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The Body/Consciousness Connection

Based on ideas presented by Seth and Bashar
“The identity [person], existing in another dimension entirely, plants the seed into the medium of physical reality from which it’s own material existence will spring.” – Seth
The following ideas are explored:
How consciousness is connected to the body
How the beliefs and thoughts effect the body

Regarding the concept of how consciousness interacts with the body/form (from Seth material),

“…the inner self forms, first, the ‘invisible’ body structure which will later emerge in flesh.  At the event of this initial seeding, the conscious mind, in your terms, is obviously not connected with the brain, which has not yet formed in flesh.  The idea of the body is held and made physical by a conscious mind.”

“The idea or mental pattern for the body existed before the conscious mind’s connection with the physical brain… The identity exists before the form.”  As in, the idea of the form is impressed upon the DNA from within.

“You choose ahead of time the kind of body you will inhabit and impress.”

“The conscious mind directs the so-called involuntary systems of the body, and not the other way around.”

“[the body] is your most intimate feedback system, changing with your thought and experience, giving you in flesh the physical counterpart of your thought.”

The physical body is directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind.

“The form is, however, a mirror of beliefs, and will accurately materialize in flesh those ideas held by the conscious mind.”

Regarding how beliefs influence your body and thoughts,

From the Iasos website,

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Each belief you have is a resonant frequency which matches a thought you keep thinking.

“Your beliefs are the result of what you imagine, and then activate with your feelings. The version with the most intense feelings attached to it, is the version that gets activated.” – IasosIasos:

  1. Your beliefs determine the reality that you perceive. Your beliefs determine your perception of reality.
  2. You then immediately, automatically, (and usually unconsciously) interpret your perception of reality.  That is, you (arbitrarily) assign, project, and “superimpose” an interpretation onto your perception of reality.
  3. You then emotionally react to your intepretation of that reality.
  4. You then have thoughts about this reality.
  5. Then, based on your emotions and thoughts, you take action.

“Your feelings are the result of your beliefs. Your emotional reactions are the result of what you believe.”

“To discover what your beliefs are, you can work backwards and ask yourself:

“What would I have to believe, in order to end up feeling this way?”

“What would I have to believe, in order to end up perceiving this type of physical reality?”

“You are, however, in physical existence using your body as a medium for learning and expression.” – Seth

“…you live in the body of your beliefs. You perceive through the body of your beliefs. Your beliefs can increase your vision or diminish it.” – Seth

“You must understand, again, that your ideas and thoughts do not exist as phantoms or shadow images without substance. They are electromagnetic realities. They affect your physical being and they are automatically translated by your nervous system into the stuff of your flesh and of your experience.” – Seth

“Your conscious mind is meant to assess and evaluate physical reality, and to help you chart your course in the corporeal universe of which you are presently part. Other portions of your being, as mentioned, rely upon you to do this. All energy at the inner self’s disposal is then concentrated to bring about the results asked for by the conscious mind.” – Seth

“You must learn to deal with your own beliefs directly or you will be forced to deal with them indirectly – by reacting them quite without knowing it in your physical experience.” – Seth

“To act in an independent manner, you must begin to initiate action that you want to occur physically by creating it in your own being. This is done by combining belief, emotion and imagination, and forming them into a mental picture of the desired physical result.” – Seth

“Generally, people believe that ideas have little to do with the living flesh. The flesh seems physical and ideas do not.

While it is true that the body is the living materialization of idea, it is also true that these ideas form an active, responsive, alive body… [the body] is the spirit in flesh. You impose your ideas upon it and largely affect its health and well-being through your conscious beliefs. But the body is composed of living, responding atoms and molecules.” – Seth


Mindful meditation : Sounds

13 Things I Can Hear Right Now

To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.
-Bruce Lee

A washing machine
The breeze through the leaves of the trees
Birds calling to each other
Distant Traffic
Kids talking and playing
My breathing
The drone of an airplane in the distance
Wind chimes
Distant lawn mower
A nearby truck passing by
My heart beating
Wasps and bees buzzing around
A faint, high-pitched buzzing sound

The most surprising sound is the last one.  I’m not sure if that was an insect or even external.

Anecdote: Mindful Of The Things Underfoot

Today, while taking care of the garden, I decided to take the time to stop and really look at the miniature ecosystem that exists underfoot.  Instead of looking ahead while walking, I looked down and examined what I might normally walk over without noticing.  I love flowers and fill the garden beds which surround my house with them.  They are usually brightly colored and big enough to be noticed from the street in front of the house.  But there exists. Underfoot, a beautiful miniature version of my gardens which grows naturally without any effort on my part.  The flowers are gorgeous, various colors and everywhere.  
I donunderfoot1‘t often take the time to bend down and admire them, so I decided to spend some time appreciating that often overlooked part of my life.  These natural beauties come and go as the weeks change during the summer, but there is always underfoot4something there.  If I stop and look patiently, pausing for a lengthy moment of time in my day, I can see into a world that seems to match the larger one, but in miniature.  It is teeming with life that seems to work in harmony, unnoticed.  This new perspective adds to my larger perspective and to my appreciation for the beautiful things this world has to offer, if only I am willing to notice.
I welcomunderfoot3e any anecdotes you would like to add to this website by sending an email.  You can also share anecdotes via the comments.

Quotes On Happiness

“If you think or act with a calm and bright heart-mind, then happiness follows you always, like a shadow.” – The Buddha

“[Buddha] outlined five kinds of happiness, which we can achieve by discovering the causes and factors conducive to it and adopting them, while relinquishing those that are detrimental to satisfaction and well-being.  These five kinds of happiness are that of sense pleasure; that derived from giving and sharing, from recoprosity; that of the bliss and inner peace arising from intensely concentrated states of meditative awareness (samadhi) combined with mental purity; that of fulfillment stemming from insightful wisdom and profound understanding; and that of nirvanic happiness, everlasting bliss, and deathless beatitude and oneness.”
The Buddha’s Way of Happiness: Healing Sorrow, Transforming Negative Emotion, and Finding Well-Being in the Present Moment

“When our minds are still and quiet, one of the first things we discover is that our natural state is one of inner peace.  This contented state of mind is always present whenever we are not interfering with it, not using our thinking as a weapon against ourselves.  And when we experience this peaceful state of mind, it allows us to be happy, despite our imperfect circumstances and the chaotic world.  What’s more, when we learn to be happy and we have what we need emotionally, we are better equipped to make a positive difference in the world.”
You Can Be Happy No Matter What

“Your first and most reliable guide to happiness is your body.  The body is designed to support the mind, and working together they create the state known as happiness.  When you’re deciding whether or not to act, ask your body, “How do you feel about this?”  If your body sends back a signal of physical or emotional distress, reconsider the action.  If your body sends a signal of comfort and eagerness, proceed.  Together, mind and body form a single field.  It is artificial to separate them as we usually do.”
The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment

”It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourselfin balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.”
Abraham/Esther Hicks


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