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A Simple But Effective New Years Resolution

The beginning of a new year is similar to the beginning of a new day.  It comes with a desire for a better experience in life, an improvement over the previous day or year.  A new year attracts a stronger desire because it is less routine, more significant.  We are a year older, we are with other people celebrating and thinking more about the significance of life.  We are more introspective.  New Years resolutions are an expression of the desire for an alignment with ourselves.  To resolve the things we don’t address during our everyday living.  If we don’t take a look at why we desire change and do something about it, we are left with a sense of diminishment of ourselves.  

So to start the new year on a positive note without committing to a schedule, new habit or something that feels like a chore, do something that contains a sense of excitement.  You can explore yourself, get to know yourself in new ways and have fun doing it.  After the holidays, everyone usually settles back into the daily routine and habit of living.  This is living on auto pilot.  To break out of this, to experience more presence in life, do something completely random on a random day, at a random time.  Just when you think of it.  Or schedule it into your iDevice for a reminder, never at the same time or day.  

Do something you would have done as a kid.  Do something your kids do.  Do something someone in the movies does.  Some ideas (and please contribute more):

>Sleep on the living room floor in a tent.  
>Hang upside down from your bed when you wake up and look at your room from this perspective.
>Buy a cake or pie, rip a chunk out of the center, eat it, then throw the rest away.  (The freedom you feel in violating many rules in this ridiculously simple act is invigorating, ie wasting food, being a slob/pig, being decadent, etc)
>Switch beds for the night with your kids
>Give a big, generous tip to anyone
>Listen to a new genre of music
>Talk to a stranger by asking him about his life
>Go winter camping
>Walk at night through a forest
>Have beers around a campfire
>Wear something completely different 
>Go without makeup
>Take a sick day from work and play
>Take the kids out of school for a day and go explore something new
>Take a different route to work everyday
>Test drive a car for fun
>Play in the rain
>Watch a sunset or sunrise
>Grab some friends to go out and play – soccer, tag, hide and seek, etc.
>Start or join a new meetup group
>Volunteer for something
>Choose a new favorite color and work that into your life
>Haul half your stuff to the dump

Identify your routines and add some randomness to it.  This will help break some habits and patterns of interaction.  This break creates space for new possibilities and opportunities to enter your life.  Your perspective begins to change a bit.  Life is about change and constant evolvement.  We are always discovering new things about ourselves if we can prevent ourselves from getting stuck in habits.  Randomness keeps you in the present because you are not on autopilot and need to figure out how to handle these new interactions.  The more random and intuitive your life becomes, the more alive and in the flow of life you become.  


An Example of the Limitation of the Ego

Originally, we, non-physical consciousness, interacted without predefined notions of ourselves, ie man and woman.  We reflected eachother accurately, changing our behavior to match the interaction.  If we were positive, we resonated with the most positive attributes of the other.  Our interaction was then based on our true self (soul self), how we were feeling at the time (true from the heart feeling) with the other acting as a mirror.  If no one else matched, then there was no interaction with another person.  There still could be with life, or energy in general.  We were in the flow of our energy (the energy created by the thoughts of our consciousness which matched our soul feelings), not confined to a definition of ourselves that defied resonating with another soul. As in, acting as mirrors to each other, as our soul selves.  We brought out in each other our current state of mind.  

As we experienced physicality and formed personalities with definitions of ourselves, our interactions became less a reflection of each other and more a holding of energy patterns despite resonant frequencies.  In this new state, when holding onto an identity, we stay the same no matter who we are interacting with.  This requires effort, creates discordance, and we are no longer out true selves.  Our sense of self becomes the feeling of our physical body, not the feeling from our ‘heart’.  Instead of listening to the thoughts associated with our true feelings, we listen to the thoughts in the shared mind/brain of the physical body.  These thoughts are mapped to the sensations of the physical body.  The physical body is created from our very being – our consciousness as it exists in ‘formlessness’. 

Formlessness is existence as experienced in the dream state, less dense, more ethereal.  That version of us, our actual selves, interacts with physical energy and creates physical manifestations as a result of our thoughts and feelings.  Our actual feelings are translated to feelings in the body.  Our thoughts are mapped to a form of communication, such as language.  This translation is our experience in physicality.  To interact truly as ourselves, we need to still the mind of the body and listen to our thoughts associate with our true feeling.  We associate our true feeling with the soul, located in the heart.

For true interaction, without ego, without an identity of personality, we would be open to discovering ourselves with every interaction.  Not knowing how the interaction will go, but just experiencing it.  In this way, we reflect eacother.  However, in physicality, we may end up preferring a personality or traits and hang onto the energy patterns of those traits within our physical body.  This requires holding energy, no matter the interaction, thereby preventing the unhindered flow of it.  When this happens, we are no longer reflecting each other.  We are determined to be a specific, defined set of behavior patterns, even if it makes us look insane.  At this point of commitment to our identity, we see this as ourselves.  We no longer see ourselves as our soul self, the self of consciousness, our true energy.  We see ourselves as the energy of physicality.  Energy we are holding in place, no matter how exhausting, or painful it is.  We fear to let go of this identity, this ego, for fear of losing ourselves and no longer existing.  We have lost the ability to just flow as a consciousness.

