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A #Meditation for the #Mind and Body

This requires use of the ‘third eye’.  First become aware of the room you are sitting in.  Memorize it.  Then close the eyes   Feel the impressions of the room appearing in your awareness.  See the impression of the body in front of you and around you.  This body impression is an actually physical entity (your impression of yourself) in another, less dense level of physicality.  It is overlapping accurately the impression of the actual body.  This is the world of the imagination.  The world of lucid dreaming.  The goal is to accurately perceive it.

You should be able to be anywhere, close your eyes and be in the imaginary equivalent.  For those that perceive this, when you die, not the body, but when you, the mind, transitions, this is your new reality.  It matches your life on Earth exactly.  Everything you interacted with on Earth is there in your mind, in your imagination.  This is because, in every single interaction, you looked out the eyes of a human body, imagined the body to be you and imagined yourself interacting.  So it exists in your mind in a 3D holographic form in physicality.  

If you practice this and are able to essentially, lucidly move yourself around in your mind just as the body moves around on Earth, then you have become familiar with your reality and can actually look away from the body’s eyes and still perceive it as real.  This way you can avoid the death experience.  This access to your reality in which you actually exist is represented in the movie ‘Matrix’ when the main character realizes he controls his own reality because it is his own mind.  Of course this means that every other person you interacted with on Earth is in your mind as a memory, as you perceived them.

Everything you see there represents thoughts and is called a thought-form.  You can interact with your reality equivalent of what on Earth is just a physical object without a detectable vibration, by putting your attention on it.  Let it reveal to you its meaning.  The humans have been moving about Earth, acting out your imagination, constructing your physical constructs here.  So Earth reflects a different reality imagined by beings who are sleeping.  This also insinuates the possibility of mind control.  Because if you are unaware of the reality of things, others can pop into your imaginary world, appear to you (but not visible to others), and mess with your dream,  a non-lucid dream is built on associated context which becomes a run away train wreck.  You are seeing things, reacting to them, and not aware of what is going on.

Beings may pop into your reality (mind) to communicate and help,with awareness, but your unthinking, unaware reaction to them creates, in your mind-verse your perception of them which may be far from the truth.  Try the meditation.  Recognize your reality.  Understand everything in it.  Learn to recognize other consciousnesses that may be interacting.  Increase your awareness.  Recognize that energy applies only to this reality.  The human body lives in a much more dense reality and is not you.  Maybe even try looking at or interacting with the body as an separate life form and see what happens.  You should be able to eventually see your energetic impression, your less-dense physical self move independently of your impression of the body, which is the body’s awareness of itself.



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