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The Importance of Not Identifying With the Body

The body is a living organism we are intimately interacting with in order to sense our environment.  It is a way to perceive this reality and communicate/interact with others with others.  It is also very receptive to energy.  Our thoughts are expressed as emotions so that we can feel and see through expressions of our conscious selves.  Our souls/spirit is always aligned with joy and love.  Our thoughts and beliefs enable us to alter this experience of love and joy through both conscious and subconscious acceptance of thoughts.  These thoughts coalesce into beliefs and concepts which define our perception of our reality.  This perception defines our experience which is expressed through the body in this reality.

If we are expressing negative emotion, we are thinking negative thoughts about our experience.  We can alter our perception for a more positive experience if we step away from our thoughts and just observe them.  Ask why you think each one and adjust accordingly.

Our bodies are directly effected by our emotions which are expressions of our thoughts and beliefs.  If the body feels unwell then there is a thought that is part of a belief producing an emotion that is negatively effecting the body.  This is the visible expression of your thoughts, not yourself.  Your conscious self is the cumulation of all thoughts and beliefs which become visible when interacting with something, but you, as a being also incorporate a soul.  The soul is that part of you that is connected to the same energy as every living thing in the universe.  This could be said to be the energy of God, Love, Zero point energy field, instant communiction.

The you that is eternal is the soul and mind.  The body is for perceiving whichever reality it is adapted to.  Identifying as the body impresses you with the belief you are mortal, imperfect and subject to suffering.  You are the caretaker of the body as a living expression of the same energy as your soul.  It responds to your love.  Separate thoughts of yourself from thoughts of your body and you can establish a loving relationship without having to identify as it.

When you come face to face with another body, recognize the being inside (mind and soul) as that of your brother having the same soul energy.  The bodies are gifts to be used to communicate, perceive, interact and explore this reality.  When the body dies, you continue on, but your experience on this Earth, in this very dense reality filled with amazing people, colors, expressions of life comes to an end.  The only way to perceive it then is by looking through the consciousness of one who is still in a human body.



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