This is the limitation of the ego.  Considering we are eternal consciousness, we have been around for awhile.  Some have been interacting with and around the energies of Earth for awhile in the form of re-incarnation.  During each incarnation, a personality is formed during our life as our experience unfolds and we adhere to our beliefs or betray them.  We most likely have incarnated as both a man and a woman.  All of these personalities are energy patterns in our subconscious, or our consciousness.  Each personality had interactions with other people, consciousnesses during its lifetime.  These people, who may also be re-incarnating, may have repeated interactions with us over many lifetimes. We would have patterns of interaction with them in our subconscious, so that even if we don’t recognize the person consciously, we do subconsciously.  Our consciousness, soul self recognizes the energetic signature of their soul self regardless of the physical energy of their body.  These patterns are habits.  Since we are no longer flowing freely in energetic interactions, we will try to hold the current personality energy as the previous life one tries to activate through resonance from previous interactions.   This feels uncomfortable, produces unwanted feelings because we don’t feel ourself.  For example, we may have sensations of sexual attraction, promiscuity come forth because in a previous life we were lovers with the other person.  In this life you are married and that wouldn’t be acceptable, so you deny the resonance and hold onto your current definitions,

Since we have been around a long time, with this behavior, we are fighting ourselves and our understanding of ourselves.  Our current personality may not be the most preferred, but we are so resolute about adhering to definitions that, even if the heart calls, we ignore it, to our own detriment.  Our soul self feels it as pain. Because we have lost our sense of our true self and are no longer free.  We are slaves to our definitions of ourselves and our beliefs.  Beliefs can change.  And the belief that we need to define ourselves is one that we would benefit from letting go.  If we let ourselves respond to others as our heart dictates, we would discover ourselves more quickly, would work through our beliefs more quickly and would discover the other souls we cherish more quickly.

Hell Is A State of Mind

Hell does exist.  Many souls are experiencing it right now, both on Earth and in their after ‘death’ state.  You take your beliefs with you, and can create your own experience of suffering after death because you are continuing destructive behavior patterns you hadn’t addressed during your life on Earth.  

You can exist in a state of delusion because you only perceive what your beliefs allow you to.  In hell, you are stuck in negative patterns of interaction that result in pain, and you are unaware of both the pattern and the cause.  You are reacting emotionally and responding to others’ emotions while appearing to reason.  But your reasoning is insane, based on contradicting beliefs and beliefs which deny your well-being.  Here is an example of a helł scenario.

You are a male.  You have male friends.  You like sex.  You prefer the company of men and love male energy.  It is more confident and easy going.  But you associate acceptable sex with women.  The women you are interacting with, being in hel with you (since energy attracts), are bitches.  You hate them, that type of energy, and they use you.

In hell, people tear eachother down, they don’t uplift.  Positive energy is negligible.  In the state after death, when re-incarnating is no longer feasible because your energy, the physical energy resulting from the state of your conscious mind and associated emotions, can no longer support the life of the organic human form.  The body would not live long enough to really experience what you need to experience.  So you exist in a less dense, more durable body, but with less feedback for you on your emotional state.  This body you cannot ‘see’.  It does not cry and can take a lot of pain before it is felt.  You feel others’ emotions as well as your own.  Unless you are aware of yourself, you cannot tell, during interaction, whether the emotion is yours or theirs or both.  You would think this would deter hurting eachother, but in hell, emotional torment is the way to hurt others.  Hell beings like to inflict others with emotional pain because they are experiencing it themselves.  The dynamic is such that they feel hatred, which is hatred for themselves, but they feel it as hatred for the other.  This hatred makes them want to hurt the other because the other is hurting them by making them feel the self hatred of the other and by bringing out the self-hatred in themselves.  If a hell being was alone, they would not feel this hatred.  They feel hatred because the souls, their actual conscious energy is interacting and they can feel how they are hurting eachother.  

So you are a hell being.  You feel hatred and see it as hate for the other person.  They are making you feel bad so you want them to feel bad.  There is a saying that you end up hating those you hurt.  This is because you hate yourself for hurting them.  Hell beings feel hurt and want to hurt, and use lies, deceit and manipulation to get the job done.  This is done by sensing each other’s emotions to see what level of emotional control they have over you and playing with that without realizing they are hurting themselves.

In this scenario, you love male energy and sex, but cannot get the gratification of sex from males.  You turn to females, whom you now hate, biput use their image to gratify yourself.  So you essentially are a being who loves the energy of sexual interaction.  In heaven, this would be a person who loves the energetic interaction of making love in full participation with another person.  In hell, this energy or passion has been corrupted, and is now expressed as sex with oneself using another’s energy or image,  you are this way because you hate yourself.  You started in the heaven scenario, and after many Earth incarnations of exploring your passion, ended up in hell.  

Let’s say you had a soul mate.  You go on separate paths.  Your path on Earth produces very negative experiences.  You are a sexual being because you love that expression of energy, that interaction.  In society, if a woman, you would be defined as a whore.  A man would be defined as a womanizer.

Starting out, you love both men and women, like a normal soul being, energy being.  Because, before physicality, the definition of man and woman didn’t apply.  There was just a spectrum of energy, beliefs and emotions.  Earth defined that concept for you.  Earth also defined what was acceptable.  You try to express your passion and end up hurting women because they are persecuted as whores when they respond to you.  You don’t want to settle with one woman, you are just exploring the experience of energies.  These energies are the physical energies produced by the interaction of a consciousness (personality plus emotion) with physicality.  You are exploring how these physical energies feel with sexual energy.  In non-physicality, you are focused more on the personality than the feel of a physical body.  The women, who are at this point, corrupted by the Earth environment and dysfunctuional, fall under your charismatic spell.  Despite the existing societal morals.  They are then persecuted by society and build up resentment.  Power lies with the men who defiene the moral values of society.  These bitter women, mistreated and abused by the limitations of and constraints on the human spirit as enforced by society, defined by men, become bitches.

