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Anecdote: Mindful Of The Things Underfoot

Today, while taking care of the garden, I decided to take the time to stop and really look at the miniature ecosystem that exists underfoot.  Instead of looking ahead while walking, I looked down and examined what I might normally walk over without noticing.  I love flowers and fill the garden beds which surround my house with them.  They are usually brightly colored and big enough to be noticed from the street in front of the house.  But there exists. Underfoot, a beautiful miniature version of my gardens which grows naturally without any effort on my part.  The flowers are gorgeous, various colors and everywhere.  
I donunderfoot1‘t often take the time to bend down and admire them, so I decided to spend some time appreciating that often overlooked part of my life.  These natural beauties come and go as the weeks change during the summer, but there is always underfoot4something there.  If I stop and look patiently, pausing for a lengthy moment of time in my day, I can see into a world that seems to match the larger one, but in miniature.  It is teeming with life that seems to work in harmony, unnoticed.  This new perspective adds to my larger perspective and to my appreciation for the beautiful things this world has to offer, if only I am willing to notice.
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