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Watercolor Sketch : Fruit

 Working with lighting and shadow.  Painting is a great way to pause all thoughts and be present to what you are doing. 


Science Humor

Excerpted from The Guardian


🔻 An electron and a positron go into a bar.

Positron: “You’re round.”
Electron: “Are you sure?”
Positron: “I’m positive.”

I think I heard this on Radio 4 after the publication of a record (small) measurement of the electron electric dipole moment – often explained as the roundness of the electron – by Jony Hudson et al in Nature 2011.
Joanna Haigh, professor of atmospheric physics, Imperial College, London

🔻 Why did Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac and Wolfgang Pauli work in very small garages? Because they were quantum mechanics. 
Lloyd Peck, professor, British Antarctic Survey

🔻 A new monk shows up at a monastery where the monks spend their time making copies of ancient books. The new monk goes to the basement of the monastery saying he wants to make copies of the originals rather than of others’ copies so as to avoid duplicating errors they might have made. Several hours later the monks, wondering where their new friend is, find him crying in the basement. They ask him what is wrong and he says “the word is CELEBRATE, not CELIBATE!”
I first heard this maybe more than 10 years ago in conjunction with the general theme of “copying errors” or mutations in biology.
Mark Pagel, professor of biological sciences, University of Reading

🔻 A blowfly goes into a bar and asks: “Is that stool taken?”

No idea where I got this from! 
Amoret Whitaker, entomologist, Natural History Museum

🔻 A weed scientist goes into a shop. He asks: “Hey, you got any of that inhibitor of 3-phosphoshikimate-carboxyvinyl transferase? Shopkeeper: “You mean Roundup?” Scientist: “Yeah, that’s it. I can never remember that dang name.”

Made up by and first told by me. 
John A Pickett, scientific leader of chemical ecology, Rothamsted Research

🔻 A psychoanalyst shows a patient an inkblot, and asks him what he sees. The patient says: “A man and woman making love.” The psychoanalyst shows him a second inkblot, and the patient says: “That’s also a man and woman making love.” The psychoanalyst says: “You are obsessed with sex.” The patient says: “What do you mean I am obsessed? You are the one with all the dirty pictures.”

I have no idea where I first heard this joke. I suspect when I was an undergraduate and was first taught about Freudian psychology.
Richard Wiseman, professor of public understanding of psychology, University of Hertfordshire

Read more at The Guardian

Movie Review: Perfect Sense



A hit at Sundance ’11 and winner of the Ediburgh Film Festival’s prize for Best New British Feature, the amazing genre creation directed by David Mackenzie stars Eva Green and Ewan McGregor as witnesses to the end of the world– strangers who form a desperate romantic connection in the face of an apocalyptic epidemic of sensory loss. — (C) IFC

From Rotten Tomatoeshttp://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/perfect_sense/

This movie had a romantic apocalyptic theme with intense spiritual imagery.  It is about humanity slowly losing its connection to the human body with each sense being eliminated one at a time.  

First to go is smell.  This is preceded by intense grief.  The grief has people on their knees crying for love that they have lost, pain they have inflicted on others and for the pain of ther fellow humans.  Smell is connected to memory and the loss is symbolic of the forgetting of the hurtful experiences they created with others.  If you think back on any memory, and it causes you pain, then you have done something you regret and not rectified it through forgiveness.  The grief experienced in the movie was a remembering of all these events in their lives.  It is as if humanity is being forced to face itself spiritually, but they see it as a communicable disease.  Eventually they recover and life goes on without smell.

The next to go is taste.  This is preceded by a sudden, extreme urge to engorge themselves to the point where they are eating lipstick, carcasses, anything that is within reach that they can shove into their mouths.  This is uncontrollable, as if they have been taken over and force fed.  It lasts about 15 minutes, then they awaken as if from a dream, unsure of what they are doing and why.  This happens to all humanity at the same time.  They are shown that they are gluttons, slaves to sensory pleasure such as eating.  After the feeding orgy, they brush themselves off, put on brave faces and March off into a tasteless world.  Still they try to figure out how the disease is communicated, although all of humanity is afflicted.  They also begin to suspect that they are destined to losing their other senses and can do nothing about it.  