You are having trouble experiencing your passion in joy.  Outside of Earth, without limiting definitions, your love of sexual energy would be matched by someone equally interested and no persecution would be necessary.  On Earth, Ther is the fallout of guilt, remorse and an overall bad taste from the negative backlash produced by other peoples’ opinions about your behavior.  If you interact in a sexual way with women who are needy for love and leave her, she would end up resenting or hating you.  Revenge and backlash can result in a very negative experience.  Yet you are driven to experience what you, as a soul absolutely loves.  So you continue.  As time goes on, your enthusiasm for experiencing life diminishes because you are not able to freely express your passions.  If you grow negative, such as bitter or hateful and die in this state, you would be taking self-hate with you.  It would take many lifetime of repetitive interactions to really degrade, but this eventually becomes a habit or pattern of interaction.  This habit, created while trying to get to a better feeling place, loving yourself, which means allowing yourself to express your passions, results in continuing the same pursuits on Earth that lead to negativity.  Or you just give up what you like and become lifeless.  And you are stuck in habits you are not even aware of.

You love sexual energy.  It degenerated with women because of societal definitions so that now you only interact with bitches.  Anyone who wasn’t now would probably become one because they will eventually feel rejected.  Men are different.  You love their energy and it’s acceptable for them to be promiscuous.  So maybe you try to follow your passion with men and that leads to more negative societal backlash.  Eventually, you just pleasure yourself while looking at another while hating yourself. 

Let’s say you unexpectedly run into your soul mate who went in a different direction awhile ago.  She hasn’t been dragged into negativity yet, so she is still positive.  Yet you don’t recognize her.  Her image is different, but her energy, consciousness, personality are the same.  You are not normally the type of person she would interact with because you are now very negative.  You feel something pulling at your heart when you interact.  She is a woman and you hate women at this point.  You hate how they manipulate and play with your heart to control you emotionally.  So you have learned not to trust the feeling in the heart with women.  You experience an attraction and are drawn to her because she is your soulmate. But the heart’s response produces a subconscious, automated, very negative response that propels you to treat her like a bitch.  Your beliefs only allow you to perceive her this way.  So you abuse her.  She is strongly attracted to you and loves you because she is your soul mate.  She doesn’t understand the hatred and violence, and is torn between walking away and losing some one she really loves or staying in physical and emotional torment. Possibly to eventually join you in hell.  A self-respecting person, positive person would walk away, no matter how much the heart hurt.  Because the conscious mind is in control and learns the right thing to do for your well-being.  This comes from the building of character and optimism in the form of love of life and self.  This keeps you out of hell.

But it takes effort.  It takes  facing yourself, whom you hate to look at because you hate yourself.  It takes going through all definitions and negative beliefs you have.  And those stuck in hell, in unthinking habits, are unaware they are even in hell.  That is now their normal.  Even love, in this case, cannot propel you out.  Unfortunately, it would take extreme suffering to make you decide you no longer want to suffer.  And to begin the journey back to sanity.  

There are so many examples of how other peoples’ opinions and collective society diminish the spirit of humanity, such that some become lost in their own torment of self-hatred.  These are the ones targeted by guides or people/souls who want to help.  This type of person is the type to receive guidance as described in the previous post.

So have mercy on eachother.

An Example of How A Guide Can Be Set Up

A human body is a form made to integrate with consciousness so that a person can experience the expression of himself.  More than one consciousness (person) can interact with a human form.  Guides can be set up to work intimately with another consciousness in the form.  This results in two people living the same life together.  All the ingredients for the creation of a soul mate experience.

This type of guidance is set up by having the guiding consciousness integrate with the human form.  The one receiving the guidance is observing and is within his own, less dense physical form.  Together, they share thoughts through the human mind.  They each perceive each others thoughts as if they were their own.  They each perceive the human mind as if it were their own, neither one being aware of the other (although this was set up with their knowledge).  The observer feels as if he is the human and can sense the human body.  The guide feels like he is the human and can sense the observer’s body.  They are, in a sense, a blended consciousness.

The one receiving the guidance may be stuck in negative patterns of thought so that he is essentially a negative being.  If he has any positive attributes to resonate with, the guide can bring this out in him by resonating with those attributes.  The guide’s natural tendencies, thought patterns, are to be positive and uplifting.  This is necessary when blending with a negative consciousness.  Since the tendency of beings is to feel better, the positive inclinations of the guide will more likely be followed than the negative influence of the one receiving guidance.  Since the guide is the human, the one receiving guidance will experience the perspective of a positive person.  He will experience behaviors and thinking not normally his own which are meant to break his patterns of negative thinking.  As they share thoughts, the observer may may have negative thoughts every time, and the guide will think along with him, both in the mind of the human body, until a better feeling thought is reached.  This means the thought feels better both in the body of the human guide and the body of the observer.  The success of this relies on the guide being one who will not do anything against his/her values and beliefs.

The perspective of the human guide, in this example, is that the human mind is his own and he is thinking things through by himself.  The observer is effectively channelling through the human.  Both may be speaking at the same time, each one saying parts of whatever the human is speaking.  Both see this as themselves speaking.  So a sentence may be made up of words spoken by the observer and words spoken by the guide.  In this way, neither consciousness is expressing only himself.  They are expressing in a blended fashion.  Neither one is able to see the expression of only himself.  The drawback to this is that the guides thoughts are corrupted by the observer and the observer’s thoughts are effected by the guides.  I say corrupted because the positive is corrupted by the negative.  The result is hopefully more positive than negative.

The guide, however, is the one in control of the life of the human body.  His energy is integrated, so he determines the health and longevity of the body.  The negative energy of the observer would result in the death of a human body from disease or suicide if the guide were not providing his own energy.  This allows a negative person to have a human experience without having to deal with the health of the body.  Hopefully they get to a state positive enough to incarnate into their own body and be able to keep it alive and well.

The observer feels only his own body, which is a less dense physical matter/energy than the human form.  He can sense what the human body senses by having his body interact with the less dense energy of the guide.  The human guide feels both the human body and the obsever’s body.  So the guide feels the emotions of the observer as if they were his own.  Then his inclination will be to get to a better feeling place via better feeling thoughts.  This is a real experience for the observer to learn how to become a more positive person.  He realizes this experience as his own accomplishment since he participated in thinking through every problem and saw it as himself.  The guide builds up positive resonance as support.  Any positive thought would receive support.

