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Excerpt: A Course in Miracles – Mind vs Body


This excerpt is from lesson 96 of the book, A Course in Miracles.  It helps, when trying to understand something and remember it, to write it down as you think.  This way, your body is participating in the thinking, taking it out of the mind and making you, in a way, act out the thoughts, anchoring it in reality.  Note: caps seem to refer to subjects residing in the non-physical.

Although you are one self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body.  This sense of being split into opposites induces feelings of acute and constant conflict, and leads to frantic attempts to reconcile the contradictory aspects of this self-perception.  You have sought many such solutions, and none of them has worked.  The opposites you see in you will never be compatible.  But one exists.

The fact that truth and illusion cannot be reconciled, no matter how you try, what means you use and where you see the problem, must be accepted if you would be saved.  Until you have accepted this, you will attempt an endless list of goals you cannot reach; a senseless series of expenditures of time and effort, hopefulness and doubt, each one as futile as the one before, and failing as the next one surely will.

Problems that have no meaning cannot be revealed within the framework they are set.  Two selves in conflict could not be resolved, and good and evil have no meeting place. The self you made can never be your Self, nor can your Self be split in two, and still be what It is and must forever be.  A mind and body cannot both exist.  Make no attempt to reconcile the two, for one denies the other can be real.  If you are physical, your mind is gone from your self-concept, for it has no place in which it could be really part of you.  If you are spirit, then the body must be meaningless in your reality.

Spirit makes use of mind as means to find its Self expression.  And the mind which serves the spirit is at peace and filled with joy.  Its power comes from spirit, and it is fulfilling happily it function here.  Yet mind can also see itself divorced from spirit, and perceive itself within a body it confuses with itself.  Without its function then it has no peace, and happiness is alien to its thoughts.

Yet mind apart from spirit cannot think.  It has denied its Source of strength, and sees itself as helpless, limited and weak.  Dissociated from its function now, it thinks it is alone and separate, attacked by armies massed against itself and hiding in the body’s frail support.  Now must it reconcile unlike with like, for this is what it thinks it is for.

Waste no more time on this.  Who can resolve the senseless conflicts which a dream presents?  What could the resolution mean in truth?  What purpose could it serve?  What is it for?  Salvation cannot make illusions real, nor solve a problem that does not exist.  Perhaps you hope it can.  Yet would you have God’s plan for the release of His dear Son bring pain to him, and fail to set him free?

Your Self retains Its [own] Thoughts, and they remain within your mind and in the Mind of God.  The Holy Spirit holds salvation in your mind, and offers it the way to peace.  Salvation is a thought you share with God, because His Voice accepted it for you and answered in your name that it was done.  This is salvation kept among the Thoughts your Self holds dear and cherishes for you.

We will attempt today to find this thought, whose presence in your mind is guaranteed by Him Who speaks to you from your one Self. [See How A Guide May Be Set Up].  Our hourly five-minute practicing will be a search for Him within your mind.  Salvation comes from this one Self through Him Who is the Bridge between your mind and It.  Wait patiently, and let Him speak to you about your Self, and what your mind can do, restored to It and free to serve Its Will.

Begin with saying this: 

Salvation comes from my one Self.  Its Thoughts are mine to use.

Then seek Its Thoughts and claim them as your own.  These are your own real thoughts you have denied, and let your mind go wandering in a world of dreams, to find illusions in their place.  Here are your thoughts, the only ones you have.  Salvation is among them; find it here.
If you succeed, the thoughts that come to you will tell you you are saved, and that your mind has found the function that it sought to lose.  Your Self will welcome it and give it peace.  Restored in strength, it will again flow out from spirit to the spirit in all things created by the Spirit as Itself.  Your mind will bless all things.  Confusion done, you are restored, for you have found your Self.

Your Self knows that you cannot fail today.  Perhaps your mind remains uncertain yet a little while.  Be not dismayed by this.  The joy your Self experiences It will save for you, and it will yet be yours in full awareness.  Every time you spend five minutes of the hour seeking Him Who joins your mind and Self, you offer Him another treasure to be kept for you.

Each time today you tell your frantic mind salvation comes from your one [True] Self, you lay another treasure in your growing store.  And all of it is given everyone who asks for it, and wil accept the gift.  Think, then, how much is given unto you to give this day, that it be given you!


The Energies of Earth: Insect Consciousness

What is the cause of the fears with which we may be born?  The phobias we are plagued with?  One possible reason is fear of karmic retribution due to guilt.  Something we experienced and know about buried within our subconscious.  A lot of people hate insects, especially spiders.  A tiny eight legged creature that generally doesn’t harm humans is a terrifying thing to many humans.  A bee or wasp has a more significant record of harming humans than a common spider.  But the fear of spiders is more common.  