The next sense is hearing.  This is preceded by a fit of intense rage where they lash out at their fellow humans.  Screaming, hitting, throwing or violently attacking.  The main character screams vulgar accusations at the woman he loves, accusing her of being just a body to screw.  He isn’t in his ‘right mind’, but she is offended anyway and runs away. She has her rage attack alone in the lab where she works.  The scene of Ewan accusing his girlfriend in a vicious manner is symbolic of how frustrated our spiritual self must be at our obsession with the physical temptations that are empty of anything real, with eternal meaning.  We view the bodies as if they are the real person, but they aren’t the soul.  The soul is expressing through the body and we don’t interact with it, the real person.  We see a face, beautiful or not and interact with that.  A body, fat or attractive or not and interact with that.  Rarely does anyone look into the eyes of a person and interact with that.  In defense of human ‘nature’, society came to the assistance of of the newly deaf by telling them to stay home where they are safe, food will be delivered.  But no one questioned the meaning of what was happening.  As if we live meaningless existences, consigned to fate.

The movie ended with the loss of sight.  This was preceded by a sense of euphoria presenting as a desire to forgive and express love to their fellow man.  The symbolism here may be that we are enamored with the world we see through the eyes of a human body.  All of our pleasure and joy is gotten through the imagery of this reality.  We see those we love.  We see what we love.  As if we are physical objects in love with physical objects.  But we continue on after sight of this world is gone.  Then what do we love?  Who are we after these bodies?  Because that is who we are when looking through these bodies.  We are just looking at images.  The real interaction is with our consciousness, not in the touch of body to body.  The body just expresses our consciousness.  If we are our true selves, our honest selves, from the heart selves, we would be unaware of what the body was doing or looked like, we would just be full attention on our interaction with a fellow soul or expression of Earth.  But our attentions are fully on the sensations of the body.  What would happen if these sensations were turned off.  The people would be forced to look at their actual selves and remember.  

Maybe this movie is a message from somewhere.  You are not the body.  You have become enamored with the sensations of the body.  Do we need to force you to look?  In whose interest would it be to force humanity to look at themselves, to let go of their belief they are these bodies, to stop falling for temptations and face themselves?  I would say Earth.  Earth would benefit.  Because thoughts create reality.  Thoughts create Earth, every form of life expressed on this beautiful planet.  But we don’t consider Earth the expression of a consciousness.  We think of it as ours, our home.  This is the home of human bodies, not us.  Maybe it’s a message.

The Physical Body and Space-Time


Image from, https://twitter.com/ideas/status/584510804051030017

Every aspect of our experience in this reality can be encompassed within the scope of physics and psychology.  Our consciousness falls within psychology and our interaction with the energy in the physical universe falls within physics.  This post is about our interaction with the physical universe via these bodies we are united with in order to directly experience the Earth environment.

We are consciousness, or energy that is described In our Earth lingo as “consciousness”. This is just a term to describe a concept.  When we sleep, our vivid dreams play out as an alternate reality, seeming to be every bit as real as our experience here.  After death, this experience here will be remembered as if a dream, just images.  But our dreams during sleep here are very real in a 3 dimensional way.  Sometimes they are difficult to discern from the ‘reality’ we experience here.  This dream world is the reality of consciousness.  We are every bit as real there as we appear to be here.  That is the after death reality, the eternal existence.  This is the dreamlike mortal existence which will always seem as if a movie (after death) because we are only observing images within the awareness of these forms we are in communion with.  The awareness of the body projects an image that we see.  

We exist in the reality of what is called dreamtime here.  A place that feels non-physical and outside of space-time.  We interact with the physical universe, manipulating the physical energy, represented as atoms, etc. from within dream space, or ‘heaven’, as some may call it.  We interact by observing and thinking.  When the bodies move, they do so because ourselves, our ‘consciousness’, imagined walking or opening a door, for instance.  We did not exert our own force to do this.  It only took an imagined event.  The body then gracefully expresses it.  These bodies are like any other creature on earth, but the brains are developed for interaction with consciousness so that the sentient being can be aware of its experience.  The body allows for multiple awareness to observe in parallel with it and still be aware of themselves.  

This can be confusing because the body has its own awareness.  When a separate consciousness is observing through the body, it is also aware of what the body is aware of.  This gives the consciousness, or sentient being, the illusion that his awareness includes the awareness of the body as if it were his own.  But his awareness is separate.  Mindfulness can help with exploration of this.  