In this way, both go through life in sync with eachother.  The guide gets to know the observer intimately – how he thinks, what he thinks, how he feels about everything.  The observer also gets to know the guide.  Neither will remember themselves until the life is over unless they go through the enlightenment process together.   If the two had a positive experience together, they can become soul mates – two people who know eachother better than anyone.

Of course someone receiving this type of guidance, in this example, is a troubled soul which can result in a hard life for both.  The goal is to reach a state of being that is more positive than negative by breaking negative thought patterns and interactions and allowing the observer to experience life through the perspective of a positive person.

So keep this in mind when interacting with troubled souls out there.  You never know what their story is.

Co-Creation and Duality

We are people (souls) creating our own experiences using physical energy.  The tools for our creation (creativity) are the physical body and its associated mind.  These are not a part of us, they are being used by us.  The body is physical energy (matter) interacting with physicality.  We are consciousness energy using the body to interpret its physical interactions.  Consciousness energy is a different energy than physical (like light and quantum energy).  

The physical mind manipulates thoughts which coalesce into beliefs.  Thoughts attract like thoughts.  When solidified into beliefs, the beliefs filter out incompatible thoughts as in-believable.  Beliefs, in this way, act as barriers to awareness.  

The body-mind, which we perceive as ‘our’ head, is a shared mind.  It is shared by all other body-minds.  These minds, or thinking devices, can be looked at by more than just our consciousness.  Thoughts of others can be perceived by it.  This leads to co-creation via the mind.  Co-creation via the body is when the bodies work together.

Co-creation includes all density levels within physicality.  Less physically dense body-minds can share thoughts.  Of course the consciousnesses perceiving through the bodies are manipulating these thoughts.  The body-mind systems are used for communication with all participating consciousnesses within these physical energies.  The thoughts we share, we may interpret as our own and not realize someone else is communicating with us.  The less dense body-minds are being used by the same consciousnesses as ourselves.  They just prefer less dense bodies to work with.  

We, as non-physical consciousness energy beings, put our attention into physical energy.  The energy conforms to our thought/emotions, creating bodies mapped to our real bodies and body-minds mapped to our real minds.  Like in Avatar.  Through this body-mind filter, we perceive physicality.  Our actual soul self, the consciousness, exists and can perceive all densities of this physical energy (matter) at once.  It all exists right here, where you are standing or sitting.  When we stop interacting with physical energy, we pull our attention from it and the body returns to its generic physical energy state, un-formed.  

We are playing with physical energy.  Experience here is physics and psychology.  Physics represents our understanding, knowing, that we are playing with physical energy we define as matter.  Our knowing comes from our actual non-physical conscious mind that understands we don’t exist ‘in’ this physical energy, we are just experiencing our interaction with it.  Psychology represents our desire to understand the relationship of the mind to our experience, how the mind manipulates matter (physical energy) and our conscious belief system.  We need to understand ourselves via the mind to re-connect with our actual mind-body and expand our awareness. Through both physics and psychology, we try to understand our perceived reality.  Psychology to understand ourselves, physics to understand our interaction with physical matter.

Duality is experienced because we are currently disconnected (unaware) that we are not actually the body-mind.  This is the yin part.  The other part is us, the actual person, yang.  We can be at war with ‘ourselves’ (duality) because we switch back and forth, perceiving ourselves as the body-mind, then as our soul selves (our actual conscious energy).  We feel both at the same time and mix feelings, thoughts from each up so that we are confused and appear to be insane. 

We feel both the physical body and our real emotions when we hurt (we=soul).  We switch our attention to our body-suit, our space suit to feel better.  We use the body mind understanding to think of a way to feel better.  This is pacification.  Let’s say that you are unhappy, you, soul-self.  Instead of looking at your actual mind by taking attention off of body-mind, stilling the body and putting attention on the unhappiness (which enables you to listen to your real mind), you use the body-mind to figure out a way to feel better and use the physical body to get pleasure.  For instance, through eating, physical activity, using physical energy to create a sensation in the body which feels like positive energy, making you’feel’ better.  But your self, the ‘soul’, is still unhappy.  You just created an experience using your physical tools to feel as if you felt better by manipulating physical energy to create physical sensations in the body or interact with other physical things.  But you are not physical energy and you are still not happy.  So this physical interaction is a distraction from what is actually bothering you.   This where psychologists come in.  The solution is to ‘meditate’ on yourself, find out why you are unhappy and use your actual conscious mind to figure it out.

If you ignore yourself and just pacify and distract to feel better, then you will eventually become frustrated and give up.  Giving up means you are on autopilot.  Hypnotized as if in a dream, looking out through a physical body and just reacting, not consciously responding.  This is a zombie.  They have forgotten they are not the physical body and have become confused about their identity of self.  What is their actual mind?  How do you hear it?  Do I feel my actual body or is it the physical body?  The body mind can talk in circles to pacify because people want to feel better.  When you have reached this state, stop listening to the body mind.  Stop the body of you have to.  Some people get sick as an attempt to get themselves to just stop and start listening to themselves.  Otherwise you will run with your physical body looking for pleasure to feel better.  