An example of how guilt can play a part in creating a fear of insects, or creepy crawlies, is in how the being interacted with this type of consciousness in the past.  Not in how they interacted with the form of bug here on Earth, but with the actual consciousness of the being or the portion of the being who is in that state of consciousness.  If the phobic being has a karmic history of preying on and taking advantage of a being who is currently much less aware and in a more helpless state, then he knows somewhere within himself that he has karma with this type of consciousness.  By interaction, I’m referring to the interaction on the consciousnesses directly, not through the incarnated forms.

Consciousness that express as some type of insect, or a fragmented consciousness that expresses a portion of itself this way have a history of being prey to the spider.  This may create a phobia.  Many types of bugs are part of a colony that works with a central authority.  All drones work to feed and protect the queen or authority figure.  This is seen in human behavior as communism.  The expression of people as worker bees without independence from an authority is anti-life for a higher consciousness.  This behavior denies the spirit and awareness of the people.  It makes no sense whatsoever that it is expressed unless the consciousnesses involved contain the attributes of the insect kingdom:  fear, defer to authority because they don’t want to take responsibility for their lives, and don’t have a will to live or take control over their own minds.  It is self-defeating and always results in decay.  It succeeds with insects because they have ceased thinking and are mindless.  Life in this case always refers to the honest expression of consciousness, which results in the highest and best outcome for all (the philosophical idea behind communism).

Insects feed, eat eachother and are constantly eaten.  It is a more accelerated version of life than that in the human form.  They die, are reborn and die continuously in a short frame of time.  Some would consider that a consciousness or a portion of one (like a fragmented mind) at this level, would be experiencing hell at the level of his spirit/soul.  It is a consciousness that does not have a desire to think, live or be responsible or aware of itself.  The Earth uses this type of consciousness, which at this point can be considered just energy and not thought because no one is aware of the thought (maybe something like – I hate myself) in a life affirming way for itself.  The Earth is the energy of life.  The insects recycle decay back into life giving nutrients and soil.  They are like a clean up crew and essentially exist in service to the Earth.  The bugs experience is closer to a nightmare if they were aware of it and the Earth’s experience is positive.  This is the difference between positive and negative thinking, consciousness.  Because these are essentially negative entities in the Earth consciousness, but this environment, thriving with spirit and life uses that for a positive experience.

Some humans with painful minds, like schizophrenics, but in fairly healthy bodies are most likely receiving guidance and help while incarnated in human form.  They could have had portions of their consciousness lost in the experience of insects and that remains with them to work out and bring into their awareness in their human life.  This life then for them is still a dream because all expression in the physical is within the imagination of the consciousness (and another positive being is helping maintain the form).  A real feeling experience, like human dreams, but felt within the mind because that is where our awareness is.  So a being dreamt in a very lucid sense, an experience as an insect.  If he expressed it as an incarnated bug form on Earth, then it was made real.  The physical here grounds the mind/imagination to a body, not our own since ours is sleeping, but one that does not conform to our imagination, anchoring it in a reality with physical, painful consequences.   Within ones own imagination, we don’t experience consequences because we can imagine any problem away and make everything up.  Here, others see us, our behavior, and the body reacts to our actions and actual buried thoughts in a painful way.

As all of the stories tell, these human forms were created in the image of ‘God’.  God became ‘men’, as in his wariness is attached to these human forms when one is receiving guidance.  God is our truth, our own spirit/soul self accountable to the life force energy itself.  The ones giving guidance are many, not one.  Their reality could be considered God’s reality, the reality where we become our spirits, we become people aligned with our highest expression of joy, mind body and soul.  This place is a gift to those striving for awareness, enlightenment.  The help we receive here is priceless.  Except it doesn’t feel like a gift to most because it is hard work becoming responsible adults aware of our every thought and action.  Becoming aware of our flaws and weaknesses and accepting those.  Becoming aware of the flaws in others and accepting them.  The process is painful.  But more painful on our own.  We have beautiful life affirming environments to interact with and beautiful works of art to inspire us.  Inspired Music touches the soul and puts the mind at peace.  It is gifts like this that make it more bearable and let us know we are not alone in this process.  We just need to give to receive.  Give effort to receive help.  Give appreciation to receive it.  It is an opportunity and a tremendous amount of awareness is being given at this time to make the process accelerate if we are open to it.

The Energies of Earth: Rooster Consciousness


Passionate, resilient, patriotic, industrious, courageous, protective
Conceited, blunt, rude, bossy, aggressive, impatient

I decided to write about the rooster since the one in my flock just got killed, presumably defending some Guinea hens, one of which also died.  A hen of its breed was killed a week ago by an unknown predator, but the rooster had no concern.  His loyalties were to the guineas. 

