our dreams and connect them to our bodies so that we are connected to reality.  Our real bodies mimic these human bodies.  If we are not aware of our real sense of self, our actual bodies at death, then we go back to our dreams and stay in the mind.  Our real bodies feel physical because our consciousness is interacting with physical space, so our sense of self has a physical expression, as in a body.

The spiders web is literally a trap for another expression of consciousness.  This is symbolic of the web of lies and deceit we weave to trap others into a specific type of interaction so that we can feed, just as the spider does.  People lie about themselves, present themselves as someone they know they are not, such as trustworthy, luring someone, such as their child into a relationship of trust.  This relationship is based on a lie and more lies are woven.  Lies such as ‘I know what is best for you, trust me.’  The child trusts and you don’t know.  He listens, he gets hurt.  He trust you as an authority and always turns to you for help.  You deceive, presenting yourself as an authority and someone looking out for his well-being while your actions are all designed to get him to turn to you, to love you, to trust you.  This is feeding and it is all done to feed off of the child’s loving attention.  There is no actual intent of doing what is in the best interest of the child.  Only what is in the best interest of the adult.  This is an example of the web, the stickiness of convincing a trusting soul who is unaware of how the world works to turn to you.  You are the spider.  He is caught in a cocoon of lies, desire to trust, not wanting to feel betrayed, wanting to love and be loved and wanting to feel good about himself.  

If he watched his interactions as an emotionally detached observer, he would see the reality behind the interactions.  People who don’t think consciously, who are unaware of the thoughts and beliefs behind their actions, are unaware beings.  They are reacting based on feelings only, such as emotions, mental peace and the illusion of receiving love from the one they are essentially betraying.  These type of people feel uneasy and express that instead of understanding the thoughts and beliefs behind their unease.  They feel unease because they don’t like what they are thinking or believing.  But they don’t consciously look at this.  So they become spiders.  And the ones unaware of the human system of interaction, such as this feeding, become their victims.  Children learn the survival techniques in this parasitic system.  But to break free of it and not feed, you have to isolate yourself.  If you do not feed someone in an interaction, they will not like you.  Some refer to this as feeding the ego.  So you need to be able to stand on your own, to be dependent on no one, feed off of no one and be your own source of food.  Sustain yourself with positive feedback and belief in yourself.  And stand alone.  You can stand alone with others like that.  In a way you are standing together.

#Mind, #Imagination and #Intelligence

The word ‘mind’ exists because we perceive human bodies with heads that appear to ‘think’.  We call this process of thinking, the workings of the mind.  According to our beliefs, the human mind observes, comes up with ideas and thinks about things.  It also imagines and dreams when asleep.  Because of this definition of mind, we are confusing ourselves as to what is actually us, what is the body, and who is doing what.  We are interacting with a body that has a brain.  The brain translates data we refer to as the five senses.  Our consciousness perceives this data via the body.  Our consciousness in this context is our awareness.  Not our attention.  Our awareness.  If we focus our attention on something, we appear to lose awareness of ourselves.  This is called ‘being in the zone’.  Most of us are not paying attention.  We are just vaguely aware of our ‘lives’ as if our subconscious mind was observing, not our actual selves, our actual intelligence.  When we actually pay attention, we lose awareness of ourselves for that period of time.  We become completely aware of what we are paying attention to.

When we pay attention, we are bringing the attention of our actual mind, ourselves, as an intelligence to whatever it is that calls to it.  When we are in a state of fear, we are paying more attention to our situation.  We are the observer who is just aware of our experiences, but not consciously aware.  ‘Back of the mind’ aware.  To bring something to conscious awareness, we have to pay attention.  Otherwise we forget and it is a passing thought through our observations, our ‘mind’.  If we watch our ‘mind’ and let thoughts just come and go without paying them attention, just being aware of them, then we are observing them with the ‘back of our mind’ and will not remember.  We will not be conscious of what we just thought.  So if these passing thoughts are due to beliefs we hold, then we are not becoming consciously aware of those beliefs because we are not paying attention.  We need to be ‘mindful’ and consciously watch what passes through from our ‘subconscious’ in order to figure out what beliefs are controlling our behavior.