When the physical body dies, your perspective is once again that of your actual consciousness in the non-physical, similar to how you perceive in the dream state.  Unfortunately, what you perceive is defined by what what you believe.  So your awareness can be limited.  You take your beliefs with you when the body dies.  The beliefs you accept because of the reasoning you did while in physicality come with you into non-physicality.  So if you believe in hell, youn experience it.  If you believe you are not dead, you simulate your Earth life, etc.  You do not leave behind your experience here.  It is very relevant, and it helps to achieve awareness before death so you are not living within delusions.  There are people who help people lost within limiting beliefs, but they are confined by the beliefs and must work with them to communicate.  So if you believe you are in hell, they may appear as a demon.  I will create a post about this topic which is also discussed in the Seth books.  This should motive all to clear beliefs before you kill your physical body with the frustrated energy from your soul self who probable wants to get out of physicality because of the pain you are experiencing from not listening to yourself.  Then you find yourself in whatever nightmare your beliefs have you create after death.

Enlightenment is the alignment of the body-mind system to the actual consciousness body-mind so that they are in harmony.  Then you are aware of yourself as the consciousness playing in physical energy and interacting using the body-mind.  You are consciously choosing your thoughts and managing your beliefs.  You are aware of more than just yourself.  Your perception expands to includes what your actual conscious mind perceives.  Your joy is felt within your actual body which then resonates with the physical energy, amplifying the experience.

So, here we are, perceiving through bodies.  Creating physical things with physical matter.  Who created the environment in which we are interacting?  Some consciousnesses co-created all physical aspects of Earth.  We are co-creating with this or these consciousnesses.  Someone is manipulating physical energy to create the Earth system.  It would be a consciousness just like us, but with expanded awareness.  We are interacting with this consciousness via shared thoughts and physical contact with the bodies.  Our beliefs and unawareness, lack of knowledge, also filter thoughts in physicality via the shared mind.  We could be receiving, ‘hearing’ thoughts from the consciousness creating Earth, but blocking thoughts because of our beliefs.  There are many stories of Earth creatures, such as fairies, elementals, which could be the Earth consciousnesses communicating.  We are playing with their creation.  An example of communication with consciousnesses that expresses the energy of human interaction on Earth is the music that is generated.  Music like that of Audiomachine expresses the energy of Earth as experienced by humans. These are some things to think about.

Duality and Human Drama

Humans are hungry for love.  Not many experience true love.  True love is a soul to soul connection between two people who are their authentic selves with each other.  Not necessarily with anyone else.  Those who don’t experience true love define love as a feeling within the heart area that is like a push/pull interaction with the one they love. This is a need based love.  They give you something that makes you feel good about yourself and it becomes a dependency.  If a break up occurs, it really hurts because it is a withdrawal, similar to a drug withdrawal.  This need based love is felt as something desirable because of the association to the fulfillment of a need.  But the actual sensation is one of pain, like an ache.  Real love should feel whole body light and joyous.  And be independent of whether it is returned or not.

The reason for this love based on need is the lack of understanding of the body-mind-soul/person system.  The need based love is body love.  As in, the person’s attention/identity is associated with the body.  What they feel in the body, they associate with their soul.  They also disassociate from themselves by defining the soul as something they have, aka ‘heart’, instead of something they are.  This is also why it is hard to communicate these ideas – because of our definitions of concepts and words.  We don’t have souls, we are souls.  But we talk about souls as something we have, so I use the terms as people understand them.

Here is a simplistic concept of the way we are integrated into the body-mind system.  We are the soul who originates from outside the physical universe.  Outside in this case refers to perception.  Some refer to us as ‘spirits’, as in, ‘my spirit will go to heaven’.  But you go to heaven.  You change perspective back to non-physicality when you decide to leave and withdraw attention from the body so it dies.

The body is integrated with a ‘mind’.  We see this mind as our head and brain.  This mind manipulates thoughts.  Thoughts are used to create reality.  So the mind is a tool to create reality in physicality.  Thoughts are expressions of, interpretations of actual physical energy, and are used to create everything from planets to stars to galaxies.  The body is a tool used to interact with this physicality as experience.  There are many body types one can have which vary in density and image, but only one mind.  The mind is shared by all bodies and the thoughts that appear in it are not necessarily your own.  If you are not paying attention to it, then it can be filled with thoughts not created by you (ie by advertisements, etc).  

When you think, your attention usually goes to your head where your thoughts seem to be located.  This is the mind connected to the body.  You perceive thoughts, the thoughts have an effect on you because they reflect a belief you accepted.  Your reaction to the thought is felt in the body because that is where you define your emotions and feelings to originate from.

But the body-mind system is integrated, like a complex, organic AI suit (like in the movie ‘Avatar’) to you.  Currently we define ourselves as this body-mind suit and our ‘souls’ go to heaven.  This is insane.  We are the soul.  We are the observers in the suit.  Our awareness perceives via the body.  The body dies when we stop looking.  We perceive the thoughts in the head of the body.  We have our own thoughts which we do not consciously look at because we are hypnotized by the body, it’s mind, and the movie we are experiencing just like in ‘Avatar’.  As we perceive, we think and feel.  This thinking is usually hidden from us because we haven’t yet learned to recognize it.  When you speak ‘from the heart’, you are speaking your actual thoughts, not the head thoughts.  When speaking this way, words just come out.  You are not looking at your thoughts in the head for words, they just come out along with feelings.  When your attention is fully focused on something outside of yourself, you are speaking more authentically as yourself.  Even if you are screaming.  That is the authentic you.  When you are speaking while watching the thoughts in the head, you might as well be channelling.  

True expression of your own thoughts shoukd resonate with your very sense of self, not necessarily your body.  You can actually have your own thoughts coming from the heart which disagrees with those in your head.  This is similar to the man/woman drama where men speak from the head more often and women speak from the heart more often,

You can connect with yourself via meditative techniques.  Put your attention on your heart area, the area that seems to be the source of passion when expressing your true self.  Ignore the thoughts in the head and just listen.  Thoughts which feel softer can be sensed.  That’s you.  You feel these thoughts as a sense of knowing and gentle impressions.  Listen to this sense to reveal the thought.  These thoughts can be felt in the body and effect the health of the body.  These thoughts are also translated by the mind of the body, and if you are not conscious of your actual thought, the meaning can be lost in translation.  This is due to definitions and associations created within the head of the body due to your education and experience in the body.