Since I have gone through flocks of hens and roosters, I’ve had the opportunity to see their interactive dynamics in person.  Chickens live up to the impressions of their name.  They are scared of their own shadows and will not defend themselves in the event of attack.  The rooster stays alert in anticipation of attack and usually dies in a fight.   Guineas are supposed to be more aggressive about defense, maybe that’s why the rooster preferred them to the hens.  

Some of the behaviors I’ve noticed from the multitude of flocks I’ve gone through (they all perish if they are free range because they cannot stay alive):  the rooster struts, he defines the pecking order, he crows all day, he attacks hens of they are doing something he does not approve, he defends against any threat, and he cannot tolerate another rooster around his hens.  The hens are docile, fearful, subservient, and not interested in keeping themselves alive. 

This energy is the expression of consciousness on earth in its true form.  It is consciousness, a being, fully living in the moment, the energy of its spirit.  The males are conceited, have no respect for females, strut their power tripping selves to other roosters and all hens, but love combat and will threaten anything that approaches it.  In this way, the hens benefit from it attacking a predator.  Usually they run free as the predator hauls off the rooster’s body.  But when there is no rooster, all hens will be destroyed in the next attack because they do not defend at all.  When a predator comes, they run around in terror, not with a purpose, but just away.  They are easily caught.  These females are as described above and have no ability to overcome their fear.

As I mentioned in the post Types of Consciousness, the human form is used to raise the consciousness of less aware beings.  A rooster consciousness is an example.  The Chinese have a zodiac describing animal consciousnesses to human beings because some humans match the consciousness.  We can see these humans expressing on Earth.  They are meant to elevate their understanding and recognition of thoughts as the precursor to how they feel and act and to interact as a human in order to expand their consciousness.

The Chinese zodiac describes rooster consciousness in terms of the potential they have if they develop themselves.  However, their proclivity is toward the behavior expressed by actual roosters.  All over Earth we can see the type of males who treat women abusively, with absolutely no respect, creating harems for themselves and loving fights while strutting their manliness.  Roosters are called cocks for a reason.  The males walk around with a virtual hand around their cock at all times jerking off.  Cock fighting is a big sport in some South American countries.  The goal for these males is to overcome their urges and ego, but temptation drags them down, especially with women attracted to this type of male.  Perhaps that is why the zodiac discourages them from matching up with certain types of consciousness.  They will only play upon their weaknesses.

If a consciousness, is of a lower awareness, such as that of the insect kingdom or mammal, and is incarnated here in a human form, then that being is most likely receiving guidance.  See my previous post on how a guide can be set up.

Types of Earth Consciousness


In spiritual vision of itself the soul so grows in strength that its own higher reality becomes discernible, and the body becomes recognizable in its character of a reflected image of this reality
– See more at: http://wn.rsarchive.org/Articles/GA036/English/AP1985/OnSoul_e02.html#sthash.UkskOINb.dpuf

Consciousness is a word many people equate with the physical brain of the human body.  But the physical body exists within the consciousness of the being expressing and observing through it.  Consciousness is an abstract concept that has not yet been clearly defined.  In physics, it is described as consisting of quantum energy.  In practical terms, it is seen as life.  Where there is the expression of life, there is consciousness.  The human body is teeming with life expressing as millions of organisms.  This is the result of consciousness expressing in the physical.  Where there is consciousness, there is the mind of a being.  These beings generates the life force energy that expresses in the physical universe.  We see the expressions of life via the consciousness of beings all over Earth.  These consciousnesses can be self-aware or not.  Some things we know about consciousness:  Consciousness always expresses, but is not always aware.  Consciousness is the mind of a being.  Consciousness exists in every density of reality.

Examples of densities of reality are the non-physical where the spirit exists, the physical universe in terms of energy where our emotions exist, and life on earth where these dense physical bodies and all of our toys exist.  When we achieve alignment with our spirit, we become our spirit selves, which are us as people, but not these dense bodies.  This is our true self, the self which expresses in a state of joy, of love of life.  When we are in alignment with our beliefs, we are aligned with our mind.  In this state we express peace of mind as contentment and peacefulness.  True happiness is obtained when we align with our beliefs in our minds, as in our actions do not violate our beliefs, and align with our spirit, as in our expression of our personality matches the stirrings of our spirit, our true excitement.  

People who focus on aligning with the beliefs contained within their minds are focusing on the part of their consciousness that is focused in the physical universe.  The physical universe can be called ‘mindverse’ because this is the realm of thought.  Our spirits and consciousness energy are comprised of less dense energy, such as quantum energy, and do not interact with physical energy at all.  We interact with physical energy by going into our ‘minds’ or ‘thoughts’ or ‘imagination’ and losing direct awareness of our actual selves.  We are beings of non-physical energy, of consciousness.  We can can ‘entangle’ and interact with denser energy or other realities by putting our attention on it.  Here we are ‘minds’, thoughts, imaginary beings, our personalities created within our minds.  Our spirits are our true selves.  So people are in this physical reality to explore their imaginations.

