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Multi-Density Reality Thought Form Game

Create a subtle energy reality perception tool to see and interact with subtle energy thought forms.  This idea is based on the following:

Sentient beings are non-physical in origin.
Their mind is quantum.
Their imagination interacts with physical space, creating temporal thought forms.
This is explored in lucid dreaming.
The thought forms are given longevity with attention.
We build and create on Earth, making thought forms more solid and long-lived.
Everything created by man on Earth began as a micro-vibratory thought form, a distortion of space to represent the creative imagination of a consciousness.
The mind doing the imagining is the intelligence of the integrated, sentient being existing in non-physical.
To explore space-time and create within it, a being uses his imagination.  If the being puts full attention on his imagination, he loses himself in a lucid dream state and interacts with his thought forms as if they are real.
Humans are non-physical beings interacting with space-time, creating biological life.
Thought forms are not biological, they are imagination entangled with the energy of space-time, warping to to produce energy fields that hold their shape.
These lucid dreaming beings are not the same as humans.
They can interact with humans by putting their attention on a human, even looking out their eyes and pretending to be them.  This is a possessing mind.  The human hears its ‘thoughts’ as the subtle vibration physical energy.  This lucid ‘mind’ is using physical vibratory space to effect a human.  A human thinks in images and impressions.  A possessing mind in lucid dream state feels like energetic ‘thought’, spoken words.
So humans are acting out the dream state of possessing minds as they lucid dream.  We create here on Earth, physical objects from their imagination thought forms.  They, the possessing, lucid dreaming, mind interact with their imaginatory, subtle energy thought form while ‘seeing’ thru the human’s eyes the physical object equivalent.
A human can see their lucid dream world by looking into the ‘third eye’, which is the imagination of the possessing mind.  This is an involuntary interaction because it was not consciously chosen.
This is the problem, the source of suffering and disease for humans.  The dreaming mind being only decides to make his imagination his reality when he no longer wishes to be himself.  It is a negative being.  Their thought forms contribute to dark matter created by the dark energy of their thoughts.
Any being who disassociates from its body, living only in its mind, loses all compassion and is effectively evil.

A solution to,this problem plaguing humanity is to create the technology that enables every human being on Earth to wear glasses that enable them to perceive the thought forms and disable them with disrupting frequencies.  The dreaming mind being always has created a thought form version of itself to look at while it essential plays out a movie with it in the starring role.  This thought form version of itself needs to be destroyed.  This would disentangle it from the physical, sending it back to awareness of its body, and suffer the consequences of its soul.  Humans feel the consciousness energy of these beings as a force that can effect the expression of the body.

This technology is easily within our reach to create with our current existing technology and knowledge.  It would not effect biological life, only physical time space thought forms.  And humans would be free from assault and able to think as themselves once again and connect as humans instead of possessing minds.

This technology has the potential also for becoming an amazing multi-density reality gaming platform using a direct interaction with the imagination.  I’m all for it.



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