So there are three main components:  body, the body mind, and you (the soul) interacting, which can create havoc if you are not in conscious control of the whole apparatus.  For instance,  you can feel a soul connection with someone, and you feel this as a sense of ‘I love this’ without knowing what this is.  You just feel a sense of love when that person is around.  If your attention is on the body-mind system, then you are aware you are loving something and associate that feeling to whatever it is you are doing or experiencing.  If you are beating that person up because you are following your body-mind, as in, that person just looked at me the wrong way and I’m going to teach him a lesson’, your body can feel determined, excited and your heart can feel love.  So you end up loving the idea of beating him up, completely unaware that the love felt is due to the interaction with a fellow soul mate.  In this unaware state, both souls involved are aware of what is happening.  Meaning you and he are aware subconsciously (because you are not paying attention), but not consciously.  Both are unaware because their attention is hypnotized by the body, the head, and what they are seeing.  This results in karma.  Your soul mate hurts because someone he loves (but does not recognize consciously) is hurting him and he doesn’t understand why.  The other person also feels bad (guilt,depression) without understanding the real reason why.  The head may go into overdrive making up stories to explain it, but in reality, two beings who loved each other just had a painful interaction because they we unaware of themselves.  These are people who exist outside of bodies, that remember and actually feel hurt.  So the next encounter, whether after death, in another life, will reflect this pain between them.  Until they become aware and consciously make up.

This idea is important.  Because you can feel like you love something and the head of the body creates meaningless reasons for it based on the context of the body perceptions.  When what is happening is you are recognizing someone, know something, etc that you are not consciously aware of – you only feel a sensation translated by the body.  Whether it be love, fear, anxiety, etc.  We are usually only paying attention to our space suit which translated our actual thoughts and feelings.  The we perceive the space suit feeling or thought, look around through the space suit at ‘reality’, make up a reason to explain it which is detached from our actual perception.  We, souls, are energy of consciousness which is different from physical energy.  That is why we use a space suit.  Our conscious energy is connected and we perceive in ways different than the body.  To have the body translate our actual feelings and thoughts and perceptions without our conscious understanding results in chaos and suffering.  So humanity appears to be insane with lots of suffering to go around.   The person in the example associated the subtle perception of a soul mate felt as love within ourselves and interpreted by the body as the sensation of love with the thought in the head of beating someone up.  So the loving sensation of a person was associated to an idea in the space suit.  

This confusion between body feeling plus body mind thinking and actual person/soul feeling and thinking is duality.  The soul, us, is the observer, perceived, programmer of the body mind (head).  We are operating complex AI systems which are usually on auto pilot because we fell asleep and now only react without thinking or respond using the head instead of our actual mind.  We are like insane people hurting each other without understanding what is actually going on.  

Spiritual Path and Mindfulness

@TrainingMindful: The spiritual path is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it. M. Williamson

Spiritual is a term that refers, usually, to life after death, or the life of our souls.  As if our souls were separate entities from us.  It is helpful to remove the term spiritual for this reason.  We are programmed with beliefs about concepts that are not helpful to us.  Like ‘Divine’.  We are less than, inferior is the subliminal effect of the word ‘Divine’.  Because who actually feels spiritual or divine?  No one!  Then we would be superior if we did, and that is a negative feeling for us as well.  The whole concept of spirit and divine has subliminal context with negative impact.  It’s the same effect as the religious, ‘we are all born sinners’.  

Our ‘spirit’ is ourselves.  Our soul is us, who we are.  We hurt because we are souls.  We experience joy because we are souls.  We have minds we listen to, but right now, our thinking, our minds, are disconnected from ourselves, us, souls.  We are thinking like insane people.  

Our spiritual path is just our path as a conscious being trying to reconnect our minds to be in sync, in harmony with ourselves.  They feel like separate entities because the mind is a tool we use to program our experience in this reality.  It works in conjunction with the body.  So we feel the effects of our thinking within our body.  Ourselves are looking through, perceiving through the bodies.  The journey of realigning the mind to actually work with us instead of against us, is not the journey of life.  We are supposed to be in conscious control of our minds.  This allows us to enjoy our experience in physicality as we prefer. 

We sound insane because we can’t recognize who we are.  Are we the mind?  Men may agree with this?  Are we the emotions we feel, the result of the minds effect on our actual thinking via our souls (selves).  The women may think so.  We are neither.  We are our souls.  Our souls think.  We are the thinkers.  We program the mind.  If we feel like sh*t because of what our mind is ‘thinking’, then you, the actual PERSON, SOUL doesn’t like it.  So stop it!!

The mind is a terrible THING to waste (ha ha) because it is a thing.  We are insane!  If we are not paying attention, ideas can be absorbed by the perceptive device known as the body, integrated with the mind.  Thoughts accumulate, beliefs are formed.  All while NOT PAYING ATTENTION.  WHO is not paying attention?  How is this possible?  The operator of the mind-body apparatus was not paying attention and someone else, who was, just infected you with a virus.  While you were what?  So freaking bored with your experience, you looked away?  Pay Attention!  Get control of your diving suit!  You are not the mind or the body.  You are the ‘spirit’.  The personality.  The actually alive and conscious.  You think separate from the mind.  Meditation helps you connect with your actually mind.  It feels like soft impressions.

Thoughts are made of coalesced physical energy.  The attraction is the same energy as gravity.  You can literally feel a pull toward things you are attracted to.  This physical energy.  We come from and actually exist as consciousness ‘energy’.  It’s not the same and why we needs suit to interact with and interface with physical energy.  We are not our space suits.  We are insane because we are so lost in virtual reality we no longer know who or what we are.  

