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River Art


Someone took the time to create beautiful rock sculptures along the Swift River Memorial Day weekend.  This person’s creativity inspired others to create sculptures of their own until they were all over this area in the river.


Watercolor: Ocean View


Practice with skies and perspective.

Lion in Oil Pastel

I’m a beginner exploring oil pastels.  They are tougher to blend than watercolor and a bit like drawing with crayons.  I like that you can scrape off a layer to reveal the color underneath.  My current method of blending is with stick or finger.  For me, it isn’t as meditative as watercolor because of the effort required to blend.  There are better ways I will try in the future.

Watercolor Sketch : Fruit

 Working with lighting and shadow.  Painting is a great way to pause all thoughts and be present to what you are doing. 

Meditation With Art


Gaze at a piece of artwork or photo and feel what comes up with body, emotion and thought.  This is telling you about yourself, beliefs you have.  For instance, a painting of a forest may bring up feelings of claustrophobia.  This tells you that you may have a fear of wilderness, forests, you may feel trapped.  But only you can determine what it is.  If you feel euphoric, then it is showing you something you love and it’s not necessarily the picture you’re looking at. It’s some concept you are perceiving that has been triggered by the painting.  This is a fun exercise to do with absolutely anything in life, including other people.

The beautiful artwork used in this example is from Alison Jardine.


Watercolor in Yellows, River Walk

I love yellows and oranges which express sunlight. So I ended up using a lot for the meadows.

Mindful Art – Color

This was a lesson in how colors enhanced each other when placed strategically, like the yellow just over the building. The painting was done in watercolor. I like to study paintings to understand what I like about them. For me, it is the harmony of the color and contrast. These are colors I picked as some of my favorites for blending together for a peaceful tone.

Sunset At The Pier

I’m learning to paint as part of my artful meditation.


Artful Meditation

I played with color while listening to some inspiring music. No thoughts at all.

Street Art

This was painted by a guy on the streets of Rome using spray cans. He painted it in 5 minutes. It was a great example of going with what he loved doing, and I had a great time watching his creativity express as entertainment.

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