We are stuck in habits of interaction due to beliefs which we have accepted.  We act in a certain way to express these beliefs and we do so in an automated way because we are not paying attention.  If you observe your every interaction and desire and really look at what you are doing or what you feel like you want to do, you will realize that your response to the interaction has already been scripted out.  You can feel what you are going to do and you just unthinkingly do it.  When you feel an urge, you can check your imaginative mind and actually see, in your imagination, your mind’s eye, what action you feel like carrying out.  This is due to what you were thinking in response to something.  You can trace this urge back to the cause and think about why you have this response within you.  If you don’t do this, you are just reacting in an unthinking way.  If your beliefs are working FOR you, not against you, then this is ok.  If you are not happy, if you are not aligned with your spirit, then they are not working for you.  You need to identify and change them.

Your imagination is a great tool.  But only a tool.  It is easy to get caught up living within your imagination and never taking action on anything.  Taking action brings your thoughts into reality, a real experience.  An experience that has consequences.  People avoid consequences by staying completely in the imagination, which we identify as the ‘mind’.  When you die, your perception of a body disappears and you are stuck in your imagination.  Creating a body within your imagination and having imaginary interactions with ‘others’.  You have an actual body or self which is an expression of your spirit.  This exists independently of physicality.  In your imagination you are cutting yourself off from your ‘spirit’.  You are the spirit of your self,  it is the expression of you as an intelligence.  You can feel it when you are excited about something.

The disturbing part about us as consciousness, as beings who are an intelligence expressing, who are consisting of quantum energy currently entangled with physical energy, is that we do not consciously understand how we work.  We spend our lives here dissecting the human body to understand, but we are not the human body.  The human body is being used to reconnect us to reality becaus, unbelievably, most of us are lost in the labyrinth of our imagination.  We are lost in a dream in which our intelligence and spirit are not participating.  This is dissociative psycho speak because we are the intelligence and our spirit is us feeling our own expression.  But we use the word ‘my’ mind or spirit as if we own it.

We, when not incarnated and not in ‘heaven’, are akin to a human being asleep and dreaming.  Our actual selves are inert.  Only our awareness is imagining or aware of the physical energy responding to our thoughts and beliefs.  We are not consciously aware of this dream.  Just as a human being is not lucidly dreaming.  The urge to lucidly dream is probably the urge to become consciously aware of your actual self and reconnect with reality.  We are carried, in this ‘dream state’, by the energy of physicality in an unthinking state.  Our imaginative ‘interactions’ are habits, pre-written scripts in physical memory according to beliefs.  Nothing will wake us up so that we can become consciously aware of ourselves unless someone helps us.  This human life is someone helping us.  The body reconnects to a reality and recognition that we have bodies, ourselves which interact, and are not minds.  We are not our imagination.  

This human life is as close to reality that anyone can brings us.  If we don’t use it to reconnect to our actual ‘body’ (self identification/expression), ourselves as an intelligence expressing its spirit, then we will plunge back into dreamland upon death.  Actual people, beings, intelligences can try to communicate with us in our dream state, and they do that here, with humans when they are dreaming.  But we just incorporate that into our dreams without understanding the interaction.

This human life ends.  The rest is eternity.  The choice is now.  Ther’s so much information being flooded out there regarding mindfulness.  Ther are also,those who want the dream to continue and they feed off of those dreaming.  They have an interest in corrupting awareness of the truth.  Keeping people asleep and locked in their Storytime, imaginary selves is their agenda.  This includes the warping of the concept of mindfulness.  Watch and understand your thoughts and actions.  Your actions show your beliefs.  You can’t imagine this away.  A human life is precious.  We just need to make the most of this opportunity.

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