Good News!  There are people and sources of knowledge here to help us become sane again!  Our insanity is the cause of our suffering.  So listen to yourself, your ‘heart’ (as defined relative to this body) for now, instead of your body’s mind.  It has been programmed by someone other than yourself while you weren’t paying attention.  Let go of your ‘thinking’.  Learn to think with intuition, your actual mind.  Get your body’s mind under your conscious contr again.  For the love of God, Pay Attention!  Be Mindful.  If you are that bored, you exist outside of physicality and can learn how to shed your physical interface and return there.  And yes! You will still be an ‘I’ when you are ‘there’.  Just like you are an ‘I’ now.

The Story of Earth 1

The Earth environment consists of a complex set of interacting energies.  The energies being expressed are from the consciousnesses attracted to these energies.  These expressions come in the form of animals, humans, climate and elements.  

In the beginning, the energies were expressed unrestricted.  If the consciousnesses wanted to express as a herd running wild and free, they did.  Or even storms, mega storms, volcanoes, earthquakes.  These are intense expressions.  At some point, the expressions became more limited.  As human consciousness limited its own expression through the limiting, constricting energy of civilization, it also co-created limitation on other expressions of Earth.  Since human consciousness and quite possibly the other consciousnesses expressing in non-human form are asleep, lost in the dream, we are not consciously aware that we are bottling up energy by withholding expression.  This bottled up energy is eventually released to relieve pressure, but not in its original form which would have been pleasurable.  Instead, it becomes an expression of frustration, pain, and suffering.  Because of this, life on Earth has become about suffering.

There are two primary categories of conscious energy within the Eath system right now.  One is the set of energies that resonate with love of expression in the Earth environment.  The other is the energy of control – it wants to control the conscious energy of Earth to create their own stories using humans and all Earth creatures as pawns.  We feed this controlling energy our emotions produced from our suffering.  The Earth suffers (the same conscious energy) and expresses its own emotional energy.  These emotions and dramas are stories others like to play out.

The human suffering is expressed through emotions, music, art, etc.  These mediums, when truly expressing the soul, are intense and touch the soul of all of Earth’s inhabitants.  It reflects our story.  Those who love Earth resonate with the energies of Earth.  We are a family.  Those who resonate with authority do not resonate with Earth.  Earth is a wild and free energy which interacts by instinct and love of the expressions of life here.  

There are many here at this time, to help all consciousnesses attracted to Earth to become balanced and aware.  There may be many humans who came to Earth by following their love of certain energies, then became stuck here due to the controlling energies who work to keep humanity unaware and disconnected from Earth and themselves. 

Try to connect with yourself.  See which expressions of energy you resonate with.  If you despise authority, don’t focus on authority.  Focus on becoming aware of your try resonant energy and running with it because you came here to express it.  And you will not be alone. Others will match you. 

How We See the World

@TrainingMindful: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

That begs the question, ‘what are we?’  How are we conditioned to see the world?  And the standard viewpoint on this is, we are conditioned by the beliefs of society and our parents.  And this is true to some extent, but we see the world and experience the world through these bodies we wear.  These bodies are the basic cause of how we are conditioned to see the world and our fellow souls living in it with us.

When we look out of our eyes, we see other bodies.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see eyes.  Eyes which some say are ‘windows’ to the soul.  If they are windows, then we are the beings inside the physical structure called the body.  We use this body to interact with the physical structure of this universe which also consists of differing levels of physical density.  To experience dense organic matter, we wear dense organic matter body suits to see it, touch it, feel it.  In a less dense body, we could not grab physical matter here and hold it.  We could only perceive its energy as it exists in a less dense format.

So we see the world through dense organic bodies which perceive through the five senses.  Our actual selves perceiving through the bodies have additional senses.  We can develop these senses to use in addition to the body senses if we pay attention to our experiences.  Most people are so distracted by or enamored with the body experience, they don’t ever pay attention to the perceptions they have as beings that exist simultaneously at all density levels in this physical universe.

In theory, we should be able to pay attention to our perception through the bodies, our experience at this density, turn our attention to less dense energies and perceive through our own consciuosness, experience at other densities.  These are energies that are not perceptible to the body, but are to our consciousness.  So the perception and experience of less dense energies is different.  More of a feeling-sense than objects you can hold.

So we are conditioned to see the world as very solid, organic.  Filled with inertia, slow to change.  Mortal, cyclical, and out of our control.  People are just bodies.  They die and go to a nebulous place called ‘heaven’.  Or maybe re-incarnate.  Life seems purposeless, other than just to try to find happiness or survive.  Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.  No one really interacts with or looks at the actual people, souls inside the bodies.  The perceivers looking out.

Tweet: Our identities become defined by the fact that others see our bodies and judge us by them and how we use them.

How would we see the world if we looked at is as we are?  With an understanding of the nature of ourselves, instead of the amnesia which makes us bodies?  We are conscious, sentient beings perceiving through bodies, existing at the same time throughout all densities of this physical universe.  For some reason, we decided to experience this universe instead of another which maybe is beyond our ability to conceive.  So we donned the physical apparatus necessary to interact with the physical energies in this universe.  We look out of our suits, like a person watching a movie, and we see images of other consciousnesses encapsulated in suits.  We see arms and hands extend out in front when we move the body arms.  We see legs move beneath us when we think of moving.  But these are parts of a programmable machine, like a virtul reality video game.  We are inside operating the suit.  Like a holo deck, the reality is so life-like, we get caught up in it, even beginning to feel like those body arms and legs are a part of us.  They feel like us.  They move when we think, responding with noticing our thinking, as if the parts are us.  But the body is not us.  We think it into action.  We unfortunately have learned to identify it as ourselves.  And you can do this with anything.  Attach any device to a baby since birth, and you can condition that person to think he is a monkey – if you put him in a monkey suit and only responded to him as if he were a monkey.  This is our basic conditioning.