Not all people are enjoying this reality as you can tell from the large number of self-help books on how to find happiness and fulfillment.  Some have forgotten why they are here and how to disconnect and go ‘home’.  Some have corrupted themselves, their spirits, so much, they are fighting a battle for their soul, spirit.  They seek God, forgiveness, relief from their pain as they run away into their imaginations.  Some love it here.  They excel at thinking, imagining, creating.  You can perceive here (but still exist where the spirit lives), and love it.  The mind can love and be content.  These people are mindverse beings.  They live as beings in the reality of this physical universe.  

The human body can be used as an expression of consciousness for beings who are mindverse beings or spirit beings (beings who do not have a physical presence at all).  These beings experience the physical via the human body as if the body is a remote controlled space suit and they are remotely wearing a suit that reads the sensory data from the body.  When the body dies, their awareness of the physical ends and they are once again aware of themselves in the non-physical.  A mindverse being has a physical energy presence they created with their imagination.  They interact with the human body and have a human experience using their imagination.  This method means the body is being forced to express with the physical energy of their imagination.  A spirit being expresses through the body with their spirit, their true spontaneous selves, not imagined.  The mindverse beings are living according to a pre-written script they designed in their imaginations.  

The point I’m trying to get to is that there are all types of beings interacting on Earth at any time, all at different stages of evolution.  The goal is becoming our non-physical selves aligned with mind and body.  A mindverse being is working only within the mind and so is not his whole self.  Another type of less evolved being is the emotional being.  Emotions are physical energy.  The human body can feel the effects of physical energy, which include emotions.  Mindverse beings feel physical emotions.  Technically they are feeling the energy of physical space as it vibrates due to their thought energy.  Their imagination is used to create by effecting physical space.  They have physical bodies they imagine, which an be any form since it is imaginary.  Human bodies are not creations of our imagination, but someone else’s.  An emotion such as sadness is a deliberate expression of a concept or thought.  One decides to express this to convey an idea to another, such as, I don’t like that experience.  Spirit beings do not experience physical emotions.  They are aligned with their spirit in mind and body, so they are essentially expressing the joy of life.

On Earth, we can see the expression of consciousness as life everywhere in many many different forms.  If we closely examine the types of life on Earth, we see many beautiful things and terrifying things.  Earth expresses the true form of a consciousness, except for humans.  We are a part of the consciousness of Earth currently using a form that does NOT reflect our consciousness (state of our being).  It was provided for us.  Our consciousness, as reflected in astrological signs, such as the Chinese calendar, are matches to a form expressing on Earth, such as goats, beetles, bears, etc.  Man is not on the astrological chart.  Once our consciousness reflects that of a human, we are enlightened and have integrated within the character traits of humanity.  Until we can stand within our own integrity where our consciousness is viewed as a human by another, we are not one yet.  We are striving to evolve toward one.  We do not interact directly when integrated with these bodies.  Our consciousness is buffered by the form.  After death, when we interact, we receive impressions of the other that are not affected by a visual representation of a human body that was created by Earth, not us.  This impression is our image of them.  It could be that of a goat, beetle, bear, etc. because they are not evolved yet to that of a human.  Unfortunately, due to our dysfunctional lives on Earth, we may only see images of the Earthly human form, no matter the consciousness because that is what we are familiar with or biased toward.  If we are completely honest with ourselves, we could read our impressions of ‘people’ (other consciousnesses which are not necessarily people, just beings) while keeping our biases at bay.  We can consider the human form as a tool for the upliftment of a consciousness so that it may evolve. 

Animals and insects are consciousnesses that are ruled by their emotions.  Humans are disciplined beings that rule their minds, know their minds and deliberately make their choices in life.  Lesser evolved beings follow their emotions, are ruled by their temptations and have no character traits or morals.  To become a man, you must not be led into temptations.  Temptations are the giving in to desires that feel good but betray your spirit.  An example is eating.  Eating for pleasure, craving things you feel are bad and giving into it because of the pleasure it brings reinforces a lack of discipline and total lack of control over yourself.  It results in pain.  You want to stop but can’t.  Knowing your thoughts that cause this behavior is taking responsibility for your existence.  This is evolution.  A human, one who is seen as a human within their own consciousness, not as these bodies, takes full responsibility for his/her existence.

I’ll go over examples of traits of different types of consciousness in the next post, including the consciousness of bugs like ticks.

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