In addition, other consciousness can intrude and project themselves into the awareness of the body so that there are now multiple awareness in the body.  A conscious person would notice the other sentient awareness if it is also conscious (not asleep) and ‘moving’ or thinking independently.  If all are thinking the same thoughts through the shared mind of the body, then they would be essentially in a dream state and not aware of eachother.  

So we exist in what we call non-physical space that we can access through our imagination, visualization and meditative techniques.  I’ll make a separate post on meditative technique.  The body exist in the physical universe and is made of physical matter, or stardust.  We are not.  Physical matter decays and changes, we are eternal.  When we experience death of the body, we are waking up to the fact that we fell asleep while observing the images of a body as we dreamed a life.  All of our feelings we felt through the body will no longer seem real, but that is another post.

The body, as a physical object occupying space, has, for conceptual reasons, the equivalent of a gravitational attraction.  The body is made up of living matter that is given “life” with the energy of consciousness.  In addition, our energy of consciousness is also interacting with it.  This consciousness energy has the effect of warping space like gravity.  Our thoughts within the shared mind of the body effect physical energy.  The more abundant the thought, the stronger the belief, the stronger the gravitational effect, such that the equivalent of gravity waves are emitted from this belief, attracting similar energy.  Our attention to our beliefs adds energy, increasing the amplitude of the ‘gravity’ wave, and thus the attraction.

For example, when we repeat an activity often enough, it becomes a habit.  A habit is an action carried out in an unthinking way.  There is a gravity well or groove or pattern in space created that the body just follows without you thinking.  You created this gravitational pattern by repeatedly performing an act with thought and attention, then gradually without thinking.  Like a pianist who practices a song until his fingers have memorized the movements, as in ‘body memory’.  The body moves through the path of least resistance in physical space, like water flowing, unless you force it to move differently.  Like when you are trying to break a habit.  It’s tough because of the pattern in physically you created that the body follows.  There is an inertial effect in breaking this pattern.

Other physical objects, such as other bodies are effected by your ‘gravitational’ pattern (field) or warping of physical energy that surrounds your consciousness energetic presence, or attention.  An example of this is the synchronization of feminine monthly period when women live close to eachother.  It is also how nature works in harmony.  All elements of physical nature have their own patterns they follow and these patterns effect eachother when they interact.  The patterns are due to thought energy of the consciousnesses putting their attention on Earth.  

We can effect eachother by warping space and sending physical vibrations through space.  Words are physical vibrations.  So is music and any sound.  If one body starts laughing near others, other bodies eventually begin laughing without your conscious mind even thinking about it.  When listening to music, the body wants to start moving.  This is due to the vibrations of space vibrating the body as well as the graceful expression of your consciousness self if the music touches the soul, which is another, shorter word for your self composed of consciousness energy.  This is quantum energy.  Quantum energy behaves differently than physical energy.  

When two people are talking they are usually not in a mindful state, which means they are not completely aware of why they are saying what they are saying, or why their bodies are doing what they are doing.  Most people are usually just reacting with an attitude.  The attitude is a projection of physical energy.  This means the body is not gracefully expressing your thoughts, it is being forced into a visage intentionally by your consciousness.  This is the expression of ego.  This projection effects physical matter by sending the equivalent of a patterned wave through physical matter that intersects the other body, which senses it at a level you may not notice.  The patterned physical wave then may cause an expression in the other body.  This expression, which may be felt by the other consciousness, has a cascading association of thoughts and feelings associated with it for the person effected.  Which means, they feel the face doing that and suddenly they have an attitude.  This resulting attitude is an unthinking reaction because the transfer of a physical pattern of energy.  This is why mindfulness is helpful.

When practicing mindfulness, you can eventually notice these things happening.  Your face, or the body’s face, when looking at someone who is angry, for instance, may change to your version of angry without you even noticing.  The suddenly, due to context, when you sense the face in this formation, angry emotions pop up.  This is resonance.  The person is sending negative thought energy toward you and you have angry thought energy within your energetic pattern that resonates.  So you are suddenly angry without knowing why, except, ‘just because they are’.   

This physical effect we have on eachother, which can result in unthinking reactions when we are not paying attention, only works in physical space.  Our actual selves exist in non-physical and cannot effect eachother in this way.  That’s why it’s called ‘heaven’ :).  Just keep in mind that we are dreaming now.  That these bodies are separate beings we are co-creating with, just as if we projected into a primate.  And that what we call ‘afterlife’ or heaven or dreamtime is our actual reality.  And that we can access that reality now if we become very mindful of our existence.  

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