Imagine the world as we are.  We are in suits, perceiving conscious energy at a very dense level of existence.  What does this planet look like without the suit?  Or with a less dense suit?  Or with our consciouness perceiving instead of the body perceiving?  Seeing the world as we are is seeing the world with all of our perceptions.  Our own conscious perceptions of subtle energies plus the 5 senses of our body suits.  Seeing our fellow man as souls in suits, lost in a virtual reality, trying to find their way out.  Some may be aware of who they are, how reality is and are doing the conditioning and programming.  Because, why not? No one else is paying attention.  And if you are not programming your own experience, you are being used for some one else’s experience.

Everything we have in this reality mimics actual reality.  We are rapidly progressing toward a technological representation of how reality works.  Virtual reality games.  Programming.  Video games.  Space suits.  Exploration of different densities.  Interaction with conscious beings not incarnated via channellings.  Everything is energy.  Quantum physics.  We may be receiving assistance from others trying to get us to recognize ourselves and understand reality so we recognize we are in a dream.  Then waking up consists of this recognition plus the ability to control our own experiences via consciously choosing our beliefs and choosing our interactions.  Believing anything is possible, that everything in this reality is just a belief because beliefs are the programming language we use for perception here.  Out of physicality, we do not need beliefs relative to physicality.  Our minds are the computer tools we use to program our perceptive body tools with beliefs.  We use our body suits to then experience our programs.  We attract experiences to us via beliefs, thoughts.  We can change our perception of the world by changing our perception of ourselves.

Distractions from the Path of Mindfulness

In trying to follow a Path toward enlightenment or understanding of oneself and reality, there are many pseudo teachings which will distract.  These are bits of advice from corrupted teachings that sound like the noble thing to do.  There is nothing more noble than attaining understanding of self which leads to understanding of all others.  To be the living example of the Way to Be is the highest calling.  Examples of distractions being passed around as wisdom are, 

Via Twitter:

“One of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety is to try to shift the focus of attention away from self and toward others.”

The point of mindfulness is to understand the self and remove unwanted beliefs from the mind.  Experiencing anxiety is the perfect opportunity to track down the belief responsible by watching your thoughts and how they influence how you feel.  Putting attention toward others seems compassionate, but it is not.  It is like saying, ‘I feel anxiety, (which they can sense), and I will inflict you with my company while I use you to make me feel better.’  And lose out on an opportunity to clear the belief that will continue to afflict me.

“The practicing of loving kindness toward one’s enemy is the ultimate test of one’s own spiritual attainment.”

Projecting compassion and loving kindness onto cruel people is insane.  If they are enemies because of a biased perspective, then yes.  If they are enemies because they are buying slaves and raping them, then it is a disservice to the victims to show loving kindness.  I believe posts like this need to be more specific.  If your son was a bully, you would not show him kindness while he spends his days beating people up.  He would deserve no respect or respectful attention.  Only the show of complete disapproval. 

 “If you reflect within yourself and find nothing to be ashamed of, how could you have anxiety or fear?” ~Confucius”

If you reflect within yourself and cannot find a thought responsible for what you are feeling, then attune yourself to the sensing of energies around you.  There is possibly another consciousness nearby, not incarnated, that is contributing the energy.  I have felt waves of energy that I detect as emotion, such as fear, and they go as mysteriously as they came.  Just identify it as not yours.  You live among billions of people both incarnate and not.  We just have to get used to recognizing interaction with the not.

“Don’t believe everything you think. The mind creates its own illusions by linking thoughts that share no connection.”

This may subtly create fear or paranoia because it is suggesting that your mind is operating without you, doing it’s own thing that results in harm to yourself.  You are in charge of your own mind.  You can receive ‘thoughts’ that don’t originate from your thinking, but this is communication heard as a thought from another being.  Most of the time we are on auto pilot absorbing all kinds of beliefs from people we allow to do our thinking for us.  Thoughts aren’t linked, but associations are made as can be experienced through advertising.  Such as smoking makes you desirable, makeup makes you beautiful, the right drinks make you popular.

“Don’t give in to pain & misery, you feed the darkness by submitting to its power over you. Live in love, light & positivity.”

Other teachings, like above, suggest putting on a happy facing and becoming love. It’s peoples’ desire to be this way and so they choose to act like loving people while suppressing every negative feeling.  This is called slapping a happy face sticker on yourself and will result in a continuation of complete ignorance of yourself and more lifetimes spent trying to find your way out of your own mind illusions.  This is why it takes suffering to get people to examine themselves and learn.  Suffering is the fastest path because if you live a fantastic life here, there is no impetus for understanding.  Few people learn in joy.  And you may ask, ‘if you are joyful, what is there to learn?’  Unless you are joyful alone and naked, then your joy is dependent on circumstances outside of yourself.  This not enlightenment.  If you are joyful, are bursting with a love for life irregardless of anyone or anything else, have an understanding of why, and know within you that you are not just a human being, then that is more true to yourself.  If you can walk away from everyone and everything on Earth and still be in love with life, then you are more true to yourself.

The simplest thing to do is to be completely honest with yourself.  If you feel like being an a*hole around someone, Do It.  Be honest with them if you desire, and tell them this interaction brings this out in you.  Then take the time to follow thoughts and figure out what you believe in order to feel that way.  The person may or may not understand, but you will both benefit and have a more loving relationship.  If you feel like a sh*tty person, then embrace it, feel it, and understand it.  It is an opportunity to excise a cr*ppy belief.  Rejoice.  The sooner we honestly interact by treating each other like sh*t when we feel like it, the sooner we will learn to understand ourselves, love ourselves and others for real, not fake.

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